actual idiots xdd


Could it be that he finds it amusing that we’re wearing the same shirt? Or maybe he’s in one of my classes and he’s got a question regarding our lessons? Oh but what if I actually know him and I’m an idiot for not recognizing him, a childhood friend or something like that perhaps?

College Library MakoHaru AU: Haruka is a bibliophile, so during long breaks he would go to the library. It’s the same drill everyday until one day he noticed someone sitting to his left wearing the same shirt as him but with a different shade. He’s never seen him before. From a different department perhaps? But he can’t quite put a finger on it what makes his eyes avert to his left from the words in front of him. He’s attracted to him for some reason. Now, when he goes to the library, his eyes would unconsciously look for him and he’d try to sit beside him. He was fine with that until one day Makoto smiled at him and started a conversation. That’s it! He’s got a crush on this guy and it’s getting worse every smile he receives and he can’t do anything about it now.

Fanfic of this AU can be found here: Three Hours In The Library