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kael and cricket both practice and study their magic together! even tho kael is just a witch and cricket is a demon, they still help each other improve a lot! 

theyre not super close,like not the kind of friends that go out of their way to hang out or talk to each other, but they have cried in front of each other, so more of that relationship?

Actual Conversation with My Son: Something to Chew On

My son flagged me down in the driveway as I was leaving for work this morning, and this conversation happened… 

Me: “What’s up, buddy?" 

Son: "If you see somebody alone today, give them some of your gum, OK? They might be an orphan." 

Me: ”…“ 

Me: "I’ll do that." 

Son: "Thanks, Dad." 

Me: "Hey, you know what?" 

Son: "What?" 

Me: "I really love your heart, dude." 

Son: "I love you too, Dad." 


@pocpotterweekmarch 23rd: favorite ship

“Then she was kissing him as she had never kissed him before…and it was blissful oblivion, better than firewhisky; she was the only real thing in the world.”

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I work at a tourist attraction that is designed for kids but popular with adults too, and the amount of adults who complain about how many kids there are is really depressing, and I've kicked adults out for yelling at kids to get out of their way or pushing them out of the way to get on the attractions. No one is saying that adults can be a fan - I'm a fan, I love talking to other grown up fans - but being a dick to excited kids is not cool.

It amazes me that adults act like this. And it happens on a larger scale than you’d think. Anyone recall that Easter Egg hunt that adults completely and totally ruined? If not, here ya go. Adults that act like bratty kids are way way WAY worse than actual bratty kids.-Abby

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I recently reread UtA and noticed that the episodes got gradually longer and honestly the amount of panels you made by week is freaking unbelieveable... was that something you decided, like to move forward with the story faster or was that part of the contract too? I'm curious cause it really amazed me just how productive you are! 🙇

Thank you! They got longer due to the amount of blood, sweat and tears that I shed.

Actually, it was more of me trying to wrap up scenes as best as possible per episode without leaving people hanging or over-saturating them with content. I pretty much had the freedom to make them as long as I wanted (or long enough to count as a weekly episode), plus I had read other webtoons by fellow featured artists and gotten an idea of how they posted their story.

(Many times it was me endlessly scrolling through one of their episodes and yelling ‘HOW ARE THEY DOING ALL THIS’)

I was a huge fan of Captain Underpants as a kid, so I’m naturally looking forward to the movie. And now that the first trailer is out, I really like what I see, but one thing just really bugs me about it - why did they have fully-grown men play George and Harold? Not even men that have kinda young-sounding voices, like it’s just adult voices coming out of 9 year-olds. That just… really takes me out of it. They should have either had actual kids or (if this is intended to be the first movie in a series) women do the voices.

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I know this fandom never makes any sense but like I think babygate really took it to another level. they pushed so hard for us to believe that Freddies Louis kid and Louis is straight.But now they're really trying to make us forget that he has a kid??? Whens the last time we're supposed to believe Louis ACTUALLY saw the kid?? Jan28??? they done fucked up, lol. also sorry for ranting, these are just my 3am thoughts. 🤷🏽‍♀️

haha it’s ok. I agree, they failed so much with this stunt, I’m surprised it lasted so long without ending itself 

CONSIDER instead of having awful mon el as fake tommy merlyn we got to hear colin’s singing voice and had real tommy back


that wouldve been great

or you know 

if we argue that since barry never got to meet tommy, we cant do that

we could have used merlyn’s actual kid that barry has met so


basically we couldve had iris and thea making out so consider that??

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Omg, but can you make one where reader knows that Jughead will be a great father and that he actually wants kids but she is still scared to tell him that she's pregnant? Like, she has that uneasy feeling that just won't leave her but everything turns out okay. You can make it with them still being at school or maybe after their graduation😁 *hugs to the amazing writer*

Oh God yes I love this so much!!!!!!!!! I love kidfics so much. Like literally just request every kidfic ever and I’ll write it omfg. I don’t think you know how excited I am to write this fic haha. It’ll be up either super late tonight or Friday night!

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For mum I'm going to Japan during April 12th and 22nd. What do you want from Japan? ((I'm actually not kidding Katie I'm super excited “ψ(`∇´)ψ))

if you don’t mind of course, it’s for my landmark souvenir collection~ but anyway, I hope you have tons of fun!!


Most of us guessed that Navy would end up betraying everyone by the end of the episode. 

I don’t think most of us expected that having her go from this:

to this:

would be really good for Lapis’ mental health.

And despite certain people’s fears about certain story boarders… this was actually very much in character for her. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Lapis has always been cynical, even in her pre mirror days. After she escaped she went from cynical to detached and apathetic. Not an unexpected defense mechanism for someone who was trapped in an inanimate object for 6,000 years. But she has made progress. She trusts Steven and Peridot. Enough not only to express her concerns, but to essentially make a confession.

Life on Earth is really confusing. It took me a long time to get use to it. I’m still getting use to it.

Given everything that’s happened to her on Earth, it’s only natural that she’s having a hard time adjusting. But she’s just confessed her biggest insecurity: she knows she’s having a hard time dealing with what she’s been through, while having to get use to to living a normal life on the planet where her greatest traumas happened. Before the rebellion she would have done her job and left for the next planet, Earth having been a distant memory by this time. But now she can never leave. Earth has to become home. 

She wants to move on, but feels guilty about how difficult actually doing that is.

So here comes this I-Insta-Love-All-Things-Earth ruby, who seems freakishly well adjusted from the moment she crashes face first into the planet. Never mind that she was lied to not once, but twice, by the crystal gems. Never mind that she was blasted out into space and abandoned while they stole her ship. All is instantly forgiven and she just wants to be a part of their happy family.

Worse yet? The people Lapis cares most about just buy it. They go right along with it as though Navy’s behavior is perfectly normal. It took time for Lapis to even begin to be okay with the idea of living in Earth and forgiving the crystal gems- she’s still working on it, and it’s painful. She’s worked so hard for every inch of progress she’s made, and here’s someone who’s seemingly able to move on the same day they got to Earth.

I just don’t get it. Why is it so easy for her when it was so hard for me? 

So when the perfectly well adjusted Navy turned out to be a gleeful sociopath  gleefully hell bent on revenge, everything fell into place.

Navy’s sudden but inevitable betrayal was the best thing to happen for Lapis’ mental health to date.

So what’s the take away from this? 1) People react differently to trauma. 2) Just because someone seems well adjusted doesn’t mean they are. 3) It’s okay to take a long time to heal from your traumas. It’s okay for it to be a constant work in progress. It’s okay not to be okay. 

And at the end of the day, that realization can almost feel like happiness.