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~Robbie Kay imagine~
Pairing: Robbie x Reader
Warning: Swearing, may be triggers, 
Rating: PG 13

Y/N= Your Name
Y/L/N= Your Last Name
Y/H/C = Your hair colour
Y/H/L = Your hair length
YH/T =Your hometown

I exited my house, with a loud bang of the door. I adjusted the face mask I wore to hide my face, just Weekends, wonderful. The set was dreadful the entire week, I seemed to mess up each scene. 

I decided to go on a late night walk with my pup Husky, Eri. Eri was trained to walk without a leash, so I found it unnecessary to leash her. She was friendly, plus she listened. 

The night drew long, as Eri raced to every stick she saw and retrieved it back to me. “Here, go fetch.” I tossed the tennis ball far enough for her to go racing after it. 

I walked over where I thought for sure the ball landed, “Eri!" 
I spotted her, I smiled at her, but then I saw a shoe. My eyes widened, "Eri! Off!” She barked and backed away, revealing a laughing boy, about my age.

“Are you okay?” I stared at his scraped elbow, “Ah, it’s nothing.” Eri tilted her head, and sniffed his knee; “Funny, you.. you’re wearing a costume…" 

The boy scanned himself, "Aha, that… I-” I listened intently to his British accent, “Is, is that yours?” I pointed to the weird wooden pipe, thing. 

“Yeah, I, I was just on set.” My eyes widened, “Wait, are you an actor?” I asked studying his facial features. “ Bloody hell." 

He sighed, "The names , Robbie, Robbie Kay,” My eyes nearly popped out, “Kay?” I snickered slightly.

“That’s Me.” I frowned. “Let me help you.” I pulled him up, he winced in pain, “Is that why you were sent home, your knee?” I looked at his ripped knee. “Sadly, no. Filming was over, I got chased out by security when crazy Once Upon A Time, broke on set." 

I picked up his flute thing, "Here. Put this in, your fanny pack?” I joked. He smiled at me, “Funny,” I shrugged. 

“Eri, come on girl.” Eri quickly ran towards the two of us. “Do you need help or nah?” I asked as he stood uncomfortably. “Help, please.” I wrapped his arm around my neck, “How do you know, I’m not some kind of serial killer. Or a rapist?" 

I giggled lowly, "My pup would know that.” “So much faith in the little thing. ” He looked ahead where Eri was. 

“Where exactly are we going?” Robbie asked, looking at me. I adjusted my face mask, “My house.” Robbie stared at me, smiling slightly. “Y-YOUR what?” “Oh my bad..” I paused, “We are going to my Flat;” I said in a British accent, that I had to practice for. “Very well, accent lad."    

I smirked at him, "We’re almost here."  I walked faster to my driveway. "Is this actually your flat?” He asked raising a brow.

I nodded, “ My parents live back in (Y/H/T),”
Robbie glanced at me, giving me a questioning look, “Are you a killer?” I shook my head, “ If you play your cards right, I’ll maybe, just maybe, show my actually face.” Robbie smirked wickedly, “Cute.”

I unlocked the door, “You okay?” I asked as he nearly fell, “Yeah. mighty fine." 

"I hate to say this, but I’m going to need you to take off your shoes.” He chuckled, sitting down on the stairs, as he untied his old fashioned boots. “I have some guy clothes in my room, c'mon.” Robbie slipped into the slippers provided and held onto the railing. 

“Over here.” I motioned him into the direction of my room, he slightly limped towards the closed doors. I opened the door, quickly, “Sit by the desk.” I pointed to the desk in the corner. 

Robbie limped his way towards the desk, seating himself in the leather chair. 

I opened the closet door, and rummaged through the hanging clothes, I spotted the shirt that seemed like they’d fit Robbie. “I got a shirt that would fit you, and sweats.” He nodded, “ That will do, Thank you…”

I sighed,

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/L/N.”

Robbie glanced at me once again, “Y/N!” He said excitedly, I peeled off the face mask. “It is you… You are my IDOL CRUSH.” I become crimson red. Robbie’s ears began to turn red, “I didn’t just…” I chuckled uneasily, and nodded to the embarrassed boy.

I grabbed the first aid kit out of my nightstand. “I feel bad, but you come here. I am not coming to you.” He smirked, “Is that really the way you treat a guest?” I retorted back, “ Well after walking you back to my house, yes, you get treated specially Robbie.” I winked. 

he casually tried rolling off, my comment. He jumped onto my bed, staying on the edge, I ripped out the Alcohol wipes, cleaning around the wound on his knee, lightly I dabbed his scrape, “Ow.” He whined out, I blew on his knee softly, “Sorry,” He smiled, “Well, it’s okay for someone as pretty as you to hurt me." 

I reverted my eyes to his wound, not reading into his compliment, "I bandaged his knee scrape, and sat beside him on my bed. "Elbow please.” I held my hand out, carefully his elbow straight out. 

I did the exact same thing I did before to his knee. I handed him the clothes, and excused myself from the room. 

Eri and I sat outside the door, and I played with her, rubbing her stomach. 

“Y/N,” The way he said my name, made my own heart flutter. 
I turned around, “Robbie.” He smiled, “How dashing do I look now?" 

"Just, devilishly handsome, Peter Pan.” I stuck my tongue out at him, showing him a photo of Me and “Prince Charming” together. 

“Little old for you, don’t you think.” He asked as I stood up. “I beg to differ, but what is considered decent for me?” Robbie pulled me closer to him, our faces merely inches away from on another. “Me.” He said before closing the space between us.

“I, I think I like you.” I stuttered out after breaking the kiss. 

“I know I like you, for sure.” Robbie said back quickly. “This passed hour, just felt, right.” I explained, he nodded. Robbie smiled widely, “I’ll give you my number," 

I smirked happily, "Well, you do know where my flat is.” I wiggled a brow. Robbie sighed, “I actually, have my flat located down the road." 

"I have to go, right now, Sean is probably worried sick!” He joked, “Robin? Sean! I haven’t spoken to him in ages!” I continued. 

“Well, actually, not since yesterday, but that is a long time!” I joked along. He smiled brightly, “I think I love you." 

"You just met me.” I stated, “Love at First Sight." 

"Goodnight, Y/L/N.” He pecked my lips. Quickly he ran down the stairs and reached for the door, “Kay!” He looked back, “I’ll see you tomorrow, on Once Upon A Time’s set.” Robbie cocked his head, “Why?" 

I smirked, "Captain Hook invited me,” I winked. He smiled and exited my “flat”.