actual love of my life rick grimes

It's so fitting that Andy explained Rick telling Michonne that he loves her in this way:“I like to think it’s said in my eyes every time that we speak.”

Andy has been playing Rick with heart eyes for Michonne since before they were canon. The way Rick looked at Michonne all those seasons ago is one of the reasons I started shipping them. It’s actually pretty great to hear this from the man who brings Rick Grimes to life. It validates what many of us have known for a long time: Rick looks at Michonne with absolute love and adoration.


Rick Grimes in 7A

God bless carl fucking grimes like this kid as seen so much and done so much like this kid was once an innocent little school boy who lived with his mom and Dad and one day had that stripped away from him. he thought his dad was dead in a coma forever and faces the zombie apocalypse without him at the age of like 12 in season one. this is the same fucking kid who in season 2 is on deaths doorstep with getting shot. this the kid in season 3-4 of actually having FRIENDS FOR ONCE and yet looses them all and what semi good life he was having now. he lost his mom, he lost his little sister and he thought he was going to lose his Dad. this FUCKING KID is ssason 4-5 of growing the fuck up and realized that he’s changing and growing up and wants to just L I V E and he’s got michonne looking out for him and his dad. this god damn kid is season 5-6 of actually getting a normal life back and having michonne as his mom and having a happy little family again and he gets FUCKING SHOT and pulls through and now he nearly does again but he’s so fucking reading for death and embraces it and yeah if that doesn’t speak volume on how much I fucking love carl geimes idk what does