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Dead Fandoms, Part 3

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Before we continue, I want to add the usual caveat that I actually don’t want to be right about these fandoms being dead. I like enthusiasm and energy and it’s a shame to see it vanish.

Mists of Avalon

Remember that period of time of about 15 years, where absolutely everybody read this book and was obsessed with it? It could not have been bigger, and the fandom was Anne Rice huge, overlapping for several years with USENET and the early World Wide Web…but it’s since petered out. 

Mists of Avalon’s popularity may be due to the most excellent case of hitting a demographic sweet spot ever. The book was a feminist retelling of the Arthurian Mythos where Morgan Le Fay is the main character, a pagan from matriarchal goddess religions who is fighting against encroaching Christianity and patriarchal forms of society coming in with it. Also, it made Lancelot bisexual and his conflict is how torn he is about his attraction to both Arthur and Guinevere.

Remember, this novel came out in 1983 – talk about being ahead of your time! If it came out today, the reaction from a certain corner would be something like “it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that tumblr is at it again.”

Man, demographically speaking, that’s called “nailing it.” It used to be one of the favorite books of the kind of person who’s bookshelf is dominated by fantasy novels about outspoken, fiery-tongued redheaded women, who dream of someday moving to Scotland, who love Enya music and Kate Bush, who sell homemade needlepoint stuff on etsy, who consider their religious beliefs neo-pagan or wicca, and who have like 15 cats, three of which are named Isis, Hypatia, and Morrigan.

This type of person is still with us, so why did this novel fade in popularity? There’s actually a single hideous reason: after her death around 2001, facts came out that Marion Zimmer Bradley abused her daughters sexually. Even when she was alive, she was known for defending and enabling a known child abuser, her husband, Walter Breen. To say people see your work differently after something like this is an understatement – especially if your identity is built around being a progressive and feminist author.


I try to break up my sections on dead fandoms into three parts: first, I explain the property, then explain why it found a devoted audience, and finally, I explain why that fan devotion and community went away. Well, in the case of Robotech, I can do all three with a single sentence: it was the first boy pilot/giant robot Japanimation series that shot for an older, teenage audience to be widely released in the West. Robotech found an audience when it was the only true anime to be widely available, and lost it when became just another import anime show. In the days of Crunchyroll, it’s really hard to explain what made Robotech so special, because it means describing a different world.

Try to imagine what it was like in 1986 for Japanime fans: there were barely any video imports, and if you wanted a series, you usually had to trade tapes at your local basement club (they were so precious they couldn’t even be sold, only traded). If you were lucky, you were given a script to translate what you were watching. Robotech though, was on every day, usually after school. You want an action figure? Well, you could buy a Robotech Valkyrie or a Minmei figure at your local corner FAO Schwartz. 

However, the very strategy that led to it getting syndicated is the very reason it was later vilified by the purists who emerged when anime became a widespread cultural force: strictly speaking, there actually is no show called “Robotech.” Since Japanese shows tend to be short run, say, 50-60 episodes, it fell well under the 80-100 episode mark needed for syndication in the US. The producer of Harmony Gold, Carl Macek, had a solution: he’d cut three unrelated but similar looking series together into one, called “Robotech.” The shows looked very similar, had similar love triangles, used similar tropes, and even had little references to each other, so the fit was natural. It led to Robotech becoming a weekday afternoon staple with a strong fandom who called themselves “Protoculture Addicts.” There were conventions entirely devoted to Robotech. The supposed shower scene where Minmei was bare-breasted was the barely whispered stuff of pervert legend in pre-internet days. And the tie in novels, written with the entirely western/Harmony Gold conception of the series and which continued the story, were actually surprisingly readable.

The final nail in the coffin of Robotech fandom was the rise of Sailor Moon, Toonami, Dragonball, and yes, Pokemon (like MC Hammer’s role in popularizing hip hop, Pokemon is often written out of its role in creating an audience for the next wave of cartoon imports out of insecurity). Anime popularity in the West can be defined as not a continuing unbroken chain like scifi book fandom is, but as an unrelated series of waves, like multiple ancient ruins buried on top of each other (Robotech was the vanguard of the third wave, as Anime historians reckon); Robotech’s wave was subsumed by the next, which had different priorities and different “core texts.” Pikachu did what the Zentraedi and Invid couldn’t do: they destroyed the SDF-1.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Superheroes was comic set in the distant future that combined superheroes with space opera, with a visual aesthetic that can best be described as “Star Trek: the Motion Picture, if it was set in a disco.” 

I’ve heard wrestling described as “a soap opera for men.” If that’s the case, then Legion of Super-Heroes was a soap opera for nerds. The book is about attractive 20-somethings who seem to hook up all the time. As a result, it had a large female fanbase, which, I cannot stress enough, is incredibly unusual for this era in comics history. And if you have female fans, you get a lot of shipping and slashfic, and lots of speculation over which of the boy characters in the series is gay. The fanon answer is Element Lad, because he wore magenta-pink and never had a girlfriend. (Can’t argue with bulletproof logic like that.) In other words, it was a 1970s-80s fandom that felt much more “modern” than the more right-brained, bloodless, often anal scifi fandoms that existed around the same time, where letters pages were just nitpicking science errors by model train and elevator enthusiasts.

Legion Headquarters seemed to be a rabbit fuck den built around a supercomputer and Danger Room. Cosmic Boy dressed like Tim Curry in Rocky Horror. There’s one member, Duo Damsel, who can turn into two people, a power that, in the words of Legion writer Jim Shooter, was “useful for weird sex…and not much else.”

LSH was popular because the fans were insanely horny. This is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the thirstiest fandom of all time.  You might think I’m overselling this, but I really think that’s an under-analyzed part of how some kinds of fiction build a devoted fanbase.  

For example, a big reason for the success of Mass Effect is that everyone has a favorite girl or boy, and you have the option to romance them. Likewise, everyone who was a fan of Legion remembers having a crush. Sardonic Ultra Boy for some reason was a favorite among gay male nerds (aka the Robert Conrad Effect). Tall, blonde, amazonian telepath Saturn Girl, maybe the first female team leader in comics history, is for the guys with backbone who prefer Veronica over Betty. Shrinking Violet was a cute Audrey Hepburn type. And don’t forget Shadow Lass, who was a blue skinned alien babe with pointed ears and is heavily implied to have an accent (she was Aayla Secura before Aayla Secura was Aayla Secura). Light Lass was commonly believed to be “coded lesbian” because of a short haircut and her relationships with men didn’t work out. The point is, it’s one thing to read about the adventures of a superteam, and it implies a totally different level of mental and emotional involvement to read the adventures of your imaginary girlfriend/boyfriend.  

Now, I should point out that of all the fandoms I’ve examined here, LSH was maybe the smallest. Legion was never a top seller, but it was a favorite of the most devoted of fans who kept it alive all through the seventies and eighties with an energy and intensity disproportionate to their actual numbers. My gosh, were LSH fans devoted! Interlac and Legion Outpost were two Legion fanzines that are some of the most famous fanzines in comics history.

If nerd culture fandoms were drugs, Star Wars would be alcohol, Doctor Who would be weed, but Legion of Super-Heroes would be injecting heroin directly into your eyeballs. Maybe it is because the Legionnaires were nerdy, too: they played Dungeons and Dragons in their off time (an escape, no doubt, from their humdrum, mundane lives as galaxy-rescuing superheroes). There were sometimes call outs to Monty Python. Basically, the whole thing had a feel like the dorkily earnest skits or filk-singing at a con. Legion felt like it’s own fan series, guest starring Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day.

It helped that the boundary between fandom and professional was incredibly porous. For instance, pro-artist Dave Cockrum did covers for Legion fanzines. Former Legion APA members Todd and Mary Biernbaum got a chance to actually write Legion, where, with the gusto of former slashfic writers given the keys to canon, their major contribution was a subplot that explicitly made Element Lad gay. Mike Grell, a professional artist who got paid to work on the series, did vaguely porno-ish fan art. Again, it’s hard to tell where the pros started and the fandom ended; the inmates were running the asylum.

Mostly, Legion earned this devotion because it could reward it in a way no other comic could. Because Legion was not a wide market comic but was bought by a core audience, after a point, there were no self-contained one-and-done Legion stories. In fact, there weren’t even really arcs as we know it, which is why Legion always has problems getting reprinted in trade form. Legion was plotted like a daytime soap opera: there were always five different stories going on in every issue, and a comic involved cutting between them. Sure, like daytime soap operas, there’s never a beginning, just endless middles, so it was totally impossible for a newbie to jump on board…but soap operas know what they are doing: long term storytelling rewards a long term reader.

This brings me to today, where Legion is no longer being published by DC. There is no discussion about a movie or TV revival. This is amazing. Comics are a world where the tiniest nerd groups get pandered to: Micronauts, Weirdworld, Seeker 3000, and Rom have had revival series, for pete’s sake. It’s incredible there’s no discussion of a film or TV treatment, either; friggin Cyborg from New Teen Titans is getting a solo movie. 

Why did Legion stop being such a big deal? Where did the fandom that supported it dissolve to? One word: X-Men. Legion was incredibly ahead of its time. In the 60s and 70s, there were barely any “fan” comics, since superhero comics were like animation is today: mostly aimed at kids, with a minority of discerning adult/teen fans, and it was success among kids, not fans, that led to something being a top seller (hence, “fan favorites” in the 1970s, as surprising as it is to us today, often did not get a lot of work, like Don MacGregor or Barry Smith). But as newsstands started to push comics out, the fan audience started to get bigger and more important…everyone else started to catch up to the things that made Legion unique: most comics started to have attractive people who paired up into couples and/or love triangles, and featured extremely byzantine long term storytelling. If Legion of Super-Heroes is going to be remembered for anything, it’s for being the smaller scale “John the Baptist” to the phenomenon of X-Men, the ultimate “fan” comic.

The other thing that killed Legion, apart from Marvel’s Merry Mutants, that is, was the r-word: reboots. A reboot only works for some properties, but not others. You reboot something when you want to find something for a mass audience to respond to, like with Zorro, Batman, or Godzilla.

Legion, though, was not a comic for everybody, it was a fanboy/girl comic beloved by a niche who read it for continuing stories and minutiae (and to jack off, and in some cases, jill off). Rebooting a comic like that is a bad idea. You do not reboot something where the main way you engage with the property, the greatest strength, is the accumulated lore and history. Rebooting a property like that means losing the reason people like it, and unless it’s something with a wide audience, you only lose fans and won’t get anything in return for it. So for something like Legion (small fandom obsessed with long form plots and details, but unlike Trek, no name recognition) a reboot is the ultimate Achilles heel that shatters everything, a self-destruct button they kept hitting over and over and over until there was nothing at all left.

E. E. Smith’s Lensman Novels

The Lensman series is like Gil Evans’s jazz: it’s your grandparents’ favorite thing that you’ve never heard of. 

I mean, have you ever wondered exactly what scifi fandom talked about before the rise of the major core texts and cultural objects (Star Trek, Asimov, etc)? Well, it was this. Lensmen was the subject of fanfiction mailed in manilla envelopes during the 30s, 40s, and 50s (some of which are still around). If you’re from Boston, you might recognize that the two biggest and oldest scifi cons there going back to the 1940s, Boskone (Boscon, get it?) and Arisia, are references to the Lensman series. This series not only created space opera as we know it, but contributed two of the biggest visuals in scifi, the interstellar police drawn from different alien species, and space marines in power armor.

My favorite sign of how big this series was and how fans responded to it, was a great wedding held at Worldcon that duplicated Kimball Kinnison and Clarissa’s wedding on Klovia. This is adorable:

The basic story is pure good vs. evil: galactic civilization faces a crime and piracy wave of unprecedented proportions from technologically advanced pirates (the memory of Prohibition, where criminals had superior firearms and faster cars than the cops, was strong by the mid-1930s). A young officer, Kimball Kinnison (who speaks in a Stan Lee esque style of dialogue known as “mid-century American wiseass”), graduates the academy and is granted a Lens, an object from an ancient mystery civilization, who’s true purpose is unknown.

Lensman Kinnison discovers that the “crime wave” is actually a hostile invasion and assault by a totally alien culture that is based on hierarchy, intolerant of failure, and at the highest level, is ruled by horrifying nightmare things that breathe freezing poison gases. Along the way, he picks up allies, like van Buskirk, a variant human space marine from a heavy gravity planet who can do a standing jump of 20 feet in full space armor, Worsel, a telepathic dragon warrior scientist with the technical improvisation skills of MacGyver (who reads like the most sadistically minmaxed munchkinized RPG character of all time), and Nandreck, a psychologist from a Pluto-like planet of selfish cowards.

The scale of the conflict starts small, just skirmishes with pirates, but explodes to near apocalyptic dimensions. This series has space battles with millions of starships emerging from hyperspacial tubes to attack the ultragood Arisians, homeworld of the first intelligent race in the cosmos. By the end of the fourth book, there are mind battles where the reflected and parried mental beams leave hundreds of innocent bystanders dead. In the meantime we get evil Black Lensmen, the Hell Hole in Space, and superweapons like the Negasphere and the Sunbeam, where an entire solar system was turned into a vacuum tube.

It’s not hard to understand why Lensmen faded in importance. While the alien Lensmen had lively psychologies, Lensman Kimball Kinnison was not an interesting person, and that’s a problem when scifi starts to become more about characterization. The Lensman books, with their love of police and their sexism (it is an explicit plot point that the Lens is incompatible with female minds – in canon there are no female Lensmen) led to it being judged harshly by the New Wave writers of the 1960s, who viewed it all as borderline fascist military-scifi establishment hokum, and the reputation of the series never recovered from the spirit of that decade.

Prisoner of Zenda

Prisoner of Zenda is a novel about a roguish con-man who visits a postage-stamp, charmingly picturesque Central European kingdom with storybook castles, where he finds he looks just like the local king and is forced to pose as him in palace intrigues. It’s a swashbuckling story about mistaken identity, swordfighting, and intrigue, one part swashbuckler and one part dark political thriller.

The popularity of this book predates organized fandom as we know it, so I wonder if “fandom” is even the right word to use. All the same, it inspired fanatical dedication from readers. There was such a popular hunger for it that an entire library could be filled with nothing but rip-offs of Prisoner of Zenda. If you have a favorite writer who was active between 1900-1950, I guarantee he probably wrote at least one Prisoner of Zenda rip-off (which is nearly always the least-read book in his oeuvre). The only novel in the 20th Century that inspired more imitators was Sherlock Holmes. Robert Heinlein and Edmond “Planet Smasher” Hamilton wrote scifi updates of Prisoner of Zenda. Doctor Who lifted the plot wholesale for the Tom Baker era episode, “Androids of Tara,” Futurama did this exact plot too, and even Marvel Comics has its own copy of Ruritania, Doctor Doom’s Kingdom of Latveria. Even as late as the 1980s, every kids’ cartoon did a “Prisoner of Zenda” episode, one of the stock plots alongside “everyone gets hit by a shrink ray” and the Christmas Carol episode.

Prisoner of Zenda imitators were so numerous, that they even have their own Library of Congress sub-heading, of “Ruritanian Romance.” 

One major reason that Prisoner of Zenda fandom died off is that, between World War I and World War II, there was a brutal lack of sympathy for anything that seemed slightly German, and it seems the incredibly Central European Prisoner of Zenda was a casualty of this. Far and away, the largest immigrant group in the United States through the entire 19th Century were Germans, who were more numerous than Irish or Italians. There were entire cities in the Midwest that were two-thirds German-born or German-descent, who met in Biergartens and German community centers that now no longer exist.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a lot about how the German-American world he grew up in vanished because of the prejudice of the World Wars, and that disappearance was so extensive that it was retroactive, like someone did a DC comic-style continuity reboot where it all never happened: Germans, despite being the largest immigrant group in US history, are left out of the immigrant story. The “Little Bohemias” and “Little Berlins” that were once everywhere no longer exist. There is no holiday dedicated to people of German ancestry in the US, the way the Irish have St. Patrick’s Day or Italians have Columbus Day (there is Von Steuben’s Day, dedicated to a general who fought with George Washington, but it’s a strictly Midwest thing most people outside the region have never heard of, like Sweetest Day). If you’re reading this and you’re an academic, and you’re not sure what to do your dissertation on, try writing about the German-American immigrant world of the 19th and 20th Centuries, because it’s a criminally under-researched topic.

A. Merritt

Pop quiz: who was the most popular and influential fantasy author during the 1930s and 40s? 

If you answered Tolkien or Robert E. Howard, you’re wrong - it was actually Abraham Merritt. He was the most popular writer of his age of the kind of fiction he did, and he’s since been mostly forgotten. Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, has said that A. Merritt was his favorite fantasy and horror novelist.

Why did A. Merritt and his fandom go away, when at one point, he was THE fantasy author? Well, obviously one big answer was the 1960s counterculture, which brought different writers like Tolkien and Lovecraft to the forefront (by modern standards Lovecraft isn’t a fantasy author, but he was produced by the same early century genre-fluid effluvium that produced Merritt and the rest). The other answer is that A. Merritt was so totally a product of the weird occult speculation of his age that it’s hard to even imagine him clicking with audiences in other eras. His work is based on fringe weirdness that appealed to early 20th Century spiritualism and made sense at the time: reincarnation, racial memory, an obsession with lost race stories and the stone age, and weirdness like the 1920s belief that the Polar Arctic is the ancestral home of the Caucasian race. In other words, it’s impossible to explain Merritt without a ton of sentences that start with “well, people in the 1920s thought that…” That’s not a good sign when it comes to his universality. 

That’s it for now. Do you have any suggestions on a dead fandom, or do you keep one of these “dead” fandoms alive in your heart?

this is kinda crappy bc I wrote it at 5 am but enjoy!

It all started one cloudy afternoon in the shared 8th year common room. Harry was sitting on the couch facing the fire, Ron beside him, and Hermione on the floor. All working on a massive seventeen inch potions essay that had been assigned to them.

An faint banging noise was heard. The trio looked up and saw an owl outside the window closest to them, scroll tied around its leg.

“Well, there’s no use for all of us to get up.” Ron stated, looking from Hermione to Harry. The boys seemed to have entered some sort of staring contest, neither of them wanting to go open up the window.

“Oh, for goodness sake.” Hermione muttered under her breath before getting up and letting the owl swoop into the room. It landed on Harry’s knee. His face scrunched up in confusion. But I never get mail. Harry took the scroll off of the owls leg and it flew back out the open window, which Hermione then closed and sat back down again.

He shot looks at Hermione and Ron, who looked just as confused as he did, as he unrolled the parchment and read the letter written in neat handwriting.

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kiss you all over (George Weasley x Reader) SMUT ***

Warnings: smut (underage, unprotected sex), swearing. 

Request: Hi can you write a George x reader where she’s stayin at the burrow and they sneak around to get naughty ;))

A/N: Yes, I am alive. No, I don’t want to be. This is my first actual George x Reader fic. The smut isn’t very good, sorry, I kind of got lazy because I’m super tired. Also, I just realised I wrote this a little differently to the request? oh well. Excuse the shitty title I had no idea what to call this other than George Weasley is a sexy beast so….?

You learn that dreams really can come true when you and George decide to get freaky and release all the pent up sexual frustration between the two of you. 

The Burrow is strangely quiet as it sleeps, yet you are wide awake. Perhaps it’s because the Quidditch World Cup is on tomorrow, perhaps it’s because of the wild, sex dream you just had featuring one George Weasley. Maybe it’s both. But whatever it is, it’s keeping you awake while Hermione and Ginny are fast asleep on either side of you.

Staring up at the ceiling, you try to steady your racing heart as you emerge from the orgasm your brain had just conjured. You feel hot and sticky, especially in one certain area, and you don’t think there’s enough water in the world to cool you down. The dream had felt so real. When you had raked your fingers through George’s hair, when his lips had spilled over your collarbone, when he had pushed inside of you with a wild moan of your name, it had felt as though it was really happening. Your subconscious was teasing you cruelly.

Hermione murmurs something in her sleep and rolls over, facing the wall. Ginny is lying flat on her stomach, dreaming peacefully. As you watch your friends sleep, you can’t help but wonder what George is dreaming of. You hope, somewhat vainly, that it’s you. But who can blame you? When you’ve had a crush on your best friend for as long as you have, you’re surely going to hope with every cell in your body that he’s thinking of you the way you think of him.

Feeling irritated and disappointed, you decide it’s better to get up rather than lie around, moping and thinking about George.

You slip out from the sheets and creep out of the room, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Every step you make sounds like someone’s dropping bombs in your ears but the rest of the house remains undisturbed. You walk past Harry and Ron’s room, Ron is sleep talking about spiders and if you had been less distracted, you would have stopped to listen. Maybe you’ll tease him about it in the morning and watch him go bright red.

Tip-toeing down the stairs, you cast a look over your shoulder, hoping you hadn’t woken up the house. Everything is still, and you nod with a satisfied expression filling your features. Until you crash into something hard.

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Ten Years (Part 7)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,212 (excluding flashback)

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating, drinking, potentially anxious situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Cue the drama. PS - some of your comments on the last chapter had me screeching, I love ‘em!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Originally posted by brokenmichael

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anonymous asked:

I haven't really caught up with 80s Voltron but who are isamu and Akira?

Isamu and Akira are actually Lance and Keith!  Isamu and Akira are their original names from the, much darker, Japanese version ‘Beast King Golion’.  When it later came over to the US they not only chopped the show up into pieces to make it acceptable for children they also changed the names of all the characters. personally when I draw the 80s Lance and Keith go with calling them Isamu and Akira for organizational reasons so they aren’t confused with Legendary Defender’s Lance and Keith.

so Keith and Lance are almost like their 4kids names.  I’m just so glad they went back to Shiro for Legendary Defender instead of keeping Sven XD 


In case you haven’t already heard about the blog exposing-the-fakes, let me update you. It’s run by a girl who goes by the name Diana Leigh and claims she’s 21, lives in LA, and, most bizarrely, personally knows 5sos. She gives out false and sometimes worrisome information about the boys. For example, she tells people Michael self harms. How would he feel if he saw that; someone he’s never met convincing her 2,000 followers of something so serious? Although it could be accurate, she isn’t someone who would know. The only people who do are Michael and those who are actually close to him. The fact that she’s going around promising it to be true is only doing damage. On top of all that, she’s hinting towards the fact that she’s Ashton’s “secret girlfriend”. Those are just two of her lies. They don’t end there, but listing them all would take forever.

I wouldn’t be concerned about this situation if no one believed her, but for some strange reason — even though she’s never provided any solid proof whatsoever — a lot of people do. Like I mentioned before, she has at least 2,000 followers. Fans are putting their faith in her and genuinely thinking their questions and wishes will get to 5sos through her blog. It’s messed up and has left me feeling uneasy for a long time now.

So, I’m here to hopefully shut her down for good.

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OtaYuri fic recs #12

Just Us by SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae), teen, 1.4k

“Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone-and finding that’s okay with them.” Alain de Botton
Yuri and Otabek being weird and domestic with each other.

Here’s to the Mess We Make by FakePlasticSnow, teen, 12.7k

Part 1 of the Yuri Plisetsky vs. Adulting series

“Fuck you. Fuck you for being kind, for seeing me for who I really am, and for looking good in a leather jacket. You ruined everything. I like you.”

Puberty sucks. Feelings suck more. In the wake of a post-Worlds meltdown, Yuri accidentally discovers his artistic identity in a jazz dance class with Otabek and Mila. Along the way, Otabek unleashes his inner Channing Tatum, Yuri gets in touch with his inner Georgi, and Yakov probably loses more hair. Welcome to the madness.

If I Ever Get the Nerve by FakePlasticSnow, mature, 2k

Part 2 of the Yuri Plisetsky vs. Adulting series

“Thinking Out Loud did not lend itself well to a club mix, so corny speech it is.”

Proposing was intimidating enough on its own, but how the fuck was one supposed to propose to Yuri “Married People Suck” Plisetsky? While coming up with 15 reasons to convince him, Otabek looks back on the last five years.

Otayuri RPF by kalakagatha, mature, 1.8k

@yurizangel OMG @otafurry, what are you doing tagging Yuri in your fic link? Don’t do that shit! Hashtags, not @-signs! #stupidnewb #rpfhasrules

@iceicetiger Do we have to go over the ten RPF commandments again? DO NOT SHARE THE RPF WITH THE RP. @yurizangel @otafurry

Yuri discovers Figure Skating RPF.

Like A Sun, It Burns by CalamityK, teen, 1.8k, warning: angst

Mila points out that maybe Yuri looks at Otabek a little differently, a bit too long, and a bit too starry-eyed.

“When he’s in the room, Yura, you barely have eyes for anything else.”

“He’s my best friend.”

“He’s your sunlight. You’re brighter when you’re with him.”

In a way, Yuri thinks, Otabek does kind of burn like the sun.

Cat Shirts and Creepsters by Kiraly, teen, 1.8k

Yuri and Otabek are trying to get ready to go out, but Yuri can’t find a shirt to wear. Otabek helps.

Liquor Stash by Severe_Minx, explicit, 39k, WIP

I want him.

When the full realisation hit him, Yuri felt as though he couldn’t breathe. Detached and fleeting thoughts that had passed through his mind finally took shape in these three words at that exact moment. The I being himself, Yuri Plisetsky, age 17, a Russian figure skater with a list of impressive accomplishments to his name that seemed pretty pointless right now given the context. The want being desire, the need to bury himself, the thought to consume, but never actually act out except behind locked doors in empty beds or shower stalls. The him being the person standing across from Yuri sipping coffee from a take-away cup with creased brows, the low sunlight hitting his face just so to light up his otherwise dark eyes. Someone he considered to be his best friend, who came all the way from Almaty just to spend a week with him and who was blissfully unaware of the fucking turmoil Yuri was feeling in the pit of his stomach. Or at least, Yuri hoped he was unaware.

In which Yuri Plisetsky invites Otabek Altin over to stay with him in Saint Petersburg, freaks out over his feelings and delves into Lilia’s liquor stash.

In the Land of the Wanderers by alpha_hydra, teen, 26k

“You have to use your Instagram more if we’re going to be friends, Altin,” Yuri warns when Otabek assumes Yuri is only waiting for Nikiforov and Katsuki to finish groping each other. “It’s no fun otherwise.”

Later, Otabek thinks of Yuri every time he pulls his phone out, and that’s really where it starts.

Hey, Jealousy by RC_McLachlan, general audiences, 4k

There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

Every Time I Try, Every Time I Win by thissupposedcrime, teen, 4.7k

At least no one’s brought up couples costumes. Yuri isn’t sure how Otabek would react to a live recording of him leaping over a table to fight a reporter, a symbolic stand in for the death of Yuri’s sanity and Victor’s cutesy legacy. He guesses not well, and that is enough to hold his tongue.

Or, Otabek is naturally romantic, Yuri is naturally clueless, and somehow they work it out.

Wondering by lovelyisthenight (IrishFaerie01), teen, 964

He’d already come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t want it. And now, having to deal with the fact that he does, maybe, is… well, it’s a little terrifying.

Some personal Lazytown headcanons
  • Lazytown is a micronation that’s been around for generations, that the mayor inherited after his parents died. 
  • Lazytown is located somewhere in the US or Canada 
  • The mayor has some southwest asian heritage (India, Pakistan), but is a mix of a lot of things (it’s why he looks so racially ambiguous) 
  • Trixie on the other hand, has a southeast asian family background
  • Stingy’s dad does actually love him, but his business job just takes him around the world so he’s never home often. But he REALLY values the times that he is 
  • Sportacus is only a superhero title and not his actual name. Since he’s a full-time superhero, he’s not allowed to tell anyone in town his real name until he retires (because who the fuck names their kid “Sportacus”) 
  • When Sportacus came to Lazytown, he was actually a freshly appointed hero who was actually looking for his first town to take care of (Lazytown got really lucky) 
  • Robbie’s family has traces of magic blood in it, but Robbie was the only person in his family growing up who could actually do magic 
  • Robbie grew up in a farming family, which is why he has a cow billboard and blankie. He also likes being lazy and hates sportscandy because he spent his whole childhood working hard to grow sportscandy instead of getting to play 
  • Stingy and Pixel aren’t real names either and are just nicknames 
  • Stingy’s parents made a comment on him having stingy behavior once. And only being a little kid, he took that as a good thing and claimed the nickname as his.
  • Ziggy is short for “Siegfried” 
  • Robbie did not make his lair and it actually existed for a long time (no one remembers what it was for). He literally just asked the mayor “Hey, can I live here” and the mayor was like “sure” 
  • Robbie affords everything because he sells the things he makes and actually has his own brand (the RR). He’s also been commissioned to build and fix stuff for town by the Mayor in exchange for getting to live there 
  • Lazytown used to have a lot more people than it does now (like a couple hundred) and most of the houses we see are actually empty 
  • Since Lazytown seems to be in a rural area, we never see the parents because they all work out of Lazytown and come home late 
  • Pixel’s house? The fucking genius made it himself. The whole fucking house is his “bedroom”. 
  • Sportacus, being just a baby hero who is new, is not widely recognized the way that nine or the other heroes were
  • Sportacus doesn’t take off his hat or show his ears because elves consider their ears as private parts of their body that are rude to show 
  • Steph’s summer stay in Lazytown turned into a forever stay because her parents dumped her with Milford with no intentions of getting her back (Steph is 100% alright with this though) 

So I paused during Steve and French’s desperate internet search for proof of OA’s story, and…

This came up when they searched “anesthesiologist pilot.” First item found: “Airplane Amnesia, the voice recorder often found in the black…” Below that, it says “A new novel by Maegen Sacco about the perils of a plane crew caught in the Bermuda Triangle with no memory of how they got there. Will they remember who they are, and…”

From this, my mind immediately went to the possibility of the other 4 losing their memories while travelling to another dimension. Especially interesting, considering that Hap’s plan (before OA shot him down) was to take her to an island somewhere and set up a clinic. Could that be his plan, now, with the others, either in this dimension or another one? 

UPDATE: this is what actually comes up when you google it:

Aaaand when I searched the supposed book’s supposed author’s name, I first found some stuff about an actress and some other person involved in film, but quickly came upon this Reddit thread…

…where it turns out someone had already discovered all of this. So, full disclosure, I’m not that clever. Ah, well. tl;dr for the bit of the thread I read: the author’s name is also on the For Sale sign outside the Johnsons’ house, AND is the name of a PA who worked on the show. The folks on the thread don’t think it’s particularly relevant, though, because they can use crew names without as many legal hurdles as they’d otherwise have.

Finally, though, to end this post on a less useless note: the fact that that book does not, in fact, exist means that this was a purposeful plant. Someone’s gonna lose their memory, and my bet is on it being one, if not all, of the basement gang.

Making Things Up Again Evan

So this story is a fun little mishmash of au’s, headcannons, and other things (sorry if some of the characters seem ooc). It’s a bmc and deh crossover idea I had after watching a bootleg of Book of Mormon with Ben Platt as Elder Cunningham. I also felt that in a stepbrother au, Jer would be very protective o his new older brother

It was the first of the tech rehearsals and you could feel the excitement of the cast, today they would have all their costumes, props, and it would be the first time working with the band. Jeremy put on his costume (black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a tie) then made sure his hair was neat. He hadn’t believed his luck at first when he’d gotten one of the main roles as Kevin in Book of Mormon.

After putting on the final touches to his makeup, Jeremy went into the wings of the stage. The other actors, dressed similarly to Jeremy, were already waiting. Jeremy pulled out his copy of the book and held it.

“Places in 1,” Mr. Reyes shouted from the stage as he went to sit in the audience, hot pocket in hand.

Suddenly Evan ran through the side doors of the theater and up on to the stage, breathing heavily as he stood next to Jeremy, “Sorry! The makeup lady took forever curling my hair.”

Jeremy chuckled, “No problem.”

Jeremy was still getting used to the fact that he now had a brother… after his dad and Evan’s mom had told them they were getting married that December, both of the boys had tried their best to hang out and get to know each other. It turned out to be not that hard of a task, as both were so similar.

Evan frequently played video games with Jeremy and Michael, and Jeremy often went on hikes with Evan where Evan would talk about the different types of trees and plants.

Jeremy knew Evan had also gone through some hard stuff last semester, what with his best friend committing suicide, but Evan seemed to be doing okay. However when Jeremy tried to bring up the Connor Project or Connor, Evan always changes the subject. Jeremy had a feeling Evan wasn’t telling him everything, but Jeremy couldn’t blame him (he still hadn’t told Evan about the SQUIP)

Jeremy had convinced Evan to do at least one play before college, and with the combined efforts of the rest of Jeremy’s friends, Evan had agreed. Evan had been casted as Arnold, which was impressive, especially since this would be Evan’s first play.

Jeremy walked out onto the stage, as Elder Price he had the first line of the first song. A few seconds later, Mr. Reyes shouted places and the curtain rolled open. The sound door bell rang across the auditorium, and Jeremy started.

“Hello!” Jeremy sang cheerfully, “My name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you the most amazing book!”

The first song went smooth, Micheal kept giving Jeremy thumbs up from inside the booth, which was a little distracting at times. Despite this, Jeremy was glad Michael had decided to join theater. Since Michael didn’t want to perform, he’d agreed to do lights and sound.

Jake and Rich were also in the play, Rich being casted as Elder McKinley and Jake casted as one of the other elders. Sadly none of the girls had fit the roles (though Christine had still decided to do crew, even if she couldn’t actually be in the play).

Everything was going well, then they got to Making Things Up Again. Jeremy watched from the wings as Evan, as Elder Cunningham, talked to the villagers and ‘made up’ passages of the Book of Mormon.

“And lo, the Lord said unto the Nephites: ‘I know you’re really depressed, what with all your… AIDS…and everything… but there is an answer in Christ.’” Evan was doing well, the way he played Arnold seemed natural and his emotions always felt so real.

“You see? This book can help us!” A girl, who Jeremy still hadn’t learned the name of, played Nabulungi. He knew she was a friend of Evan’s, Alina? Adeline? None of those sounded right.

“I just told a lie… No, wait, I didn’t lie,” Evan sang, the way he said the words, Jeremy could almost believe Evan had been through the actual situation, “I just used my imagination! And it worked!”

“You’re making things up again, Arnold,” As the person who played Elder Cunningham’s dad came out and sang Evan seemed honestly shocked to see the character there.

“But it worked, Dad!”

“You’re stretching the truth again, and you know it.”

Jeremy watched the next character enter the stage, “Don’t be a Fibbing Fran, Arnold”

Evan jumped as ‘Joseph Smith’ sang, “Joseph Smith…?”

“Because a lie is a lie” Both the characters of Arnold’s dad and Joseph Smith sang at the same time.

“It’s not a lie!” At this point Jeremy couldn’t tell whether Evan was acting or just reacting as the characters sang. It seemed almost too good… Jeremy laughed at his own joke.

More characters entered stage, surrounding Evan on the platform that had recently been built, “You’re making things up again, Arnold,” Evan missed his line, which was strange (as he’d been getting them all so far) but the other actors continued anyways. “You’re taking the holy word and adding fiction! Be careful how you proceed, Arnold. When you fib, there’s a price.”

The next character wasn’t a part of Arnold’s imagination, but one of the villagers “Ahh, this it bullshit! The story I’ve been told is that the way to cure aids is by sleeping with a virgin! I’m gonna go and rape a baby!”

Jeremy chuckled, he still couldn’t believe the school was allowing them to put this particular play on. All the cursing and mentions of sex, especially with babies.

Evan missed his line once again, but the girl playing Nabulungi improvise, “Elder Cunningham, he shouldn’t do that, right?”

“I- i- uh…” Evan stepped back, Jeremy raised an eyebrow, why was Evan missing cues, and why did he have a deer in headlights look? Evan had been doing really well up until now. “I- I’m sorry…”

Evan sprinted off stage, running into the wings and past Jeremy. Jeremy went on stage and made eye contact with Michael through the booth windows, Jeremy pointed to the left wing where Evan had run through. Michael nodded as Mr. Reyes got up on stage and started giving a speech about professionalism.

Jeremy ran through the left wing and he and Michael crossed paths in the hallway.

“Where do you think he went?” Jeremy asked, “And why’d he run off like that?”

“Let’s try the bathrooms,” Michael suggested pointing down the hall.

Jeremy and him nodded and they raced through the school hallways. The first bathroom was towards the entrance to the school. The boys went into the men’s bathroom. Jeremy couldn’t help but remember that it was the same one Rich had told Jeremy about the SQUIP in.

Once they’d turned the corner Jeremy saw Evan, curled up on the back wall of the empty bathroom. Jeremy heard Evan’s muffled sobs.

“Evan!” Jeremy said running up next to him and kneeling down.

“I… I… I messed everything up… I’m sorry..”

Michael sat on the other side of Evan, “Ev, it’s okay, it’s not a big deal, it’s only a rehearsal.”

Jeremy nodded, “Yeah, bro, everyone makes mistakes. No one’s going to blame you.”

Jeremy could only hear a few of the things Evan said through his tears and panicked breathing, “No! It’s all my fault… everything… the orchard, the emails, Connor…”

“Evan that wasn’t your fault, you didn’t kill Connor,” Jeremy held his hand on Evan’s back, attempting a sort of hug. Jeremy wasn’t sure why Evan was bringing up those things, but he was going to try his best to help.

Suddenly someone ran in past the sinks. He reminded Jeremy of Michael, but whiter and with shorter hair, also instead of a hoodie the guy wore a button down short sleeve shirt over a t-shirt.

“Eva- wait who the fuck are you guys?” The guy stared from Michael to Jeremy.

Jeremy glared standing up, “I’m his brother.”

The guy looked genuinely shocked at this statement, “Brother? But Evan doesn’t have a brother?”

“Well he does now, his mom got married to my dad.”

“I-i didn’t… I didn’t know that…”

Jeremy continued his steely glare, “I’d like to know who you are, and why you’re here. As you can see he’s currently having a panic attack, and we’re trying to help him”

“My names Jared. Me and Evan, we’re… friends.”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow, “He’s never mentioned you before.”

“He didn’t?”

Jeremy shook his head, “Not once.”

“Well anyways, if you’re his brother who’s that,” Jared pointed at Michael, who was still working on comforting Evan.

“That’s my….” Jeremy wasn’t sure what to call Michael, his friend seemed technically correct, but he and Michael had known each other over 12 years they were… more than just friends, or even best friends, suddenly he blurted out, “Boyfriend.”

“Oh, um… good for you.”

Evan’s sobs and muttering seemed to increase as Michael glared up at Jared and Jeremy.

Jeremy glared at Jared once again, “Look I don’t know you, so if you’d leave that would be extremely helpful.”

“I’m his friend!? You don’t think I want to help?!” Jared glared right back.

“How am I supposed to know you’re telling the truth?”

“Why would I lie about being a panicking person’s friend?!”

“I don’t know, why would you?”

“I probably have more of a right to be with him right now than anyone!”

“WOULD YOU TWO STOP FIGHTING AND HELP!?” Michael shouted at them, obviously also panicking, “It doesn’t matter

“Right,” Jared and Jeremy spoke at the same time, sitting down next to Evan, who was still crying uncontrollably.

“Anyways what happened, when I walked into the rehearsal late, Evan was missing and Mr. Reyes was freaking out about the two main characters running off,” Jared asked Michael and Jeremy. Mainly Jeremy as Michael was currently taking Evan through some breathing techniques.

Jeremy sighed, “Wish I knew, we were doing one of the songs when Evan started forgetting his lines  and then just freaked out and ran off.”

“What song,” Jared asked, closing his eyes and sighing, as if he knew what was coming.

“Making Things Up Again,” Michael stated, his earphones now off, as he’d put them on Evan and started playing classical music for Evan to help him calm down/

Jared heaved another deep sigh, “Fuck… this is my fault. I… well, um, has Evan told you about Connor Murphy?”

“Yeah they were really close friends and then last year he committed suicide, right?” Jeremy repeated the story he’d heard from Evan.

“No,” Jared muttered, “That was the story we made up when Evan’s note was found on Connor.”

“Wait, what?” Jeremy was confused.

“Do you need me to explain it to you in more simple terms?”

“Exposition later!” Michael cut in once again, “Evan should be our priority right now!”

Evan had seemed to be calmed down, he at least wasn’t crying or muttering to himself anymore

“No it’s okay… Jared, you can tell them…” Evan sighed taking off the headphones and handing them back to Michael.

“You sure?”  All three of them spoke in unison.

Evan nodded, “It was gonna come out sometime, why not now…”

Jared looked concerned, “How much do you want me to tell them?”

“Everything,” Evan said, his cheeks were still red from crying, “The truth behind the Connor project, the emails, Zoe, our fight, all of it. Even… the truth behind how I actually broke my arm…”

“What do you mean the truth behind how you broke your arm? You just fell out of a tree, right?” Jared asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“I- I didn’t exactly fall… I let go…”

Evan seemed to stare sadly at a space in front of him, looking past Jared.

Jeremy didn’t quite get  what Evan meant by let go, then suddenly it dawned on him what ‘letting go’ entailed.

“Ev…” Michael whispered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Both Jared and Jeremy spoke at the same time once again, then glared at each other.

“He should’ve at least told me,” Jeremy muttered angrily at Jared, “I am his stepbrother…”

“Guys. Please. Stop.” Michael sounded as if he was at his limit, “It’s really not the time to be fighting about who‘s closer to Evan, we all care about him, okay.”

For the second time in a row Jeremy and Jared looked like puppies who’d just been scolded for chewing on something  they shouldn’t have.

“Look I didn’t… I didn’t tell anyone,” Evan sighed, “Except for my mom, and that was after everything with Connor…”

“About that, I still don’t get what happened, so you and Connor were never friends?” Jeremy asked Evan.

Evan nodded solemnly, “Connor and I only met twice, the second time h-he was apologizing for, something… he did during our first meeting by… signing my cas, when he, uh, saw one of my notes that I write to myself. A few days later his parents… well they told me h-he’d committed suicide and they, well… they thought we were friends…”

Evan paused, tears welling up in his eyes.

“I’ll explain the rest,” Jared said calmly, noticing Evan was on the verge of tears again, “After Ev couldn’t tell the Murphy’s he wasn’t friends with Connor, they invited him to dinner where he told them he and Connor shared secret emails. I then suggested we make a fake email account and write them.”

Evan sighed and curled up tighter, his words were muffled but still understandable, “You guys probably hate me… I used someone’s suicide for my own benefit, and then lied about it… I’m probably the worst brother or friend ever…”

“Of course not,” Jeremy understood how Evan felt, he’d felt some if the same feelings after the SQUIP incident (as those involved officially called it), “Look, Evan… I didn’t tell you about it cause I didn’t want you to get hurt… but I also did something really, really stupid last year.”

“What do you mean,” Evan look up slightly, staring at Jeremy.

Jeremy closed his eyes, sighed, and opened them back up, “I bought this supercomputer pill that tells you how to be cool because I liked this girl, and it ended up making me leave my best friend and saying things I still regret,” Jeremy looked up at Michael, who had a look of half encouragement and half pain at remembering the Halloween party, “Also because of it I dated this random popular girl I didn’t even like that way, cheat on said girl, and it tried to take over the entire school. It was probably the biggest mistake of my life. But no one blamed me or hated me for it, at least after a little while.” 

Evan’s expression was hard to read as he stared off, “They forgave you? After all of that?”

“I still don’t know why, I was a complete asshole, but the point is that they gave me a second shot. And I’m sure everyone will do the same for you.”

“Your brother’s right Ev,” Jared assured, “Sure you were being a dick, but,” Jared sighed, “So was I. I said some really dumb things to you, and probably hurt you a lot.”

“Jared, earlier… when you said you were my friend, did you mean it?” Evan asked, quietly, as if worried the words wouldn’t be true if he said them any louder.

“Yes, I did,” Jared nodded, “No more ‘family-friend’ bs, the two of us have been through so much together, I’d be proud to call you my friend Evan.”

Evan uncurled as he and Jared embraced in a hug, Jeremy jumped in, wrapping both his arms around Evan and Jared. Finally Michael joined the hug, his arms nearly wrapping around everyone. The four sat like that for what felt like ages. The heat of all of them combined in a comforting way. Sure they were all really messed up, but at least they had each other.

Suddenly Michael looked up, “Wait Jer, did you call me your boyfriend earlier?

(a/n hope you all like it! Comments and suggestions are always appreciated! And @monsterunderthefedora​ thanks for inspiring me to finally post one of my stories )

A Present for You from the Eleven

We reach the long-awaited final stage of battle. Joined by the new addition of Tove from the dinosaur era, Tenma and his friends now travel to the story of King Arthur to gather the strongest eleven of all time! Let’s support all of them for working hard by means of Valentine chocolate! Prepare your chocolate as a present for representatives Tenma and Ranmaru ♡. Two popular representatives from Inazuma Legend Japan are also making an appearance. Valentine Talk with cast members Nishigaki-san and Tano-san is a must-see!

Great man x Eleven = Ikemen*?!
There are a lot of mixi max but the coolest ones are as follows ♡ Tsurugi and Okita and definitely an ikemen

Kirino and Jeanne - Though these features would appear to suit female characters, Kirino is a twin-tailed mega-nekko**

Taiyou and Koumei
By means of mixi maxing with a girl, Taoyou’s beauty has severely increased.

Nishiki and Sakamoto Ryouma
Thank goodness he didn’t become chubby! Nishiki’s mixi max; his bangs and waves have made him more handsome.

*Ikemen: pretty/attractive/cool boy
**meganekko: wears glasses

Ranmaru Kirino
Voice actor: Yuu Kobayashi
Now that he can mixi max with Jeanne and has obtained a keshin, Kirino has grown a lot. A reliable member of the chosen eleven and seems to be polishing his skills as a defender.

Tenma Matsukaze
Voice Actor: Yuka Terasaki
While looking at Shindou and Taiyou, Tenma’s starting to wonder if he’s an appropriate captain. In King Arthur’s world, he fights directly against Shindou…

I want to give chocolate from my heart! Kirino ♡
If you said it to him in person he’d probably get angry but one of Kirino’s most attractive points is certainly his loveliness. His keshin and mixi max are beautiful too and we’re touched emotionally by his handsome, hidden fighting spirit.

I want to give chocolate from my heart! Tenma ♡
Even in the parallel world where soccer is lost, Tenma - along with Fei, does his best. His ‘never-give-up’ heart cheers you up!

Ichirouta Kazemaru
Voice Actor: Yuka Nishigaki
Currently plays for Japan in the pro leagues. Due to his gentle personality, he’s just as popular as Fubuki. In the movie, along with Endou and Kabeyama, he plays the role of a protective senpai for Tenma and Kirino!

Jirou Sakuma
Voice actor: Megumi Tano
Working as the coach for Teikoku Gakuen, Sakuma is fighting against Fifth Sector as one of the members of the Resistance. Now that soccer has disappeared, is he protecting Teikoku?

Throughout the Chrono Stone series, Kazemaru and Sakuma are…?
Q How do you think they’re spending this time?

Nishigaki: I think he might be taking action in a place we haven’t seen, like in last year’s movie where he was working with Endou. I wonder is everyone working behind the scenes with commander Kidou.
Tano: I think Sakuma won’t work unless Kidou says. On the contrary, if Kidou gives a command, he’ll do it immediately. If Kidou asks for 1, Sakuma will give 10.

What if both of them were brainwashed?

Nishigaki: Since he’s playing in the pro leagues, if soccer disappeared he’d lose his job. I wonder what kind of job he’d do… Because he loves soccer so much, I’d worry…
Tano: As for Sakuma… Actually, even if soccer disappeared I get the feeling he’d survive (laughs). He’d probably make a job out of being a model or something.

Nishigaki: The most natural thing for Kazemaru to do would probably be track and field. But he’ll definitely want to fight for the sake of soccer.

Dream of your Inazuma Valentine!
Talking with the girl cast!!

Tano-san and Nishigaki-san who play Sakuma and Kazemaru talk to us about how the guys spend their Valentine’s Day.

If Tano-san gave chocolate…?
Honmei*: Genda!
Giri choco**: Kabeyama, Shourinji, Kurimatsu, Domon, Someoka

*Chocolate give to a boy on Valentine’s day out of genuine sentiment
*Obligatory-gift chocolate

Dream of Sakuma’s confession ♡
“Take your time. Think about it and decide.”
I think Sakuma would call the person he likes and tell them how he feels. I get the feeling that he would just be straightforward and say ‘I like you,’ honestly and earnestly, without using overly romantic talk. But you wouldn’t have to answer straightaway. I feel like he’d say something like, “Take your time. Think about it and let me know.” It’s not really that modern, is it? He’s old-fashioned but isn’t that type of confession more sincere? I think he definitely wouldn’t confess by text message. (Tano)

What Tano-san thinks of Sakuma’s handmade gyakuchoco (chocolate given by a boy to a girl)
Sakuma’s handmade chocolate would be 100% penguin. (laughs) He’d search for penguin molds (probably in a cookery shop in Tokyo) and when done, he’d line them up numbers 1, 2, 3 etc… But since it would be a waste to give them to someone he’d probably just eat them all by himself (laughs).

If Nishigaki-san gave chocolate…?
Honmei choco: Kazemaru (for moral support!)
Giri choco: Kidou

Dream of Kazemaru’s confession ♡
“Wait, I should be the one to confess…”
Kazemaru’s confession would be basically the same as what Tano-san thought for Sakuma. He wouldn’t confess in an indirect way like over the phone or by text - I think he’s the type to confess directly. He doesn’t usually seem too experienced with girls and I wonder if that’s changed since becoming an adult, but I think he definitely believes: “The guy should be the one to confess.” So if he was confessed to first, he would say: “Wait, I should be the one to confess to you!” (Nishigaki)

What Nishigaki-san thinks of Kazemaru’s handmade gyakuchoco:
Since Kazemaru’s the kid who asked the managers for the recipe for oden (type of Japanese dish), I think he doesn’t lack cooking skills, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be able to make professional-like chocolate ike Kidou… He’d make the usual chocolate. Like truffle or something. I feel like he wouldn’t show off anything unconventional. He’d make ordinary chocolate that you could tell was homemade.

Q In the movie we saw them playing soccer for the first time in a while - how was it?
Tano: It was pretty amazing~
Nishigaki: When they played soccer, everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Since I definitely prefer to see them having fun playing soccer than worrying about everything, watching them was great.
Tano: Even though their opponents are middleschool kids, they definitely won’t go easy on each other (laughs). But it’s good that they don’t.

Q Kabeyama, Kazemaru and Sakuma all unleashed a special move together!
Nishigaki: 2 out of 3 are the same person. (laughs)
Tano: Actually, in the TV series Sakuma and Kabeyama have never spoken to each other, so I was surprised.
Nishigaki: They both probably think “We sound alike, huh.” (laughs)
Q It was surprising how full of wildlife it was.
Tano: They practiced it without us knowing. How did they work it out? Someone probably took the lead in deciding to do this move. I wonder who came up with the name Jungle… It’s full of nature, isn’t it?

Q Speaking of that, in last year’s movie, Kazemaru and Kabeyama survived in the jungle.
Nishigaki: Ah, then Kazemaru was definitely the one who came up with “Jungle yarou ze!” (laughs) Since he’s playing in the Pros, the time he was doing special training in different parts of the world, like jungles…?

Q Tell us about any scenes in the movie that left an impression on you.
Nishigaki: Definitely the scene where we became a barrier to protect the kids and told them to escape. You can really feel that everyone had become an adult.
Tano: The part where Endou looks over his shoulder and smiles, he’s a really dependable guy!

Q How do you feel about the current TV series?
Nishigaki: I was surprised!
Tano: A bear? Daisuke-san turned into a rock? I was surprised.
Nishigaki: On top of that, soccer is banned. It’s an anime about soccer, and they can’t play soccer…
Tano: I want to see the kids in GO one day just play soccer without having to worry about anything. They’ve gone through a lot.

Q How do Kazemaru and Sakuma feel about Valentine’s Day?
Nishigaki: I think he’d be a little intrigued. He’s not the type to be ‘cool’ - I think he’s just a regular kid. He might be a bit nervous but he wouldn’t let it show.
Tano: I think Sakuma wouldn’t know a lot about it at all. (laughs) Like, “Oh, it’s that day?”. But he’d get a lot of chocolate.
Nishigaki: As expected, he’s handsome (laughs)

Q Please leave a message for everyone!
Tano: Sakuma is waiting for your Valentine chocolate! (laughs) I’m also looking forward in anticipation to what will happen next in the story. I think that Sakuma will continue to act behind the scenes, so please support him.
Nishigaki: Since I still have the pressing image of everyone raising their eyebrows, I pray that I can hurry up and see the day they play soccer like normal middleschool kids.
Everyone, please support Tenma and co! And Kazemaru and co. who’ve become adults since they’re doing their best behind the scenes for the sake of the kids. Oh, and Kazemaru is waiting for your chocolate. (laughs)

The person who would receive the most chocolate is…
Fubuki and Shindou!?

Nishigaki: While they were on the trip he was popular with girls, so probably Fubuki
Tano: Doesn’t it seem like Tsunami would receive some? Fubuki would receive a lot of honmei choco that girls put a lot of effort into, and Tsunami would receive a lot of giri-choco. Even if you gave it to him without making a big deal (Fubuki), he’d probably accept it happily with an Oh! Thank you! He might even receive some chocolate from other boys yearning after him! (laughs)
The person who would be happiest to receive chocolate would be Kabeyama-kun, right?
Tano: If Kabeyama received just one box of chocolates, he would so happy.
Nishigaki: He’d thank you with all of his heart!
Tano: And he’d tell Kurimatsu (laughs)
Nishigaki: In GO I think it would be Shindou, right? He’s cool, calm and from a wealthy family; he gives off a prince-like vibe, so wouldn’t he be popular? Tsurugi’s too scary to give chocolate to (laughs)
Tano: Tsurugi definitely gives off a ‘Don’t come near’ me vibe. Wouldn’t you have to call on Tenma or someone and ask them to pass on your chocolate?

Those most looking forward to Valentine’s Day are…
Kabeyama, Kurimatsu, Shishido and Shourinji?!

Nishigaki: Kabeyama, Kurimatsu, Shourinji and Shishido are looking forward to it as a set.
Tano: But after not receiving any “But we waited all day!”
Nishigaki: Handa might be looking forward to it too, right…?
Tano: He’s kind of handsome, I guess (laughs)
Nishigaki: I think he’d receive a lot of giri-choco. Mixed in with some honmei choco, but he wouldn’t noticed. It would be funny if Gouenji was looking forward to it, but he has a little sister.
Tano: Along with Kidou, they probably think they’ll receive chocolate from Yuka and Haruna.
Nishigaki: Then react with “Who on earth could have made this~?” (laughs) In GO there are so many ikemen I bet they’d all receive some. Because of that, they’d look forward to it.
Tano: Ah, Minamisawa-senpai seems popular, so I think he looks forward to it.

(Guessing how the InaIre guys would make gyakuchoco)

Endou: I think Endou would definitely aim to make soccer ball-shaped chocolate but in the end it wouldn’t really look like anything… (Tano)

Gouenji: Like the bear present he bought for Yuka-chan. You’d know straight away who the chocolate is for (Nishigaki)

Kidou: It seems like Kidou-san would make chocolate that looks professional enough to be sold in a shop! (Tano)

Kabeyama: Because he’d make something he’d want to eat himself, there’d be a lot. I worry for the person receiving them… (laughs) (Tano)

Tsunami: He’s good at cooking fish, but chocolate…? It would look like a surfboard with 273 written on it. (Nishigaki)
It seems like he’d say, “There’s no chocolate I can’t make!” (laughs) “No problem!”
The kitchen would be covered with chocolate. (Tano)

Hiroto: I get the feeling that Hiroto is not too great at cooking. But he seems like the type to care more about appearance than taste? (Nishigaki)

I feel like he’d make something shaped like a flower. Like a rose or something. It seems like he’d make something that when he hands it over to a girl and she opens it it makes a big impact. (Tano)

Fubuki: It seems like he’d make winter crystal-shaped chocolate. And since he’s from Hokkaido, I have an idea that he’d make white chocolate. (Tano)

Ichinose: Definitely American-style, right? Nougat-y and sweeeet~ (Tano)

Raimon First Years: I feel like Kageno would make really bitter chocolate. Since Max is skilled, it seems like he could make something like colourful marble chocolate. (Tano)

Since Max is skilled, he could make something in the shape of his hat. Shishido seems like he’d make cute chocolate too. (Nishigaki)

As for Tenma and co….?

Nishigaki: I think Shindou is good at cooking. Seems like he’d make something where both the chocolate and the package it’s in would look like something you’d buy. Tenma seems like he wouldn’t be great (laughs)

Tano: Wouldn’t he gather everyone together and ask: What should I do??

Nishigaki: Finally he’d go to Shindou in a last-minute rush and ask, “Shindou-senpai! How do I get it right?”

Tano: Tenma would make chocolate using whipped cream. Like his hair. (laughs)

Nishigaki: Tsurugi would definitely make sword-shaped chocolate, right? Shinsuke would make God Hand-shaped chocolate or something.

Since he looks like a girl you’d think he’d be good at cooking, but since he’s actually quite masculine he’s probably worse than you think.

Fei: Since the chocolate he’d make would be from the future it would be quite futuristic and mysterious. It would be colourful, emerald or turquoise, and possibly glow, with zero calories?!

Kariya: Since eating with his fingers is a nuisance, he’d probably decide on chocolate balls…?

The person with the most romantic confession is… Shindou!?
Nishigaki: Since they have many love-rivals, if girls don’t push forward with all their strength, they can’t win. I think there would be girls who think “I have to give him my handmade chocolate in person!” They’d go directly to his house, or call him to the riverbank or something.
Tano: I feel like it wouldn’t be strange for Shindou to give a romantic speech to his partner.
Nishigaki: The two would stand together and flowers would blow in the background without it feeling out of place. (laughs)

The person with the most passionate confession is… Hiroto!?
Tano: I think it’s Hiroto.
Nishigaki: Because he seems used to knowing how to treat girls. He rides in a sports car, and he’s a glasses-wearing young CEO.
Tano: Even though Midorikawa is always nearby standing guard over him (laughs)
Nishigaki: (laughs) I think he’d be able to do it smoothly, without hesitating. He’d set the scene in a pretty place where you could see the night sky, kneel down in front of his partner and hand over flowers… or something. But because his big sister is very important, I doubt he’d get married. Because he’d definitely be looking after the orphanage kids, a little bit like a father.

Leave the delicious chocolate to Kabeyama!
The person who knows delicious chocolate, is definitely Kabeyama, right?
Tano: When Kabeyama becomes an adult, he definitely goes tabearuki (eating and walking at the same time, like a tour). Like, to all of the cake shops.He has his own column in soccer magazines about ‘This month’s recommended chocolate,’
Nishigaki: When he recommends something, sales go up!
Tano: Kabeyama, who travels the world to eat.
Nishigaki: It’s no problem to leave it to Kabeyama, even Kidou acknowledges his superiority, make no mistake.

Translator’s Notes: Sorry for any mistakes.

something different [jake d. x fem!reader]

whats this? a double post????

somewhat based off of this:

 ( dude i didn’t realize how much i needed jake/reader until u wrote that thing (which was rlly good btw) would u mind doing another jake thing? maybe where like reader isn’t affected by all his usual stuff he pulls to get The Ladies (either they don’t rlly notice or don’t care or w/e) and he’s like Woah cause he isn’t used to that, u know )

(thank u anon for the idea and i loaf u)

i love jake dillinger more than life itself i s2g

fem!reader because im a self-indulgent fuck

warnings: uhhhhh langauge n that’s it

        You were a enigma to Jake Dillinger. He sat behind you in English, he’d tap your shoulder and ask for a pencil or an eraser or a piece of paper with the smile that so many other people melted at, and you brushed it off carelessly, jabbing whatever he wanted in his direction. He’d trail behind you, calling your name and somehow managing to carelessly flow around you while on crutches, as he watched you dodge question after question, keeping to yourself as much as you desired, a smile playing upon your lips - something Jake focused on sometime without realizing. He didn’t remember when exactly he noticed you - as if the clouds parted and there you were one day. The girl that sat in front of him, the girl who braided her hair after math tests because she had nothing better to do, the girl who wore red lipstick every Friday because it made her confident - you were there and you just appeared out of the blue, despite miraculously sitting in at least one of his classes since third grade.

        Hell, he didn’t remember you in elementary school until Christine had brought out a yearbook she’d kept. But there you were in one year in his homeroom class with Ms. Luis, red cast shining out from the spot you were sitting in. Christine remembered you  - heck, even Brooke and Jenna did. He didn’t remember that you’d asked him to sign your cast, and he did - putting ‘JAKEY D’ at your wrist in his terrible fourth grade scrawl, right above Chase Roberts’s name. Heck, you had only remembered that because Chloe had signed quickly after - her name right next to Jake’s. Christine said she had remembered singing off-key next to you in the Thanksgiving play. Brooke remembered you two picking flowers during recess and talking about how pretty they were, and how you brought her a flower crown for her birthday along with a pretty pink journal with flowers decorating the front - and apparently, you worked at the local Pinkberry, so even Chloe knew at least your face and vaguely recognized you in class. Everyone seemed to have at least some vague shape of you in their mind - Jeremy remembered a project with you in freshman year, Rich remembered you telling him to fuck off during his sophomore year - hell, even Michael seemed to notice you as the girl who offered him a faintly warm cinnamon roll when he was having a bad day.

        You were adorable. How had Jake never noticed you?

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67 Chevy Impala part 2

A/N: I was overjoyed but the comments on 67 Chevy Impala, and because of a request I’ve decided to write a part 2, sorry it took so long, I’ve been really busy. Hope you like it! Thanks for the feedback everyone!!

Pairing: Peter Parker x fem!Winchester!reader

Fandom: Spider-Man Homecoming, Supernatural

Summary: Peter never forgot somebody that he used to know. He had her number, but was afraid to use it, until the new Avengers Facility seems to be haunted. 

Warnings: Mentions of Hell (idk if this should be a warning but), violence, cussing, Season 5 of Supernatural just happened, so the time frames don’t add up, sorry about that, Infinity War doesn’t happen because I don’t know what events will take place and I don’t want to screw the story up.

Part 1

Three years.

That’s how long it had been since she had to move.

Peter had graduated now, he was living in the new Avengers Facility. After high school, he had decided that he actually did want to be an Avenger, and was immediately taken in.

His first few months there were great, he was the ultimate fanboy, and the others found it quite entertaining.

Until a new shipment of, well something, came in. Tony told them it was pretty important, but after opening the box, they found it just to be some old antiques. Apparently the supplies were for something he was working on, but no one really quizzed him on what that was. 

That night the heater seemed to fail, then the next morning the TVs glitched and turned off, before turning back on like nothing had happened. They began to worry, Tony’s systems didn’t fail continuously like this on a normal basis. 

Peter remembered something the first time something weird happened. He remembered a girl he used to know. The things she told him. 

It all added up, cold spots, glitches, that meant ghosts if he remembered correctly. 

“H-hey Mr. Stark?” Peter approached him the next morning, only to find most of the Avengers already at breakfast with him.

“Yeah, Spidering?” He responded, not looking up from whatever he was doing.

“I-I think I know how to- or k-know someone- w-who can fix the w-weird stuff that’s been going on.” He was so worried they would think he had gone mad that he almost couldn’t get out a full sentence.

Tony finally looked up. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t worried about what had been happening “And who is this?”

“W-well I used to know her at school, h-her family solves s-stuff like this. T-they are called ‘hunters’.

“Thanks, but I don’t need someone who can shoot deer, I need someone who knows what’s going on.”

“N-no” Peter stuttered nervously “T-they hunt m-monsters, I-it’s real, I-I promise.”

And after some laughing, and more convincing, Peter found himself dialing a number he hadn’t ever before. Though he’d be lying if he said he didn’t stare at his phone every night, debating whether to call or not.

(Y/n) had also left high school, but she didn’t have the chance to be a superhero. She had to help her brothers fight Lucifer and Michael. So yes, she may not be an Avenger, but how many people can live to say they stopped the apocalypse? Two, the answer is two.  

They used to be a family of four. John, Dean, Sam, and (Y/n) Winchester. Now they were all split up.

John had left first. He sold his soul to save Dean’s life, died a few hours later, and they hadn’t seen him since. 

Then Sam. He was currently in the cage in Hell, after winning a fight against Lucifer and jumping in to trap him forever.

Dean left next. He had made a promise to Sam, Lisa and Ben. He was happy, and that’s all (Y/n) needed. A happy Dean didn’t come to often, and she was determined to make it last. 

So as far as he knew, (Y/n) Winchester was dead, just like the rest of them.

(Y/n) found herself yet again living off of stolen credit cards and fake IDs. Just, alone this time. She continuously felt thankful that she had amazing abilities when it came to computers, or she’d be screwed. 

She didn’t have a car anymore. Dean had taken Baby with him, not like she expected otherwise, he thought she was dead. And who leaves a car to a dead person?

However, after awhile she got fed up with busses, and stole a beaten-down, two-door, rusty pickup truck from the side of the road that had a ‘for sale by owner’ sign on it. It wasn’t much, but she had a seat for herself and enough room to lay across he seats, and that’s all she needed.

The only belongings (Y/n) had were some clothes, a computer, and some weapons. Even these were mediocre, compared to what she was used to. She had three knifes, Ruby’s demon killing knife, one 8 inch hunting knife, and one pocket knife that seemed to have every kind of tool on it. Her favorite pistol, and a shotgun were the last guns standing, seeing as she didn’t have much room left for the other ones.

For the most part, she hunted demons, and considering how pissed she was at them, she was pretty good. In fact, she killed so many in a short amount of time that she soon became Hell’s most wanted. 

Her sole focus was to kill as many black-eyed sons of a bitches as possible.

That is, until her phone rang. And for the first time ever, the name Spiderboy came onto the screen. 

“Hello” she picked up, trying as hard as she could to not sound as pissed off as she was.

“H-hi (Y/n), I-it’s Peter, Parker, I- um- we have a problem. I think it’s a g-ghost, I can’t be s-sure, b-but I was wondering, I-if you could c-come get rid of it?” Peter was nothing but a stuttering mess on the other end, and (Y/n) couldn’t help but agree.

“Yeah, give me an address and I’ll be there.”

“Okay, a-are your b-brothers coming t-too?”

“No” she deadpanned, and after getting the address, she immediately hung up.

When a rough-looking pickup truck rolled into the parking lot, and a teenage girl ran up the steps, it was Tony Stark who answered to door.

“Sorry, I didn’t order girl-scout cookies this year.” He joked.

“Well I ordered a good joke, but clearly I came to the wrong place.” She retorted, smirking as his face fell “Look, I’m (Y/n) Winchester, and I’m here to fix your ghost problem.

Tony had heard that name before, and it wasn’t from when Peter was explaining what hunters were, in fact he now realized Peter never actually said the name of the person that was coming.

“Come on Spiderling, there’s a don’t be like this, there’s a party. Come join.”

“Sorry Mr. Stark, I really don’t feel like it right now.”

Tony sighed “There are plenty of girls out there” he kept trying to convince him.

“I’m not interested, thanks though.”

“Oh, well there are guys to-”

“N-no it’s not that, I-I just, I’m not interested”

Tony sat down “Alright who was it?”

“W-what?” Peter looked up at him.

“The one who broke your heart, who was it?”

Peter sighed “(Y/n) Winchester. S-she didn’t break my heart, she just had to move. Her family wouldn’t let her stay. She told me they move around a lot, at least five times a school year”

“Come on in then” He said snapping out of his thoughts. 

“So tell me, how long has this been going on?” (Y/n) asked Tony as she sat at the dining table, a fresh coffee in her hands.

“About two weeks.”

She nodded “And how long have you been living here?”

“Longer than two weeks, that’s for sure.”

She nodded “Ok, that makes it less likely that the building itself is haunted.” She thought for a moment “Have you had anything come in the building around the time the odd things started? It’s most likely something old.”

Tony nodded “Actually there has, I’ll show you.” 

They passed many rooms on the way there, including a theater, that happened to hold many of the Avengers. Natasha, Clint, Sam, and Wanda were perhaps the most curious people (Y/n) had ever met, and they insisted on following her and Tony to one of his labs. 

When they got there, (Y/n) saw a box labelled ‘antiques’ and immediately walked over and spread the objects out on a table.

Before she could do anything Tony asked “So why would a ghost be in an object?”

“Well ghosts are stopped when their bones are burned, but sometimes they leave a piece of themselves behind, often hidden in an object. This makes them tied to said object, so wherever it goes, they go. So what I’m thinking is that one of these things has a ghost tied to it, which is why nothing strange happened until after it got here.”

“Why are you using an old busted up Walkman?” Sam asked, looking at her like she was the strangest person in the world as she took the tool out of her pocket and pulled out it’s antenna.

“It’s an EMF meter, and it looks like a Walkman because it’s homemade. It was my brother Dean’s” (Y/n) explained as she waved it over an old rusted mirror.

“What does it do?” Wanda asked, eyeing the thing as she waved it over another object.

“Basically it tells if an object, area, or even person is haunted or possessed by a ghost. When it detects something it will-” then the EMF meter’s lights went nuts as she waved it over an old book “-do that.”

“Well what do we do with it now?” Natasha questioned, eyeing the book suspiciously.

“We salt and burn it”

Clint’s smile grew “Cool”

It had been one of the easiest cases (Y/n) had worked in a long time, and it seemed like a vacation from the black-eyes. But she knew she had to get back to what she was doing before. So when the Avengers wanted her to stay for dinner, they basically had to lock all of the doors, to which (Y/n) pointed out was kidnapping.

“Oh come on, you helped us, the least we could do is give you dinner.” Tony said “And don’t even try denying again, your food is already on the table.”

When everyone was seated and starting to eat (Y/n) was bombarded with questions about her life.

“Where do you live?”

“You said you have a brother, where is he?”

“Where are your parents?”

“Do you get paid doing this”

“What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?”

(Y/n) chuckled at their curiousness, and knew it was because they were new to the fact there were hunters out there and wanted to know how they lived.. “Ok everyone, slow down. I don’t live anywhere, I just sleep in a hotel wherever the case I’m working is, then I move on to another town. Actually I have two brothers. Dean is the oldest, he has a sort-of-family now. It’s a complicated situation, but he lives with them. Sam is the middle child, he’s“ she paused, her eyes beginning to fill with tears before she blinked them away “he’s dead.

“My parents are dead too, my mom was killed by a demon when I was a baby, I never knew her, and my dad died a few years ago to save Dean’s life. Another complicated story.

“No I don’t make money, people don’t exactly pay you for saving their lives. The coolest thing I’ve ever done…” She debated telling them she has had many conversations with the king of hell, or fought angels and demons alike, that she was number one on the most wanted list in hell, all things they would consider cool. “The coolest thing I’ve ever done was cut off a vampire’s head with Spider-Man’s web.”

Before anyone could react to her crazy, yet seemingly normal, answers, Peter Parker walked in the room. 

“Sorry I’m late, I was-” but he trailed off when he saw (Y/n) sitting there.

“Peter! How are you? Wow, it’s been awhile. I see you still have awesome t-shirts” she laughed at seeing his shirt had the NASA logo on it saying ‘I need more space’ .

He smiled and hugged her, which gave his stomach a warm feeling, “I didn’t know you were coming today.” Peter was also confused, he knew she was pissed at him, but clearly she was hiding it. 

“Well, I was closer than I thought.”

After dinner they all went to watch a movie, but when Peter tapped her on the shoulder, the two of them went outside to talk in private.

“I’m sorry”

“Is that all you got?” (Y/n) asked “I called you every night for months Peter. You would think you could’ve answered at least one of my calls.“

“I know, and I’m sorry, so, so, sorry. I just knew that if someone went after you because of me, I couldn’t forgive myself.”

“That has got to be the most cliché thing anyone has ever said. Come on Peter, if you are worried about someone getting hurt, maybe don’t date a hunter. I get hurt all the time, but you know what, not once has it been because of you. In fact, right now I have the king of hell looking to kill my ass, I should be the one worried about you. So don’t give me that shit, don’t even try.”

“I guess I just thought after a while that you would be to mad at me to answer the phone.“

(Y/n) looked into his brown eyes and remembered the boy she fell in love with years ago. “I never got that mad Peter.”

“Can you give me another chance?”

“Of course”

“Can I kiss you”

“Of course”

And then his lips were on hers, and for the first time in a long time, she felt all her worries slip away.



Mirrored Illusions || Jeonghan || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 //

Word Count: 1574

Genre: fantasy!au, super hero/villain!au, rewritten, angst, fluff, adventure

Summary: (rebooted from the old series) The Devil was created by man in man’s likeness. It’s an entity that captures the darkness, greed, anger, and hunger of humans, but is it really needed? If anyone asked you, you’d say no. To you, the Devil isn’t in Hell. The Devil lived here, on Earth. And Hell wasn’t a make believe place elsewhere. It was here too. And you lived in it.

There was nothing more sardonic about life than a bright blue sky, the sound of cheerful birds, and the scene of yellow caution tape blocking the entrance of a dark alley, the floor now covered in dried blood that some unfortunate soul will have to scrub up later. The rancid, putrid smell of a body that had been brutally torn up and already decaying in the blistering summer heat moved past the yellow caution tape and wafted down the streets, causing regular citizens to cover their mouths lest they wanted to lose their breakfast and their appetite for lunch.

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Meta Repost #1: The Trident Fight: Why We Need to Stop Blaming Little Girls and Start Blaming Irresponsible Adults and the Awful Society They Perpetuate

It’s back!

I feel embarrassed that I feel the need to discuss the Trident scene in a meta at this point in time. It’s been four books and nearly twenty years since George R.R. Martin wrote the damn thing, and yet people still keep bringing this up as not only A defining moment for certain characters, but THE defining moment for certain characters. Especially for Sansa.

This is wrong. The person to be angry at isn’t Sansa or her sister. While both girls can get blamed for this event, Sansa tends to get the bulk of fandom hatred for the events that led to the death of Lady. I want to focus on why this viewpoint is wrong.

It’s just that so many of the mentions of the fight at the Trident between Arya and Joffrey, Sansa’s reaction, and the fallout are so often used to make really bad arguments. And, in fact, the whole instance is just misinterpreted a lot.

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so since we have an almost full cast for our Gender Bent BATB, Ill give an explanation for all the choices and their names. 

(under the cut bc I wrote a lot)

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Random Hort Headcanons

I haven’t actually contributed to the fandom before, and these have been in my head for ages so enjoy. 

  • Hort is actually kind of fond of teaching about a month into it, he sees himself in all the faces in front of him.
  • He and Sophie become best friends that judge people, he always backs her up and she does the same after a little bit of deliberation with her inner demons.
  • Almost always seems to have the best clothing during the school day.
  • Most of his classes over at good are rants on how stupid some of the heroes were, and how not to do what they did because it will most likely get you killed, there’s no favoritism from The Storian now, so may any higher powers help you now.
  • Will shut up about it the moment Dovey sticks her head in the door and start talking about something that was deemed a victory in the History of Good.
  • He’s supposed to be impartial. He is not.
  • He has swooshy hair that fluffs over his eyes half the time now, people have swooned over it in the past.
  • Asks Agatha “Is that guy bothering you?” A few times about Tedros to rattled the aforementioned up whenever he’s dragged to visit Camelot.
  • Likes to read, has read most of everything in the school’s libraries.
  • Has a few tattoos.
  • I don’t know why I like that fact, but I just feel like he’d get a tattoo.
  • I like giving characters tattoos.
  • ANYWAY His tattoos are a wolf on his shoulder, and then there’s a hook on his side because I feel like he’d have something to signify where he’s come from.
  • Always warns the people who talk about Sophie in a romantic way, because no one needs to go through that again.
    • You think I’m joking? Here have this story of romance that I wrote and illustrated myself.”
  • Speaks fluent sarcasm.
  • Mostly done with Sophie but still ends up doing what she asks half the time.
  • In the Ever Never Handbook where it says that he came running the moment she called Sophie barely got a syllable into his name before he was just there out of breath trying to smile like he wasn’t going to die due to lack of oxygen.
  • Can braid hair. Sophie taught him so she wouldn’t have to do it herself.
  • His Mother was actually ok, she’s dead. But she was ok. As in ‘Not Shitty and/or Abusive’ he can’t really remember her though cus she died when he was pretty young.
  • He’s the guy that brings Alcohol to the party past Dovey.
  • Somehow ends up as the only person other than Agatha who can actually get through Sophie’s cloud of “I’m the greatest who ever lived.”
  • Starts spewing out random history facts outside of class, and wonders why this came to be.
  • Then remembers he did this to himself. Why the fuck did he do this to himself.
  • Proclaims that the School’s motto needs updating.
  • Best way to distract him is to ask what annoying traits of Sophie’s he can list, it’s a very long list.
  • Gives out the least amount of homework to his students.
  • Can actually grow a beard unlike certain royals (*Coughs* Tedros *Coughs*)
  • Mutters “Kill me now.” Every time he has to grade tests.
  • Plays loud rock music from his quarters in the teacher area of the dormitory.
  • Has received complaints. Ignores them.
  • Definitely, plays favorites in class.
  • Fiercely proud of all of his students.
  • Has to insult Tedros at least once a week.
  • He and Agatha exchange letters once in awhile so he can update her on how Sophie actually is as Dean of Evil.
Starry Nights Part 4/4 [FINAL]

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Soulmate Au

Warning: Language, Suggestive Mentions

Soulmate Au: At first eye contact with the soulmate, will be able to draw soulmate, and have 15 days to fall in love or will never be able to meet again.

Status: Finished Previous

You woke up holding on something rather warm, a little startled too see Yoongi lying next to you on the bed with his hand on yours while he worked on something else. “Whoa! When were you back?” You asked, a small smile forming on your lips as you slowly remembered what happened last night. Yoongi’s back!

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Several reasons why it is BAD to vote for "SUNDAY"

- The member who came up with the name and the only member who kept calling us that is JUNHYEOK
- The boys themselves expressed their dislike for the name several times
- They don’t need a freaking reminder of a member who put a black mark on their name for a while, they need to MOVE ON
- Because of the Junhyeok accident fans and Day6 actually became more distant (a LOT more distant). As you all know they had to deactivate personal instagrams and there are no more personal interactions. For months the boys were not acknowledging the fans’ presence AT ALL. No smiles, no waves, no looks in their directions.

So please vote for anything else but DO NOT VOTE FOR “SUNDAY”