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pairing: min yoongi x reader  // slight park jimin x reader, college! yoongi, college! jimin
genre/warnings: slight angst, fluff, slight mention of vomit
• words: 12,614
→ summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?
note. flashbacks indicated by italics

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Ours Part Two

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Paring: Archie Andrews x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Loved, loved, LOVED, your most recent imagine “Ours” and was wondering if whenever you got the chance you could maybe do a part 2 where Archie and the reader tell Fred about the baby? I just think that it would be totally adorable for Fred to get home from the hospital and just see a little archie!

Words: 1274

Part One

Note: Just like the first one, this one is pretty sappy and kinda short but God, I loved writing it! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to send in a request yourself! Also, I know absolutely nothing about children, so if there is anything unrealistic, please forgive me.

For the rest of the afternoon, the three of you just hung out in the living room. Veronica went home to give you and Archie some quality time. The house was warm and cozy, so you couldn’t help it when you dozed off for an hour or two. It had been a long car ride down from the city and you definitely enjoyed finally getting to rest. When you woke up, you found that you weren’t the only one that was sleepy. Archie was laying on the floor, his eyes closed and mouth parted in a miniature smile with a little Freddie fast asleep on his chest. You moved so that Archie’s head was in your lap and lightly moved a piece of ginger hair out of his face. His sleepy smile widened and his eye opened slightly.

“Hey.” He said. You put a finger to your lips and pointed to the baby sleeping on his chest. “Oh.” He grinned and whispered. “How long do you think until I can move?” You shook your head.

“I don’t know. It might be a couple hours.” You leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead, followed by his nose, before reaching his lips. He sighed into the kiss, but you pulled away, shushing him again. “You don’t want to wake him.”

“You are evil.” He growled softly, bringing his head up to kiss your jaw. A sound outside caught both of your attention. A car engine. Archie’s eyes grew wide. “My dad’s home.” You cautiously lifted your son. He started to cry, but you got him to calm down with his favorite bear. Archie had already run outside to meet his dad, but Mr. Andrews was through the door before Archie could even begin to explain the situation.

“Y/N? When did you get-” He stopped, his gaze falling to the ginger headed baby in your arms. He looked at you, then Archie, then back to the baby. Then back to you, then Archie, and back to the baby. He brought his hand up and smacked the back of Archie’s head. “When were you planning to tell me about this?”

“Now actually.” Archie groaned, rubbing the spot Fred had hit. You laughed.

“Archie didn’t know until today either, Mr. Andrews.” You stepped closer to the pair. “This is Freddie.” A bright smile spread across his face.

“You named him after me?” You nodded and he held out his arms. “Well let me see him.” Archie sighed in relief and you handed Freddie to his grandfather. He grinned down at him and Archie moved to put his arm around you. Fred glanced up at you. “He looks just like you, Y/N.” He shifted his gaze to Archie and smirked. “Thank god.” Archie rolled eyes and smiled.

“Now that you’re here, I can finally show off my new cooking skills.” he said and excitedly pulled you into the kitchen. “I started learning while you were away.” Fred followed the two of you with Freddie tugging on the collar of his shirt.

“I don’t know Arch, maybe it’d be better to head to Pop’s.”

“I am perfectly capable for cooking a meal for my girlfriend and my son.” He beamed when he said the last word. The part of you that worried about Archie’s acceptance to being a father faded away. Obviously being in high school and having a kid was not ideal, but having Fred and the Lodges was hopefully going to make it a little easier. Fred rolled his eyes and went back into the living room, bouncing little Freddie in his arms.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” You snickered as Archie wondered helplessly around the kitchen looking for the right pan or the correct ingredient. “What are you even making?”

“It’s a surprise. Now go.” He shooed you out of the kitchen and you laughed, sitting next to Fred on the couch.

“I’m not old enough to be a grandfather.” He groaned and you laughed. He turned to you with a sincere look in his eyes. “Do you need a place to stay? Cause I’m sure we can fix up a room for you and this little guy.” He tickled Freddie’s foot, sending him into a fit of high pitched giggles.

“Actually the Lodges have already set up a place for me to live like they did when I was in the city. It’s small, but it’s nice.” He nodded as you explained. “I made sure it was near here. I wanted you and Archie to be close.”

“Are you planning to go back to school?” You blew out a breath.

“Yes?” He gave you a puzzled look. “I want to, I really do. I just don’t know if I can take care of Freddie and go to school.”

“We can make it work.” He promised. The two of you began hatching a plan that would allow you to go back and attend Riverdale High while still being able to take care of Freddie. Schedules were made, babysitters were researched; you were quite productive as a team. It wasn’t until after you had figured out when Fred would be working and when he’d be home that the smoke alarm from the kitchen blared. Freddie started to cry and Fred tried to calm him down while you rushed in to find Archie swatting at the fire coming from one of the pans on the stove.

“Archie!” You yelled. Since the fire wasn’t too big, you grabbed a large pan lid and dropped it over the flames to suffocate them, yelping when it nearly burned your arm. You turned to Archie with your hands placed firmly on your hips. “What did you do?”

“I don’t know. I tried to fry some vegetables and it just… whoosh.” He pouted, staring down at his feet. You ruffled his ginger hair, your heart melting for the puppy-dog-look on his face. “I just wanted to make you dinner and now my kitchen looks like I’m some kind of tornado.” He huffed. You looked around. He was right: there was water all over the floor, smoke created an haze between you, and utensils were strung about the counter.

“Maybe next time.” You said, kissing the tip of his nose. He pulled you closer to him, wrapping his muscled arms around you. Someone coughed and the two of you pulled apart. Fred stared at the two of you with a knowing smirk on his face. He had managed to stop Freddie’s wails and the baby was now rocking peacefully in his arms. He raised an eyebrow at the sight before him.

“I take it we’re going to Pop’s?” Archie nodded mournfully. Fred handed Archie his son and gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Don’t worry kid. When I was in college, it took me four months to actually put a frozen pizza in the oven.” He grabbed his keys. “I’ll be in the truck.” Before he left, he turned to deliver one last message. “And don’t think I’m not grounding you, because I am. You are so very grounded so that this,” He motioned to the red headed baby, “doesn’t happen again.” He left the kitchen and you could hear the door close behind him.

“This is happening.” Archie said, looking down at Freddie who was reaching his tiny hands up at him. “I’m a father.” You stood on your toes to kiss he cheek.

“Yeah. And I have a feeling you’re going to be a great one.” You laced your arm through his and your new family walked out of what finally felt like your home.

Part Three

Seventeen’s Reaction to a Unexpected Kiss

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S.Coups: You and Seungcheol would do small things for skinship like holding hands or hugging so when it comes to a random kiss it wouldn’t be completely foreign. However, even if he doesn’t pretend to notice right away if you look closely you can still see his ears turning a shade of red.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan is the type of person to see skinship as a major necessity in a relationship so it has just become a natural thing between you two. Chances are if you decide to give Jeonghan a kiss out of the blue he’ll decide to pull you into him for a longer one.

Joshua: Joshua would react differently depending on where you were. If you were with only him he would be okay with whatever form of skinship you were to do. But if you were in public and you decided to give him a quick kiss he would turn a dark shade of red and would be shy about it.

Jun: For Jun it doesn’t matter where you are or when it happened if you were to give him a quick kiss he would be one hundred percent okay with it. He would pull you in for another kiss or a big hug, basically using this moment as an excuse to show some form of skinship back.

Hoshi: If you were to randomly kiss Hoshi he would giggle, an actual cute fit of giggles would erupt from his chest because he just loves you so much. He would end up being a little flustered, but nonetheless ridiculously happy and bubbly. He wouldn’t end up doing some for of skinship back, but he would end up saying something cute.

Wonwoo: You would be able to feel Wonwoo’s body freeze up and see a small embarrassed smile form on his lips. He wouldn’t be one to use skinship all that much making the moment that you do this so much sweeter. It’s definitely something he would think about and blush about for a while.

Woozi: Woozi would pretend to be angry about it and give you a joking scowl that just so happens to be adorable. He would mutter “what am I going to do with you,” under his breath. Even though he wouldn’t say it out loud, he would secretly hope that you would do it again.

DK: Seokmin would immediately pull you into a big hug if you were to give him an unexpected kiss on the lips. He would end up laughing a bit to himself which you can feel in the hug. Even if it was unexpected Seokmin was someone who would use any excuse to hug you.

Mingyu: Mingyu would be a little flustered if you were to randomly kiss him. The amount of skinship in your relationship depends on how the both of you feel in the moment. Although, even if your kiss did leave him a little red in the cheeks he would try to play it off like it was no big deal.

The8: Despite what you may think Minghao just so happens to love skinship. He’d constantly be looking for an excuse to play with your hair or to give you a kiss on the cheek, so in the grand scheme of things a random kiss on the lips would only be another thing to add to the list of the cute things you do together.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is someone that shows skinship naturally: touching you without realizing, playing with your hands, etc. However, I think if you were to initiate it yourself he would be really cute about the situation and say something about how amazing of a boyfriend/girlfriend you are.

Vernon: Vernon would be the one to get the most flustered out of all of the boys. In general, he’s simply a really shy person so if you were to kiss him out of nowhere that shy interior would shine through. He would end up resembling a tomato, but deep down wouldn’t mind if you chose to do that again.

Dino: Dino wouldn’t even know what to do if you were to give him a random kiss. His cheeks would definetly get all blushy. However, he would reciprocate by casually pulling you into his arms and kissing the top of your head, or if you’re taller than him, he would give you a kiss on the cheek.

White Wedding

Words: 1.8k

Summary: You’re at your best friends wedding reception when you run into the grooms younger brother, Cas.

Warnings: AU, hints of light drug use, is fluff a warning?

A/N: This was inspired by a little drabble I wrote based on the picture above. It was requested by @willowing-love that I write a oneshot. If you can’t tell, this AU Cas is based on Endverse!Cas.


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Tender Tending - Taeil

Bartender AU

A/N: I was really in a Doyoung mood- And I’m sorry, but broad-shouldered bartender DY has me weak in the knees- Him in one of those aprons-
Anywho, it became Taeil… There’s no real plot… Just awkward mutual attraction that develops. I guess this is fluff?
fckme in the ass for that title
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Word Count: 1706

The blaring melody had his ears ringing, his head throbbing with each thud of the heavy bass. His vision was reeling as the strobing lights illuminated the mess before him.
His ears perked as he heard the all-too-familiar shrill sound of glass shattering.


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the-real-sans-the-skeleton  asked:

I had a really hard day today (got harassed at school and then got yelled at) and I was wondering if you would do a request The request is (this might be long sorry) reader find out they are pregnant with Gabe's kid and then before they can tell Gabe the news he is presumed dead and so the reader goes on with their life and has the child then Gabe comes back as reaper and goes to find the reader and then funds he has a family now sorry if it was too long sorry!

((I’m so so sorry you had a hard day hon, those people that yelled at you suck. I hope that things get better!))

“Estoy em-bara-za-da”, you practiced, saying each syllable carefully before licking your lips and nodding. You were playing a short recording over and over, making sure you were saying it right and not butchering the Spanish phrase. “Estoy embara-zada…Estoy embarazada! There we go, I got it!”

You spun in a circle, smoothing your hands down your ‘bloated’ belly, giggling softly and happily. You were pregnant. If you hadn’t taken five pee tests and one blood test, you wouldn’t be sure if you actually believed that it was true but it was. You and Gabriel had talked in passing about having a family; of running away from Overwatch and Blackwatch, finding a home and starting over from scratch. New identities, plenty of money and enough human comforts that you’d never have to look back. You’d never be the ‘Jones’, with their white picket fences and ‘perfect American dream’, but you could be happy and free from all the bureaucratic bullshit that was intrinsically tied up with Overwatch and Blackwatch.

Especially now since things were looking so bad. Between the sensitive leaked information about Overwatch, deaths of prominent Overwatch agents, the reveal of the existence of Blackwatch and the witch hunt the world was on, it was time to get the hell out of dodge. Jesse had left first with Gabriel’s blessing, but his protege couldn’t convince the Blackwatch leader to leave himself. He had wiped records of your existence and moved you to Aix-les-Bains, France; explained that it was safer to be out of Switzerland for the time being, the hour commute back and forth more than worth it to keep you directly out of harm’s way.  What that harm was, he hadn’t revealed to you.

‘It’s better you don’t know, amorcita. Keeps your hands clean of this bullshit.’

Still, maybe with this news he could finally go through with those fanciful ideas of yours. You jumped as you heard you phone begin to buzz, drawing you out of your inner mind and back into the real world. Pushing a hand through your curls, your brow furrowed as you listened to your phone’s nonstop buzzing from across the room, grunting agitatedly. Crossing the room, you grabbed the device and pressed a button to illuminate the screen. Your blood froze like ice in your veins as you read the emergency notifications that were filling up your screen.

‘Explosion at Overwatch Geneva Headquarters’

‘Gigantic Explosion Rocks Overwatch HQ, Unknown Numbers Dead or Injured’

‘Unknown Numbers Hurt and Injured after Explosion Hits Geneva’

“Oh god…”

It had taken three more months until Gabriel’s status was changed from missing to dead, Reinhardt bringing you the personal effects that been found in the debris. His hat, a tungsten ring you had given him and his dog tags; all burnt but still there. Your fingers traced over the letters of his name, a soft sob leaving your lips as you pulled the objects tight against your chest. He may have left the physical plane, but Gabriel hadn’t left you alone. Your hand smoothed down your round stomach, looking up at Reinhardt with a watery smile.

“Thank you…”

“Isabella”, you warned, the bright eyed two year old looking back at you. She had managed to climb halfway up onto the the kitchen table, you rushing and scooping the adventurous little girl into your arms. She looked so much like her father, you joked that she was his little clone, only picking up traces of your features. Big brown eyes framed with thick black lashes, soft copper skin covered in tiny freckles and a head full of thick, wild black curls that framed her chubby little cheeks. “Princesita, how many times must mama ask you not to climb up on the table, hm? You’re going to end up just like those little monkey and bump your head!”

You began to tickle the little girl, spinning her in your arms and smiling at her screaming laugh, peppering warnings and kisses to her head and forehead. You had tried to keep her father’s memory alive; teaching Isabella Spanish and using the affectionate terms you could imagine Gabriel using, showing her vids and pictures of her father and his friends to prove that he was a hero that had laid down his life to protect them. Isabella knew his face, would call him daddy and talk to his framed picture in those short toddler sentences. It was hard, admittedly, to raise her all on your own but you loved your daughter and you know that Gabriel would be happy to know how you both were living.  

“Mama”, Isabella said through giggles, her own chubby little fingers stilling at trying to tickle you. She tilted her body backwards as she looked at the door frame that led to the front door, making you grunt as you took a half step forward to catch her. You shifted your daughter to your hip, the little girl grabbing onto your shirt to steady herself before pointing. “The doorbell mama!”

“Good ears mi amorcita”, you complimented, gently ruffling the child’s hair and bouncing her on your hip with each step. You were expecting a few packages for Isabella’s owl-themed birthday; a colorful owl plush, a dress, umbrella and rainboot set with the same type of owl and a new book featuring the same, sweet cartoon-y creature. The doorbell rang once more making you scoff in annoyance, Isabella yelling again to notify you that the doorbell was in fact being rang. “Thank you little one. I am coming!”

You tried to keep your voice singsong-y, a small tick of annoyance pulling at your neutral smile. Rude ass postman rushing you when they knew damn well you had a child and they didn’t have that many houses to go to in that area. Shifting Isabella on your hip, you put a sweet yet annoyed smile on your lips, undoing the locks before throwing the door open.

“Sorry for ma–”

You jumped startled, arms wrapping tightly around your daughter as you caught sight of the person on the other side of your screen door. It was a tall man that was dressed in all black; black cargo pants, a black hoodie and black boots. Something tickled in the back of your head, there was something…familiar about that silhouette.


Your eyes jumped back to your daughter, the child less scared than you were but more curious as to why you were squeezing her so tightly. Shooting a sweet smile down at her, you took a small half step back, prepared to hit the lockdown button near the door.

“I don’t know who you are but you should go”, you said, voice steely and serious, eyes darting between your daughter, the button and the stranger. “Now.”

The stranger chuckled softly, the sound low and gritty and solemn but familiar, your stomach flipping nervously. Your hands hovered over the button but you still couldn’t find it in yourself to press it just yet as the stranger began to turn, pushing the hood they had up off of their head.

“Cautious as ever mi reina”, the man said before locking eyes with you, a melancholic smile playing on those ever familiar lips. Gabriel Reyes stood in front of you, scarred and pale but alive and you froze. It felt like all the air had been knocked out of your lungs as you stared your dead lover in the face, your heart thundering in your chest.

“Gabby”, you breathed out weakly, tears immediately rolling down your cheeks. Your mind couldn’t process this. Gabriel shouldn’t be here, they hadn’t found a body but there is no way that he could be here…and alive. You hiccuped, adjusting Isabella on your hip again before wiping hardly at your face. “H-how?”

“Let me come in cariño”, Gabriel said, his hand lightly pressing against the glass of the screen. Now that he was closer, your eyes studied what you could of his facial features. His large brown eyes were now the color of fresh blood. His warm undertone was now gray, making his brown skin appear duller. There scars you had never seen before on your face, but you knew somewhere in your heart of hearts that this was the love of your life. His eyes kept darting between you and Isabella, his expression communicating unbelievable longing.  “I will explain everything, just please let me in.”

“Papa! Mama that’s papa? Mama look! That’s papa?”

“Yes baby”, you said softly, voice cracking as you tried to keep it together for your little girl. “That is your daddy…should we let him in?”


Your hands shook as you unlocked the door, your senses suddenly filled by the scent of his cologne and pomade, his arms wrapping tight around you as he pushed through the door. You unconsciously squeezed your arm tight around him, the feeling of completeness filling your body. He broke away from the hug, a real smile on his lips as he looked between you and Isabella once more before bending slightly so that he could be eye to eye with the two year old. The little girl smiled wide at him, her hand reaching out to actually touch his face, bursting into a fit of giggles when Gabriel kissed her palms.

“Hi there ángel”, he said, his voice unbelievably soft as he stood up to full height.

“That’s not my name”, the toddler corrected, brow furrowing at the ‘name’ her father had imposed on her. “My name is Isa-bella Ale-jan-dra Reyes!”

She slowed down on her own syllables to make sure she said each of them correctly before grinning wide at the man, her father. Gabe’s eyes lifted to look at you, shocked that you had given her his last name before looking back to the little girl, pure love and adoration in his eyes.

“Hey there Isabella…”

anonymous asked:

how would ace sabo and marco react when their s.o tells them ' i love you' for the first time?

I hope you like this, deeeeaaarr~


  • You What?
  • No, that can’t be. Ace knows (in that head of his) that he can’t be loved
  • Why would you love him in the first place? “I mean, I know we’re dating and all and- but you- I don’t-
  • He seriously can’t believe you, but he can’t help himself to actually believe you, you know?
  • He wants to belive you so desperately, because he loves you so very much. He loves you more than he hasn’t loved anyone
  • “Ace, I love you”, you’re smiling at him, caressing his cheek and looking at his eyes and your voice is so sincere and-
  • “Yes”, he whispers. “Yes, I love you too, [Name]”


  • He has a nervous giggle fit, actually. He blushes juuust a little bit, but he tries to act cool about it
  • “[Name]-chan”, he whines. “I was supposed to say that first
  • He’s pouting and all and it makes you giggle and that makes him die, so he kisses your forehead and smiles fondly at you.
  • “I love you, Sabo”, you repeat, touching the scar on his face to let him know that you can see through him and that your love for him is way bigger than the things that makes him insecure
  • He leans into your touch, accepting your love and giving his back at you: “I love you too, [Name]”


  • He’d taken off guard. He’s usually very smooth, but you always know how to make him hesitate and take a step back, not in a bad way of course
  • At first he doesn’t even think you really said it “sorry, love, what was that?”
  • “I said I love you, Marco”
  • But you really said it!!!! And he can’t speak and you’re looking sad!!
  • “Wow, you are so beautiful”, he’s saying non sense now, “[Name]. [Name], yes. I love you too!”, he hugs you tightly, pressing you against his chest and kissing the top of your head. “I love you so so much”
  • You happily takes his hug, hugging him back and breathing in his scent
Fan of a Fan // Park Jinyoung

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Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (feat. the rest of GOT7 + JYP)

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You’re a famous foreign celebrity and a good friend of the owner of JYPE. Jinyoung has always had a crush on you, and upon meeting you in person, he finally realises what it’s like to be a fanboy who meets the love of his life in person.

(Y/C) = Your country

Being in the limelight came with many perks as it did downfalls – but you were always the type of person to count your blessings first. And one of the many pros of being a celebrity was the fact you got to visit so many countries around the world, and right now you were on your way to Seoul for a well deserved vacation and to meet with your good friend, JYP – owner of JYP Entertainment.

You had first met JYP back when you began acting – he was in (Y/C) at the time attending the same convention as you.  Your manager introduced you both - and the rest was history. You were thankful for the invaluable advice he gave you, and always telling you that if you ever decided to visit Seoul to drop by the JYPE building to say hello; and that’s exactly what you had planned on doing. You were of course a huge fan of JYP, listening to and searching up new music by the talented artists that he produced – GOT7, Twice, Wonder Girls and Day6 just to name but a few.

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(Requested by ateliefloresdaprimavera

You erupted in a fit of giggles. “There is no way he actually had to run home with only a speedo on.”

The two of you were sharing embarrassing stories of your ex-boyfriends, the perfect way to begin healing from Paul’s betrayal. Leah had told you a story about her ex-boyfriend Sam, who imprinted on her cousin. And I thought I had it bad. What if Paul imprinted on my sister or something?

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the astro marching band au

part two, aka its classical time!!!! (ft knk bc how could i not)

  • the only reason the band director is able to survive the switch back to wind ensemble is because he now only has to deal with these kids for one hour instead of like, six
  • bc really, the menace these kids are during marching season is nothing compared to the hell they are during wind ensemble where there is No Control
  • tbh the woodwinds aren’t the problem when are they ever because the woodwinds have eunwoo and mj pretty much running the shots
  • everyone is still amazed eunwoo is as good as he is along with being brilliant and also good at guard hes basically not real but ya know we all knew that
  • and it helps that eunwoo and mj are friends and are in sync really well because any time flute and oboe are paired together it just works beautifully
  • no for real they once made a judge cry bc of a duet it was a great time
  • the only time the woodwind section completely lost it was when seungjun, the first bassoon, completely fucked up on a solo and started laughing and then everyone else slowly dissolved into giggling fits and mj actually laid down on the floor 
  • the band director was at a loss of what to do tbh
  • the real pain in the asses are the brass section (with bonus help from the percussion section)
  • the trumpet section is arguably the worst section 
  • the first reason is because inseong is first trumpet and is constantly battling mj for the solo’s bc first trumpet and oboe can occasionally be interchanged and once mj was having a bad reed day and the band director gave a solo to inseong and mj is still hella salty about it 
  • like hella. hella. HELLA salty
  • the was the Worst day of jinjin’s life tbh lunch period was spent with mj aggressively complaining to jinjin with jinjin just nodding along
  • the second and third reasons are v simple: heejun and sanha
  • heejun was fine on his own, inseong could control him but then sanha showed up and everything went to shit bc it became a contest of how annoying one could be
  • the answer is very annoying
  • they’ve had multiple batons’s thrown at them
  • and mallets tbh when rocky gets annoyed he just starts chucking shit in sanha’s and heejun’s direction
  • in the middle of this is really tired Dad youjin who is first trombone player and really really just wants to graduate and be left alone
  • dont get me wrong he loves heejun and sanha but if they take one more piece down the half octave for fun he is actually going to hit them with his trombone slide
  • the percussion section actually has some semblance of control bc most of them are scared of jinjin
  • those that aren’t scared of jinjin are scared of jihun
  • jihun is only terrifying bc he loves the mallet instruments like they’re his children and has scared the shit (re: heejun) out of people who deciding banging on a mallet instrument is a good idea and fun stuff
  • and then bin and rocky just exist in their own little world that mostly consists of bin playing timpani and staring at eunwoo with hearts in his eyes and rocky trading off snare with jinjin and trying not to chuck something at sanha
  • honestly, the fact that their band is as good as it is is a miracle tbh
Prom...? (Taehyung/Reader)

Originally posted by ladynwh

Pairings: (Taehyung/Reader)

Prompt: Hey would anyone like to write a prom fic with Taehyung. I just had mine lol, I wore an A-line red dress that was off the shoulder. I even fell over from tripping on it lmao. I just thought a cute prom story would be fun. 

Genre: Prom AU!

Words: 1,900

Tags: Fluff

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Jumping to Conclusions: Oliver Wood X Reader

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

You and Seamus exited the library, giggling about how angry Madam Pince had gotten at the sight of the snack he smuggled in. You two had just finished up a study session, as you werent doing so well in Astronomy and Professor Sinistra had suggested asking someone for help. She mentioned Seamus being a good student, and as you were already friends to some degree, you decided it was worth a shot. He agreed to tutor you, and his assistance was not only improving your astronomy abilities, but was also quite fun.

As you passed through the heavy doors, your eyes spotted a familiar figure, one donned in a Gryffindor robe, walking towards you: Oliver Wood. Oliver was your long time crush, and you could feel your cheeks begin to heat up from his unexpected presence. You two were actually rather close friends, but your infatuation with the boy sometimes made it difficult to pretend your feelings were strictly platonic. 

“(Y/N)! I’ve been looking for you, where-?” he stopped mid-sentence as he noticed the boy standing beside you, still laughing slightly to himself.

Your heart leapt in surprise at the thought of Oliver searching the castle for you, but you brushed the thought out of your mind before it could become a distraction.  “I’ve been studying in the library with Seamus! We just had a rather frightening run in with Madam Pince, actually,” you dissolved into a fit of giggles again, recalling the look on her face. 

“Oh,” he replied, unsure of how to react to the obvious inside joke. He took notice of the way you rested your hand on Seamus’s shoulder for support as you laughed, not to mention how close you two were standing to each other. His stomach clenched in jealousy at the sight, and he couldn’t help but wonder if this had been a study date

“It was awful,” Seamus agreed, the statement conflicting with the grin on his face. “We were actually just headed down to get some food from the kitchen, since ours got taken away. Bet you anything the old bat’s snacking on our grub as we speak.”

Sneaking down to the kitchens when it was almost time to return to dorms? A late night dinner for two?  Tip-toeing back to their respective common rooms through deserted castle hallways? Yes, Oliver concluded, it was definitely a date.

His eyebrows furrowed at the realization and he muttered a quick and obviously forced “have fun,” before turning on his heel and speeding away to somewhere he could mope in private. 

“Hm, I was going to ask him to join us, but I guess he’s busy,” Seamus shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess so…” you trailed off, wishing Oliver hadn’t left in such a hurry. You hadn’t even found out why he was looking for you! Not to mention the fact that his sudden change in demeanor hadn’t gone unnoticed, and you were worried that you might have done something to upset him. You followed Seamus to the stairwell, your heart sinking to your stomach as you let your worries take over. 

By the time you two reached the kitchens, Oliver was nearly half way across the castle, his anger powering his stride into a walk so powerful that first years were throwing him looks of fear as he passed them. He wondered how he could’ve been so stupid, to think that you’d go for a guy like him. 

But Seamus! He was younger than you, and Oliver was sure he could count the amount of times he’d ever seen you two together on one hand. Was there even any chemistry between you two? Did Seamus appreciate the cute look you got on your face when focusing on schoolwork? Did he notice the way you’d twirl your hair in your fingers sometimes? Could he appreciate the color of your eyes, your knowing smiles, or all the brilliant things you’d say? 

“Not as much as me,” Oliver mumbled to himself, causing another classmate to eye him warily as he passed.

He knew the way he was feeling was selfish; if you were happy, he should be happy for you. But he couldn’t help feeling like his heart had been stomped on. He’d liked you for so long, he wasn’t sure he could suppress the feelings of adoration. It wouldn’t be fair to you - or Seamus, for that matter - if he hung around you two while harboring this secret love (because he was beginning to realize it was love, which only made this that much harder) for you. 

It seemed that there was only one option: he couldn’t be around you anymore. He would just have to drive you away, ignoring you as best he could. 

“Love sucks,” he sighed as he walked up to the Fat Lady, the portrait giving him an understanding nod in return.


Sitting in Charms the next morning, your leg bounced anxiously under your desk. You had been so distracted the night before, and it wasn’t hard for Seamus to guess what was on your mind. He found out about your feelings for Oliver, and even though you made him promise not to tell, you had a nagging feeling in your stomach. Oliver, who sat in front of you, hadn’t even looked at you this morning. He was avoiding your eyes, reverting to shuffling parchment or fiddling with his quill when you tried to grab his attention. Now, with his back turned to you and Professor Flitwick beginning his lesson, you felt hopeless. 

This continued in History of Magic, where Oliver usually sent you notes in the form of a paper airplane, which flew gracefully to your desk with the help of his wand. There was no note today, and you couldn’t focus on the lecture at all, because you had been so distracted. You gained your courage in Transfiguration and sent him a note, but as soon as it landed on his desk, you watched him place it to the side, ignoring it. 

Maybe it was dramatic, but you could feel a lump forming in your throat now that you knew he was ignoring you for sure. You couldn’t think of anything you had said to upset him - it seemed like he was mad at you out of the blue.
The only reason for him to ignore you was if Seamus had spilled your secret and Oliver was uncomfortable with the knowledge of your feelings. The more you thought about it the more upset you became, and tears soon stung the back of your eyes. Was the thought of you liking him really so awful that he resorted to the silent treatment? 

Students around you began to stand, exiting the class, and you realized you had payed zero attention to yet another lesson. You watched as Oliver stood up, leaving the note folded and untouched on the corner of his table.

Tears began to spill over and slide down your face. You stormed past the boy, quickly heading to a bathroom where you could cry freely without being seen.

Oliver, however, noticed you wiping at your face, and as he put two and two together, he nearly felt like crying too. It was his fault that you were so upset, he had been the one to bring you to tears. All because he thought ignoring you would be the best for both of you in the end. He unfolded your note hastily, and the scrawled writing of, “I’m really sorry if I did something to upset you, Oliver. Would you please talk to me?”  only made him feel even worse.

He trailed you quickly, but you disappeared into the girls room before he could catch up. Regardless, he waited for you outside, knowing Snape would hate him for skipping Potions, but not caring. He was going to make things right with you. 

It was halfway through that period when you finally stepped out into the deserted hallway, feeling as though you could manage the rest of the day, as long as you didn’t have to see Oliver. 
Unfortunately for you, he was the first thing you saw when you exited the bathroom. 

“(Y/N)! Are you alright? I saw you crying; I got worried-”

“Oh some right you have to worry!” you snapped. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I shouldn’t have ignored you, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was upset, I was angry, and it felt like the right thing to do.”

“I don’t understand, Oliver. What did I do?” you asked, your voice breaking.

You didn’t do anything, I…” he trailed off, sighing. “I didn’t want to interfere with you and Seamus, for one thing. But I was also hurt because I’ve been pining over you for a year only to see you end up with another guy - on the night I was planning to finally ask you out.”

“You have feelings for me?” your heart fluttered in your chest as you processed what he was saying. “You were going to ask me out?”

“Well, yes. I understand if it makes you uncomfortable; that’s partly why I thought it’d be best to just -” his explanation was cut short by you throwing your arms around his neck, hugging him in relief and excitement.

You pulled away slightly to look into his eyes as you spoke. “You didn’t even think for a second that maybe you were jumping to conclusions? I don’t like Seamus, Oliver, I like you. Even he knows that,” you laughed.

Oliver blushed. “Well it looked like…” he almost continued, but then realized that the one he loved was in his arms, and had just confessed to having feelings for him. So instead of talking, he leant down and kissed you.

It was slow and gentle. He caressed your face with one hand, the other still placed firmly around your waist. Both of you relished in every detail, wanting to remember everything about the first kiss. And afterwards, he made sure to finally ask you on that date.


(Requested by Anon)


You winced and stood to the side as your friend Jacob screamed at his older brother. You had met him for the first time a few days ago, and he immediately imprinted on you. He wanted to tell you first before he told Jacob.

“You know how imprinting works Jacob. I looked at her and I imprinted. That’s it.” He rolled his eyes, ignoring the fact that Jacob was shaking like a leaf. “She’s 17! You’re 25!” Jacob motioned back and forth between you and his brother, trying to get you to see reason.

His older brother snorted and shook his head. “I’m sorry, which one of us imprinted on a baby?” For once it was actually Jacob who was blushing. You couldn’t help the fit of giggles that overtook you.

“Y-you imp-printed on a BABY?” You couldn’t hear his response over your cackling. What a hypocrite!

Ticklish Belly Button

Septiplier because I got this ADORABLE prompt and ticklish!Jack is the cutest thing i’ve seen in a long time!-Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Read The Prompt! [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I really like this one! I think it turned out really cute. And thank you to the anon who stopped by with some writing advice about paragraphs and formatting, as you can see I took that advice to heart in this fic. I hope I did this prompt well!

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All Grown Up (Christmas AU)

Hello friends, I’m back with a Christmasy scenario based on this post! Enjoy! :)

Summary: Jungkook is back from his first semester of college for the holidays, and you’re thrilled to see him again, but what happened to the shy nerd who could barely talk to girls? And when did he get so dang good looking?? 

Genre: Fluff (like major fluff) Word count: 1,410 Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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We're diving in, there's nothing left to lose

Genre: smut (a bit of fluff ??)

Warnings: masturbation, grinding

Word Count: 1,926


A/N: wtf i actually wrote a fic ??? after something like 4 months…ive had so much writer’s block im actually surprised at myself for getting inspiration for once. have this shitty fic i wrote i hope u enjoy (btw i might be on hiatus until july bc exams)

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Yes Daddy: Part 3

Master List

Warnings: Smut, Daddy Kink, Protective!Chuck, 

Pairings: God!Chuck x Reader, Mentions of Dean x Cas and Sam x Gabe

You wake up early the next morning, before Chuck you try not to disturb him as you untangle yourself from him but he walks immediately and pulls you into a tight hug and throws a leg over yours trapping you.

“Chuck c’mon I have to get up.” You try to wiggle free but Chuck just holds you down nuzzling into your neck. All you get in response is a muffled ‘no’. “Babe I gotta go see what the boys are up to and tell them about the new arrangement.” When Chuck still doesn’t move you decide to get him riled up. “Unless you want me to keep hunting normally? It’s been awhile since I killed a few vamps or I could send some demonic bitches back to hell?” Chuck immediately shoots up and shifts you so he is hovering above you and you can see the rage in his eyes.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!” He shots his face inches from yours. He leans down for a bruising kiss. When he pulls away you both get up and get dressed and Chuck snaps his fingers and you’re in the bunkers kitchen. You see Dean singing along to Metallica as he makes breakfast like he does every morning he hasn’t turned around yet so you sneak up behind him and whisper, “Hey big brother whatcha cookin’,” in his ear. You swear he jumps six feet in the air and screams like a little girl. The pancakes splatter on the floor and you fall to the floor in a fit of giggles. Of course you don’t actually fall Chuck catches you and lays you down gently.

“What happened?” Sam runs in with his gun drawn looking for a monster.

“Your darling little sister scared the piss out of me.” Dean snaps.

“Oh. Oh hey you’re back so what’s going on?” Sam asks when he sees you. You gesture to the table.

“You guys may want to sit down.” You say as you sit down Chuck next to you wrapping an arm around you. Sam and Dean glare at Chuck’s arm and your closeness but sit down across from you all the same. Their expressions unreadable.

“Ok so Chuck and I were together for about two years before he went missing. I had no clue if he was even still alive after he left,” you pause when Dean raises his hand, you roll your eyes but motion for him to say whatever he’s thinking.

“Is that why you hunted like crazy and took all those risk for a year?” Dean asks and suddenly you feel Chuck’s grip tighten and know you’re going to be in for it later.

“Yeah and just generally feeling alone I mean you quit hunting and Sam was hunting with the Campbells but I didn’t think he was even alive. The only people I really had were Garth and Bobby. I mean you were finally happy Dean I couldn’t and wouldn’t interfere with that.” You look to Chuck and see that his eyes have darkened tremendously.

“You took unnecessary risks?” Chuck’s strangles out. “What if you would have died?”

“I thought you were dead, I felt like I would never be happy again.” You say as though it’s nothing. You were better now why does Chuck always make such a big deal about everything?

“You think that justifies putting yourself in danger? I might be rethinking our agreement if you ever take a risk again.” Chuck growls.

“What agreement?” Sam and Dean say in unison.

“Chuck didn’t want me to hunt at all, but I convinced him to let me still tag along to do research and patch you idjits up. Also his house is only ten minutes from here so I’m moving in with him.” You whisper the last part afraid of what your brothers might do. When you were sixteen you brought home a guy for the first time and Sam and Dean had scared him away in a matter of seconds.

“Your moving?” Dean asks looking hurt.

“Yeah but you can come visit whenever you want and now Cas and Gabe can stay here more often.” Yeah you knew both your brothers were hooking up with angels. But Gabe was your best friend and Cas and you had slowly gotten closer especially after the whole Metatron thing when Cas felt like he failed the world. Gabe was brought back by Chuck and Amara after the made up.

“What are you talking about?” They ask in unison.

“Oh please I’m dating God you don’t think I know these things plus I have eyes. Dean you and Cas always stand right next to each other and the whole ‘profound’ bond thing is totally code for soulmates/sex. And Sam when gabe came back from the dead you two ran into each other’s arms and just held each other for like hours. I asked Chuck and he said that Cas is Dean’s soul mate and Gabe is Sam’s. Just like Chuck is mine.” You say and Chuck brings the hand he’s holding up to his mouth and kisses it.

“You don’t, you don’t think it’s wrong? Either of you?” Dean asks. Sam tries to act like he doesn’t care but you know your brothers and know the are actually serious.

“Why would we think that you guys are soul mates, you know destined to love each other and be together. I love you guys why would I give a shit if you are gay.” You tell them sternly. Chuck nods along with you.

“She’s right I believe Castiel himself said it best the I God am utterly indifferent to sexual orientation.” Chuck says nonchalantly.

“Why don’t you guys live here? I mean if we have three hunters, two angels, one of which is an archangel and God could we be any safer.” Dean says. You look to Chuck hope filling your eyes. You want to live with Chuck but you don’t want to leave Sam and Dean either.

“Of course we can baby girl. Like I said I’ll do anything to make you happy.” Chuck says as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead. You don’t think you could be any happier.