actual president of the universe

got7 as fratboys: jaebum

a/n: ok so here’s the first one!!!!! it turned out waaaaay bigger than I expected but I hope y'all cope with me and read it all bc I think it’s worth it. as I said it, there’s a nsfw part at the end so skip it if you’re not comfortable with that. and please, hit me up with feedback!!!!!!!! those are very important so yeah


⇒ im jaebum: president

  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: philosophy 
  • ok so starting off with mr president himself: im jaebum!!!
  • ofc he was gonna be the president pls
  • so he majors in linguistics bc he wanted to do something different??? and like wanted to know the origins of words and its impacts etc etc LIKE DEEP STUFF
  • and he minors in philosophy bc well DEEP and he actually likes it a lot and he’s really good at it
  • you might think the guys don’t really respect him as a president but BITCH when jaebum is being serious they respect the hell out of him
  • he is the only one besides jinyoung that can actually put the place in order
  • a really good president???? like the university claims he’s an example even tho GOT had some complains in the past bc of it’s wild parties
  • he has this mysterious bad boy vibe all around him
  • but deep down he’s actually a softie
  • loves LOVES lOvEs his cat - her name is nora and she is the most precious thing to him
  • he wants to get more cats but he’s scared the guys will accidentally hurt them???? but getting more cats is totally on his plans
  • everyone on campus knows him - not just bc of GOT but well bc he’s that type of person that you just know who he is
  • he’s a MAJOR photography enthusiast
  • as you can see his instagram is totally aesthetic and with nice pictures
  • looks fucking good with a camera on his hands
  • actually looks fucking good doing anything
  • he’s also very passionate about music
  • like I told you he’s into deep stuff and he finds music quite deep
  • he’s actually a really good singer - youngjae said so himself
  • he also helps youngjae with his songs sometimes
  • they’re actually planning on recording jaebum a mixtape bc SURPRISE he’s really good at writing songs
  • has his earphones with him the whole time and don’t you dare touch them unless he offers to show you what he’s listening
  • yugyeom touched it without invitation once and well… it didn’t have a happy ending
  • his ipod is filled with pop punk songs and also rnb
  • reads a lot but not in public - no one actually knows why
  • maybe it has something to do with him wanting to keep this bad boy image around campus
  • has good grades bc he’s one of those people who are naturally smart and intelligent
  • he skips classes quite often
  • and when the guys wanna do it??? NO NO YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS
  • bambam tried to argue once that “why can you skip classes and I can’t????”
  • jaebum dead ass played the president card and bambam just lowered his head and went to class
  • he usually skips it when he’s way too hangover or he didn’t get a good night of sleep
  • has some trouble sleeping at night sometimes so you’ll often find him taking short naps at his classes
  • when he’s at parties he’s very lowkey unless he’s REALLY drunk
  • then he turns into the most extra person on the planet?????
  • he once went down the stairs with nothing but wipped cream on his Parts™ bc he lost a bet he made when he was drunk
  • no need to say the girls went NUTS
  • talking about girls…. they all want him
  • they all wanna know what’s his deal like is he really intimidating is he a bad boy etc etc
  • he didn’t use to hook up a lot
  • actually he kinda fell in love with this one person but it didn’t end well
  • he got hurt and since then he only has sporadic one night stands and they are with girls from other universities so he won’t have to see them often
  • no one talks about this girl episode tho
  • actually he doesn’t actually talk about his problems openly at all
  • when he’s too bothered he goes to jinyoung bc they go way back and are truly best friends
  • jinyoung just gets him and isn’t scared to tell him when he’s wrong
  • BUT he has everything written down on his notebook: his lyrics, his feelings and everything that goes on his mind
  • it is black and it says “people I want to punch in the face” in the cover
  • he thought about putting a picture of nora but decided against it bc it was “too soft”
  • he carries this notebook with him at ALL TIMES like truly 24/07
  • and he doesn’t like anyone touching it in fact it is his most private thing and no one can read it
  • jinyoung almost read it once and jaebum caught him
  • jaebum didn’t speak to him for a few weeks and shit got serious but they got over it after jinyoung begged for his forgiveness for like 15 days straight
  • he goes to the same cafe every morning ever since his first year
  • everyone there knows him and his order
  • he usually stays there for quite a while just scribbling things on his notebook and drinking coffee
  • he likes his coffee dark and bitter and he says it’s just like his soul
  • no one buys this analogy tho
  • you must be wondering where do you fit in this
  • well you’re quite of a coffee enthusiast yourself and you love to go around on campus and discover new cafes etc
  • one day after your children’s psychology class you were wondering around campus near the philosophy building and there was this small cafe with a cat by the window and you thought oh cute
  • so you decided to come in and order your traditional caramel macchiato
  • from that day on you started going there almost every day
  • a few weeks later you noticed this handsome mysterious guy writing down on his notebook and you couldn’t stop looking???? and then you realized he was there everyday too
  • you sort of wanted to talk to him but he’s too intimidating
  • one day one of your friends went there with you and he told you about im jaebum and how everyone knows him and how intimidating he must be
  • so then you kinda dropped the idea of talking to him until
  • well one day he left the cafe in a huge rush babbling something about forgetting a test and he ended up leaving his notebook on his table
  • you decided to pick it up and save for him so you could give it back the next day
  • and so on the next day you’re drinking your coffee and he arrives and as soon as he sits you go there with the notebook in hands but things don’t go that well
  • “hm hey so you forgot this here yesterday and I-” “oh my god what are you doing with my notebook” “calm down greg I just picked it up for you bc you forgot it on the table” “DID YOU READ IT?” “no???” “tell me the truth did you read it” “I said I didn’t” “just give me my fucking notebook I’m leaving”
  • you stood there with this confused look but then you got mad???
  • “well here’s your fucking notebook. I didn’t read it. I wouldn’t invade your privacy like that. I just kept it bc I also come here everyday and I thought well I’ll be nice and save it so I can give him back tomorrow. I would’ve left it on the table if I knew you were gonna be this rude. here it is. have a nice day”
  • and you left bc you were angry????? who does he think he is????
  • so from that day on you kinda changed the time you used to go to the cafe bc you didn’t wanna see him
  • fast forward a few days and a friend from your children’s psychology class - choi youngjae himself - invites you to a party his frat is organizing and you decide to go like why not
  • then you remember im jaebum is the president of the frat
  • but then you think OH SCREW IT I’m going and I’m gonna have a good time
  • so you’re there and a few drinks have settled in already. you’re not drunk you’re just a bit tipsy and joyful
  • you finally see youngjae so you go there to say hi and you two start talking
  • then you notice that jaebum is coming your way and you can’t not roll your eyes
  • “you know her youngjae?” “yeah jae. she’s in one of my classes. wait you two know each other?” “unfortunately. jaebum was an asshole to me a few days ago so excuse me I have to go”
  • and youngjae is giving jaebum this look that says wtf did you do dude go apologize
  • jaebum rolls his eyes but he goes after you and he calls you “cafe girl”
  • you turn and you’re not in the mood so
  • “what do you want jaebum?” “I wanna know your name so I can apologize properly”
  • you debate on just leaving but you tell him your name and he just stares at you
  • “are you actually saying something or can I just leave?” “hm no! don’t leave.. I just.. I’m sorry. I was an asshole. I shouldn’t have acted like that, you know, like a stupid rude asshole.” “yup you shouldn’t” “so I’m really sorry. and grateful that you kept my notebook. it’s really important to me and very personal so that’s why I acted like that.” “ok noted” “can I get you a drink to earn your apology and then we can talk like two normal people?”
  • you thought about saying no. you did. but he had the prettiest and most genuine smile across his face and you couldn’t deny
  • and then you two talk all night long and you find out he’s actually a really nice and cool guy with a great talk
  • so it’s late and you have to go home and he offers to walk you to your dorm and you tell him there’s no need but he insists and you let him
  • you two keep on talking and walking and he grabs your hand and when you look at him he has the cutest smile and that makes you wanna kiss his face but you don’t
  • you get to your dorm and you two exchange numbers and as soon as your inside your room you get a text
  • [01:35] jaebum: I really wanted to kiss you tonight. but I’ll take you on a proper date before that. are you free tomorrow?
  • so from that day on you two start hanging out and getting to know each other and going on dates and cute cafes and holding hands across campus and kissing under trees like this huge walking cliche
  • at first girls kept staring at you like they were surprised that THE im jaebum has a girl
  • and it was funny bc he walked with his arm around you like you were the most precious thing on the campus and the girls also looked kinda jealous
  • he allowed you to read something on his notebook once: it was a bunch of scribbled notes about you and it was so sweet and loving and then he asked you to be his girlfriend so BOOM you two were official
  • the guys start teasing the hell out of him because WOW you’ve turned jaebum into this huge ball of fluff
  • he’s really this soft dork whenever your around and that’s really cute
  • you two have this ritual of going to That cafe every morning and when one of you can’t make it the other one picks up coffee for the go
  • you had to be approved by nora in order for this relationship to work and sometimes he regrets it bc he swears you and nora like each other more than you two like him
  • it took him a while to open up to you but he did eventually
  • he makes you cds in a very old fashion way every month with songs he wants to show you or that make him think of you
  • and you give him this list with book recommendations so you can discuss later
  • you spend a lot of time at the frat helping him out with his president duties
  • he walks you to his classes
  • loves LOVES seeing you in his jackets or with the frat’s shirt
  • takes a lot of pictures of you - really, a lot. you’re having dinner? his camera is up. you’re putting make up? his camera is up. you’re sitting on the couch? his camera is up. like literally he has a ton of pics of you in his camera roll
  • you can keep him in check when he’s too nervous or too stressed and that’s great
  • he’s a bit jealous sometimes but he’s getting better
  • sex is a very important thing for him bc he belives that sex is a way to express love
  • like honestly he is very very sexy and he basically exhales sex so
  • usually he’s a dom and into rough sex
  • but there are some days when he just wants to appreciate you so he goes in deep for passionate sex and those days are amazing
  • sex is always very intense and intimate
  • not much into trying new things but will do it for you
  • never steps over your boundaries when it comes to sex (actually over anything but especially in bed) and you trust him a lot so
  • has a huge oral kink and also likes hair pulling
  • doesn’t care about doing it when the guys are around the dorm
  • overall he’s not the typical frat boy and a very soft person and you two became the bossy royalty couple and everyone loves you two
All’s Fair in Love, War,  and Politics (1/5)

Title: All’s Fair in Love, War, and Politics 

Length: ~33k words (in total, this first part is ~7k)

Summary: In an impulsive moment of weakness, Mark agrees to a bet set by Bob and Wade. He has to be elected class president at his university to win, so to save his hair he now needs a way to get his name out there so that people will vote for him. As luck would have it though, he ends up catching the eye of the school’s radio DJ.

Warnings: Swearing, slight drinking/mentions of alcohol, all of the cheesy fluff tropes rolled into one disaster of a conglomeration  

Author’s Note: I’ve never written septiplier before (and of course my first attempt had to be rly frikin long why @ self) be nice to me pls This fic was inspired in large part by @tiny-septic-box-sam​‘s fic I’ll Make You A Deal, which I would go tell you to read bc it’s awesome but it’s currently off the air to be turned into a book which is like the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard??? awesome job wow but aNYWAY this, too, is a college au, so I did have Mark drink a little because he didn’t find out about his intolerance until later in life and everyone’s ages are a little out of alignment. I know people can be any age to go to college and that it doesn’t really mean anything, but I just wanted to say that yeah, it’s a little confusing, but just roll with me on this one. It’s going to be alright. also I started this before tyler and ethan joined the squad full time which is why they’re not in here sorry

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The strike of the Missouri Tiger college football team does more than raise the visibility of the struggle against racism. It has the very real potential of actually forcing the removal of Tim Wolfe, University of Missouri President, from his position and getting someone in the seat of authority capable of addressing this poisonous campus climate. That’s because the Missouri football players—like all big time college football players—hold a deep social power. The student body is just 7% black, yet 58 of the school’s 84 scholarship football players are African American. There is no football team without black labor. That means there aren’t million dollar coaching salaries without black labor. There isn’t a nucleus of campus social life without black labor. There isn’t the weekly economic boon to Columbia, Missouri, bringing in millions in revenue to hotels, restaurants, and other assorted businesses without black labor. The power brokers of Columbia need these games to be played. Yet if the young black men and those willing to stand with them—and there are white teammates publicly standing with them—aren’t happy with the grind of unpaid labor on a campus openly hostile to black students, they can take it it all down, just by putting down their helmets, hanging up their spikes, and folding their arms.
—  Dave Zirin - Black Mizzou Football Players Are Going on Strike Over Campus Racism
July 26th, 2014 - For Charity

AUTHOR: Midnight-Run-inthe-Rain

July 26th, 2014 - For Charity  

When Arthur approved of Elizaveta’s idea for collecting funds for a charity by hosting a game show for the entire campus, he did not think he would end up hosting such show. 

“Come on, ‘Take Me Out’ is totally a British thing, you’ve got to do it,” she was almost begging as the charity game show night was quickly approaching. 

“It’s actually Australian,” the student body president of the university was quick to parry. 

Elizaveta would not back down, however, “Fine, fine, but you’re the only one that has a nice suit. It makes sense for you to host it, seeing as you’re also the head of CSG, charming, and your accent is a plus. You’re either hosting this damn thing or you’re participating with the other guys.” By the time she finished her threat, their foreheads met and her eyes glared into his. Left with no alternative, Arthur agreed, claiming he needed another excuse to wear his suit again. 

And it was a nice suit. It was all black with a jade button up shirt and black tie, tailored to his form and complimented him beautifully. Most of the girls were even disappointed he  wasn’t going to pick one of them to take out on a date. They were not disenchanted for long, however, as the lineup of some of the most popular men at their university took their place alongside Arthur to pick a girl. 

The show was running fairly smoothly until Arthur revealed the last man to walk across the stage after so many couples have been found. The girls lined up were normally very encouraging as the guy strutted in front of them when introduced, however the entire auditorium seemed to go wild when Alfred F. Jones danced to Adam Lambert’s Fever across the stage. When everyone finally quieted down to be able to hear his introduction, Arthur laughed into his microphone. 

“Alright ladies, you know the drill by now. If you like what you see, keep your card green; if you don’t want a piece of Alfred, flip your card to red.” And after no one moved to red, the emcee laughed once more, causing Alfred to grin even brighter. This was the first time many of the students ever heard Arthur react with such amusement. “Well that’s a first, but I can’t say I’m all that surprised. Even Francis and Antonio had at least one girl deny them. Let’s ask some of them, why they fancy you so.” He walked over to a short haired blonde named Lilly and asked her. 

Shyly, she ducked her head down, and spoke into Arthur’s outreached microphone. “Alfred’s just so nice. One time I had broken my ankle and the elevators in my residence hall weren’t working, so I began to slowly make my way up to the third floor. Alfred happened to walk by and offered to carry me up and did so every time he saw me.” 

The audience cooed collectively as Arthur rose an eyebrow at him and whistled, making him blush. “What a gentleman.” He briefly asked other girls whom gave similar responses about the man’s kindness and a few even mentioned his sex appeal which received catcalls from the other girls and audience. 

“Amazing Jones,” Arthur continued, walking back up to Alfred and making him gulp. “A saint and supposed sex god. I didn’t know that about you.” He winked at him, having no clue why he did so, but he did. Luckily, it seemed to encourage the crowd even more. “Let’s see if the video helps you narrow down your choices.”

Behind the girls appeared a screen on which a previously recorded video of Alfred was shown. He spoke of his hobbies, which only encouraged prior statements about him, academic aspirations, and life goals, but at the end admitted that he was reluctant to date again. 

“I’ve had a crush on this person for such a long time, but I can’t seem to even ask my crush out because my esteem had taken a big blow. A previous girlfriend had cheated on me and admitted she was bored of me,” Alfred on the screen confessed. 

The audience was in an uproar at such a crime, but quickly quieted down to finish the rest of the small clip. “So aside from my downtrodden self-esteem sometimes, I guess I’d say my other bad qualities are my love of fast food, horror films, and I can be really loud and obnoxious. Do you think you can handle all of me?” Both of the Alfreds, on stage and on screen, gave looks of such innocent hope, but only the girls on stage saw that look directed at Arthur. 

They began to whisper to each other as Arthur spoke about Alfred’s redeeming qualities outweighing his bad ones. “So how’s it going to be ladies?”

What happened next stunned the audience and disappointed the two men before them. One after another, the girls flipped their cards to red, claiming they didn’t want Alfred to choose any of them. He went from complete approval to immediate rejection in the matter of one video, possibly annihilating whatever high esteem he had left. 

“What?! Why, ladies? Why?” Arthur felt outraged and protective of Alfred. Here the man was ready to try dating again, but the girls refuse him even after having such high praise of him minutes before. “Michelle, could you enlighten me?”

She grinned with no trace of malice as she said, “I don’t want a guy who already has his eyes on someone. You should just ask him out already, Alfie.”

“Him?” Arthur questioned, sending the other girls confused looks as they all nodded in agreement. “This seems to be a turn of events now, doesn’t it… Al..fred?” He turned away from the girls to find his last contestant walking towards him and taking a hold of his hand. 

“Arthur?” He gulped, “Will you go out with me? I-I mean, I completely understand if you don’t want–”

But he didn’t finish what he was about to say because Arthur kissed him. It was very small and brief, but it said a lot. He turned back to the crowd, now scarlet. “It seems that this is our conclusion of our first segment of Take Me Out. Thank you to our lovely girls and guys participating in this event and don’t forget to donate!”

Off stage, Arthur scolded Alfred for taking such a huge risk on stage, but admitted he had crushed on him as well. “How did you know the girls were going to do that?”

Alfred shrugged, enjoying having the other in his arms. “I didn’t, Elizaveta just asked me to participate, said she’d handle everything, and even paid my entrance fee. 

Arthur rolled his eyes. Typical of Elizaveta.