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The Jungle Book
  • Mowgli: *throws himself off a cliff*
  • Mowgli: *gets thrown off a cliff*
  • Mowgli: *jumps off a cliff*
  • Mowgli: *jumps into river*
  • Mowgli: *jumps out of a tree*
  • Mowgli: *falls out of a tree*
  • Mowgli: *kicks it with a bear*
  • Mowgli: *sets jungle on fire*
  • Mowgli: *fights a tiger*
  • Bagheera: *exasperated dad noises*
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  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

The Lion King! I’m sure Simba’s history and the talk about “who you are” would touch Altaïr’s apparently “cold and stoic” heart — but you know him well enough to tell apart the truth and what he tells others. He knows most of quotes and secretly memorized “The Circle of Life” accidentally, even though you could swear his favorite song was “Just Can’t Wait to Be King” — you found out when you woke up one morning and Altaïr was in the kitchen, brewing coffee and humming the song while he watched the steam rise up with a distant look. The movie has kinda turned into a comfort animation he turns to every once in a while just to keep the memory of the feeling he had when Simba climbed the rock and roared to claim his place as the king.

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A Thought™: both Johnny and Max have a tendency to ramble when stressed (Max makes snark but it’s still rambling) but when they’re alone together and stressed about smth or getting Existential, one of them will kiss the other so they stop talking


Remember King Louie singing an entire song about wanting to walk and talk like humans? This should seem weird to anyone, because he’s dancing and singing like a human, so why on Earth would he need fire? Well, his and every other animals’ speech is strictly for the viewers’ benefit. It’s basically there so that no one would have to painstakingly subtitle the roars and growls. In actuality, only Mowgli can understand any of these creatures. That’s what makes Mowgli so special. King Louie knows that Mowgli is all Beastmastered up and wants to take advantage of this gift and finally bridge the gap between man and beast. The only way he can do this is if Mowgli shows him how to make fire.

Being that King Louie knows of fire’s existence and knows that humans are capable of making it, wouldn’t it have been easier if Louie or one of his monkey lackeys just followed some humans and watched them make fire from afar instead of pursuing Mowgli? Well, it’s not that simple. The ability Mowgli holds allows him to bestow clear understanding, which is why he can openly talk to each and every species in the jungle.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and King Louie knows it. Mowgli is the key to evolution.

How ‘The Jungle Book’ Changed Disney Animal Evolution