actual serious cats

Let’s not forget the most important character in the shadowhunter chronicles… church…like what a legend…truly iconic


this is the product of procrastination and a love for yellow-fever!dean

i honestly want to see a fanart where jumin is caught playing neko atsume while on a board meeting lololol

‘mr. han, are you listening?’


‘mr. han, the conditions of the stocks are decrea-’

‘ah- a whiteshadow. hmm… i should try to re-decorate the place more … perhaps add some certain high class cat furnitures.’

‘mr. han?’

bunny mommy deserves to be happy


“The insurgents, breathless with anxiety, followed him with their eyes. The barricade was trembling; he was singing … He did not finish. A second bullet from the same marksman cut him short. This time he fell facedown on the pavement and did not stir again. That great little soul had taken flight.” – Les Miserables

Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Photography

i’m watching a ton of panel stuff from JIBCon rn and let me tell you, hearing Jensen ackles say “Oh, that’s lovely!” in his deep voice as he points a fan at his face and talks about how he actually thought How To Train Your Dragon was a cute movie is the actual best thing in existence

i’m just like clutching my chest and gasping as i whisper “oh my sweet, sweet summer sunshine” to myself