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im so blessed in the year of our lord 2017 youre bringing wolf's rain to my dash. Low-key thought it was a fever weeabo dream and that it wasnt real because I didnt know many people who liked it. You're doing great work.

Hahaha! I’m glad that I can make some people happy by delving into some mid 2000′s wolfaboo anime hell

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01 - Dream Scape - FictionJunction Kaori
02 - The Clairvoyant - Iron Maiden
03 - The Final Decision We All Must Take - Shiro Sagisu
04 - Superhero - Johnny Hollow
05 - Primavera - Ludovico Einaudi
06 - Marmalade (Japan B-Side) - System of A Down
07 - Divine Love - Lightning Returns OST
08 - Wavering Trust - Saint Seiya Soul of Gold OST
09 - Desert Awakening - Lightning Returns OST
10 - Find Balmung Sword - Saint Seiya OST IV - Seji Yokoyama

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So the gryphons are big, and boy are they gaudy

Their builds come in thick, thicker and thickest, with immense strength behind their limbs and a real scary bite to back it up. Typical distinctions to look for are the feathered ‘manes’ which range from a top half to full neck, fluff stopping at the heel/elbow, paw-claw hybrid feet, and the dual layer tail.

They are proud beasts, easily offended and quick to snap you for it. Not to say they can’t be diplomatic mind you, but really who’d risk it.


Paladin Swap → Pidge as the red paladin 

The red lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It’s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. It’s pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instinct than skill alone. 


And all of those clichés I had about the country and the people, it kind of was all dispersed straight away. So we had a lot to talk about.

Dev Patel on his experience portraying the true story of Saroo Brierley in Lion


What if the Lions were Paladins???? 

Their personalities are similar to the actual paladins and lions;;

Black is a natural born leader, calm and collected and supportive!! But tends to be a bit bossy but hey it’s his responsibility to keep everyone safe!! He is Brazilian.

Blue is cheerful and likes to have fun, almost a bit too friendly(even with strangers) and a natural people person, but he finds it hard to know if people find him annoying or not;;  He is Mexican!

Red is smol and angry, he finds it hard to trust people sometimes;; The only one he listens to is Black(he’s always following him around, senpai notice me). He’s the fastest and very reliable in battle! He is English.

Green is the smartest out of all of them and tends to be the one that comes up with the best plans!! Is he a boy? a girl? IDK who cares he can kick your ass. They are Japanese. 

Yellow is that big brother you wish you always had!! He’s probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and that makes it hard for him to say no to things(he can never refuse he’s tOO NICE) He is African American!

This is just my interpretation!! They were super fun to draw ;v; 

Imagine lance having a tendency to put his fist up in a fist bumping motion subconsciously when he and blue succeed in a mission all the time as a habit of doing that a lot at home. Imagine lance bringing his fist down after he remembers “oh yeah blue is a mechanical lion” so he just kinda smiles a little embarrassed and pats blue’s paw before going into the castle. Imagine blue kinda getting the idea of what lance is trying to do (since they’re connected by mind im guessing she can see his thoughts). Imagine lance’s suprise when he brings up his fist in a fist bump subconsciously again only to see blue lift a massive paw and ever so gently nudge his fist. Imagine lance standing there in suprise because “holy shit my lion actually just fist bumped me???” and then smiling before patting blue’s paw and saying “thanks blue.” before heading into the castle to tell everyone what just happened.

~ Can you feel the Love tonight ~

{{ Modified scene redraw for @smolderingempress who thought there wasn’t enough Lunastra art on tumblr o3o }}

{{ Also a wink to @elderchameleos who did something similar once, which helped bringing inspiration to me; and to @nuclear-brachy who compared my drawings with Disney’s style and omg that’s a huge compliment in my opinion ;w; }}

So I was at my local gamestop today and I found some cute little steven universe plush dolls. And they look great for the most part…

You have Pearl, who’s gem is kinda glittery and cool…

then you have Steven, who looks normal and cute

And then there’s Lion! Who actually looks kinda cool and suave 

But Amethyst… I’m sorry, what happened???

uh… Garnet?… You okay??



So @coffeeandcommonsense and I were talking about Kent and Amazon commercials and then this came to us. (I’ve tweaked it a little.)

It starts with a cutesy song playing the background while featuring a sunny day on street of houses. The Amazon delivery guy knocks on the front door and Kent opens to sign for the package. When he closes the door, Kit runs up to investigate. Kent pulls something out of the package and leaves the box on the floor for Kit to happily climb in.

Later, that afternoon, there’s a second Amazon delivery. Kent opens the door and accepts the package again. There’s a shot of Kit climbing out of the first box and into the new box. In the background, the audience can see Kent leaving the house.

Kent arrives a shelter with huge bags of clothes and supplies and everything! There’s a huge crowd of people as Kent hands out stuff, but at one point, a little girl who’s standing back from the crowd catches his eye. She wistfully watches another child hug a stuffed animal.

Kent looks thoughtful for a moment and then pulls out his phone and taps the Amazon Prime app with a small smile. A little later, an Amazon box arrives at the shelter.

Kent finds the little girl again, and this time, he crouches down and offers her a teddy bear. The little girl lets go of her mother’s hand to shyly accept the stuffed animal. She beams brightly at Kent who smiles back at her while a swell of emotional music designed to tug at your heart strings plays in the background.

Jack’s Commercial

Alright guys, help me out here

Going through S2 again trying to piece together details and find the cool hidden stuff, and I have developed Some Questions for the very first episode.

Specifically, Keith’s rescue of Shiro using the Black Lion.

Okay, so in S2 all the lions are temporarily inactive because of Galra interference with the wormhole. We see that they can all eventually recover with varying degrees of speed so we know they will all come online eventually.

But when Shiro’s getting attacked the Black Lion is definitely out of commission. We can see it’s clearly still offline when Keith goes to beg it for help.

We know the Lions are capable of independently saving their pilots. This was proven a LOT with the Red Lion this season, but let’s not forget, the Black Lion was actually one of the first to act independently to save its pilot in season 1 episode 3, alongside the Green Lion.

So, we know not only that the Lions are capable of acting on their own to save their pilots, but that the Black Lion specifically is 100% capable of it and has in fact done it before.

But it doesn’t in S2E1, presumably because it’s offline. Okay, fair enough. That’s reason enough to not act, if you’re physically unable to. Except, if the Black Lion was offline, how the hell did Keith get it working again to save Shiro? Was this just very convenient timing, that the Black Lion happened to turn on at the same moment Keith climbed in, or did he do something (unconsciously or actively) to get it going again? If he actively did something to turn on the Black Lion, why didn’t he do so for the Red Lion, which would have allowed him to get to Shiro much faster and safer?

And, assuming Keith DID get the Black Lion turned on again somehow, was Keith 100% responsible for actually piloting the Black Lion, or was he only responsible for getting it activated again so it could act under its own influence to save its pilot?

I have questions, guys. Maybe you have theories?