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I look forward to purchasing GQ every month and after reading it cover to cover, proudly placing it on my coffee table. I was so taken aback by the cover of the May 2011 issue that I couldn’t bring myself to touch it, let alone buy it and place it on my coffee table for everyone to see. Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to place the picture of a bedraggled homeless man on the cover? Come on GQ! For all of these years, you’ve set the standard for mens fashion. Don’t lower the bar now!

You say homeless man, we say lovable comedic actor with GOLD in his beard.

Actual Letters, Actual Readers

Subject: To Lauren Bans

I am a huge fan of both New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys. Their combined tour this summer is something that is very exciting to my friends and I. My husband does make fun of me for loving them, but I really could care less. He told me this morning that I should read your article in The Punch List of his current GQ Magazine. It made me so angry that I had to respond. First of all, I am not some nerdy moron that spends time in chat rooms. I wasn’t a cheerleader, nor do I collect Beanie Babies. I am a 32 year old mother of a 2 year old. I have a happy marriage and a ton of friends…I live a very happy and fulfilled life. Most men would find me attractive (blond highlights, size double zero waist (even after having a baby), and big boobs. I am not bragging and hate to go there, but I can see what type of picture you are building of fans of these groups. How about I judge you…are you some “artsy writer” that sits at Starbucks all day and blogs. Maybe you write poetry and wear all black. Maybe you listen to music where people scream into the microphone. How does it feel to be judged? So what that we like music where they sing beautiful ballads or songs that make you want to dance. Lamest concert tour …please…you are the lamest writer. Grow some respect for other people..especially fellow woman because you know most of their fans are.

Stacey R.

Sometimes People Email Us a Picture Hoping We’ll Put Them on the Cover

Here is the email:

Hey, I was wondering if someone from GQ could point me in the right direction of becoming a future cover model on GQ magazine?  I have attached a photo, could you let me know what you think?  



And here is how we like to imagine this photo got taken:

“Yo, dude, pour this water on me.”
“Like, pour it on me bro.”
“I’m serious, it’s for GQ.”
“Oh, sick.”
“Yeah. Now turn all the lights off.”