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My sign for the March for Science! 

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I feel like my scientific career thus far can be summed up by that parks and rec code names meme, like chemistry is been there done that, biophysics is currently doing that, biomedical engineering is it happened once in a dream, history of science is if I had to pick a non STEM field, and geology is eagle two

  • Bible: You can transmute common metals into rare metals.
  • Science: Actually, Alchemy isn't real, we have Chemistry, which is based on facts and observations.
  • Biblical Creationist: Ok
  • Bible: The Earth is a flat disk and the sun revolves around it.
  • Science: Actually no, we have Astronomy and through facts and observation we know Earth is a sphere that revolves around the sun.
  • Biblical Creationist: ok
  • Bible: The Earth and all life were created as they are today 6000 years ago.
  • Science: Actually, no. Through facts and observations we know the Earth is 4.6 Billion years old, and life evolved for billions of years before reaching the form they have today.
  • Biblical Creationist: Um, fuck you, science!
  • Science: Wait, what?
Shark Week to include actual science and shark facts this year.

Scientists agree that Shark Week hit rock bottom a couple of years ago with a Megalodon special that appeared to be a documentary—unless that is, you read the three-second disclaimer that it was fake at the outset of the show. Most people didn’t. Shark ecologist David Shiffman told NPR that “Shark Week two years ago did not appreciate it when I recommended an eight-year-old neighbor fact-check scripts for them. Because that eight-year-old knew more about sharks than whoever was writing those scripts…” 

The cacophony of outraged researchers calling on the network to instill a touch of accuracy back into its programming made its mark: Discovery Channel’s new president announced last week that this year, shows will focus on shark research. It’s definitely progress, but stay tuned to Shiffman, @whysharksmatter, on Twitter to make sure you’re not being duped by fear mongering faintly disguised as fact. 

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Shia Genesis, a.k.a actual cannibal eyes (a genetic mutation).

When someone is born with Shia Genesis, their eyes are blue or gray at birth. After six months, the eyes begin to change from their original color to lavender or red with a shadow of Labeouf, and this process lasts six months. After hitting puberty the mutation seems to cause actual cannibalistic tendencies. Those with Shia Genesis may have a desire to brandish a knife, lurk in the shadows, live in the woods, and kill for sport. A side effect may include eating all the bodies.

I would like to apologize to every person I have stared at for an uncomfortably long time while completely zoned out