actual ray of sunshine louis tomlinson

“Louis William Tomlinson, a world famous young man, known for getting girls pregnant, doing drugs, and just being a bad person has officially gone off the deep end, as he’s now cutting.”

Bullshit. I’m tired of this. Put it this way; when Lou was a toddler, he’d always stick his head out the window, yelling the nicest things to people. Like “have a nice day!” Or something like that. When he was around ages 8-10, he would be singing in his room, imagining the largest crowds in front of his very own eyes. At age 14, he knew what he wanted to do, but he also knew he’d have to work for it. At age 18, he decided to chase those dreams like anyone else would.
But for some reason, people couldn’t accept that.
Instead of using Louis for his amazing talent and gorgeous voice, the world decides to use him for a storyline. Something that distracts people from what really matters. All this young boy from Doncaster wanted to do was sing, and show the world his talent.
But instead, he’s become a silent figure, unable to cope with society’s bullshit anymore. I hope this short story actually affects someone for once. Because Louis William Tomlinson is so much more than what society sees.
Charity events.
Those are all things that we should be focused on. But no, as usual, the world focuses on the fucking negatives.
I hope whoever caused Lou’s sudden change in self is fucking satisfied. Because, congratulations,
You’ve managed to destroy a ray of sunshine,
And destroy a life.
please, if you can,
help fix it.

So some very, VERY bitter and pressed people still seem to be complaining about this moment. I am not going to name anyone, as they’re already embarrassing themselves enough as it is; but they know who they are. I keep seeing “you forced them to hold hands!!! That doesn’t mean larry is real!!!” Okay listen up. Firstly, Sofia (hey if you’re reading this ily very much) did not claim (nor has anyone else to my knowledge) that them holding hands meant it was real. And she didn’t force them to do anything. She politely asked and they agreed. So get off your high horse and don’t be so ignorant. Secondly, she certainly didn’t force Louis to become an actual ray of sunshine and explode with fond. Nor did she make Harry turn into a human dimple. So I think you all need to take a step back, stop being so pressed and so salty; because us shipping Larry literally has no effect on you. It’s embarrassing that you all try so hard to fight us; you’re irrelevant honestly. Have a lovely day. x