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So I know you've listened to Hamilton, but- In The Heights? (If the answer is no you're leaving tumblr and listening right now)

I’ve definitely listened to In the Heights! Lin is so incredibly talented. In the Heights actually reminds me of this passage from the book I’m reading The Secret Life of the American Musical:

In the Heights is Lin’s The House I Grew Up In show, and he’s definitely done amazing work after that. So yeah, that’s what I’m reading now and that’s what ITH makes me think of and I love the concept, so I wanted to share it.


“There’s a track on the EP where I semi-quote The Exorcist and another where I read a passage from the Book of Mormon, I mean the actual Book of Mormon. He’s this fucked up, crazy guy that just comes out of me when I get in the studio. I love it. I can’t wait to get him on stage.” Jamie Campbell-Bower is talking about his most recent role, as lead singer of punk rock band Counterfeit in the cuttet issue of NOTION Magazine.

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Sarah, do you think the anonymous person who submitted the passages from the book is an actual person from their team? Or just a fan like us? Because the submission seems very specific. Like they wanted us to figure it out right away.

I am side eying the fuck out of that anon.