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Heyyo! I was just wondering if i could make a request for headcannons of Kirishima, Kaminari and Todoroki with a s/o who is in a haunted house with them and they are absolutely scared to D E A T H. I get scared pretty easily with things like that till it feels like I'm having a panic attack and i just really need this.

Anything for a fellow scenario blog!


  • Honestly he’s gonna feel pretty bad because it was so his idea to go in so he could show off how manly and not afraid of anything he is.
  • Gonna put one of those strong arms around you and march towards the exit. He’s got a way of making a person feel safe when he’s so close, you know nothing can really hurt you.
  • Might actually just princess carry you out of there and plant you down on the nearest bench. 
  • He’s rather touchy feely so he is gonna try and cuddle you until you feel better, unless you tell him that won’t work. 
  • “I’m really sorry, _____. Hey how about from now on you call me whenever you feel this way? It happens in other places too. I, Kirishima Eijirou, will be your personal escort!”


  • At first he thought you were messing with him because he’s more the type to start pointing out how tacky everything is but the second he understands that you are definitely not having any fun  he’s gonna grab your hand and hightail you out of the building.
  • Only he doesn’t really stop walking. He always found movement helped him cool down from panic attacks. 
  • Probably ends up taking you somewhere you can get something phenomenally high in sugar. 
  • Keeps an eye on how you’re breathing. If he notices any hyperventilation he’s gonna start counting breaths in and out with you until you settle. 
  •  “It’s alright. We all have things that do that to us, I mean I know I have. Here, you want some of my ice cream? It’ll make your tongue blue… Sorry, I figured you needed the energy… feel better?”


  • Literally neither of you know how you got there because that just isn’t somewhere he’d think to go. You probably tagged on with a larger group.
  • Absolutely will not tolerate anyone being rude to you or making fun of you. He’s not here to put up with that kind of shit. 
  • Probably the most likely to try and have you stick it out until the end, albeit hurry you through; but he wants you to feel at least some kind of accomplishment. So long as you aren’t in danger he’s gonna be leading you on one step at a time. 
  • Gets chatty for once. It’s what happens when he’s nervous and he just hopes it keeps you grounded.
  • Takes you home and does anything you want for the rest of the night because he feels mean.
  • “You did it. We can head home now if you like, _____. Pick any film you like, any food. You deserve it…. Could we stay in tomorrow morning too?” 

Fairy Tale Meme:

3 Locations/Kingdoms - [The King of Peacocks’ Palace]

Then they set out again to finish their journey, and this time, as they knew the way, they were not long upon the road. It was easy to guess that they had come to the right place, for they saw peacocks in every tree, and their cries could be heard a long way off:

When they reached the city they found it full of men and women who were dressed entirely in peacocks’ feathers, which were evidently thought prettier than anything else.

They soon met the King, who was driving about in a beautiful little golden carriage which glittered with diamonds, and was drawn at full speed by twelve peacocks.