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I had a dream last night I had a daughter and I brought her to a MBMBAM live show and got to bring her up to the boys and ask “how would you rate this baby?” And Griffin yelled into his mic “you want me to RATE your BABY? Your INFANT? Your actual HUMAN CHILD?”


Okay listen up, I’m tired of the misinformation. THERE ARE DIFFERENT WORDS FOR DIFFERENT AGES! OTAYURI (and any other ship like it) isn’t pedophileia, hell it isn’t even ephebophilia bc OTABECK IS 18 NOT 30 SOMETHING. and again, in their home countries it’s perfectly legal. So….. Tell me again why it’s wrong :)

tbh it’s a crime that the go-to D.Va joke is “she’s a video game gremlin” and not “she’s a celebrity diva who’s in love with herself” like, it’s shameful that we’re not seeing at least one blog which puts Rogelio De La Vega quotes under D.Va

like that could be her pre-match pep talk the potential here is UNLIMITED and it doesn’t seem to be a slippery slope into drawing her as an actual infant with diapers and a pacifier

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The San Jose prospects are not toddlers and it's very wrong to call them that

No, it’s actually not very wrong to call them that.  I’ve seen this weird argument springing up in hockey fandom over the last few months, that calling a hockey player a child/infant/toddler/son is somehow infantilization and is therefore wrong and bad.  Listen, don’t come at me, an actual grown adult women who has studied this bullshit, about infantilization.  Instead of “woman,” most of society still likes to refer to me as “girl” and I’m at an age where people are starting to wonder when I’ll find a nice man to take care of me because, in some circles, women are still viewed as too child-like and immature to handle shit for themselves.  Women are pressured to remain as young as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can in order to even be seen as desirable by society.  As women age, they’re less likely to see themselves reflected back to them by the world around them; try finding a book, television show, or movie that depicts the story of a middle-aged woman rather than one who is much younger and therefore, by society’s standards, more worthy.  Women are praised for not looking their age and, when older women actually do see themselves depicted in advertisements, it’s usually for anti-aging products.  I won’t even get into how the infantilization of adult women also sexualizes young girls and may influence child pornography, but know that that’s all out there, too.

Against that backdrop, no, calling a group of prospects “toddlers” can’t even hold a candle to the infantilization that women face constantly.  And here’s why: calling an 18 year old dude who is 6′2″, 195 pounds, and who looks like he could rip the world apart with his bare hands an “infant” is being done because it’s funny.  It’s not being said to demean him, to patronize him, or to insinuate that he shouldn’t be taken seriously by society.  It’s not being said to make him believe he should act younger than his age if he wants to be respected and accepted by society.  It’s not being used to influence the way he behaves, dresses, or presents himself to the world.  It’s being said because, of course he’s not an “infant,” no infant could possibly look like that, and that’s the joke.  Not only that, but a group of prospects is never going to hear someone call them “toddlers” to their face (in any sort of negative way or otherwise), while actual groups of adult women, in higher education courses and workplaces all across the globe (and in restaurants, bars, homes, stores, etc., etc., etc.), will likely still be called “girls” when another adult wants their attention.  So no, I don’t agree that calling an 18 year old prospect a “toddler” is wrong, because there are no real, actual consequences attached to it and it sure as hell isn’t going to influence how that prospect, or any other prospect after him, engages with and participates in society, and it has no impact on how society values that prospect.

We’re watching a sport filled with grown, adult men who can take care of themselves, we’re all aware of that.  The players are also aware of that.  My calling one of them an “infant” isn’t going to change that and I’m not doing it in hopes that I will change it in any capacity.  So I will continue to call grown adult men “toddlers” as a joke because it’s a damn miracle I still have any sense of humor left after being actually infantilized by society for more than two decades.

It has been discovered that premature babies do better if they have the tentacle of an octopus to hold whilst in the incubator. Apparently when in the mother’s womb the baby holds onto the umbilical cord and the octopus is a suitable substitute because of the knitted or crocheted tentacles.

Crafting group report in village paper


Humans are Weird

So, I wanted to do one these myself, and maybe someone’s already done this one, but here I go…

Live birth and having only one child at a time. On Earth, that’s not so uncommon, it’s not just a human thing, but what if it were a completely foreign concept to aliens? 

What if they lay eggs, and they always lay lots and lots of them because how will enough of the little ones survive to continue the species otherwise? But then humans enter the intergalactic scene, and eventually one group notices that the stomach of one of their human crewmates is gradually swelling. They freak out, thinking that it’s some sort of illness (because what else could it be?) and ask why the human’s partner doesn’t seem to be very worried (in fact, he seems rather happy. Where they not getting along? Does he want his mate to die? Humans mate for life, don’t they? Did they stop liking each other and her death means he can get another mate?). They’re fussing over her, trying to find a cure, and she’s like, “Why are you guys getting so upset, I’m pregnant we should be happy!” and they’re confused so she takes a few hours to tell them Where Babies Come From.

Naturally, all the aliens are horrified, and for some reason (partially because they had already convinced themselves that their human was in mortal danger and that doesn’t just go away, partially because of the horrifying things she told them about live birth and possible complications, and partially because they don’t realize having 2 or more kids is unusual for humans (they think she’s having lots of small babies, not just one big one)), they still believe that she’ll die. Everyone is mourning when the eighth month approaches (except for the other humans, who are both mildly confused (at the aliens’ behavior) and absolutely delighted (at her pregnancy)), and many members of the crew break down when she goes into labor, because this is the last time they’ll see their wonderful human crewmate alive and well. Several hours later, they hear a wail that none of them recognize, so it must be the human’s children (and a few of them are confused because why only one? but are too distraught to think much of it). 

The father is finally allowed in and he practically runs to his wife and newborn. The rest of the crew is let in only a few minutes after, and the aliens are astonished to see their human crewmate, whom they all had thought dead, cradling what looks like an enormous, deformed, breathing Batorka fruit. Explanations are exchanged, the humans finally find out why the aliens were so upset at the pregnancy, the aliens find out that the fruit is actually a human infant, and all around it’s a happy ending. The intergalactic pamphlet on humans (there’s a separate one for every species, but the one for humans is the thickest; and after they found out about it many of them liked to read it and ‘laugh’, which is kind of unsettling to everyone else) is updated soon afterwards, though.

(…This evolved. This was not what I was thinking of when I started writing.)

HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! (4 days late but hey close enough), redraw of this post that was uploaded today one year ago!! 

I re-started this blog back Dec 1st after a failed attempt back in March (I just had no motivation) and it was honestly one of the best decisions I made. This blog also started when I was in my first semester of Uni/Art school, and it’s been such a wild ride to watch myself, my art and this blog grow during that time. 

I look forward to the second year, and I hope you guys will stick around for another year! All 1,491 of you guys! I also cannot thank you guys enough for all the love and support you guys give me, It means the world to me <3. Especially the group chat that oh-so kindly helped me whenever I hit a rut with my art or story, you guys are the best! 


A Warm, Safe Place - Pt. 2

Originally posted by miriastar

Summary: You and Dean return to the bunker, arguing over what to do with the baby. Things escalate when Sam and Cas are added to the mix; it takes physical force to keep Cas from doing what he came to do.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,201

Warnings: mild violence, some angst, fluff.

A/N: Just. Thank you. I wish I had more words, but all I can truly say is that the response from the drabble (“A Warm, Safe Place”) has been unexpected and overwhelming. Thank you so much if you liked, commented, or were otherwise a part of turning this into a series. I appreciate every one of you so much!

This is a series! Find Part 1 here!


The bunker door slammed behind you both as you made your way down the stairs, your heart pounding in your chest, your voice echoing throughout the space. “There is only one thing with the power to do what she just did, Dean!”

His boots clambered down the stairs after yours, following you as he held her against his chest. “I know!” he whispered harshly, “Believe me, I know! But what the hell are we supposed to do here!?” You spun around, nearly slamming your hip into the table in the center of the room, stress and frustration all over your face as you looked to the beautiful baby girl in his arms. You slowed yourself down as your brain attempted to process the thousands of thoughts you had racing around your head.

“Dean,” you said softly, out of breath, your eyes still on her. “I…” There was a long pause. Your eyes were on the baby; Dean’s were glued to you. “I have no idea. There isn’t exactly a playbook for this.”

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When abuse/incest survivors think their parents are/were good.

One of the hardest things for non-survivors to understand is the way that survivors of abuse defend their abusers. A common question I get asked is “How could you possibly think your parents were GOOD?”

To non-survivors, my situation looks simple. A father who plays pornographic video games with his seven-year-old daughter is a bad father. A mother who isolates her daughter from social support and starts physically punishing her and grooming her toward heterosexuality after she comes out as gay is an abusive mother. Parents who let cult members into the house and create cover stories to excuse ritual abuse don’t deserve sympathy when their adult children go no-contact.

Here’s the problem. People aren’t just born with an innate understanding of what love, intimacy, trust, goodness, and understanding are. Those things are supposed to be learned during infancy when a child is helpless but learns to trust that an adult will take care of them. Children who are abused by their primary caregivers have what is supposed to be their very first loving relationship marred with abuse. If the “care” a child received at their most vulnerable was infrequent, unreliable, or affected by shaming (ie: parents being disgusted with their baby/constantly angry at their baby for crying), then the baby never has anything positive to measure future relationships against or even to measure the parents’ behavior against. If the parents say “we love you more than anyone else in the world,” the child is going to believe that is true. If the parents say “other children get more love than you do because you’re worse than other children/more annoying than other children/less attractive than other children/less lovable than other children/etc.” then the child will believe that as well.

Unlearning that kind of message, especially when the child started learning it in infancy, is not as simple as hearing “you didn’t deserve it” and then going “oh wow, that’s such a revelation! My life is fixed now, thank you so much!” Sure, survivors need to be reminded that they deserved more love and care than they got, but asking a survivor to implicitly understand that on a deep, core level just because you say it to them sometimes is asking a bit much.

Infants actually need to emotionally attach to someone in their lives in a secure manner. This means that even if a parent is rejecting, sadistic, or otherwise abusive, the infant will still try to attach to this person. The child *needs* love from that person to avoid being left with literally nothing.

This is part of why abuse survivors often date abusers when they get older. They desperately need someone they can connect with, and abusers are more likely to offer instant relief than good partners. Good partners will want to gradually get to know the survivor and let intimacy develop naturally. Abusers will push for immediate trust and intimacy, which initially feels like fresh air to a survivor who lacks it from other sources. Beyond that, stigma against people with mental health issues and traumatic backgrounds can make good partners reluctant to give abuse survivors a chance. This can mean that abusers are much easier to form bonds with than “good people” are.

In addition to manipulating attachment needs (deliberately or unintentionally), abusive parents are rarely abusive 100% of the time. Some abusers financially support their survivors to keep them dependent, and other abusers will buy expensive “just because” gifts for their children, which leaves their children feeling indebted. Some abusers say “I love you; you’re wonderful” on odd numbered days or exhibit “good” behavior just some of the time, leaving survivors thinking that the abuse is just their parent reacting to stress or some passing problem that can be eventually overcome. Many survivors think they can figure out a rhyme or reason behind the “good days” and “bad days” to ensure that only good days happen from now on. That’s rarely actually possible, so survivors suffer.

Survivors aren’t dumb for believing their abusers are good or right. Those are common beliefs that can take a lot of work to overcome.

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Hi Melly. After 2 painful weeks, here are my thoughts on solo!loam that you def didn't ask for 1) He's willing and able to sell a narrative, obvs 2) for all the line-learning he clearly hasn't spent any significant time with a real human infant 3) when he relaxes he's quite camp, and most likeable 4) he's still fond of Z (he sounded genuinely put out when an interviewer said Z was her least fave) but happy to throw him under the bus when it suits 5) Conclusion: Liam is ruthless as fuck.

Here’s the thing! Loammy is a beautiful, talented puppy man - but he is also a Business Hoe of the first order.  We knew this since he was 1D’s proxy for important documents - the company man to sell the narratives nobody else wanted to (and for sure that couldn’t have been easy).  For all we’ve come to love and see this Loam:


I think this Loam also fully exists too

And I can honestly tell you that to be a Business Hoe at Loammy’s level, the choices he makes and the way he conducts himself in his personal and professional life are probs two different and distinct things for him, and that doesn’t negate him being a kind or good dude outside of that (I’m on cold medicine fully tell me if i’m not making sense).

After seeing the endless avalanche of Cherliam Lifetime Original Movie kid fics that Liam has doled out over the last two weeks (and holy fuck was it an avalanche), I will agree with you on the first two points that he is willing & able to sell a narrative, and also that he’s never actually spent significant time with a human baby person. For all these stories sound terribly convincing on the surface, if you ask folks who actually have infants, they don’t quite match up, and what’s more, they aren’t *doing* anything for his image. Talking about changing nappys and being peed on, only to sing a  (catchy) song about grinding in a club titled “Strip That Down” doesn’t work. The stories are also super off-putting - not just to the fandom, but to the GP - and I don’t know why they haven’t at least black listed the subject of Loammy meeting Cheryl at 14, for all its grooming overtones. 

I also agree that there’s fondness for Zayn. I don’t think this just magically washes away

There is so much potential to be huge with Loammy, and the names attached to his first record are all the best in their field. If there are any interns out there who can help fix this, please for the love of fuck roll up your sleeves, use all that feedback that you’ve gotten over the last two weeks that prove that the Cherliam Kid Fic Tour is not a good marketing point, and get your shit together.

1997 pt2

Part 2 of the de-aging, not really de-aging fic, in which Alex is picky about mac and cheese and Vasquez is really, really queer.

Part 1 is here
Part 2 on AO3

Just so everyone knows the ages are:
Lucy: 14
Vas: 12
Alex: 8
Winn: 5
Lena: 4

The apartment is the one Alex, Lucy, and Maggie move into in my post 2x19 fic.

Erin is Vasquez’s wife I created with @change-the-rules.  Picture Gugu Mbatha-Raw. 

Maggie’s arm was practically dead by the time the elevator reached the right floor.  She tried to shift the girl she was holding to a more comfortable position, but stopped when Lena mumbled in her sleep.  Maggie sighed and resigned herself to a few more minutes of discomfort.

She looked at Lucy, who was eyeing the hallway as she held Winn’s hand.

“It’s the last door on the left,” she said.

Lucy looked up at her and nodded, but stayed at her heels and held Winn back from joining Vasquez and Alex as they shot off down the hall.  They reached the door at about the same time, despite a four year age difference, then Alex forgot to stop and slammed into the far wall.

Maggie tensed and started to walk faster until she realized that Alex was laughing, not crying.  The door to the apartment opened just as she reached it.  M’gann stepped out, eyebrow raised.

Maggie shook her head and sighed.  “M’gann, these are the kids.  Kids, this is M’gann.”

Lena turned her head on Maggie’s shoulder to stare at M’gann.  Maggie used it as a chance to shift Lena slightly, changing how her weight sat on her arm.

“Alright,” she said.  “Everyone inside.”

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Why does Daenerys think she deserives to rule because she got lucky with her birth? That's regressive and tyrannical thinking. One doesn't deserve something just because they were born into the right family. It grates me that it's being treated as a sympathetic sentiment from a 'Yas Queen' by the show instead of a highly questionable approach.

You’re using loaded language calling her “regressive and tyrannical.” You’re applying the principles of modern society to Westeros.

Westeros is still an absolute monarchy with no form of democracy. That monarchy follows the primogeniture line of succession. None of this has changed since Dany’s family was brutally murdered and she was chased out of her house as an infant. So, actually yes–she deserves to get back what was taken from her. 

If you support characters like Ned and Jon Snow then you support the idea that a child shouldn’t be punished for their parents’ sins. Dany is not Aerys II and shouldn’t be denied her birthright because of his actions. 

You see, the important thing is that while Dany believes she deserves the throne, she doesn’t plan to just take it and then call it a day. Dany’s motivation has always been more about righting wrongs than it has been about gaining power. 

Much like Jon’s, her rise to power has allowed her to do good things that are controversial (wildlings and slaves, etc). This is why she waited until slavery was abolished in Meereen before sailing to Westeros. If all she wanted was power and what she “deserves,” she wouldn’t have done this. She wouldn’t have spent years using her power for good–good that can’t really benefit her across the sea by the way, so selfless good.

Now that she’s in Westeros, she isn’t just gunning for the throne. She is going about it carefully to establish a sustainable hold there so that she can actually rule. Because it’s like Varys said–she is the best hope for the people. 

Varys and Tyrion both believe this. Olenna Tyrell and Yara and Grey Worm and Missandei believe this. Are all of them evil tyrants, too?

Dany believes she deserves it not just because of her birth because she deserves it as a person who cares about the people and wants to make their lives better. She has received news of the disasters of the Baratheon and Lannister rules and believes that she deserves a shot at fixing it. And she does. And she will.

Emperor Sons AU brief description:

Having absorbed a poisoned arrow, tar swamp reveals to emperor’s sight not yet a pissy demonic tree, but an actual ‘human’ infant. Deciding to kill a child at first yet at the end not daring to do it, emperor decides to raise him along with his own baby his wife should give birth soon.

The boys grow up together like brothers and very close friends. Due his quick temper, Aku (not his actual name at first of course) growing up as a rather trouble kid and often gets involved in a fights, occasionally defending not only himself but also his little ani. Plus, some evil tongues of the empire spread the rumor that ‘emperor’s older son is a demon in disguise of a human, who’ll bring sorrow and suffering to our land’, although the emperor himself is trying to stop these rumors in the bud.

The matter is complicated by the fact that Aku almost always feels himself as an unwelcome stranger, not only in his family, but on Earth generally. Jack is the only one person who actually can ease up the feeling of Aku being unwanted, сomforting him and giving some kind of emotional support.

This occurs until the dormant in young Aku demonic essence awakes due new traumatic experience he goes through, most likely witnessing incredible human cruelty, aimed on him Elfen Lied shit is real, ya got me m8 and lately fully transforms into a demon we all love.

In a nutshell, Jack now fights not just a ‘pure evil’, but a being to whom he once related as brother. The emotional struggle is real, bros 

@salabetta ask and you shall receive