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I love smiling, no matter what kind of day I had and how stressful of my work. I don’t have the best of all but I simply appreciate what I find on my way…
I will stay in Tokyo, Japan until the beginning of next year, to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family. I’ve met many amazing people this year, thank you for inspiring me.

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 You now know how I look lol it’s your decision to do it or not but I wanna see your pretty faces 😉


thank you @shitwonho​ for tagging me so i have an excuse to post this and address an issue that’s kinda been bugging me recently LOL

recently, quite a few of you guys (especially my younger followers) have messaged me privately saying how you wished you “were as pretty as me” or “wow you’re so pretty you look like a kpop idol!” and i’m super duper flattered don’t get me wrong!! but i think we all need to realize that the pictures that ppl post on social media are of course going to be the one’s where they look their best. 95% of the time, i look like the photo on the left LOL but i’m not posting photos of when i have my really bad days even though i still love myself when i’m being a potato :P i love makeup and dressing up and looking good as much as the next person, but it doesn’t enhance my self value you know?? regardless of how i look, i know i’m a hardworking person, i’m caring and responsible and a great friend, and i have great ppl in my life <3

we all love those “get you a girl/guy who can do both memes” with our favourite idols, but we should also take that perspective on ourselves too! love all aspects of ourselves too just like we do with our fave idols :) and also remember that it’s an idol’s job to always look good and they have a whole team of ppl who help them out with that! there’s nothing good about comparing ourselves with someone else because another person’s success doesn’t equal your failure, and someone else’s failures don’t equal your success. similarly, another person’s beauty doesn’t diminish your own beauty!!! so i guess the take away message is to just love yourself regardless because there’s something to love about everyone one of you!!! (⺣◡⺣)♡*

ANYWAY, i won’t tag anyone because this wasn’t really a selfie tag LOOL but if you also feel like posting derpy photos of yourself or doing a “get yourself someone who can do both” challenge then feel free to say i tagged you!! 


Sooo @supercolm tagged me in a 10 selfies of 2016 thing but I don’t actually take selfies so here’s 10 pictures of me in cosplay? because that’s the only time I’ll allow photos of me to be taken bye

I’ve grown so much as a cosplayer this year, it’s unreal. I started 2016 off with my biggest costume to date, Kylo Ren, and after that, it was just a nonstop stream of learning new techniques and practicing my craft. I also did more charity events than ever. Now, I’m finishing the year with my first ever cosplay commission!

I’m tagging @thoreaus and @cosplayconspiracy to post 10 selfies in hopes that they actually take selfies lmao