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Your guide to the Twelve Kingdoms Novels

0: A unicorn is rescued
1: A queen has character development and rescues a unicorn
2: A baby unicorn is rescued and then has problems
3: A king has to rescue a tsundere unicorn
4: Surprisingly, no unicorns need to be rescued
5: A badass child rescues a unicorn (from dying of old age)
6: A unicorn is rescued, from the other point of view
7: Short stories. One of them contains a unicorn being rescued
8: More short stories involving a distressing lack of unicorn rescuing

How I expected to feel after Twilight Princess ended:

“This game was so much fun. The gameplay was solid. The characters were unique in style and attitude; and the story ended on a happy note!”

How I actually felt when Twilight Princess ended:

Crutchie! Dedicated to the lovely Crutcchie who has been helping me deal with a difficult time by filling my past few days with endless Newsies head canons.

Let’s take a moment and dissect all the trash going on: punk!au, flower crown, and Uptown Funk lyrics. ViolentBoots has reached a new low. 

also, please note that the jacket he’s wearing is the one I typically draw Davey with. Hhmmmmm.

So I’m not one for selfies, or for instant gratification, but I just had to share ne last picture from toda of me and my braids. I had a lot of friends tell me how nice and good I looked, and it really encouraged me. 

(There’s that flawless skin @shogun-steph mentioned too. Dang, I really do have some nice skin!)

As you all know, one of my woes since this blog started was being plus sized in Japan. I’m a US 26: big for the states, especially big for Japan. I’m a 10L in Japan, which passes pochari territory and even marshmallow girl, though I like to argue I’m JET puffed. 

(Get it? Because of jet puffed marshmallows?…Okay, I thought it was hilarious, and am still snickering to myself.)

To continue, being big has always been a big thing for me. I’ve had weight loss issues due largely to medicines -birth control, primarily- and my genes. I’m healthy, though could be healthier sure, but largely live a nice life. Still, it can be tough being more than husky. It can be a big discouraging, even though I honestly do love myself.

So it was really nice to see so much love from my friends on Facebook over this picture.

I got a comment saying how good I looked, that I was so pretty, and they all felt genuine: no one felt like they were saying it because, “Hey, Mercedez updated her photo for the first time in two years!” It felt like they really saw me as beautiful, glowing, and pretty.

And it was just really nice.

I feel pretty: I feel like a Princess, like I’m Hime-Sensei, here to break down cultural stereotypes, share a cultural exchange, and go out for a nice, hot cup of sake with a cool plate of peach slices! I feel really nice today, and I like to think that’ll carry into the trip itself.

Just a feel good feeling to pass around.

“Billie as Princess Serenity” - Digital Oil Painting

A mix of my first fandom and the DW fandom! Billie Piper as the lovely Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. I wanted to paint something very high fantasy, and I love all the colors and vibrancy of this piece, even though the WALL of pink and blue flowers wanted to kill my hand, lol.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


“My mother was an oyster,” he said. “And I am the pearl.”

~ Leigh Bardugo, Siege and Storm