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Emperor Sons AU brief description:

Having absorbed a poisoned arrow, tar swamp reveals to emperor’s sight not yet a pissy demonic tree, but an actual ‘human’ infant. Deciding to kill a child at first yet at the end not daring to do it, emperor decides to raise him along with his own baby his wife should give birth soon.

The boys grow up together like brothers and very close friends. Due his quick temper, Aku (not his actual name at first of course) growing up as a rather trouble kid and often gets involved in a fights, occasionally defending not only himself but also his little ani. Plus, some evil tongues of the empire spread the rumor that ‘emperor’s older son is a demon in disguise of a human, who’ll bring sorrow and suffering to our land’, although the emperor himself is trying to stop these rumors in the bud.

The matter is complicated by the fact that Aku almost always feels himself as an unwelcome stranger, not only in his family, but on Earth generally. Jack is the only one person who actually can ease up the feeling of Aku being unwanted, сomforting him and giving some kind of emotional support.

This occurs until the dormant in young Aku demonic essence awakes due new traumatic experience he goes through, most likely witnessing incredible human cruelty, aimed on him Elfen Lied shit is real, ya got me m8 and lately fully transforms into a demon we all love.

In a nutshell, Jack now fights not just a ‘pure evil’, but a being to whom he once related as brother. The emotional struggle is real, bros 

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santi actually looks like an infant compared to gianni LOL i always forget and then its like WOAH GIGI BOY HOO DAMN

LMFAO I KNOW and it doesn’t help that they haven’t been together in 72 years because gianni grew all his hair out and got fkn SWOLE since he saw him last so now he looks like a sexii mountain man dad and santi’s over here like “…i remembered to brush my teeth this morning that counts for something right”


Spectacle Island - The Dorsey Household

Here on Spectacle Island stands the home of the Sole Survivor, Allen Dorsey, and his ghoulified wife, Maeve Dorsey. It comes complete with a stable for Al’s radstags, an outdoor porch overlooking the city coastline, and completely furnished to resemble the peaceful homes of 2077 America. In addition to both a functioning kitchen and bathroom are two children rooms. One for their son, Shaun, and the other a nursery for an infant girl, which they adopted after her parents were killed during the chaos that unfolded in Nuka-World. Together, the couple hope to finally raise a family together - a dream they were robbed of nearly 200 years ago.

One of the only homes on this island that I actually fully furnished haha

My goal for this build was to make a smallish home for my sole survivor to live in. I personally never saw this guy as the type to want to live in a mansion. He’s just a simple man with simple desires and loves his wife and family more than anything else. 


tbh it’s a crime that the go-to D.Va joke is “she’s a video game gremlin” and not “she’s a celebrity diva who’s in love with herself” like, it’s shameful that we’re not seeing at least one blog which puts Rogelio De La Vega quotes under D.Va

like that could be her pre-match pep talk the potential here is UNLIMITED and it doesn’t seem to be a slippery slope into drawing her as an actual infant with diapers and a pacifier

My favorite thing about Mass Effect Andromeda is how the Archon looks like an actual infant child. And that’s not even a criticism like his design is actually perfect. I can imagine my Ryder posting on the squad board like “Does anyone else think the Archon has a baby face? No? Just me?”

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I've been a royed shipper since like 2005 (yikes) and your blog is the best.

*blushes and puts hands to cheeks* Oh! Why thank you- I’m very flattered! I’ve been a RoyEd shipper since… 2015. Because… I’m an actual infant. And in 2005… I was eight years old. My infancy is supported by the fact that I’ve never gotten a message in this inbox before…

Galra are significantly larger than human beings and they identify Pidge as a child. Pidge is probably the size of a Galra five year old and has a young looking face even by cat standards. (Big eyes, full cheeks, higher pitched voice.) How old do they think she is? Do the Galra think they’re fighting a preteen? Stop trying to murder the actual infant, Sendak. 

where Lacan makes the Symbolic Other abstract and dogmatic, Laplanche sees the other in very precise terms as that which makes the subject, both troubling and constituting it at the same time.

Here is his own contrast with Lacan:

What guarantees the alienness of the other? Can one affirm here, with Lacan, the priority of language? If for my part, I speak rather of a “message,” this is for at least two well-defined reasons: firstly, the message can just as easily be nonverbal as verbal; and for the baby it is principally nonverbal. Secondly, emphasizing “language” effaces the alterity and individuality of the other in favor of transindividual structures. (1997, 660)

The other is very specific for Laplanche: rather than being general and “transindividual,” it is the actual adult in the infant-adult relationship.

This adult plays a “seductive” role, where the term “seduction” is employed because the adult’s “message” is “enigmatic,” exciting yet also mystifying.

—  Stephen Frosh 2002 American Imago: The other

congrats hina your kids are godless heathens loveable monsters and i don’t know how to draw them yet.

i like to think as years (and years, and years) go by hiei lets his big bad secret out. koorime produce a child once every 100 years through parthenogenesis, so since there’s literally no mention of yukina ever having had a child in canon, we can pretty safely assume the twins are younger than 100. i bet they’re literal children/teens in demon years. they haven’t seen shit. makai is ancient. hiei’s an actual overpowered angry infant with a dragon blasting out of his arm every time he gets in a scrap or throws a temper tantrum, so it doesn’t surprise me that he navigates his situation with his sister so awkwardly (and probably with so much self loathing). tbh i’m pretty sure they’re the youngest demons we get introduced to in the series until yusuke pulls his mazoku surprise.

but yeah as time goes on they become totally inseparable and they gossip and hiei’s probably talking a whole bunch of shit right now.

What do babies dream about?

Outside of speculation, we have no way of knowing the answer to this question. What we do know, though, is that infants actually begin experiencing the kind of sleep that produces dreams in older individuals — REM sleep — even before they are born. After birth, they can spend up to 80% of their day in that kind of sleep. Researchers think that dreams begin at some point in their first year of life, based on their seemingly emotional responses during their sleeping, but it’s not clear.

If dreams are a haphazard accumulation of visual and tactile experiences tied together to form a loose narrative devoid of any meaning, as some researchers suggest, then it’s likely that an infant’s dreams are fairly limited to what it has experienced so far — some eating, some sleeping, some crying… but anything here would be speculative at best. (Source)

HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! (4 days late but hey close enough), redraw of this post that was uploaded today one year ago!! 

I re-started this blog back Dec 1st after a failed attempt back in March (I just had no motivation) and it was honestly one of the best decisions I made. This blog also started when I was in my first semester of Uni/Art school, and it’s been such a wild ride to watch myself, my art and this blog grow during that time. 

I look forward to the second year, and I hope you guys will stick around for another year! All 1,491 of you guys! I also cannot thank you guys enough for all the love and support you guys give me, It means the world to me <3. Especially the group chat that oh-so kindly helped me whenever I hit a rut with my art or story, you guys are the best!