actual princess carrie

Carrie Hope Fletcher is the sweetest most genuine person, even meeting her for only a few minutes showed me that. She was so kind to listen to me ramble and my god is she just so gorgeous I mean dang look at that

I’ve had such a good day and this was so a nice thing to happen just in general :)

I do wish I could apologise to the Starbucks Baristas after I screamed to my friend who was meeting me there (we got a bit loud) (it was all very exciting)


Friendly neighborhood Space Princess does things for once in her life

ft. A fuckton of sparkles in honor of Carrie
(which did not photograph well)
also ft. Wandering Westie tank top
(which did)

May the Force be with you!


Fairy Tale Meme:

3 Locations/Kingdoms - [The King of Peacocks’ Palace]

Then they set out again to finish their journey, and this time, as they knew the way, they were not long upon the road. It was easy to guess that they had come to the right place, for they saw peacocks in every tree, and their cries could be heard a long way off:

When they reached the city they found it full of men and women who were dressed entirely in peacocks’ feathers, which were evidently thought prettier than anything else.

They soon met the King, who was driving about in a beautiful little golden carriage which glittered with diamonds, and was drawn at full speed by twelve peacocks.