eccc photo pile! from top left: kellysue and tehnakki’s kamau kogo; before the being non-compliant panel (which was EXCELLENT); juliette and me, very brimpish; zdarsky getting “autographed” by “ mattfractionblog”; best confluence of trash sticker + background activity (feat. suziedowninthequiet and old loki); doctor strange was of-lies’ FIRST COSPLAY and i’m still not over it; myself and lsank and our end-of-con death stares.



WE DID IT!!! We can fix Bruno’s house!

and by we, I mean YOU awesome people, thank you SO much, for spreading the word and doing this big thing for my friend. This is so great. He’s gonna be so stoked. He’s been so down lately that it’s really gonna brighten his day.

Men anpil, chay pa lou. Many hands make the load lighter. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ps. if you were gonna donate but didn’t get the chance, please still do! Bruno is part of ACFFC, an arts program in Haiti that provides food, education and art instruction for at-risk kids and young adults in Jacmel. Any money raised beyond our goal will help other emergency needs like this one that come up in the program! Go team!)