actual selfie here

my mom bought me a witch costume for halloween and i’m totally keeping it ngl

also totally follow @witchtips bc the posts are actual perfection and really helpful for lil bbys like myself ♡

• edit: look at all those jesus photos in the background; i’m surrounded by catholics man

someone help me snapchat is sinking its filthy furry filter claws into me


Hi Dads!! It’s me, Liz, one of your asexual kiddos, here with my kitty Dean :) he likes to sleep in my spot, so I have to mold myself around him sometimes, but it’s okay because I love him. He also thinks he’s an outdoor kitty, but he just likes to chew on the grass and flex on other kitties. I tell him he’s tough (but he’s a little softie).

Thank you all for being such rad dads! I love you guys a ton and hope you’re all safe and healthy and happy!