actual professional photos


So today when I took a walk I collected lots of tiny flowers and plants. When I got home I made tiny flower crowns with them. 

I suppose they’d be too big for like a five inch tiny but they work for bigger tinies. (they’re between 22 and 25 mm in diamenter) Here is one compared to my hand:

its actually pretty annoying when people say they feel like theyre ‘cheating’ or ‘a bad artist’ for using references like

where did you get that idea

professionals use references. everybody uses references. its how you get better. you cant just pull shit from your head and expect it to look good. looking at references helps you see how something works

professionals use actual literal photos and actually literally add them to their paintings its called photobashing and its how they get pieces done faster and convey an idea quicker + easier

if someone told you not to use references then theyre obviously not an artist because Every Good Artist Got Good By Using References