actual good people who want to do good things in a terrible terrible losing situation

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Two questions! A) what would be good motives for a prince villain BESIDES tragic backstory B) Any advice for writing a redemption arc?

Wow, I’m in love with this ask. Antagonist motivations? REDEMPTION ARCS? Yes please!!

Okay, so the plan is, I’m going to address the first question first and the second one second. I think that seems reasonable. This might get a little lengthy, I can feel it in the wind, so we’ll see at what point we’ll probably need a Read More.

Question A: (Princely) Villain Motivations

1. Perhaps the most obvious is, well, power. I know a lot of people get pretty tired of the whole “powerful villain wants more power/land/control/riches.” But the fact is, it makes sense, particularly for an antagonist that was raised in power. Keep in mind the kind of childhood this Prince might have had, and all the things they might have been told since they were young. Since they were a child, and during their most formative years, they were likely told time and again how it is their duty as the heir and future leader to uphold the reputation, stature, and altogether power of the entire kingdom. That’s quite a lot of pressure to be under, and it’s hard to get out from under that idea.

Now I’m caught up in the psychology of this trope so here are some points that are somewhat related.

- The first thing they have to fear is looking bad. A Prince is a public figurehead, many are looking to him. That’s a lot of people to disappoint. And when your only counsel is potentially people who are leading you askew, it’s hard to avoid counting on the wrong advice while under pressure.

- These people they could potentially disappoint are both people they personally care about (family/friends) and people that they are responsible for (the citizens)

- Particularly if it’s family applying the pressure, then this care stands to lose everything they have ever known of they try to stand for what they actually think.

2. Noble Ends: Maybe this character kind of has some good ideas or intentions, but for whatever reason, the execution is less than the best- as in, noble ends but evil means. This can take a number of forms, but often you see noble-ends/evil-means characters doing things like putting other people in danger if it means saving one specific character, etc. For every character, this can be different. This particular character is interesting because they are in a position of political and military power, meaning that things are pretty high stakes within their personal lives, the interior of the kingdom, and in their entire country’s relationship with other entire countries. I’m sort of going of the assumption here that you have an idea of the kinds of things your villain does, just not why. 

One of the most often quoted phrases I see about antagonists is that “every villain is a hero in their own minds.” Really take that into consideration for this option in particular, but really it applies to any antagonist.

3. “The Puppet King” Approach: By this I am referring to the trope where a political or powerful figure is actually just being used or manipulated by others with ill intentions. This can be the result of many things, such as straight up blackmail, or the controlling people having leverage over them (like hostages) or, if you want to connect it back to the first idea, through emotional manipulations.

- Blackmail: The controllers have something against them that, if revealed, could be disastrous for the character.

- Leverage: The controllers have something the character desperately needs or wants and are holding it over their heads.

- Emotional Manipulation: Borderline Tragic Backstory, and relating to the first idea, but the controllers could be telling the character terrible things in order to get them to do terrible things- perhaps they told them that they are useless or worthless if they don’t do these things, and this character craves the validation, attention, interaction, etc that comes with pleasing these people. 

4. “They’re Not Evil, They’re Just Misguided”:  Maybe this character is completely misinformed about the situation. This could be an elaborate manipulation on someone else’s part, or really no single person’s intention, but the product of the environment in which this character lives. It sort of ties back to “Noble ends and evil means”, except with a lot more deception and miscommunication going on. Keep in mind, they still have to make the choice to do some terrible things, so it’s not like they didn’t have bad intentions ever.

There’s also a few things you should keep in mind when writing a character like this.

First… if some of these ideas make it look like I am giving the “villain” something to be pitied, or like they have qualities or intentions that one could actually understand, or even an actual (gasp) tragic backstory, it’s because I actually am. If you want to write a good villain, and I mean a really good villain, they have to be just as complex and psychologically believable as the hero. Not only that, but it helps readers keep in mind that no one is just born with a gun in their hand and murder in their hearts. That layer of real tragedy is sometimes needed to show people that hey, this person fell real hard, and that is not just their personal tragedy, but a tragedy of the very world we all live in.

That being said, I am going to jump into my second thing to keep in mind… This villain can have understandable intentions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t gonna do villainous things. Make them do terrible, horrible, horrendous, awful, unforgivable things. After all, they aren’t really a “villain” if they don’t do entirely evil things sometimes. Yes, it kind of sucks that this person became this way, but now it’s a little too late. They are a threat that needs to be dealt with now, or they will only breed more tragedy. 

A villain’s “tragic backstory” only is meant to explain their actions, not to excuse them.

As for question two… I actually think I’m going to get back to you on that one. Redemption arcs deserve an entire post, because they are remarkably complex and I just can’t limit myself to only giving a handful of tips. I will be setting that post up probably later today, tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks for the questions, as always, and look for the redemption post on the horizon. 


My pain is so tangible; I can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere; consuming me. I don’t even realise how long it’s been eating away at my insides until I finally cave in and crumble helplessly, crashing, spiralling down, hopeless and helpless.

The terrible tightening in my chest, the constriction of my lungs, the deep shuddering breaths as I try to hold back the inevitable - but I break.

I always break.

The painful wracking sobs, screaming silently, my damaged self- seeping out through the cracks that I flimsily repair each time I fall apart, countlessly over and over again.

Although; this time those cracks have split wide open; leaving gaping holes in my own body.

I wail for a long time, weeping pitifully as I cry myself a pool of self- sympathy, until I’m empty, benumbed and finally turned completely inside out.

The actual, physical ache that I feel in my chest and in my bones when I’m so sad is fucking awful, and it will never go away, despite how much I push my emotions aside and believe that I’ll be a stronger person in the long run.

I think about the hurt people go through when relationships or friendships break down and fall apart. How we’re expected to just get on with things and be okay when we’re barely capable of a thought or memory that doesn’t involve the other person. When you really care about someone, genuinely and deeply, it doesn’t just vanish, no matter how terrible the ending is.

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Our Choices -- Chapter 6 -- Infectio et lupum

(Credit to gif owner) Sorry for the wait you guys!! I had a wicked busy week and writer’s block out the wazoo so it took me a little longer to get this one ready.  Hope y’all like it and get excited for Chapter 7 because it’ll be another long one :)

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RECAP:  Sirius let out a sound similar to a dog’s whine when its owner leaves, and it nearly broke Remus’s heart despite the glow of his Patronus.  He frantically stuffed the photographs back into his robes; it would be far too dangerous to let Sirius have them, as much as he now wanted to.  Besides, they might be the only evidence that could one day set him free.

Sirius nodded unhappily; Twill was seconds away.  

“Take care of yourself, Padfoot,” Remus said.  He flicked his wand again and his full Patronus appeared.  With one last look at his wrongfully convicted friend, Remus hurried down the hall before Twill could catch him, leaving the silver wolf so Sirius could have just a few more moments of peace.

Remus was in tears by the time he encountered Twill, who was on her way to retrieve him.  Neither said a word to the other until they were safely back at the Ministry and she had him sign two more forms.  The Magical Corrections Office registered his wand (“Protocol for anyone returning from Azkaban,” a squeaky-voiced wizard told him, but the words barely registered.), and then he and Twill parted ways with a quick “take care.”  She didn’t seem to want to review the trip any more than he did, for which he was grateful.

Being back in London so abruptly after spending time in Azkaban was a significant culture shock, even though Remus had only been away from the civilized Wizarding world for two hours.  How was it possible, he thought as he left the Ministry and stepped into the late afternoon sun that no longer warmed him, that all these witches and wizards brushing past were doing so without a care in the world that miles away, an innocent man was dying slowly?  Didn’t they notice, shouldn’t they care?

Remus’s feet dragged him back to his flat as if by memory.  He had neither the desire nor the energy to Apparate, and when he got home he went immediately to his bed and curled up on his side.  The extent to which Azkaban had affected him hadn’t registered until he closed his eyes and immediately flung them open again with a sharp intake of breath, having seen behind his eyelids the walls of the prison again, closing in on him and dripping mildew.  He still felt like he would never feel completely warm, and his heart ached for Sirius.  

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I saw this post by @snapslikethis yesterday and I really wanted to try my hand at writing it. Although I admit I majorly went underboard on the Quidditch and overboard on Harry being there.

As anyone who’s read any of my fanfiction stories knows, I’ve only ever written about the Marauders’ generation, so I was extremely out of my comfort zone. 

I decided to not use any last names to represent how the importance of blood status died out (or at least how I believe it did).

               Harry could see the Daily Prophet reporter sitting at the front of the bleachers. He himself had chosen the back row to avoid being recognized. It was stupid really, these weren’t bad people, but for once he just wanted to be alone.

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Good day to you! So remember that one request in where mafia! Dazai and ADA! s/o? I absolutely love that. Can I request for a part 2 of that?

Here’s the long awaited part two you guys! Hope you all enjoy! <3 

Read part one here

Osamu Dazai

You came home later that night and found yourself in a deep, looming darkness as you were situated on a modern contemporary sofa staged in the center of the living area in your apartment. The stark white furnishing contrasted greatly against the seemingly pitch-black room with subtle, radiant strands of the transparent moonlight freely pouring itself through the glass window and bouncing off the upholstery fabric and stretching their luminous rays across the wooden floor. 

It was eerily quiet in the place you called home without him present, and you’re not sure if you can get used to it from now on – or even wanted to, for that matter.. because you were still in love with Dazai and you hated that fact even after discovering he existed within the Port Mafia. You had no idea that he lived a dark life full of bloodshed and worked for an evil organization with violent and immoral people who commit atrocious crimes using wicked methods and schemes in order to reach their detestable goals by any means necessary. He was involved in a lot of nasty business and he kept it all well-hidden from you. It truly makes you wonder what kind of man Dazai really is. 

You heaved a sigh and swiftly shook the thought away because you didn’t want to believe that your dorky and lovable boyfriend – “ex-boyfriend” now, was part of a despicable organization. But you couldn’t bring yourself to hate him even after all of the terrible things that he’s done in his line of work. It was an impossible task for you to do when it shouldn’t have been since he deceived you in ways that you never thought he would. Although you blamed yourself for the most part because you should’ve seen the darkness that followed him around when it was right there in front of you all along.

You took a casual glance at the clock that’s nailed into the wall to find out that it’s 2:45 in the morning. Usually, during this hour, the man that you had so graciously given your heart away to would be emitting adorable sounds while he slept and you’d sometimes observe his sleeping countenance when you were having an occasional restless night. 

Your mind naturally drifted to the pleasant memories that you shared with Dazai when the adoring eccentric man you knew and loved entered your mind, and you could perfectly recall back to the time when you had your spectacular first date with him that led to the inevitable first kiss. When he took you to the carnival and won you a giant plush teddy bear bigger than your entire being, and your playful competitions with him to touch as many artifacts as humanly possible when you both visited a museum that had an enormous “do not touch” sign displayed in front of the objects. 

You had so many beautiful memories with Dazai and you almost smiled at the very thought of it, until a deep, sinking feeling enveloped your stomach and you remembered that his hands were stained with scarlet-red blood from the countless lives of victims that he’d remorselessly taken away. 

It was clear that Dazai wasn’t a good man, but deep down inside you believed that he could be changed. And perhaps someday you could be the one to turn him into a better person and encourage him to give up his old ways to start a brand new life that doesn’t have evil in it. Maybe you could even convince him to leave the Port Mafia and join the Armed Detective Agency with you, too. But whatever kind of future that lies ahead for you and Dazai, you just hoped that it would be a happy one.

Your apartment then suddenly reverberated with the sound of someone’s knuckles striking harshly against your front door, alerting you there’s a person outside that seeks entrance into your unit. The startling knock frightened you slightly for a second, but you quickly composed yourself calm and sauntered over to the entryway as silently as you could. You didn’t bother to look through the conventional peephole viewer because you already knew exactly who it was standing behind the barrier that’s keeping you apart from him. It could only be him, the one and only, Osamu Dazai.

“Please.. open the door, (name). I know you’re there. Give me a chance to explain myself.”

You could hear the tinge of desperation color Dazai’s voice and you were almost tempted to let him in. But you knew you couldn’t trust yourself around him because one measly look into those amazing chocolate brown eyes of his, and you’ll be under his spell. Your index finger ran along the circular hardware instead and you gently leaned the left side of your body and rested your head against the door, not saying a word to him just quite yet.

“I don’t want to see you, Dazai,” you finally said to him, breaking the calm silence between you two. You didn’t actually mean any of the words that you just said to him since that’s all you really wanted to do at this very moment, but you still needed some more time to yourself to process the events that happened tonight. And you knew that Dazai could easily see right through your patent lie as well since he has always told you that you were a terrible liar. 

“I know you do. I’ll tell you anything you want to know, just open the door so we can talk. Please, (name). I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you.. I love you.

“You love me?” Your voice came off sounding small and timid, but a faint smile graced your lips at the statement. It was the genuine sincerity in his voice that got to you and that alone was enough to make your heart grow warm inside. You didn’t say anything for a while and there was a brief silence that engulfed the air while you carefully pondered your next words to say to Dazai. 

“I’ll let you in under one condition. I want to meet the person behind the mask that you wear, and I want you to show me what you are really all about. I’m torn apart guessing if you’re a dangerous mafia executive that I should be staying away from or you’re still.. the same charming old you that I fell in love with. You might even be two faces of the same coin, but whoever you are, Osamu Dazai, will you lay it all out in front of me and show me all the parts of yourself? Because that’s the only way this would work.”

“Yes, of course, I will,” he said without hesitation. “I’ll do anything your heart desires.”

“Good,” you said as you turned the silver doorknob and slowly pulled the door back, your eyes steadily rising to meet with an earnest brown gaze. “And please don’t surprise me like that ever again.” Dazai only chuckles lightly at your comment, his lips curving into his trademark smile and he knew fully well that you were referring back to the situation at the warehouse.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” 

The Human Perception of Good and Evil.

Please read completely and comment thoughtfully.

Say you ask the average person whether they liked a movie that recently came out. Some people will say things along the lines of “Eh it was alright.” But the majority of people who reply, especially young people, will either tell you they “loved it” and “it was awesome” or “it was terrible.” and they “hated it. Sure, there will be people who stay in the middle, but when forced to decide whether it was “good” or “bad,” they will have a tendency to choose either extreme. This is why we have “haters.” We as humans don’t like to say that something isn’t good, we like to say that it is terrible, even irredeemable so

Now imagine that we’re aren’t talking about a movie. The stakes are high and patience is wearing thin. Say this is a discussion about abortion for example. Are you going to calm down and be reasonable and realize that maybe your not completely right and the other person isn’t necessarily and evil pig? Maybe, but that takes brainpower, and when something takes brainpower over a large sample of people making the decision, the majority is going to fail.

For centuries now, the world has been developing a quick patch for this issue. If we dislike people who have strong, emotional opinions because they’re usually acting unreasonably, why don’t we just say that neither side is right, and the only thing that is morally wrong is saying that what you believe is right is right for everyone? At first glance, that seems perfectly reasonable, in fact it sounds like it will fix all kinds of conflicts. The problem is that just because people are too stupid too deal with complex issues of right and wrong consistently, doesn’t mean that right and wrong don’t exist. 

People simply can’t avoid throw the baby out with the bathwater. But just because the water is the filth of human hatred and narrow-mindedness does not mean that the baby of true objective morality should go out the window. Why can’t we deal with other people doing something that is morally wrong without shunning and stigmatizing them? And why can’t we deal with our own sins and shortcomings without resorting to either complete shame or denial that what your doing is wrong? People say things that imply that killing a fetus is okay, not because it is objectively permissible, but because you “have no right to tell someone else what is right and what is wrong.” And yet under that well meaning assertion, morality itself crumbles.

People fear the unfair stigma brought down by strictly religious, but they have no problem condemning terrorists, murderers, rapists, abusers, bigots and racists. Why is this? Because they know these things are wrong and should be labeled as such. And yet as soon as we humans can relate to someone’s situation, we lose the ability to productively chastise them. We have no trouble vilifying child abusers, after all they “deserve” it. We conveniently turn a blind eye to their humanity because we can distance themselves from them. “If I had a child, I would never do something like that.” And yet someone did do something like that, a human being. We are all human beings, we don’t claim the right to condemn others for falling to the flaws of human nature that we ourselves also possess. 

The human brain doesn’t like making complex moral decisions. We like to have things come in black, white, or a grey that indicates not both black and white, but the absence of either. We struggle with the idea that people who make mistakes deserve forgiveness, because we don’t want to need forgiveness ourselves. In this desire to turn what we like into what is truly good (because we like ourselves) we forget that people aren’t purely good or purely evil. A woman who gets an abortion does a bad thing, so our emotional brains, which have an extremely hard time balancing moral subtitles say that she is “bad.” And yet we know that she’s not. We see what led her too that decision and imagine ourselves in her shoes. We imagine her fear and indecision and can’t help but think that she is a good person making a tough decision. But then, our simple brains change tracks. If we empathize with that woman, she must be a “good” person, and therefore her decisions are permissible. The struggle rages until our moral decision making skills are confused into choosing one of the three options. Black, white, or an ambiguous grey where we inject enough reason into the situation to realize that black and white don’t work in a system of categorizing people into good or evil, but don’t inject enough reason to actually command our moral judgment intellectually.

Its easy to make quick, moral judgement based on what you feel. Its also easy to make rational arguments that ultimately result in all emotional moral alignments being false, and therefore relative to the individual. What is difficult, really almost impossible, for an individual to maintain, is a functional union of rational moral judgement and emotional moral judgement. The reason that we have so many issues with controversy in this day and age is that it is simply impossible to get everyone functioning at a high moral level simultaneously We fail at listening to our instincts about right and wrong, without making a mess of the very values we claim to protect. Only through the balance of our rational and intuitive selves can we achieve meaningful conversation about controversial topics that is compassionate and fair to everyone involved.

Thoughts about being a fool

I can accept the fact that the manga is completely different from the anime, what gets me is when both versions have very similar scenes but with a completely opposite meaning.

The context of these scenes is almost the same. There are set before Utena’s final confrontation with Akio.

In the manga, Akio reveals himself as the World’s End and tells Utena to meet her the next day so they can make a ritual that will allow her to finally meet her prince (who in this version isn’t Akio). Of course she ends up accepting because she doesn’t have any other choice (she love Akio and can’t help it) and also she still wants to see her prince.

In the anime the situation is more complicated. At this point, Utena is not only starting to figure out  Akio’s true nature but also she’s starting to see that neither herself nor Anthy are exactly who she thought they were. She already knows that Anthy manipulated and hurt her but also she has accepted that she too hurt and lied to Anthy. She’s aware of her faults and wants to do something to mend her ways. In the conversation she has with Saionji and Touga before this it’s made clear that she’s not only doing this for her prince, she’s mainly doing it for Anthy. This leads to a final verbal confrontation with Touga that we’ll analyze later in this text.

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Hello!!! I don't play D&D so I'm sorry if this request sounds off but... The whole alignment sorting thing originated from this game, right? Would you be up for writing headcanons about RFA's + minor trio's alignments? (I'm a chaotic neutral ahaha)

It does originate from D&D! I waffled for a bit about whether I should do the actual character’s alignments or the alignments of the character’s they’d play in D&D, but I thought choosing alignments for the actual characters would give me a space to babble about their personalities.

As with all things alignment-based, please take these categorizations with a grain of salt. The alignment system is a pretty contentious one, as it’s hard to encompass an entire character’s moral system within a 9 block grid of choices.

Also this contains route spoilers so be warned.

Yoosung - Neutral Good

  • Neutral: Yoosung cares about the law, but I wouldn’t say he necessarily… sticks strictly to it when he thinks other methods can do the most good. He, uh. He’s pretty down with helping Seven in general, and Seven… doesn’t particularly care about the law lmao.
  • Good: Yoosung has strong moral convictions and an active desire to make the world a better place. This might be somewhat disguised by his depression, but he went into school wanting to prevent more tragedies like the one that happened to Rika’s dog. Not only does he want to do good, but unlike his cousin, he doesn’t want to harm people in the process. Yoosung is a sweet bean, he cares when people are in pain or in trouble, and at his ideal, he actively wants to help. (See: how gung-ho he is about helping Seven out in multiple routes, and how much he worries when Jumin loses Elizabeth III.)
  • tl;dr protect this sweet chick i love him

Zen - Chaotic Good

  • Chaotic: I almost feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this one, considering he’s all about doing things his own way. He was in a motorcycle gang, jfc. He totally would punch Jumin directly in the face, who gives a shit about battery charges. He rejects societal expectations and laws to accomplish the most ‘good’.
  • Good: He has a pretty strong moral system - treat women with respect, be kind/good to others (look at his treatment of his fans!) and doing good turns to other people. He also cares when characters are mistreated (see: his feelings about Jaehee) and he opposes things that he considers to be ‘actively making things worse for others’ (see: Jumin.)

Jaehee - Lawful Neutral

  • Lawful: She’s very strict, orderly, and regulated in her personal dealings. She considers society important and she wants to function as a model member of society - which is, in part, one of her problems, because it makes her too rigid to take chances and leads her to unhappiness. it’s also probably why she won’t admit she’s gay 4 u
  • Neutral: She… is kind of concerned with herself and her own dealings tbh and doesn’t seem to care much about having an overarching effect on the world. She doesn’t want to do bad, but she doesn’t seem to feel particularly compelled to do good either, unless it directly involves her and her friend’s interests. She has a self-contained mindset, making her… neutral.

707 - Chaotic Neutral-leaning-towards-Good

  • Chaotic: He does whatever he wants to further his interests, whether it be his agency work or his hacking. He makes viruses that spreads Zen’s youtube videos around to make him famous, and he in general flouts the law. 
  • Neutral: I think, at some point, 707 has the potential to be Chaotic Good. But in the story, his highest priority is the safety of his friends, which I would consider a Neutral leaning morality rather than Good, because Good characters want to better the world and it’s situation rather than just the circumstances of those close to them. (This, I would say, is more indicative of his circumstances than an active character trait, which is why I think - once he’s taken out of those circumstances - he’ll start to gravitate towards Good once he can actually care about things outside of his social circle.)

Jumin - Lawful Evil (l-look bear w/me here i’ll explain)

  • Lawful: Much like Jaehee, he keeps himself to a strict code of self-conduct. Get your work done, don’t slack, etc - and he expects other people to work within those rules. He obeys the laws of society (er… mostly…??) or, if not those laws, then he obeys the law of i’m filthy rich i can do what i want. 
  • Evil: Bolding this for emphasis - any evil that Jumin does is because of severe emotional repression and simply not understanding the consequences of what he does. This is not an active evil, and once he realizes the worth of his and other’s emotions, I’d put him at neutral. But I would say that he works, at the beginning of the story, for extreme self-interest at the expense of other people and the world around him. (see: POOR JAEHEE). He causes suffering totally without meaning to, which is why I put him at ‘evil’ (but a very sympathetic evil, and not one that’s deeply rooted in his own personality, but is a result of his inability to emotionally connect with others b/c of his upbringing.) Honestly, I could absolutely see a Lawful Neutral argument here, but I feel like he embodies the heartless aspects of capitalism enough to count as evil.

V - Neutral Good, but really, really bad at it

  • Neutral - I wouldn’t say that V has the free-spirited nature that Chaotic aligned people seem to have, but, uh, I wouldn’t… say… he’s particularly concerned with order and law, either. He, uh. Has Seven put a bomb in Rika’s apartment, for example. Which is……. pretty illegal…
  • Good: oh my god this man tries. he cares about morality, he cares about goodness, he cares about doing the right thing and about a better world, but jesus christ dude, you’re really ineffectual at it. His form of ‘doing good’ is martyring himself to keep people in ignorance, which allows problems to fester and grow rather than actually be solved. He wants to fix things, but he thinks the only way to fix things is to destroy himself… which means things get worse rather than better.

Unknown/Saeran - Lawful Evil (stick with me here again)

  • Chaotic: OK, Saeran doesn’t obey the law, but he is working for a ‘new world order’ underneath Rika. Though Rika rejects society, she wants to implement a new societal order, which I would claim is a Lawful mindset… and he’s so loyal to that goal that I think that, in turn, makes him “lawful”.Once Saeran is freed from Mint Eye though, I’d say that society just doesn’t matter to him, and he would lose that lawful categorization and become ‘chaotic’.
  • Evil: Saeran’s morality is so horribly fucked up that he believes ‘evil’ is good’. He has a casual disregard for lives, he’ll take people’s free will away, he’ll commit terrible atrocities to doll out the punishment he thinks is deserving of people (and to serve Rika) and while he’s at Mint Eye he’s pretty evil. Again, though, this is a product of his circumstances and of ignorance, and once he knows something different, I think he’d take to it pretty well. It’s not that he has a ‘me first, fuck everyone else’ mentality - he just… works towards terrible goals because that’s all he knows.

Vanderwood - True Neutral

  • Neutral - I think they’re an interesting example of being very meticulous and orderly in their allegiances (their very responsible outlook towards work and their ability to set personal feelings aside for that work) but they don’t really have an actual investment in those allegiances, it’s something they mainly do out of fear. So, I’d define them as neutral. (I would personally saw the agency counts as Lawful Evil.)
  • Neutral: They are extremely self-serving. There’s no drive to do good, but there’s also no desire to do evil either - they’re not like Saeran who will totally blow up a building or like Jumin who causes rampant emotional damage. If it’s orders, they’ll kill, but they won’t enjoy it, and they’re just kind of… trying to not die. I think, like Seven, they have the capacity to do a lot of good when it comes to their friends, but unlike Seven, I don’t think they’ll naturally gravitate towards doing good once they’re out of the agency.
How I see the signs

(Based on personal experience and knowledge of Astrology)

Aries: Good god stop bouncing. If you’re not bouncing, quit glaring. When you’re calm you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen like perfectly folded and tempered steel, fresh from the ironworks and ready for a long hard day of work. Your determination is worth admiring. Aries women are either over the top or are so calm that you can tell them anything and you won’t persuade them into a rant. I haven’t met many aries men, knowingly. It hurts when people don’t see you as you want to be seen, or if you’re not taken seriously because of how you act.

Taurus: If you’re male, no offense but some of you are rather droll and boring (Think the most boring teacher you have ever had, and you have what I mean). If you’re not droll, you are really happy and excitable in your interests. I have met two types of women: Whores and soccer moms. There’s in betweens but you either have the want for kids or you don’t. I can’t stand other female Taurus typically because it’s like a secret competition, who can love their partner better. Who can cook better, who can sing better. It never ends. In general Taurus, you are stubborn but in your best way you use it to prevail in situations many people can’t stand. You tend to get stuck in bad relationships long after they have expired, and despite wanting to leave it will take you a while to even do so. Comfort and security is important. Look, we can be lazy, we can be kinda slow, but we have a reason. Ever take your time doing something? Putting all of your effort into something? Then seeing the result? We do that every day. Taking the time to take the time, makes everything more beautiful. We love beauty. We see it in everything. Yes we’re prone to materialism but it’s because we want to have beauty all around us at all times. Also please don’t push us past our almost seemingly never ending patience, because it does end and it isn’t pretty. But we don’t like losing our cool. Angry people hurt people and we care for everyone. Really we do. Don’t make us mad, because we don’t like what we do when we get there. In the mean time we promise to be loyal to the point of self destruction and be that shoulder you cry on while we hold on tight like you’ll fly away. We’re good rocks. Really good stabilizing rocks.

Gemini: Good god, don’t ever shut up. Seriously sometimes you can say some dumb things, but when you REALLY talk, it’s always great listening to you. Especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. Look you also can be kind of wishy washy but you’re not terribly so, it comes and goes. You have your moods but you’re way more level headed than Cancer and less excitable than Aries. I have more Gemini’s in my life than I can count. I see you everywhere, probably because we get along. ACTUALLY. You probably get along with everyone. Sure seems like it. But you know. I know you get sad. I know it gets bad, but sometimes sitting down and talking to someone does loads of wonder to help that. It’s perfectly fine to have a day in to yourself where you’re not doing anything at all. 

Cancer: My god. Either you need to take a midol or you need to stop inwardly screaming. Or screaming in general. You’re either an ocean of emotions or your internally beating yourself up. I have seen all pieces of the spectrum and you are never calm until you realize that verbalizing your emotions actually helps. When you’re young and you’re female. Terrifying. Actually female cancers are just terrifying in general. Force to be reckoned with. But like with teh tides, you have your sweet moments. Some of the nicest and understanding women I know are also cancers just don’t piss them off please. There’s no calming you down until you’re done huffing and puffing. You really give Taurens a run for their money. And they are raging bulls when they are mad. Good god the men. Seriously. I have never met men so full of emotions yet so unwilling to talk about what’s going on in their head. Please come out of the shell. We aren’t all dicks, we can help with that internalized anger. :|

Leo: Stop fussing about your appearance. You’re beautiful. Despite what you think of yourself. You get so wrapped up in being your best self you lose sight of what you can be or really are. Gorgeous inside and out. You exude the confidence even when you don’t have it. You’re terribly fun to be around and seem to bring life to the party even when you’re feeling your worst. I know a lot of leos and you are all amazing people. Seriously. Please stop beating yourself up because you don’t think you’re good enough. You are. While you can be intimidating and imposing as a parent, you have never meant anything but wanting the best for your kid. I see it now, and I wish I had sooner. But you are literally a momma or papa lion, proud and protecting. Leos: Do what you want to do, and you will be the happiest you have ever bee.

Virgo: Okay, yes, people think you can be kinda uptight, but you really aren’t. You’re only uptight with people who you secretly do not like. Around your friends you are bright like the moon in the clear sky. Grounded and yet open-minded. You thrive in groups with multiple people and are usually well liked by most people. Rarely have I seen Virgo’s rub people the wrong way. You and Libras are like peas in a pod, especially in school. THAT IS. If you’re not overly awkward. I say awkward because you’re either the respectful quiet type or you’re out spoken and love debate. Even if the debate puts you in some one’s bad corner. My longest friendships are with virgos (coming from a Taurus), an earthy sign with balance. Mutable and understanding. Virgos are great friends in general and always know when to and when not to have fun.

Libra: Stop it. These men need to be leashed and sent away. You’re dangerous.Quit it with that milky voice, you’re too dangerous, you see that? That’s my panties flying away. You open your mouth and it’s like the heavens parted. I don’t know how, but you always know what to say when you know someones sad. Actually, all libras do. You guys are great to have around when someone’s sad. Not afraid to be a clown or the person who holds on tight. Libra women are shiny, like night stars in a clear sky. Twinkling bright and burning fast. You hold nothing back and aren’t ashamed of being yourself. Libra smiles are deadly. So charming and yet so easily you can hide the pain. I wish you wouldn’t, pain is just as beautiful as all the things you do. It makes you human. Don’t be afraid to let someone in and help you like you like to help others. Also, the Libras i have known are always surrounded by fiercely loyal friends who would stop at nothing to make you as happy as you make them.

Scorpio: Go away. Being mysterious is cool and all, but when you use your quiet to gain the upperhand on people, it causes issues. Scorpio women are just fine in my books. Even tempered and cool as a cucumber. Scorpio men have left a bad taste in my mouth. Except like, one, but he’s the quiet nerd type who’s secretly a massive perv and yet, I must resist the temptation to probe into his mind because of the burns in the past. Scorpios are polar opposite of Taurus on the Astrological chart. It’s either good or bad mixing. It’s been mostly bad for me. I don’t have much more to say than that.

Sagittarius: Okay. Bias coming through. Daddy’s girl here, and Daddy is the best Sagittarius ever. Motorcycles? Check. Cool suave exterior. Check. Confidence? Check. You are either a playboy who knows his moves and are respectful or you’re fiercely devoting even after the fire burns to a glow. A lot of Sagittarius I have known, are terribly prone to depression. You’re the saddest folk I’ve ever seen. Next to Pisces and Cancer, you just seem to suffer and always think it’s your fault or someone else’s. Heads up kiddo, it’s not. Sometimes life just sucks. But you know what helps? Getting out of bed and doing things, keep busy and you’ll find your happiness again. I want to hug every Sag I meet. Seriously, don’t know what it is, but you guys give off a very comforting aura even when you’re extremely sad or depressed. You know a lot of people but tend to keep very few close, I don’t know why, I don’t ask questions if it appears to be a bad one. You’re friends love you dearly though!

Capricorn: Ahhhhh. Let me take a moment for reveling in my bestest friends in the whole wide world category. Seriously. LOVE YOU. Take everything about earth signs and throw them into one, you are so well rounded and likeable to me, that I can’t help but want to be you, or with you. The men are gentle, but intelligent and the women are fierce and steady. You know how to have fun while keeping it in check. Finances aren’t a trouble for you even when they are a trouble. Somehow, I don’t know how, but even the threat of eviction doesn’t throw off your “cool” or “calm” factor. Tough shits. TOUGH SHIT. Seriously, you can take on anything. Or anyone. Those horns have a purpose. You are devoted greatly to the people closest to you and you aren’t afraid of standing up for what you think is right. Seriously don’t ever stop being awesome. ALSO. It’s totally okay to feel like crap. It’s okay to talk about it and still feel like crap. You know what’s not okay though? Thinking you don’t have to ask for help when you need it. Everyone needs help, you should know by now that you have people that are willing to help you. You just have to ask. 

Aquarius: You are confusing. My first crush was an aquarius. Seriously took him three years and me suddenly showing interest in another friend for you to realize that I was someone great who you liked more than a friend. You’re slow to the punch really in general. Slow and steady like a tortoise, but not overly slow. It’d be terrible if you weren’t up to date. Some how though, you maintain this unearthly optimism for some aspects of life that at sometimes, is really creepy. How do you do it? It’s weird. You’re weird about religion too, from what I’ve seen you’re either a: overly religious or b: not religious even in the slightest sense of spirituality. Open minded for sure though, unless you’re that super religious nut who tried to burn me at a stake for learning about other religions. You guys are like an enigma to me.

Pisces: Oh boy. Here we are. The last sign in the astrological wheel. Never have I seen pain like I have with a Pisces. So tender and gentle and seemingly always hurting. You’re like watching a romantic comedy where one of the love interests dies in the end. I’ve seen a lot of you with addiction problems. I’ve seen a lot of you where you’re just so sad you don’t know what to do. But good god, when you’re happy, and everything is going right, it’s like you’re standing next to an unearthly being. You exude a calming factor (unless you’re shit faced, then you can be kind of obstinate) even when you’re terribly depressed. You make me feel at home, easy, calm. You seem to do that with everyone. But good god, do you need a hug? You look like you need a hug. Here have a hug. *hugs* Even if you aren’t aware of it, you need a hug. You should be hugged all the time, because god damnit it’s okay. Everything’s okay. 

Young!Sirius Black X Reader

Note: This is a seriously cheesy imagine but I hope you like it, it’s about reader and Sirius going to a party (the Yule ball, how surprising) separately but ending up spending the night together, enjoy :)

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“I don’t know Sirius, your drawing is just too terrible” Y/N said, smiling up at Sirius. It was their history of magic ritual to spend the hour drawing people or situations, and then making the other guess what they’d drawn. Of course, they were both terrible at drawing, which only made the game funnier.

“Oh come on love, you HAVE to know this one, look at his face, the colours on the clothes, and look here” he added pointing at a small ball flying next to the person.
“James bragging about his last quidditch game !! ” Y/N exclaimed
“YES !! We’re the best !!” He said, high fiving Y/N.
Since the beginning of the year, Sirius and Y/N had been placed next to each other, and somehow, instead of it being awkward, within five minutes of knowing each other, they were both bent other laughing, making jokes about everything and anything. They didn’t see each other much out of magical history class, but you could be sure to see them laughing for most of these classes, which made them both relish these few hours in the week.
Neither of them expected to spend time with each other at the Yule ball, they both went with friends, and intended to have a pretty ordinary school-organized dance amongst friends.
Y/N had danced a bit with her friends, but quickly got bored of it, as she usually did at parties, she decided to take a break from the loud music and chaotic dancing by going up to the owlery. It wasn’t too far, and she could enjoy the peaceful company of the owls for a short time before coming back. Something she didn’t expect though, was to find Sirius Black smoking at one of the openings on the wall, sat on the edge. It seemed like he didn’t expect her either, because when she opened the door, he jumped, nearly losing his balance
“Jesus Y/N! I nearly fell ! I thought you were Filch!”
“That’s not a very nice comparison, I’m sorry to have scared you though, didn’t expect anyone to be here, thought you’d be dancing your ass off downstairs”
“Ah, sorry to disappoint, I thought I’d have a smoke break, dancing one’s ass off is quite tiring you know, why are you here? I’ve never seen you smoke ?”
“No, I don’t smoke, I just needed a break really, big parties and dancing aren’t really my thing, especially completely sober” Y/N added, raising her eyebrows
“Oh yeah, can’t say I have that problem”, Sirius said, pulling a firewhiskey bottle out of his robes, “Do you want some?”
“Do you really need to ask? ” Y/N answered, smirking and grabbing the bottle, before swigging quite a bit of whiskey until the warmness was spreading through her.
“Wow Y/N, who knew you were this good at drinking?!” Sirius exclaimed, surprised at how quickly she drank
“It’s one of my many talents actually, the problem is, I drink really easily but I’m kind of a lightweight, so you should probably drink too, I don’t want be the only drunk one”
It hardly needs saying that Sirius drank too, and minutes later, they were talking deeply and passionatly about how good toast is, because that’s what alcohol does sometimes.
“I think I love toast as much as…"Sirius fell silent, looking for an apt comparison, and as his eyes focused on Y/N looking up to him, her big Y/E/C eyes deeper than he’d ever noticed , he finished :
"As much as I like spending time with you” He whispered, the colour rising in his cheeks, but to his relief, Y/N was blushing too, she smiled as she looked into his eyes, not saying anything to make the moment last.
“Come on, I’ve got an idea” Sirius told Y/N, as he grabbed her hand and led her outside. Y/N didn’t question him, even as she shivered at the sudden coldness of the night. He led her to a patch of grass, summoned a blanket and laid it on both of them as they laid down.
“Wow” Y/N whispered when she had laid her head down and saw the diplay of stars.
“Quite nice isn’t it? Quite underestimated the stars really” Sirius softly commented, his speech slightly slurred after the firewhiskey.
“I guess I’ve found something I like more than toast” Y/N observed before giggling with Sirius. She hadn’t noticed until then, but they were still holding hands, she appreciated the warmness of Sirius’s hand against hers as she listened to him pointing out constellations, which sounded completely made up to her.  But she played along, pointing to the under-appreciated “cake constellation”. As she explained that it was called that because  it had been discovered while eating cake, she noticed that Sirius had stopped looking at the stars, and was now looking at her intently.
“What is it ?” Y/N asked
“We should probably stop with the continuing "toast” joke after this, but, I think I lied before, I like you way more than I like toast"
“That must be the nicest and cheesiest thing anyone has ever said to me” she replied, smiling, “but I like you better than toast too” Sirius smiled too, and then theywere kissing, it was all teeth, it was clumsy and tasted of firewhiskey, but neither of them pulled back, easing into the kiss. When they finally pulled back, they stayed close enough to each other that their noses still  touched  as they grinned stupidly.
“That was quite nice, think I’ll go back to the party now” Sirius jokingly announced, pretending to go away,
“Don’t you dare ” Y/N answered smiling, while she pulled him towards her and kissed him again, this time more calmly, appreciating that this was really happening.

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How do you think Caroline feels about Klaus? I do feel like there's a lot of attention on how Klaus feels, but not so much on Caroline and her feelings.

Sorry for the delay but get ready for a lengthy meta because even though TVD Klaus Mikaelson is my most favorite character the beauty Caroline Forbes is deserves the attention.

So as always this is about TVD S1-S4.

I think that one of the reasons why Klaus gets more attention to this is because he is a more layered controversial character than Caroline. He is more complicated (although Caroline has the potential to reach eventually many interesting layers of conflicting characterization too) and there is always a certain allure in seeing characters that are dark and come out emotionally crippled to give in to certain type of emotions.

Now that been said one thing I am finding extremely interesting is that at least on the surface and even a little bit deeper even though Klaus is a more complicated character it is Caroline that gets the more complicated feelings when it comes to him and how she feels about him.

What is important to understand is that when it comes to Klaus Mikaelson Caroline Forbes has all sort of emotions that are not clear or simple. There is a lot of denial and confusion and frustration. There is a lot of passion and things she won’t allow herself to admit. The road here is long. And to each turn she gets a surprise. From herself and from what she feels. She is not allowing herself those traitorous emotions and thoughts and this makes it all the more harder.

Falling in love is not easy. This is why it is called “falling”. It makes you fall to the unknown. It makes you lose parts of yourself and give in and set sail for the unknown and as if that is not scary enough (especially for an insecure controlling person like Caroline) she has to go through all these motions for Klaus -I will kill everyone you have ever met- Mikaelson.

She refuses to bow down to the legend and she refuses to fall for the man and the more she does the more her emotions betray her. And this betrayal is not one she can allow or forgive because it goes against her own morals no matter how flimsy those morals are since they represent her human version and are not yet built for her vampire one. Or a more mature vampire one.

Caroline’s set of morals are a complicated matter. She feels and has the ability to understand and even walk to the grey area for her selfish needs and for those she considers family and friends (ready to kill for those she loves or allow others and innocent even bystanders to die if it serves her purpose and even stage and orchestrate their death) but that doesn’t stop her from having a narrow perspective of what she considers wrong and right and black and white. And how she sees certain people like the white knights even when they do not deserve it and others like the villains even if their actions can be similar even to hers. Caroline is a control freak (she struggles with borderline aspects of certain types of OCD) so once she is set on something (like what she considers to be good and what bad and what should be done by people) she doesn’t change her ways or her perspective easily. She is also stubborn and strong willed and strong minded. And not easily trusting. So even the idea of Klaus Mikaelson is forbidden because it goes against her whole belief system. And yet as this happens she gets intrigued and challenged. Because the mind is a great tool of persuasion and the biggest aphrodisiac and for such a tenacious and smart woman like Caroline this can turn her whole world upside down. Because as much as Klaus is intrigued by Caroline so is Caroline by Klaus.

She gets flattered by him. She gets to think more. She gets to push herself hard. To see her limitations. She gets to feel the danger and the thrill and the feeling of having someone like Klaus fall for her. It is an extremely seductive situation. And soon the superficial flirtation and the compliments that become her harmless high become something deeper. Something she can’t explain and something she even refuses to acknowledge.

Even the idea terrifies her. Because in her eyes he is evil and has hurt people she cares about but most of all because he is the first man she can’t totally control. Not entirely no matter how much she can manipulate him because Klaus is also brutally honest with her. We all focus on Caroline’s honesty but this goes both ways. Klaus might be trying to charm her but he never pretended to be something different from who he is. He is blunt in his ways. He is ready to devour, to kill, to destroy and to do terrible things like the terrible person he is. A terrible person that somehow grew to care about her something that makes her care for him too in return. It is like gravity. She can’t avoid it and she can’t avoid his own painful honesty. Because he shows her in every turn that no matter how amazing she is she can be a terrible person too. It is part of her nature. And he won’t shame her for it. He will not avert his eyes from her darkness. He won’t lie. He won’t tell her something she wants to listen (aside from their flirting game) and in the end there is a weird code of trust they develop and Caroline feels it. And that creates all sorts of emotions inside her. It makes her feel reassured and frightened. She has all those contrasting complicated emotions. Nothing with Klaus is simple or easy or acceptable or easily defined or contained and that excites Caroline and terrifies her. It is life and death intertwined and for a vampire this is an extreme turn on (emotional, mental, psychological, physical) and newsflash Caroline is a vampire. She is also a vampire with an intact humanity and the ability to understand emotions and she can understand Klaus. She can see more than he even allows. And the more she sees the more she understands and the more she understands the more she gets him and the more she feels for him. It doesn’t make any sense but it happens.

Klaus brings out the best parts in her. He might be the worst possible choice based to a human understanding of what is good or wrong but when it comes to vampires this code and these values change since we are talking about creatures that are reborn with a killer instinct and are meant to be immortal and perceive the world, society, conducts of behavior etc differently. If you think about it many of the things that were considered as right, logical, good and appropriate 500 years ago or just decades before our present time today are completely disregarded and even considered to be ridiculous. So even by these standards Klaus is for now considered to be the bad guy in comparison to the characters that are considered good in the show and more importantly in Caroline’s life.

And yet the villain here is able to bring out the best parts of Caroline. In his presence and in the way he keeps challenging her she becomes strong and fearless. She is the one that gives the emotional wisdom here and she is not insecure. She is feeling safe in her mental state. She stands her ground. She does not need to adjust in any way where she will have to shrink herself in order to be accepted. If anything with Klaus she can broaden her horizon and expand. She is now a force of nature and she is finally acknowledged as such. She automatically becomes greater than life because she believes in herself. She becomes confident and self assured. And for a person like Caroline that had a high level of insecurity that has been controlling every aspect of her her life and has had all these emotion of worthlessness heightened with vampirism this is actually a great deal.

Caroline has always felt as if she was the second choice. She was always comparing and contrasting herself with Elena and even Bonnie and found herself to be less than what she was seeing in her friends (or what other were seeing). She has always had to chase someone’s affection or it was expected from her to be sacrificed in order to save another person as if her worth was less or as if she was not as important as that other said person. She had to be tortured in order to have others give her a hug and even like that she had to hold back and to show them her perfect facade because otherwise she would lose their appreciation. Her pain was not as important as the pain of others. She was not enough in the way she was so she had to always pretend to be different. Even at her lowest points she had to prove herself while everyone else would always take her for granted. She always had to try sooo hard and it was never enough. And it hurt. But suddenly that hurt was not there when she was with Klaus because nothing of the above happened with Klaus if another all the opposite happened. And that was soothing. A breath of fresh air really one that she was ashamed to take because Klaus was still the enemy.

Caroline Forbes never considered herself to be someone’s epic love. She would either be the second choice or a sweet high school crush. Someone would finally settle down with her because the second choice would be unavailable and someone would put others and other things first and she would come second. And even like that she would still have to confine herself in small boxes in order to subdue the traits these people found irritating or unacceptable. And in the same time she would have to adjust her perspective and her natural instincts over vampirism because the vampires around her would either abuse her or would consider vampirism to be a curse.

But Caroline is one of the few characters that was born to become a vampire. It was what she was meant to be.

And Klaus comes and shows her exactly that.

While Caroline had to beg for her life and a daylight ring. While Caroline had to be grateful that even though she was collateral damage compared to her friends she was still one of them as long as she accepted AND followed their lead; and there comes the villain that without meeting her considered her to be collateral damage but once he met her he put her above all and understood her value. The exact opposite from what he closest people around her have done in her whole life basically and Klaus managed to do it just moments after her first met her. And the more he got to know her the more he established this behavior towards her in honest genuine manners.

Suddenly Klaus makes Caroline dream BIG. It is not about the small town boy and life anymore. It is the world and the stars and the great beyond. Caroline was a control freak in her human life so she had everything planned out. She would become Miss Mystic Falls. Graduate from high school. College. Nice Job and then a be a mom in the high society of Mystic Falls with the perfect (preferably rich) husband and kids. That was it and she didn’t allow after her turning to adjust that plan. But then Klaus suddenly comes and opens her eyes in the moment of her greatest doubt. In the moment where she realizes that she will be eternally 17 and her human dreams won’t come true and in the moment where she doubts that being a vampire is even a good thing.

And then the villain strides in and talks to her about art and music and makes her see that losing her small town dreams is actually a great thing because now she is meant to be more, do more, and have the world at her feet. Life doesn’t begin and end in this small place. And most certainly her life that is now only beginning and it is going to be a magnificent one. She can dream of something and make it come true. Klaus presents her endless opportunities and dreams and hope. Suddenly being a vampire becomes a gift. It is not about the guilt and the bloodlust Stefan made it to be. It is not about the children she won’t be able to have as Elena thinks. It is not about the life that will come and go like the one Matt, Bonnie and her mom will have. It is about having a whole world full of potential. One she desires. One she craves for. One she wants to explore. It is about seeing different places and cultures and societies. Seeing empires and wars and miracles. Seeing the evolution of the human kind and the development of science. Is about living not one life but a thousand in any way she desires. It is about having a thousand birthdays. Klaus has done it. Klaus knows it. Klaus has been where she is now and so she knows that there can be a future pass the pain and the will to live never ends. Klaus can offer it to her and Klaus represents it now. And she can only take it. She as a vampire can feel everything more, be eternal and unyielding and untamed. So Caroline gets a new leash on life and with it she gets a new appreciation of what it means to be a vampire.

And then the pull and the push comes. And Caroline is able to see not only the villain or the vampire or the Original. But the man. Klaus allows her to see more sides of him and she gets intrigued. He is charismatic when he wants and she sees it and deep down it makes her swoon but what she likes more is that she can resist him and feel like herself and take him for what he really is. She is not a victim with Klaus. She is a strong woman that deserves respect and Klaus gives her exactly that. And she keeps on seeing more from the man without having rose glasses. She can see the bloodshed and the ruthlessness but also a boyish smile. She can see a charming smirk. She can see his eyes following her with need. She can see him been almost hit by a car because he simply wanted to spent time with her. She can see that he has interests. He likes to draw and he likes to talk. He is a great dancer. She can see he has been hurt and she can see he is lonely. She doesn’t forget the monster and she does not excuse his behavior or his bullshit but she can see what thousand years of pain and rejection and vampirism can do to a person and that interests her because she is a vampire too. And she has known rejection all too well too. She can see that Klaus is damaged but not hopeless. She can see that he is still a man. A man that not only wants her put holy hell he actually puts her FIRST. He is vulnerable in Tyler’s body and comes to save her but he is not taking advantage of her. He lashes out but he can’t bear the thought of killing her no matter how damaged and insane he has become. He thinks he is dying (the splinter in his back) and the first and ONLY person he calls is…her. Not his family. Her. He trusts her. He will be furious and still dug the graves for her. He has manners from the old century and he is wooing her with charming words and dresses but he lets her speak her mind. He won’t force her into anything and he will go as far as she will allow and will only dare to kiss her cheek. And while the others demean her and judge her for not having a brain to mouth filter Klaus actually finds it endearing and he thanks her for her honest.

So now Caroline gets stuck into an emotional whirlwind. She is meant to be in a happy carefree loving relationship and yet she starts having all these forbidden thoughts and desires and emotions for her sworn enemy.

Caroline is loyal to the fault. She is ready to die for those she loves and cares for (either they deserve it or not). So of course she is not going to give in to Klaus and she will fight him to the end. And this makes her strong. And independent and powerful. She stands up to him. And manipulates him. She sees their common traits. She is not blind. Klaus is like a version of her in many aspects. And he also has great taste so that is a plus (come on he plans parties and knows about dresses lmao). And the game continues and the more it does the more her head and heart spin. Why? Because she sees more sides of Klaus in this pull and push but most importantly she sees more sides of her. She gets to understand her own self better and connect with her desires. The unspoken. The dark. Those that only Klaus can ignite and she knows it and …she likes it. And she hates that she likes it. Because no matter how many see her as the cute innocent little saint Caroline Klaus sees her for who she really is. He sees the woman. He sees her as a menace and as an emotional compass but also as a vampire that wants to relish in the power and the bloodlust and the immortality and that does not diminish her light. It makes it brighter for him while everyone else would condemn it.

Caroline suddenly stops being a girl. She is the woman that is too smart to be seduced. She is the woman that can inspire those kind of gazes of desire that in their name empires have risen and fell and legends have been born. Suddenly Caroline Forbes has the promise of the eternal love and a man that is willing to wait for her without asking nothing in return (and by giving her anything she wants) literally for all eternity. And he had been around for a thousand years and knows the world and yet after all his experiences it is her that he wants above all. Because she is worth it.

So now Caroline falls. Falls deeper in the rabbit hole and she is confronted with all the emotions that keep hitting her relentlessly. She gets confused and angry with herself. Because she knows about control and Klaus has managed not only to shake that infamous control of hers but to break down her walls even if she won’t admit it. This in her mind was not meant to be Klaus. It was meant to be one of the people she would have died for. And yet those have not returned the favor. It was Klaus. In every turn.

So she slowly lets him in without giving in while giving in. This is frustrating. And it cuts deep. And as a vampire she feels it in her bones. She can’t throw away the drawing. She can’t forget that she has seen good in Klaus and can’t forget that she can now understand his dark sides too that also belong to her. Klaus represents all her the greatness she inspires to achieve one day and all the darkness that has been brewing inside her.

And he is there for her. He is there to do something no one else has even done for her. And that is simply to listen. He is not there for her to fix. He is not there for her to support. He is not there for her to save. He is not there so she could prove herself. He is not there to make her fight for attention. He fights to be noticed by her as she fought to be noticed by others and he genuinely wants to hear what she thinks. He wants to hear about her dreams, her hopes, her aspirations. Everything she wants from life. And he is ready in a blink to sweep her off her feet. Paris, Rome, Tokyo. He is there for her when she becomes the bad guy and he is there for her when she at her lowest point. She doesn’t have to pretend with Klaus. She doesn’t have to be someone she is not. She just have to be Caroline. And that is more than enough. She is enough. She is the first choice. She doesn’t have to be perfect. Her imperfections are someone’s perfect wish. However long it takes.

So Caroline might not love Klaus now but she loves who she is in his presence. And he is also one charming devil and their chemistry is off the charters. She can be carefree and laugh with him. He can make her smile and scream and fight. They have blood shared also. So she remembers the sensation all too well.

It takes only one kiss (she initiates) for her to lose control and jump his bones. It is her choice. She has the upper hand. The typical roles of the romance have been reversed. She is in charge.

Caroline never loses her agency here. She gets to get a taste of what it means to be not the pawn in the chess game but the Queen. And she can’t forget that. She can’t forget how it feels to not be jealous, or insecure and to be someone’s dream. She can’t forget how it is to dream the impossible and to have someone assure you that it is in your reach and simply by existing being the prime example that is showing you that he is telling the truth. So she starts dreaming of all the what ifs.

She is however still young. She is at her beginning but the promise is still there lingering in the back side of her mind. And will remain there ready to take root and flourish when the time is right and if there is one thing immortals have in abandon that is time. And time shapes and gives the opportunity even to the more suppressed emotions to find their way out and to come rushing to the surface.

So mark my words….Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century…however long it takes…

Why I’m not a fan of ‘Colorblind’ Family Members

Facebook is one of those places where I hate engaging with relatives because most of my white relatives believe in Colorblindness. If they don’t see race, then what’s the problem?  The problem is your colorblindness keeps you from listening to your nonwhite friends and relatives when they describe their lived experiences. You want to brush it off as ‘some folks are just jerks’ when we experience racism daily.

Not prepared

Your colorblindness did not prepare me for the realities that people of color face. When I was no longer protected by the insulation of white relatives, I experienced blatant racism for the First Time. I did not know what to do. I had no idea how to deal with it, handle the person/people, or how to react.

I was verbally assaulted daily because of my perceived race. Being a mixed kid looking very ambiguous  really showed me how folks in my town, folks in the city I went to college the first time, folks I interacted with when my white parents weren’t around felt about people like me. I was, and am, treated like a perpetual foreigner in my own country. People are amazed I’m educated. Folks expect me to be dirt poor and be interested in white men because they’re “the best provider” whatever that means.  For the first time I heard horrible stereotypes about various races, ethnicites, and cultures. Although they were aimed at me, I know that I can avoid it to some degree the second I mention I’m mixed with White and Korean. Boom—folks apologize for thinking I’m ‘one of those people’. You know, people who look like me.

Stereotypes can be scary

I have been targeted by fetishizers. This has put me in some scary situations where men would say “I could do anything I wanted because no one is going to care about what happens.”  You know what? They’re right. I’m a woman of color. If they actually did something to me (thank god they didn’t!), I’d immediately be sexualized by law enforcement due to my perceived race.  I’ve gotten the “Spicy Latina” stereotype “The Exotic Native American” stereotype, the “Submissive Asian” stereotype, and the “You should be happy a white man is interested in you because you’re brown” BS thrown at me. When I complained to on campus enforcement, I was told “What do you expect? Aren’t all of you looking for attention?”

Having white family not prepare me for the above as well as “Go home to your country!” “Do you speak English” “Stop taking American Jobs”. This made navigating reality much harder than it needed to be. The reason I do as well as I do currently is thanks to other people of color and the fact I have economic privilege over most of the white people who do these terrible things to me and other people of color.

Losing the insulation of white family was terrifying. I was thrust into a reality they do not perceive. Their reality is fair. People are treated as individuals who gain a neutral level or respect just by existing.  My family, for the most part, are good people. Unfortunately they are totally clueless. They had no idea that they needed to prepare their non white kids about our reality. We don’t get the “Be careful of people who reduce you to stereotypes” talks. We don’t get “How you manage the stress from daily microaggressions” I don’t get the validation of “What you experienced is real, terrible, and this is how to deal with it”  talk.

My conversation with my kids

My children are very young, but this is a conversation I have with them daily. What to look out for. How to navigate the world. How to use the fact they are white passing to assist others because the truth is people of color are often not listened to.  A good part of this is to tell my kids to look out for people who are only seem to be interested in them because of their mix or how ‘exotic’ their home life is. To be aware of folks who don’t treat them like individuals or who use them to belittle darker POC. This happens A LOT, even among elementary school kids. I want my kids to be aware of what’s going on and to not participate in it.

I want to give my kids tools so they can assert themselves and navigate reality rather than what we’d like the world to be. Colorblindness isn’t going to help them. Acknowledging and embracing their race and where others come from is how they are going to better than I did at their age.

*I’m a transracial adoptee so I didn’t have many relatives to talk to about this when I was a kid. I relied on friends, community members, and more experienced coworkers for help in these matters.

anonymous asked:

I think you're taking some of what luffy and zoro said literally. like them saying that they wouldn't have helped usopps village if he hadn't was them saying it to show their faith in him because I have a hard time believing they'll just stand ideally while a whole town is slaughtered

(Follow up to this post)

I’ve considered that interpretation too. But there is a reoccurring theme in One Piece that Luffy is not interested in helping people who won’t help themselves. It is only after people have proven their bravery, their will, that Luffy respects people and cares about helping them (or if they help him first and give him food and stuff like that). Luffy didn’t help Coby until Coby stood up to Alvida. Luffy cared about helping the old mayor of Orange Town against Buggy because the old guy was willing to put his life on the line to defend the town he loved. Luffy helped Usopp because Usopp was fighting himself. Luffy fought Arlong because Nami, his friend, asked for his help–Arlong going around destroying whole towns and killing people itself wasn’t a good enough reason for Luffy to get involved. There are tons of examples of this stuff. 

Luffy never starts out wanting to help people. Luffy likes underdogs who will put their lives on the line to fight for what matters to them even if they don’t have a chance on their own. And Luffy likes people who are good people. He likes people who have shown him hospitality (like Conis, for example). And Luffy also cares about blatantly terrible things that happen right in front of his face. For example, with Devil Daiz on Sabaody 

However, Luffy’s general policy seems to be “out of sight, out of mind.” 

Imagine if Luffy is on an island, doing his thing, and somehow he hears that an island a few miles away is being attacked. What do you think Luffy would do? Would he jump up and exclaim that they had to go help? That there must be innocent people there and that the crew should drop whatever they’re doing to go protect them? Luffy has never done that. It’s difficult to imagine Luffy doing that. This is the kind of thing I’ve written about, in places like here and here. Does Luffy care about people and help people? Yep, he totally does. However, that’s not his point or his purpose. Luffy is not actively trying to work for the greater good. He’s not sailing around with the intention of helping people along the way. Helping people is something that he does when he feels like it, typically because someone he likes is being hurt, or because someone is just being a serious asshole villain and Luffy wants to punch them in the face for it. 

All things considered, Luffy and Zoro absolutely would not just stand by and watch while a village got slaughtered. If the village got attacked when they were in it, of course they’d beat the crap out of the pirates. But again, out of sight out of mind. If you go back and take a look at the arc again, Oda made it pretty darn clear that Luffy, Zoro, and Nami all had no intention of helping the village at first. They had a pretty clear “not our problem” attitude about it 

It was not until Usopp spoke to them about how much he loved the village and would put his life on the line to protect it that they changed their minds and decided to help 

Based on all this, we clearly were supposed to take away the idea that Luffy and Zoro weren’t interested in helping the village for the people’s own sake. They got interested because Usopp demonstrated his merit to them, and they felt that he deserved their help. If Usopp hadn’t wanted to fight, they would have been content to let the villagers flee, leaving their town to get destroyed. Again, if people were being slaughtered right in front of their eyes, that would be a different matter. But random people they don’t know suffering? Shit happens all the time. Luffy and Zoro aren’t going to lose any sleep over it. 

Anonymous said:
then for what reason do you think zoro attacked carlos? I can’t really see any other reason he would do that other the because he saw him terrorizing the people around AND to help that guy to get his fiancé and he would’ve done so if it wasn’t for bonney getting in the way

Zoro attacked Charlos because Charlos attacked him

These panels are in immediate succession. Zoro didn’t attack Charlos first–Charlos tried to shoot him, and Zoro reacted to it.

Like Luffy, Zoro’s not much of a planner. He’s strong. He’s used to being able to do what he wants through strength and willpower alone. If Zoro wanted to attack Charlos for being a disgusting piece of trash, he would have. Reading the scene, I can’t imagine that during this scene Zoro was thinking to himself “Okay, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to casually walk up to this guy. I’m going to pretend like I don’t know what’s going on–like I’m just not paying attention and I think the guy’s lost. That will get me close, and then I’ll use that opportunity to attack him and save this guy!” No, I can’t imagine that at all. I take Zoro at his word, and Zoro sure as heck just looked like he was walking around minding his own business to me. If Charlos hadn’t made a big deal about Zoro walking in his presence and attacked him, Zoro probably would have just kept walking. 

Remember Mock Town? This was the description of the place 

And Zoro’s thoughts on this place were: 

People brawling and killing each other in the streets? Neat. With stuff like this in mind, I can’t imagine Zoro doing stuff like attentively scoping out the situation on Sabaody, judging what’s going on, and coming up with some stealthy approach to the situation so that he can help whoever he can. If Zoro cared so much, he should have been a hell of a lot faster and actually got involved before they took the guy’s fiancee away, instead of casually walking by after the guy has already been laying on the ground bleeding for a minute or two. And plus, what would Zoro care about Bonney getting in his way? If he seriously had cared about saving the guy’s fiancee and hurting Charlos for hurting people, he wouldn’t have let Bonney stop him. 

Like I said, Zoro’s not a terrible person. If there’s someone who needs help right in front of him, he’s down to help them a lot of the time. Girl about to get attacked by a wolf? Sure, slice up the wolf. Guy gets shot and is laying there on the ground? Yeah, might as well carry him to a hospital. But Zoro’s not running around looking for people to help. It’s really not his priority. 

Another HP rant / Anti Snape

When people say

  • Snape was so much better for Lily; he loved her and cared about her
  • James didn’t deserve her at all
  • James was a fucking bully nothing more
  • How dare Lily choose James over Snape!
  • Snape was a good person
  • Like of course Snape bullied Harry; he looked like his father
  • Like of course Snape bullied Neville; he was terrible at Potions

I facepalm so hard and I need to write about my feels because let’s be real here: HP ended years ago but the fandom will never calm down so yeah. I feel like writing a rant ;P

First I want to start with the James-Lily-Snape triangle, which actually wasn’t even a love triangle even though people try to make it out to be. Anyways, I don’t think Severus Snape was ever truly in love with Lily Potter. He had an obsession and probably thought he is in love but he wasn’t; this was proved in the series so many times.

When you are in love the most important thing is the other person’s happiness and well being. A selfless love means not caring about whether the other person is by your side or not: as long as you seem them happy it doesn’t matter. This - in my opinion - is a key factor when it comes to love. Seeing the other person happy. The above statement does not, under any circumstances, apply to Snape. He was willing to see both James and Harry dead if in return he can get Lily, probably as a trophy or something. Lily’s well-being? Oh who cares? Who cares that she would have been miserable with both her husband and son dead? Who cares that this is not what she wanted? Who cares that she wanted to die for Harry and was never ever in love with Snape? Like gosh, this is the biggest indicator Snape was never in love. Caring about Lily? Ain’t nobody got time for that~

Also, can we just talk about the fact that even though he switched sides his ideologies never really changed? He would have remained a death Eater if not for the prophecy. The only reason he fought against Voldemort is because he at the end didn’t spare Lily and Snape wanted revenge. He might have felt guilty for choosing the Dark Arts over Lily back then and all, but he 

  • never showed regret for all the innocents he most probably killed and tortured as a Death Eater
  • never abandoned Voldemort’s ideologies
  • never really cared about anyone except his obsession with Lily

Which brings us to another important point: how he behaves with almost everyone around him.

I will never ever excuse James Potter for bullying Snape. What we all saw in OOTP was terrible and should never be accepted at all. But Snape and James hated each other from the moment they first met which means all the bullying was probably mutual. On the other hand James outgrew most of his mistakes and became a wonderful person with a right mind and heart. He fought against Voldemort and risked his life because that was the right thing to do not because he was obsessed with someone. He truly loved and cherished Lily for who she is and her happiness always mattered to him. I could list a lot more arguments why James is an awesome person; he is a good man with some bad traits like lots of us.

Lily Evans was never a trophy! He didn’t even choose James over Snape; he cut ties with the latter way before she started dating James. She didn’t want to be friends with Snape anymore because it was terribly poisonous; cutting ties with him was the best thing she could have done. I don’t care about how Snape felt: He could have abandoned the Dark Arts or could have refrained from calling her a mudblood – he didn’t. The fact that the world “mudblood” is in his everyday vocabulary (he wouldn’t have spilled it by accident otherwise) is a huge indicator of his ideologies. Blaming Lily in this situation is in my opinion terrible.

It’s rather pointless fighting over who deserved Lily more because as I said she is not a trophy. But saying Snape was better for her - after all that happened -  is an argument I seriously question. Saying he loved her or cared about her — well that’s also something I have doubts about. He desired her, wanted to shag her or selfishly wanted to claim her as his own. That’s all about his “love” for Lily.

And now can we talk about how he bullied his students? Severus Snape was a child abuser – there is no argument that would justify his actions here. YOU.MUST.NOT.JUSTIFY.CHILD.ABUSE.Saying Harry basically deserved to be bullied because he looked like his father is disgusting. Harry had no control over his looks nor should he be held accountable for the things his father may have done in the past. He is an innocent child yet Snape abused him for 6 years fully knowing even that he gets the same fucking treatment at his Uncle’s home!

You can’t even say he treated him badly because Harry sassed him. The thing is Harry wouldn’t have sassed him if Snape had showed him some courtesy the first time they met. Harry was always polite with his teachers unless some serious emotional trauma happened. But Snape gave no reason for him to learn to respect or like him: he treated him badly the first time he entered his office; Harry didn’t do anything wrong he just listened to his lecture like everyone else yet he was expected to have memorized the entire book first day at school. His abuse towards Harry can not be excused.

Nor can be his abuse towards Neville. Like do you understand? Snape abused Neville Longbottom to the point that the poor guy’s worst fear is Snape himself even though Bellatrix tortured his parents to the point that they lost their mental stability. Like people would expect from Neville that his biggest fear would be Bellatrix or Voldemort. But no, Severus Snape. The impact of this so so huge I can’t even function normally. Don’t you dare to excuse this one on Snape’s behalf.

We also need to mention Hermione Granger. She was treated badly for being smart and probably also for being a muggle-born. I will never forget that instance when her front teeth grew past her chin due to a spell and Snape said “there is no difference”. He probably also abused the entire Gryffindor house while putting Slytherin on pedestal. I don’t care

  • how said he was over losing Lily
  • how much he was a sad and bitter man
  • how miserable he was

Child abuse is something I can’t look over. He took his anger and bitterness out on innocent children while never ever actually showing remorse for following Voldemort ideologies or for abusing people. Snape in my eyes is not a good person no matter how much he was still able to “love” someone.

This is the man Harry named his child after, totally forgetting the 6 years he spent at Hogwarts? And this is the man the fandom considers a hero? Love Snape all you want by all means he is a wonderfully complex character and I also have some complicated favs on my own – but you cannot say Severus Snape was a hero or a good man at all. Yes he was exceptionally brave as we all know and at the end he helped Harry (Although it was for all the wrong reasons.)

So how can basically one book delete the previous six in people’s mind? I will never understand.

the soul has bandaged moments

fandom: gravity falls
characters: stanford pines, stanley pines
words: 1386

The Soul has Bandaged moments -
When too appalled to stir -
She feels some ghastly Fright come up
And stop to look at her

-Emily Dickinson

Sometimes, having someone to talk to is scary and healing at the exact same time.

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Dover Beach Chapter 9

Dover Beach Chapter 

CS Lieutenant Duckling AU /?

Rating: T (for now, M later)

So for those of you reading this story, here’s some more.  And for those of you hanging out for something else - I promise there’ll be another chapter of Prairie Lullaby one day!

All Princess Emma had really wanted was a little time to herself, to just be Emma and not all the things everyone expected.  Of course falling into the sea had not been a part of that plan, and now she’s left in a strange place with a strange young man and perhaps home is a lot better than she thought it was.

Lieutenant Killian Jones hadn’t intended on saving a princess.  But pulling her from the water is only the start of the journey and now they have to figure out a way to survive the dangers facing them, and each other.

Stuck together and far from home, the two of them are about to discover that sometimes it takes learning about someone else to really get to know yourself.

Chapter 1 is here

Chapter 2 is here

Chapter 3 is here

Chapter 4 is here

Chapter 5 is here

Chapter 6 is here

Chapter 7 is here

Chapter 8 is here

Also available on FFnet

And now on AO3!

Killian seems reluctant to go along with her plan which makes Emma fear the worst.  It’s clear that he finds the whole idea of pretending to be married simply abhorrent and now she wishes that she’d never proposed such a thing in the first place.

It’s not like Emma doesn’t understand that she’s hardly the wife Killian would pick, no doubt he’d opt for someone who understands the intricacies of wood stacking and has a mortal fear of cats.  But the way he recoils when she tries to hold his hand - because they should try to actually look married, shouldn’t they? - still hurts her feelings. 

“You’re just going on ahead without me,” she complains, while Killian just frowns at the hand she’s grabbed.  “And I thought that perhaps we should try not to lose each other in this crowd.”

Emma wants to add that they’re supposed to actually want to hold hands, but honestly, Killian looked less upset when she tried to hand him a baby.  So she’s going to hold her tongue because if she has to hear him list all the reasons he doesn’t want to take her hand then she’s possibly going to cry.

It has been a very trying two days, and Emma will be very glad to be home.

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anonymous asked:

Something out of the blue I just noticed! R'Sugar has stated multiple times that SU revolves around love. Diamonds are often used as marriage rings to symbolize wealth and devotion. Taking this into context, the Diamonds may have been very close and intimate high leaders of Homeworld, and then grew distant, cold and oppressive as a result of losing one of their sisters.

I don’t think it’s quite that simple. After all, things like the structure around Pearls and their systems of imperialism have been around for long periods of time.

Something I will say is that a lot of people view the Diamonds as oppressive or super controlling which I always find a strange attribution. If anything, from what we’ve seen: Yellow Diamond sends a lot of people on assignments away from Homeworld, and the only scrutiny or analysis she puts on them is if the job gets done, and what they self-report. Peridot was able to lie through her teeth to YD that the ship crashed on account of an accident rather than by the Crystal Gems and YD didn’t challenge it at all, even though she had her suspicions otherwise. 

The Diamonds definitely have their flaws, but it feels like a lot of the time, the fandom just sort of ascribes flaws to them that they think are sufficiently evil-sounding without actually paying attention to what their real flaws are. I’ve heard people accuse the Diamonds of being “opulent” and “greedy” when we see Yellow Diamond in an inhospitable, spartan room without a speck of art or comfort to be seen and her allegedly ornamental personal servant being anything but ornamental. 

So I’m going to talk about the Diamonds a bit- and, tying into what you’re saying about love, how I think the Diamonds feel about Homeworld.

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