actual human piece of garbage

hey for real though? for real though?

can we stop treating patrick hockstetter like a “flawed but good character” when he was literally a sociopath who killed animals to get off to. he believed he was the only real person in the world and that everything revolved around him because he was a god. he deserved to die. he was a torturer and a psychopath. dont woobify this actual piece of human garbage. oh yeah, did i mention he killed his baby brother because his mother didnt deliver dinner on time often enough?

patrick is literally designed as the most hateable character you sick freaks

no “i love pats but”. dont “love” this demon of a character. he is a degenerate.

no “lol pat is so relatable”’s. being a murderer is not a quirk, its a moral failing.

no sympathizing with this personification of a garbage fire. seriously. youre all disgusting.


dont write or describe pat having a relationship with any of the losers, and to mention specifics, richie and stan. dont do it. DONT DO IT!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MESSED UP THAT IS? PATRICK TRIED TO KILL THEM! ALL OF THEM!! DONT SHIP THIS MONSTER WITH THE PEOPLE HE TERRORIZED YOU DEVILS!!!!! and especially if your idea of patrick complimenting stan is “hes pretty cute, for a k*ke.” thats a literally slur that stan was called because he is JEWISH. you are saying he is cute for a JEW and, no less, saying it using a slur. how vile are you guys that you think thats cute or okay.

i am surprised and horrified at the people in this fandom who are still stuck in the mindset of 2010 when “murderers were hot XD”!! you are literally the scum of the earth ESPECIALLY when your fetishization of rape, murder, and sociopathy coincide with your anti-semetism.

you are sick.

i feel like every time i sit down to make lourdes gifsets i get distracted and make something entirely different that 50% of the time i never post. this time, it’s a really fucking depressing compilation of ‘pope is an unapologetic rapist stop wanting him to be a hero’ gifs

just to be clear; donald trump turning his campaign around completely doesn’t change the fact that he is still an actual piece of human garbage that sexually assaulted several women, invited violence towards people of color at his rallies, and it doesnt change the fact that this country is full of racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic trash that have taken his election as president to mean that they can act on those things and cause harm to others without penalty