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Dante, Gene and Kawaii~Chan Headcanon

Dante was once knocked unconscious by a housebreaker armed with a frozen cucumber. The reason Gene doesn’t use this in retaliation to Dante ever using the “Render unconscious by someone wielding a vine of grapes” thing is because everyone knows about it, it nearly cracked Dante’s skull and due to them having been together at the time (#20 of the times they were together as a couple) it is actually Kawaii~Chan that doesn’t like to talk about it. For Kawaii~Chan it isn’t due to embarrassment but due to how worried she was about Dante.

“I still remember your first haircut…” 


I attempted to make pastries / fruity girls and…
Sugar rush.

My names are SO original. (*v*)
Everything she’s wearing except top by @sims4-marigold
Shoes / skirt @sims4-marigold
Strawberry headband @jennisims
Skirt by @sims4-marigold
Hair @maysims
-Blueberry Cupcake:
Hair @karzalee
Overalls @twisim(deactivated )
Shoes @sims4-marigold
Hair by @pastel-sims
Backpack/shoes @sims4-marigold
Overalls by twisims
Jacket / shirts / shoes @sims4-marigold
Hair @pastel-sims

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