actual ironman



again I want to say that I am NOT a professional makeup artist or anything, so please don’t judge if I look like a trash panda (guardians of the galaxy reference) 


i had a hard time moving my lips because of the gold powder (not real gold I’m not actually Tony Stark) 

Look at that fabulous highlighter

and here is a little smile so ironman can be happy for once 

@l-sula-l requested Zarya and Tracer just hanging out and I think that Zarya has like -5743892% chill with anything but Tracer tries to explain that no, punching things in the face doesn’t always solve anything

( I also have some scar headcanons like Zarya’s hands and forearms are energy burned when she ripped off her weapon from that battle vehicle to fight and that Tracer’s chrono Accelerator  is actually IN her ironman style and that she has a lot of gunshot scars because of Widowmaker :P)

*sees a little girl wearing an Ironman costume*
*sees a little boy go “Ironman is my favourite Avenger!”
*sees men and women of various ages walking around in their Ironman t-shirts*

*realizes that only in tumblr there is OTT Tony hate and in the real world Ironman is actually a beloved character and RDJ is god*

It’s all ok :)

questions i still have about cacw:

  • why does no one care that crossbones was stealing a biological weapon and the person behind it is still unknown and at large???
  • why would the american government use new york as an example for the avengers when they literally dropped a nuke on the city?
  • why did they not use the city that ironman/hulk actually destroyed in aou as an example?
  • why wouldn’t steve “a good man” rogers show up to the talks???  why would he just ignore people’s grief and need to see accountability?? not saying he had to sign but just show up
  • why would you not take that opportunity to show that steve, famously in comics, is as much a diplomat as he is a soldier????
  • who thought it was a good idea to introduce peggy’s death and funeral with a text???
  • why would you not give steve’s most iconic line from the entire civil war comic arc to steve??
  • you seriously expect me to believe that destroying an entire intelligence agency in america, a highly public event, did not cause enough of a manhunt to find the winter soldier before the events of this movie?
  • why does tony, whose entire emotional arc revolved around his guilt for civilians (specifically a child) being killed because of avengers fighting, promptly go find a child to put directly in the middle of avengers fighting??
  • how did an untrained 16 y/o with six months of experience manage to take on falcon and winter soldier at the same time?????
  • why would steve drop an entire airport gate on a kid when he has no idea what spidey’s strength limit is?
  • why did zemo’s entire plot hinge on sam telling tony where steve and bucky were going?? he made 0 plans to actually get tony to siberia??
  • why was the security footage from 1991 so good??
  • did we ever find out why howard even had that stuff in his car??
  • as far as the red room things go just ??? all of it. just ???????
  • where did the red book go at the end?? are we just sitting around for someone else to find this and pull this whole thing again??
  • how the hell did tony survive if his arc reactor was seriously damaged at the end?? literally no one knew where he was
  • why would you introduce a winter soldier story arc if you’re going to resolve absolutely 0 of it??
  • why would you not immediately follow up civil war with a black panther movie??
  • how did that movie get good reviews??????

a minor note about guardians 2 that may or may not concern anyone else but 

one of the things that made me the happiest about it is how they kept the same leitmotif throughout both movies

people have talked about how boring the music can be for marvel movies, but I actually think ironman 1 and avengers 1 had some pretty good themes. though unfortunately, they didnt stick with them in subsequent films

really makes me appreciate guardians 2 as a sequel even more, now that i think about it

Sometimes, I make myself crazy with fear. Sometimes meaning TODAY. But instead of talking about that I’ll tell you about something that happened yesterday.

I was photographing an extended family that united in my little hometown. Three countries - Italy, Portugal and the US. At the end of my session, I’m saying my goodbyes and the Portuguese lady in her broken English points at my shoes and says, “You did Ironman?” I now realize she pointed at my tattoo.

I tell her, “Yes, I did”

She smiles, “Congratulations”

It’s the first time anyone has mentioned my tattoo and it was a lady from Portugal who spoke very little English.

And then when I think Portuguese, I think about my favorite movie, Love Actually.

[neither understands the other’s language]
Jamie: [in English] It’s my favorite time of day, driving you.
Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It’s the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

I think me and my recovering knee will watch it tonight.


The latest ‘Marvel Now’ series to be revealed. The series will see Doctor Doom somehow associate himself with the Ironman name. It’s unclear if/how he actually becomes Ironman, whether he puts on the Ironman suit, or whether his own metal armor is the reason for the series title. It’s also unclear whether he will be a hero or villain.


Cool Client Gifts

This week my team hosted a meeting with some of our company’s business partners and all the attendees received two gifts   Normally meeting gifts fall in the ‘fuzzy dice’ category - useless logo crap that ends up in the hotel room trashcan.  Not this time though.  The first item was a neat zippered kit of cords, charging cables and other phone accessories including a recharging battery. The second item was a logo leather bound notebook with pen.  What made it cool was that the meeting agenda was the first page.  I’m listed as the keynote speaker so I kept one to send to my Mom.  No matter how old you are, Mom’s like that kind of thing.

After a team dinner at Ruth’s Chris I made it back to the gym for an hour on the stationary bike.  I’m skeptical that riding a stationary bike actually benefits my Ironman bike fitness, but it’s better than watching TV.

Feudalism in Westeros I: The Commoners

So reading the Arya VIII chapter in ACoK made me think about the feudal system in Westeros and how is works. Before we jump in some words on what exactly the feudal system in medieval Europe was and why this post became two posts in the process of writing.

Disclaimer: I’m not a historian, just someone who really likes history! Also, this is a very simplified look at feudal society.

Feudal society can be said to be comprised of three classes: Lords, vassals, and serfs. The Lord is the one who actually owns the land and gives rights to use this land to his vassal in return for (usually military) service on from of a fief. In the case of Westeros this means that all lords are actually vassals of the King of the Seven Kingdoms and don’t really own the land they live on, it’s just a loan, except not really. I will get more into the relationship between king and lords in the second part of this post. Here I actually want to focus on the commoners of Westeros.

You see, the smallfolk not only does not own the land they are working on, they actually belong to the land. When a lord grants the usage of land to his vassal this includes the people that live on it. They are not free, they are serfs. There is a difference between serfs and actual slaves though to modern eyes this difference can be quite blurry. Serfs are not only required to pay taxes to their lord and not allowed to leave his land, they are also required to lend their workforce when their lord demands it. In time of war they can be forced to fight for him. In return the lord is obligated to protect his people and make sure justice is served. One important thing to note is, that serf technically have the right to be heard by their Lord about grievances. However, the fulfillment of this right lies completely within the hands of their lord. Basically, it’s fine when you happen to live on the lands of someone fair and just and if not, that’s just too bad.

Another important thing to note is, that not all commoners fall into the class of serf. The situation of a commoner in the city is very different from a peasant bound the lands of his lord. So one should take care not to conflate the situation of the craftsmen or merchants with that of the peasants. The same goes for people like Davos or Bronn, who might be looked down upon or operate outside of the law, but have the (however remote) chance of social mobility available to them.

How is this important to ASoIaF? This means for example (and here we get into the Arya chapters from ACoK) that once Tywin took over Harrenhall he was completely within his rights to round up the people living in the area and force them to work in his new castle. He is also within his rights to kill them or severely punish them, if they try to get away. And here the line between serf and slave becomes extremely blurry. As already said technically they could petition for justice, but only to their lord. So basically they would have to petition for justice to the person who is responsible for their mistreatment. Thus we return to the same theme I already mentioned when discussing knightly honor. In the social system of Westeros the weak are at the absolute mercy of the powerful. Knights are obligated through honor, to protect the weak. But if they don’t, how could “the weak” do anything about this? Lords are obligated to rule justly over their people, but again there is no system in place to do anything about it, if they don’t. Again and again we hear about the mistreatment of the common people in Westeros: This is not a bug in the system because of times of war, this is everyday business.

The same goes for Tywin’s attack in the Riverlands. Basically what he is doing is not so much murder, but a property crime. It is not outrageous, because he kills people, it’s outrageous because he destroys the lands of another noble. Notably the people who come before the iron throne to complain are knights, who’s holdfast were destroyed. They bring the smallfolk along as witnesses, probably against their will. From Eddard XI in AGoT:

Small wonder they had been so fearful; they had thought they were being dragged here to name Lord Tywin a red-handed butcher before a king who was his son by marriage. He wondered if the knights had given them a choice.

If he did the same on his own land, nobody would care. In fact, he probably has done the same on his own lands. We don’t know what happened to the smallfolk that was attached to House Tarbeck and House Reyne, but my guess is, it wasn’t good. And for that Tywin wasn’t condemned but applauded. He even got his own song.

Another example might be Bolton’s idea about ‘quite land quite rule’ (though we really don’t know too much about what went on in the Bolton’s lands). Roose Bolton obviously had no problem just going about raping a pretty peasant girl, because he felt like it. The important thing is that he never caused so much of a stir that Eddard Stark would have to do something about it. ‘Quite land quite rule’ is not about a peaceful life for the peasants, but about keeping things down so the Starks would not come looking about what is going on there.

And this brings me to the idea that sparked this whole post: That the attitude toward slavery in Westeros is incredibly hypocritical. While it is true that the peasants in Westeros are not technically slaves, they aren’t free either. Jorah Mormont might be condemned for selling his people as slaves, but the same nobles of Westeros who condemn this, overlook that the smallfolk are often treated like property, even if they are not bought or sold for money.

Oh, and I forgot this while writing this post, so it gets tagged on at the end, but what’s up with the whole saltwife and thrall thing at the Iron Islands? Are they not under rule of the Iron Throne and part of Westeros, were slavery is forbidden? Is that not slavery, because the Ironman don’t actually pay money for the people they kidnap and force into unpaid labor?