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There are people claiming that Lydia Martin is a stronger character than Derek Hale, and I find that absolutely unbelievable.

Listen, I’m not trying to belittle her struggles. I know she’s an abuse survivor, I know she’s been through a lot and I know adjusting and learning to control and love her powers was difficult, but to call her a stronger character than Derek Hale?

Derek Hale who was manipulated and objectified by an older woman at a young age, who fell in love with this woman only to have her burn his entire family alive for who they were.

Derek Hale who was all alone for years, battling through life on his own because he couldn’t even trust anyone

Derek Hale who’s one family member he knew of that he had left at first was an actual power hungry psychopath.

Derek Hale who built a pack of teenagers who needed help and support, tried to be a good alpha, looked over them, mentored them, protected them, and in the end got them killed aside from one.

Derek Hale who let another woman into his life, just to find out he was being used yet again.

Derek Hale who’s survived being beta, omega, alpha, human.

Derek Hale who’s been broken and bent backwards and tortured and dehumanized and used and manipulated. Who’s struggled many of his years through life with guilt and burden heavy on his shoulders, constantly.

Derek Hale, who, despite his heartwrenching backstory, still played out as a hero and made it his mission to protect those around him instead of himself.

That Derek Hale.

That Derek Hale and you’re trying to tell me Lydia Martin is a stronger character than he is?

My apologies, but that’s something I will never even think to agree with, something I will never try to reason with.

Teen Wolf characters have been through a lot, of course, all of them have, but none of them have been through as much as Derek.

He isn’t only physically strong, he also has a strong mind and a strong heart and that’s what’s kept him going.

Derek Hale, an abuse survivor, a fighter who’s lost so much yet still has such a big heart, an actual hero, is far more valuable than people give him credit for.

I’m cold, callous, and unforgiving. I’m blunt by nature so don’t expect me to apologize or tend to your emotional needs. If you can’t take it, don’t like it, or don’t want anything to do with it, that’s fine. I run a blog, not a mandatory newsletter.


Kevin Khatchadourian from We Need to Talk about Kevin

or, The Adventures of the Absurdly Attractive Adolescent Antisocial Mass Murderer and his Mother

Conduct Disorder Criterion and Sub-types

These are pages taken straight from the DSM-5′s section dedicated to Conduct Disorder. Contrary to popular belief, Antisocial Personality Disorder doesn’t have the same list of criterion that has to be met in order to diagnose someone with Conduct Disorder. In fact, Conduct Disorder is a much broader territory in comparison to Antisocial Personality Disorder.

I’ve taken the liberty to post these pages from the DSM-5 so others don’t have to go search for it and can have a general understanding of the disorder; in other words, it’s being posted here as a intellectual tool.

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Can we just talk for a moment about how much of a psychopath Niki actually is. Like seriously he has all the "symptoms".

I’m not a psychiatrist or anything so I don’t think I’m qualified to diagnose any of the cast with anything (especially since we know so little about Niki in general, there are a lot of symptoms that are hard to pin on him because we don’t really have enough information, like we don’t know if he had a history of delinquency or behavioral problems as a child or if he was promiscuous or anything like that) but I can see where he comes across as something pretty close at least. He definitely does seem to fit some of the criteria from what we’ve seen though, like the part where psychopaths often have a lot of charm and tend to be of above average intelligence, I get the sense from Niki that’s he’s almost perpetually in a good mood and is probably good at making people who don’t know him think he’s charming and interesting. Kisa obviously gets swayed by him, seeing him as someone who could help her reach more outstanding heights, and it’s not until after they’re married that she realizes he has no interest in her projects whatsoever. He also doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of responsibility, he doesn’t bother to take care of his kid, disappears for most of the month doing whatever he pleases and to all indications doesn’t have a job and basically just spends all his time enjoying himself. The ‘need for stimulation’ symptom also strikes me as something Niki has (though that could also be explained by his genius intellect), like we see him playing around with things like the Rubik’s cube or the metal links in the all characters story, he just constantly needs something to catch his interest and gets bored with things easily. He also doesn’t seem to have much in the way of empathy, he doesn’t feel badly that we see for any of the things he’s done to Fushimi and to all indications he doesn’t regret his treatment of his son even when he dies. I don’t know if he’s a definite psychopath but he’s at least someone who probably shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near poor little Saruhiko without someone else keeping an eye on him.

I’m plagued by a loneliness that isn’t forgiven with company. In fact, it isn’t loneliness at all. There isn’t a word one can attach to this feeling of perpetual solace. Sometimes I greet it with open arms, and sometimes it greets me without a word.

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Psychopath Anon replying, mislabelling someone is bad but is it fine then to completely dehumanize psychopaths? The phrase empathy is what makes human is what the author understands and one of her reason to disdain the term, instead of saying don't use this word and it's not a real diagnosis according to X why not explain instead our actual differences, seems very hypocritical to me. I have read through the entirety of the article and she seems to think that yes psychopathy is terrible. Are we?

Using the term “psychopath” in a negative light is ableist in that it adds negative connotations to actual psychopaths, the majority of whom are non-violent, non-criminals. The term has been exploited and used to demean actual psychopaths as well as people with mental illness and sometimes just used as a slur against actions someone may not agree with. Calling an actual psychopath a psychopath isn’t using it as a slur, just like calling someone is schizophrenic with delusions “delusional” is also not a slur. These are clinical terms when used properly. Used improperly, however, that’s what stigmatizes these terms and turns them into slurs. Does that make sense? I’m sorry that there are articles that claim psychopaths are all terrible. You don’t deserve to be stigmatized like that.


I blame Killing Stalking to be so goddamn addictive

Here’s a small fan-art of psychotic Sangwoo, he’s precious but Bum’s even more. My headcanon is crying Sangwoo, I think that’s impossible tho, how in the world will this mr.psycho cry, eh? 

I really love this series ;;w;;, and I don’t understand why some compare KS to YOI, I see no relationship even if you say it’s the “genre” that matters but I freakin’ see none of them correlates. Plus, yea, this series is one hell of an abusive themed relationship (I was surprised at first to find it so but did enjoy it LOL) and can’t see the reason why people are comparing this to YOI, they’re different

I love both but sometimes people make me cringe.

Phrases in the pic was written with the help of gt ;;w;;

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2/2 The way Hannah’s failed relationship with Secret Douchebag Regular Guy Fran, and Adam’s disastrous relationship with Actual Psychopath Mermaid Jessa, are presented in the show is likewise not a coincidence. Or maybe that’s what I want to believe… the signs are there, IMO, but they could possibly be so many red herrings. Adam and Hannah, please be endgame

First off, LOL @ “Actual Psychopath Mermaid.” Love it.

Well, all of the relationships on Girls, romantic or not, are complete train wrecks, so I don’t know if I can agree that Hannah/Fran and Jessa/Adam are specifically being juxtaposed. If it weren’t for the behind the scenes interviews with Lena & Co., where their intentions with the Fran character were made more clear, I would have said that the purpose of Fran was to show Hannah failing to make it work with a “normal” person, just as Adam’s relationship with Natalia was supposed to show him failing with a “normal” person (except that Natalia was a perfect sunbeam that Adam never deserved and Fran was apparently supposed to be a “Secret Douchebag Regular Guy”). Hannah told Tally that she was probably just using Fran to get over Adam, but they were together for months. The seasons changed before our eyes on screen. And Hannah seemed fine with Fran until she suddenly wasn’t (a.k.a Jake Lacey’s guest stint expired). So, I’m gonna go with Hannah’s explanation but eh. (I didn’t love how the Fran thing was resolved.)

But, yes, all it will take is one illuminating conversation between Hannah and Adam where everything we want to hear is laid out, and I will be a happy camper. :)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Moron who uses colloquially accepted sayings:</b> What doesn't kill me makes me stronger!<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, yeah, unless you get shot, stabbed, beaten, molested, tortured, etcetera... But, if you think that will make you super strong, I can bang that out all in one day for you.<p/></p><p/></p>

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Psychopath is a slur because people like me (I have BPD) have disorders that are associated with psychosis and are therefore called psychopaths in a negative connotation.

The word “psychopath” has been stigmatized and used as an attack, which isn’t ok to either actual psychopaths or people who are being attacked with it. I’m really sorry you have to deal with that