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If you haven’t watched Severus Snape and the Marauders (by Broad Strokes Productions on YouTube), go watch it now.

Not only is the writing, acting, and directing amazing, but the idea behind it is awesome.

Justin Zagri, the writer and director, said that he wanted it to show that James and Snape both had something to learn, and Lily was a huge part of both of their lessons.

He didn’t want it to be obvious, or, as he said, “here’s what you learned today”. He definitely did it.

(Yes, I’m obsessed with it, why do you ask?)

The film shows that both the Marauders AND Snape were not the best people in the world.

Besides Remus, who said, “We’re not gonna hurt him, we’re just gonna scare him”, which immediately went out the window.

While James started the whole thing, Snape agreed to duel him, knowing that it probably wouldn’t end well.

“Fine, I’ll give you what you want.” -Actual quote from Snape in the film.

The moral (to me, anyway) was that this was not meant to fuel the “James vs. Snape” debate, but show that they BOTH had to realize that they were wrong.

Although, that did end with Snape telling some mysterious man in a cloak what happened at the pub.


Don’t forget to have a role that requires a hot, young woman. The crew will appreciate having some eye candy on the set. Plus, you’ll meet tons of actresses at the audition. You can set up the auditions yourself and advertise for actors, or hire a casting director to do it for you.

Actual quote from an article offering tips on film production. 

So much wrong with this. Early on men get the message that women in the film industry do not deserve respect. Thanks for this awesome and necessary blog.

Morrow will be making the trek to the Italian island off the coast of Naples to present the festival premiere of his directorial debut “Smitten!,” an Italy-set romcom based on his own script. It stars “Glee” actor Darren Criss as an American fashion exec who gets kidnapped and taken to the Alps.
—  Screenwriter Barry Morrow to be Feted by Italy’s Ischia Global Fest  | variety 

i actually love relatable quotes from books or films taken out of context. like that one gif of the orphan from orphan saying “oh well. i guess i’m just different :)” and ppl are reblogging it either not knowing that she was a grown woman posing as a child to seduce her adoptive father (w a dash of murder), or not caring

Fake Marilyn Monroe Quotes

A size 0 did NOT exist when Marilyn was alive, so there’s no way she could’ve said this quote.

There is no source that Marilyn ever said this quote.

Does this even need a reason? I think we all know this a quote from Forrest Gump.

Again, no source that Marilyn ever said this


There’s no source that Marilyn ever said this. In no interview or book has this ever been used.

This quote is actually from the movie “Insignificance,” where the original line is “Ever notice how ‘What the hell?’ is always the right decision to make?

This quote cannot be sourced back to anything that Marilyn ever said.

Again, this quote cannot be sourced back to anything that Marilyn ever said.

This quote was not said by Marilyn. It’s actually a quote ABOUT Marilyn from silent film icon Clara Bow

There’s plenty more fake Marilyn Monroe quotes out there. A couple of minutes of research doesn’t hurt when it comes to a woman who said herself “Please quote me right” to biographer Maurice Zolotow.