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Why did Carrey’s portrayal of Count Olaf feel so unsatisfying?

The topic of Jim Carrey’s performance in the 2004 adaptation of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” remains controversial even to this day. While almost everyone agrees on his immense comedic talent, many fans argue that he was miscast. Who would choose an improv comedian to play one of the most terrifying villains of children’s literature? Over the years, we hear the very same complaints:

  1. His outlandish nature makes Olaf look like an incompetent fool ;
  2. His humorous lines ruin his aura of menace ;
  3. He’s too much of a showboat to look clever and conniving.

And at the same time, many people recognize that this direction is not a betrayal of the original character. Olaf sometimes acts with incredible stupidity in the books. He can be hilarious in a dark, cringeworthy sort of way. And his ego is beyond measure. He is every bit the larger-than-life, grandiose and yet ridiculous jerk Carrey brought to life.

Yet many fans still feel a strong discrepancy between the original character and his adaptational counterpart. Is it just a matter of dosage? You could argue that Olaf simply went a little too far with the humour, or that the script didn’t give him enough chances to reveal his threatening, diabolical self.

The Paramount-Nickleodeon adaptation is sweeter and softer than the books, no one denies that. Then again, Carrey’s bombastic ad-libs feel like a tree hiding the forest. There is a graver adaptational change at play here, which causes a butterfly effect. I believe he was never given a real chance to give us an accurate restitution of Olaf’s character, and this has to do with the nature of adaptation itself. Let’s take a closer look at the movie to see what went wrong.

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The room was dark and silent, only the occasional sound of a car driving and their lights moving through the curtains. Every time a light illuminated the room, Dean could see Sammy’s shinning eyes staring back at him for a few moments before it was all dark again. They didn’t needed the light, their visions were already trained to see well in the dark, but both of them enjoyed the moments when they could appreciate the beauty in the other’s eyes.

John was away for the next few days for a hunting trip- a bunch of people were spontaneously combusting. Dean wanted to go with him, but Sammy doesn’t like fire, or people dying in one, so he convinced dad to let him stay this time, Sam needed him. Dad left telling him to enjoy the spare bed while he could, cause it would be his after he comes back, - now that Sam and him were both too old and too big for sharing, John and Dean take turns sleeping on the floor - but Dean just smiled. He never stopped sharing a bed with his little brother, even if their dad doesn’t know about it.

The bed has just the right amount of space for them to lay on their sides, facing each other -sometimes for almost a hour - without saying anything. Sammy is growing up so fast, his long legs curl with Dean’s and their tip toes now touch, but Dean remembers the time his little brother were you know, little. When they were both just kids and these kind of moments didn’t had the same meaning they have now. Until the day they had.

Dean remembers the days when Sam’s touches started causing more than affection, but also desire inside Dean; when the way Sam looked at him caused his heart to beat so much faster; when every time they slept together, Sam’s smell, his warmth, his presence, would make Dean want to touch him and kiss him. He remembers the guilt, the sick feeling of wrongness, but mostly he remembers the fear. Fear of losing his baby brother, and he hated himself so much for not being good enough, for not being the brother his Sammy needed. For being so fucked  up he wanted more than Sam could ever give him. But now, he smiles as he remembers how wrong he was. Sammy was always smarter than him.

Sam was 15, but already so focused and so mature, so grown up it still breaks Dean’s heart. Of course he knew about everything Dean was feeling - Sammy was always the only one to really know Dean, even when he was just a boy. When Dean tried to push him away, Sammy always forced harder. In those countless road trips with them on the backseat of the impala, Sam would always hide his face in between Dean’s neck and shoulder and place little kisses on his skin, gentle enough for Dean to pretend they were just the touch of his breath if he wanted to. But he didn’t. At night, Sam would always press himself closer to Dean, and Dean knew he could feel his inevitable boner, but Sammy didn’t cared. Sometimes, Dean would look at Sam and caught him staring with something like fire inside his eyes. Dean would look away, but he still could feel Sam’s stare.

Dean thought he was going crazy for a long time. His heart ached so hard he could literally feel it break. He loved his baby brother, his whole life and reason to be alive, he wanted to take care of him and protect him, but he also wanted him. He wanted him so fucking much it was almost unbearable.  

At Sam’s sixteen birthday, John called to say the hunt he thought it was just a simple vengeful spirit turned out to be more complicated and it would take a few more days. Sam hadn’t looked disappointed. Instead, when Dean gave him a hug and asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he just said

“Will you give me what I really want, Dean?”

Dean couldn’t have said no even he wanted to. That night, when they shared the bed naked for the first time, when Sam kissed him, he felt the taste of his little brother and devoured it. He kissed every inch of his baby brother’s body, eager to make him feel so so good, to make him moan with pleasure - the sound instantly become Dean’s favorite song - and shiver with his touch. He stopped only once, but when Sammy begged Dean to fuck him, saying he wanted, needed everything he was not in control of himself anymore, Sam was. He still is and will always be.

That night, almost two years ago, when Dean fucked Sammy for the first time It was also the first time in Dean’s life that nothing felt wrong.

It was everything their souls ever wanted.

“Hey” Sam’s soft and sleepy voice pushed Dean out of his wander “What are you thinking about?”

Another car drives by and the light shows Dean a little smile forming in the corner of Sam’s lips. He leans in and kisses his smile before the room in completely in the dark again. Sam’s little pleased sound makes Dean’s heart grows twice its size.

It’s always like this, ever since the day Sammy was born. Dean is completely lost for his baby brother, even the smallest of things leave him smitten. Dean’s life is held by a thread and Sam is the one holding the scissor that can cut it, but Dean trusts him to never do it, even though he would gladly die for his little brother. There’s never been a day in his life where Sam wasn’t the most important thing. Sam is his flesh and blood, his oxygen and strength and before he fully accepted his true feelings, it was like he was living in half. Now, Sam fills his whole body with his love, his touches and kisses. Dean knows now there was nothing he could have done to stop this from happening, but still, he knows it was their choice to let it happen.

“I was thinking…” Dean starts, pushing Sam’s bangs away from his eyes “About how much I love you.” He finishes, kissing Sam again.

“And why do you love me?”

The words come out of Dean’s mouth like they’ve been just waiting for the right moment.

“I love you because you’re mine. I love you because you need love. I love you because when you look at me I feel like a hero. It was always like that. I love you because when I touch you, I feel more a man than any other man.” He’s looking right at Sam’s eyes, and even in the dark he can still feel the intensity of his brother’s young, wise, sad eyes.

After a moment, “I love you too.” It’s all Sam says.

“And why do you love me too?” Dean smiles with his voice, he knows Sam can feel it.

“I love you because when I touch you I make you feel more a man than any other man. I love you because nobody could ever accuse us of love. I love you because to understand our love they’d need to turn the world upside down. I love you because you could love somebody else yet still you love me. Just me.” Dean always thought Sam’s voice was beautiful, but the words sound like the most beautiful thing Dean’s ever heard.

“Just you, little brother. It’ll always be just you.” Dean says, and he knows this is the only thing that will never change in his life.

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Nick has a reputation in Diamond City for giving really concise, witty advice on all subjects. People think he’s some kind of all knowing guru. He’s actually just quoting choice lines from his favorite pre-war TV shows/movies/literature. Because of this he now has to explain to a very bemused Sole why phrases like ‘just one more thing!’ and ‘let’s do’t after the high roman fashion and make death proud to take us’ are spoken with the exact same amount of awe and reverence by people all over the Commonwealth.

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My new obsession!

Princess collection is still a work in progress, I have every doll I want but three are currently being rerooted (one Rapunzel, one Clara and one of my Odette dolls) that should be here soon, I’ll post a video when that’s completed!

I knew I was going to get into Fairytopia right after my princess collection was done, this was one of my favorite lines as a kid and the detail is still incomparable to anything Mattel has ever done, with such new themes and aesthetics compared to most fairy things.

Details under the cut-

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So I just found out what the new Pirates movie is called and I find it so awesome that Killian said the same line! That "dead men tell no tales"! That's all I have, but I just fangirled a little over that!

You weren’t the only one! I got a bit of joy out of hearing him say the line too (I probably got a bit more joy out of this scene all around than I should’ve, but hey… Colin plays an amazing Captain Hook). 

Little bit of trivia - ‘Dead Men tell no tales’ is actually one of Cotton’s Parrot’s lines from the first Pirates movie. He says it when they’re coming up to the Isla De Muerta. ;)


this might or might not be the last he tries to snog victoire by the forbidden forest (they might never get mcgonnagal’s and the new defence against dark arts teacher’s judging stares out of their heads)

She’s the girl that falls in love with words
She’s the girl that looks at people’s emotions
She’s the girl who loves to dance(even if she can’t)
She’s the girl who sings her heart out to her favourite songs on the radio
She’s the girl who loves to go to the beach
She’s the girl who loves how the wind caresses her hair
She’s the girl who finds happiness in rainstorms
She’s the girl who wants everyone to get along
She’s the girl who buries herself in books
She’s the girl who can recite actual lines from the books,movies and shows she loves
She’s the girl you know you love…
—  V