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Fanwalker - Ian Strauss

I recently commissioned @isharton to draw art of my fanwalker from Innistrad and I’m honestly blubbering like a baby because Ish knocked it out of the park and came up with ideas I never even considered for Ian’s design and I’m just gonna stop now because if I don’t I’ll never get to a point of actually posting the final product, like

Like I was so indecisive on the hair color and Ish just came up with thAT, AND HONESTLY??? I NOW CAN’T IMAGINE IAN ANY OTHER WAY??? IT’S SO GOOD???

Ish, I sincerely mean it when I say I have no words to describe how amazing of a job you did in pulling together what I gave you in just reference images and a vague idea of what I had in mind for my character into something this fantastic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!

I’ll write up a post about Ian’s backstory and abilities later tonight when I’m at work, but for now I have to go to bed.

anyway the introduction to matt lassiter’s the silent majority is both breezy and wildly claim-dense and stays one of the best works in 20th century us history and you just absolutely have to read it, thank you

  • Me: *has ample practice time (3+ hrs)*
  • Me: doesn't practice/procrastinates/eats junk food/takes a nap
  • Mom: we are leaving the house in an hour
  • Me: has an existential crisis about not practicing which fuels me even more to not practice
  • Me: gets "in the zone" and actually enjoys practicing/is productive approximately 15 min before I need to leave
  • Me: fukk

I’ve read Learn You a Haskell For Great Good, I’ve read/skimmed a lot of Real World Haskell, I forget how much, it was several years ago, I’ve done a bunch of Project Euler problems in Haskell and written a Brainfuck interpreter and even written a few CLI scripts for things I actually needed done.

Can anyone recommend a resource for getting acquainted with how Haskell is actually used in production in 2017?

O-Of course I know who the members of AZALEA are!

They’re…*looks at smudged writing on hand*

and who could forget our beloved first-year,


Welp.  There you go.  From Funko’s website.  (thank you to @crossroadsdimension​ for the tip!)

There really isn’t any other information that I’ve found so far – the article just consists of those pics.  If there is any possibility that there will be additional figures as store or convention exclusives somewhere, that info isn’t out there yet.

Hmm. I’ll say this: I find it REALLY INTERESTING that Stan’s fez has his original symbol on it – you know, the one he had up until the Bottomles Pit ep – rather than the “hungry fish” symbol it was changed to later.  Since this is just concept art, it’s possible the symbol will be updated for actual production.  (But, this is more evidence for the theory that companies are working off of a list of approved licensed characters from early in Season 1, including approved concept art from that earlier time period, rather than an updated list.)


the raven ring: trips through the gangsey’s iphones → henry cheng


A whole new Drarry text! Sorry I’m not super active. I only really post when I’m inspired. But if you want you can leave me suggestions! I use them sometimes. Also Draco’s name is Drake because I think Harry just changes Draco’s name all the time and makes stupid puns because he’s a weirdo and he thinks he’s super funny but he’s not,



QQ sdfsfds i’m crying thank you @sai-shou for taking the time to send me your program and resources and for teaching me a lil of your editing magic QQ

She was so detailed and patient with her her steps, even though I kept getting lost ;v; I think you’d make a really good teacher ;v;


100 Days of Productivity {12/100}

Lowkey super proud of myself right now 🎉 I spent the morning revising Chinese and I’m just so happy cos it’s been an uphill battle but when I looked back at my workbook for the day I was like woah. I can write. I can read. I can speak and not sound like a whale. And I had so much fun while I was working. Please excuse me while I go cry happy tears.

I also did two sections of Duolingo Norwegian at 23:35 because I forgot to do it at normal hours and didn’t want to loose my streak 🙈 #turntuponafriday