actual favourite song in the musical

[…], old songs gave these young friends a common musical ground:

“Yes, songs from that era, we’d actually grown up with. It’s funny, in films like Nowhere Boy, you’ll get this thing where John’s mum is teaching him rock-and-roll or buying rock-and-roll records. But two of John’s favourite songs, when I met him, were ‘Close your eyes, put your head on my shoulder …’ which is very much a Thirties/Forties song. And the other one was 'Little White Lies’: 'Doo-doo diddle-oo, the lies that you told me …’ When I met John those were the kind of songs that we’d been listening to.

That attracted me to him. I thought, yeah, I love that song. And he’d say, 'I love this one, or that one.’
—  Conversations with McCartney, by Paul Du Noyer
modern vampires of the city

obvious bicycle: never know which part to sing

unbelievers: the one everyone actually knows the words to 

step: the music nerd’s favourite bc of pachelbel’s canon 

diane young: “DYING YOUNG GET IT” yes everybody gets it

*the smoothest transition ever*

don’t lie: the ticking clock in the backbeat of the second chorus is the best thing

hannah hunt: genuinely the prettiest song in the whole wide world

everlasting arms: cute but is it anyone’s favourite let’s be real

finger back: wtf is this song about

worship you: aodasdksaldmakwoijajdksdmoijaiwd yOU YOOOOOOU

ya hey: so so beautiful and strange and “YAHWEH GET IT” yes

hudson: the song you hear right before you get murdered

young lion: blissful perfect ending to the album wow


I’m actually sobbing. I’m not just crying, SOBBING!! Was not expecting them to sing two of my favourite songs 

4/30 Rainbow Veins 

Although there’s not much to say about this song, Rainbow Veins is actually one of my most favorite Owl City songs ever. There was a point when I’d play it over and over again (I’ve played it at least over 200 times now). It’s not too lively like his current songs, but it still makes me want to lightly headbang and dance on my seat.


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Got7's faces were amazing lool ❤️ Damn I really wish Jackson was there tho. His reaction would have been priceless 😂 Dream girls is one of my favourite songs/films/musicals. Awhile ago I actually dreamt that I sang "Dream girls" to the boys lmao

I know he missed outttt :(


@phobosapollo tagged me to make a playlist that would spell my tumblr url, so here it is. 

If you want to hear what houlebubo sounds like, give it a go here 

I tag @sungloves, @natantrash@lacehearted and whoever sees this and thinks it might be fun! If you do it you’re welcome to tag me so i can listen to it!! (also it doesn’t have to be in spotify, it can be youtube, iTunes, soundcloud whatever you use) 

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: OK but my favourite sound and style for B.A.P is DEFINITELY their hardcore sound and style. Warrior, Power, No Mercy, One Shot, Badman, YW&F, Skydive, they're all such AMAZING songs that have the power to not just hype me up, but tp cheer me up no matter how bad my day has been. Their lyrics are motivational, the corresponding music videos are gorgeous to look at, B.A.P's dancing and singing performances of these songs are entertaining and epic, and the actual songs themselves are just gems to listen to.
  • Physic: what-
  • Me: BUT THEN AGAIN, I tell myself this, and then whenever I hear that B.A.P are dropping a cheesy, happy, bright song and concept I'm all "aw no this isn't what I wanted" thinking I'm actually going to not like the song and then BOOM, I hear one second of the track and I'm in love. I was all "Oh God no" when I heard about Feel So Good and then BAM one of the best songs of the year with an adorable dance. I was all "I didn't ask for this" before That's my jam dropped and then BANG instant repeat for the next few months. I was all "THIS ISN'T THE B.A.P I ASKED FOR" when I first saw Stop It and then KABOOM one of the greatest tracks ever made by any artist, with a crazily catchy chorus and quirky music video.
  • Psychic: the-
  • Me: I JUST CAN'T DECIDE ALRIGHT but it doesn't feel right to say I like both because HOW CAN TWO THINGS BE SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BUT BOTH SO GOOD? If any other group made a cute song and video I would drop them faster than the beat in hurricane, but B.A.P vaguely smiles in a 3 minute video and bang I'm smitten. I would rather listen to B.A.P's worst song on repeat for the rest of my life than any song on the radio. They could sing about taxes for 20 minutes straight and I'd be liked damnnn that shit's fireeeee.
  • Physic: Fuck?????

Websites such as 8tracks and Spotify are full of study playlists made to increase task focus and provide a bit of background noise. I thought I would add to the plethora of music posts by listing some of my favourite playlists, albums and songs to study to! Let me know if you would like another post like this with more recommendations!


8tracks is one of my favourite websites for discovering new music and these are a few playlists that I listen to most when I am in deep study mode!

Idealism by amberrob - This is simply just a lovely playlist of contemporary classical music and I discovered a number of my favourite study songs through this gorgeous playlist (x)

Colorless by Vesper_V - This is actually a playlist for my favourite book of all time, The Secret History by Donna Tartt. However, this beautiful mix is made up of instrumentals which are wonderful to listen to whilst studying (x)

inspiration + study by mydraco - A mixture of instrumentals and light vocals, this playlist has accompanied me through my studies longer than any other playlist (x)

french cafe by michelletao - I love listening to music in languages in which I am not fluent whilst studying to make a change from instrumental music and this is a wonderful playlist to study to (x)

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So I found out you could change the playlist artwork and this happened.

Anyway, the actual songs in the playlists don’t really have anything to do with the Sides but it was just fun to do ‘cause Thomas makes me happy, so I wanna be happy looking at the playlist artwork. (Basically I just assigned them the playlist title that matches their personality, and although Morality’s playlist is “favourite”, I do not have a favourite Side.)

Anyway, I added the edits to this post too …

we all know how bad isak is at maneuvering the internet™ so what if even helps isak get to know the gay side of the interwebs (beside the gay test of couse)

even introducing isak to gay youtube like:

  • “you never watched a coming out story???” and then proceeding to show him the ones that helped him come to terms with himself
  • showing him cute couples that vlog (and picking up their catch phrases)
  • “actually there are also gay people on youtube whose videos don’t revolve around being gay. like there is this science channel that even i like to watch and they are a gay couple” and isak is really surprised that they exist

even going “isak you know you don’t HAVE to buy every film you want to watch, right?”

  • and then showing him his favourite gay lovestories including, but not limited to, “The Way He Looks” and “Jongens”

slowly easing isak into pop music again by playing him his favourite songs byy out and proud gay artists

  • think about them listening to years & years while cuddling in bed
  • isak quietly singing along to Troye Sivan 
  • even convincing isak to listen to Pentatonix and then spending an evening marvelling at their talent. he even gets isak to admit that Scott kinda rally is his type. 
  • Frank Ocean
  • feel free to add to this list

Okay but a genghis khan musical movie tho think of the possibilities:

  • Dancing henchmen, now with actual personalities
  • Hero having a introduction song thats basically a polished up version of what his life is like: it’s very james bond like and all that stuff
  • Villain having a very typically villainous introduction song and hero interrupting him. 
  • It basically being a running gag that agent always interrupts villains songs
  • Angry duets 
  • Fighting but it basically being dancing
  • Villain debating how to kill hero w/ his henchmen and them being like “Listen dude. It’s blatantly obvious you have a crush on him now go and get ready cause he’ll be there in a minute” and dressing him up in some very nice suit, cologne, maybe polish up his nose lmao, all in a dance number while villain’s protesting
  • Hero shows up and tries very hard not to notice how good villain looks suddenly (not that he doesn’t look good normally)
  • (Ex-)wife and villain having a big dance number where wife says villain has grown soft, villain trying to prove he’s absolutely not gone soft because of some stupid secret agent and is still very menacing (lmao)
  • The henchmen having their whole own song without villain, hero or anyone else. Like in the cafetaria, talking about whatever, then hero storming into the cafetaria with villain following him, fighting each other while the henchmen watch, singing about their thoughts on the whole ‘our boss is in love with his arch nemesis’ thing
  • Cute dancing and singing children!!!! I love them. 
  • Hero seems to almost exclusively take on missions where villain plays some sort of part, according to his boss. They eventually believe him when he says he just hates the dude very much and wants to take him down but he just never seems to succeed, he doesn’t understand how he seems to escape every time either.
  • The agency actually capturing villain in some way, agent helping him escape by providing just the tools he needs
  • Having to pretend he’s upset over villain escaping like ‘Why don’t we have any competent agents around here? Who put the key on a hook right next to the cell door?? Hmm??’ fucking nerd
  • Henchmen with actual personalities I wanna know what the guy who goes ooh in the background is really like
  • The martini glass making an appearance
  • Hero making shitty nose puns and villain getting back at him by making fun of the martini glass
  • Flirting without even noticing it themselves with henchmen rolling their eyes in the background
  • You know that labcoated guy in the background who sits at the computer and also goed ‘ooh’? He needs a part lmao
  • 60s music!!! lots and lots of different 60s music
  • Villain and agent physically fighting over something (a remote, a key, etc.) and them almost kissing
  • Villain deciding this needs to end now because he’ll lose everything he has if it doesn’t
  • Him and a team of scientists constructing the laser, the scientists very carefully asking him whether this is a good idea. Someone says that he could always just shoot him if he wanted hero dead, to which he answers that hero deserves something special. 
  • Hero being heartbroken when he’s placed on the table, discovering that he really can’t get out of it this time, scared for his life.
  • A duet with villain desperately trying to ignore hero trying to interrupt him while he’s singing about him wanting hero to get it on with nobody else but him, and when he’s about to push the button, the buzzer powers down the machine
  • So not only ANGRY duets, also sad duets
  • Wife asking whether he’s killed the agent yet when the children have gone to bed, and giving him an ultimatum when she hears he hasn’t
  • Villain having a reprise of his introduction song: his song was about how evil he was and how he was gonna take over the world yada yada, the reprise is about him hating how he suddenly has goodness in him, and how he hopes he’ll be able to do it the next day so everything can go back to normal. Hero’s part is about how he hoped villain had some goodness in him but apparently he doesn’t, because he’s going to kill him, but he still hopes he won’t.
  • Next day villain’s semi-convinced himself that he’ll be able to do it. He wants to tell hero how he feels but that he knows a relationship between them wouldn’t work out, and he DOES tell him. Hero’s going to die anyway, right?
  • The same events happening as in the video, but with a bigger dance number because come on it’s a musical, the henchmen are gonna do something more than just bopping along in the background
  • Hero reassuring villain that it can work out, and they’ll figure it out together.
  • Wife having observed everything that happened and shooting hero after dramatically appearing from behind a pillar, then escaping
  • Hero lying in villains arms, singing a kind of bittersweet goodbye song and villain being like ‘Shut the fuck up I’m not going to let you die’
  • Hero survives, of course, and is moved to a bed in the hospital wing to rest (not before kissing villain passionately, of course)
  • Wife coming to visit him in the hospital wing to finish the job, him singing about what his life was really like and how he glamorized it to feel better about himself and the image he should uphold as an agent, and how he loves villain and wants him to be happy, doing this to distract wife (but all of it being tru lmao) .Wife singing about how she never had the chance to pursue world domination because villain would amass their empire and she had to take care of the kids, also singing about her tragic backstory and that she worked so much harder for villains love than hero and he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Him using the oppurtunity to push a silent alarm button that summons henchmen to the hospital wing. Wife proceeding to fight off the henchmen and escaping through the window
  • A very Serious Conversation about how thinks will work out, about what wife said to hero, etc. 
  • Villain and hero dreaming about their future together, which turns into a nice dance ending number, complete with a scorned ex-wife as a nice cliffhanger at the end.
  • Which means happy duets
  • Henchmen and scientists with bigger parts holy shit give it to me

i was ranting to my cousin about kerrang and she was like ‘we should start our own kerrang!’ and we joked about it but like.. we could do something? 

my main issue with kerrang is that they’re constantly featuring the same bands (that everybody already knows about) and not paying any attention to newcomers or bands that don’t have the magazines exact image. i think we’d started talking about it because my cousin had watched the kerrang music channel and asked me if they ever actually played anything new, or if they really did just play music from 10 years ago all day

we were kind of muddling with the idea of starting a zine that did the opposite of kerrang?? just a showcase for music that we think is cool 

but also like… would you guys wanna get involved with it? like if i asked for people to submit small articles about their favourite songs/bands/musicians ect would you guys wanna do it?? maybe you have local bands that you really like, or just a favourite band that you don’t ever get to see in magazines that you think other people would really love?? or you saw a support act that really made an impact

i’d maybe also ask for photography/art submissions??

idk its a really rough idea rn but i just wanted to see what the initial response was??

please don’t reblog this!! just reply or send me an ask :-)

Isn’t it strange that you actually know nothing about me? You do not know about my favourite books, you have no idea what I like to do on rainy sundays or that I enjoy listening to classical music when there is a storm outside.
You don’t know about those memories I love the most or that I could talk about philosophy all day.
—  // so why do I believe that we met for a reason?

Turnover, “Like Slow Disappearing”

I was afraid but you were glowing like the most relieving light. 
You were my revealing light.
I closed my eyes and suddenly we were 
You stayed with me after the moment passed. 
I felt you buried deep under my chest, like my lungs when I’m breathing in and I was not myself when I opened up my eyes again.

People kept saying shoegaze. I like shoegaze. I bought the album. It’s really cool. But maybe not what I consider shoegaze. Certainly indie-rock though. This is my favourite track. It’s actually really beautiful, the music that is. I love the shimmery nature the of the production (reverb?). I guess this song, for me is the closest thing to the shoegaze I listen to, on this album. I Would Hate You if I Could gets pretty close as well. Both of those songs are great, but I much prefer this one, Like Slow Disappearing. I like the chorus. It’s nice.

The photos in the booklet are kind of nice too. However the actual cover I dislike. There’s something about the cover picture that unnerves me. Perhaps it’s the huge fucking spider. Regardless, I switched the booklet around so that the back page picture is the cover. It’s a nicer picture.

It’s all nice.

Small ways to show someone you love/care about them:

* Texting them first
* Telling them they look nice
* Showing them a song that reminds you of them
* Getting some food or their favourite flowers or something for them without them asking
* Asking them how their day was and actually showing interest in the answer
* Small little love notes
* Telling them you miss them
* Offer to do things with them/make plans without them having to organise it (this could be going out, playing games, watching something together)
* Sending them stupid/cute selfies to let them know you’re thinking about them
* Approach them first
* Random and unprovoked hugs/kisses
* Checking in with them every so often if you aren’t already talking
* Make an effort with their friends
* Engage in conversations with them, and ask follow up questions
* Set aside some time just for them
* Express that you are proud of they do something challenging for them
* Ask for their opinion
* Express your passion for things, and enthuse that you’d like them to look into it so you can talk about it
* Treat them with small gifts, some handmade crap or something cute, it really doesn’t matter
* Reference something they mentioned in passing to show that you are listening
* Discuss literature and music, recommend things to each other and follow through on looking into them
* Ask them to tell you about something that lights up their eyes
* Share your troubles; let them help. And vice versa
* Hold the door open for them, grab their coat if it’s far away; the smallest things enforce the idea that you care
* Offer your jacket when it’s cold, get two straws on a drink that you’ll share; cliche things are common for a reason
* Catch their eyes from across a room; they’ll know you’re still thinking about them
* Say goodnight/goodbye. Don’t leave the conversation abruptly unless you have good reason
* Thank them
* Small compliments are never a bad thing; big ones are also pretty damn good
* If something isn’t working in the relationship, discuss it; do not leave it to fester, or it could lead to the end
* Stand up for them
* Tell them that you really appreciate them
* Prioritise them
* Respect them
* Let yourself love them

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Fall Out Boy Facts You May Not Know

• Full Name: Patrick Martin Stumph
• Birthday: April 27th 1984  
• Favourite Food: Pumpkin squares made by his mum
• Patrick hates BBQ sauce
• Before FOB, he worked at 2 record shops at once
• Patrick once punched Pete in the face over song lyrics
• Patrick has a fascination with marine animals that are extinct
• Favourite Quote: “Quite is the new loud”
• Patrick is a huge fan of David Bowie
• Favourite Film: Rushmore
• High School: Glenbrook High School
• Patrick is only 5’ 4
• Patrick hates being called “Pat”
• Patrick is a huge fan of Jazz music
• Patrick’s last name is actually “Stumph” but removed the “H” because of pronunciation issues

• Full Name: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the 3rd
• Birthday: June 5th 1979
• Pete wrote all of the lyrics from “Under the Cork Tree”
• Pete has his own record label called “Decaydance Records”
• Pete used to be a soccer player
• Pete plays bass and piano
• Pete hates black liquorish
• Pete is 5’7
• Pete gets stage fright when he has to order coffee
• Full Name: Andrew John “Andy” Hurley
• Birthday: May 31st 1980
• Andy formed the band “The Damned Things” during FOB’s hiatus
• Andy has been vegan since age 16
• Andy has over 2,600 tattoos, as he gets them all in little squares
• Favourite Bands: Slayer and New Kids on the Block
• Andy’s father passed away when Andy was only 5
• Andy was listed on PEATA’s sexiest vegans poll in 2006
• Andy is the smartest member of the band
• Andy is the second oldest in the band
• Andy will leave a room if people start smoking
• High School: Menomonee Falls High School
• Andy’s house has been featured on MTV’s “Cribs”

• Full Name: Joseph Mark “Joe” Trohman
• Birthday: September 1st 1984
• Joe is the youngest member
• Joe was brought up Jewish
• High School: New Trier High School w/ Pete
• Before FOB Pete and Joe formed a band called “Arma Angels”
• Joe collects guitars
• Joe loves Star Wars
• Joe once acted as Pete’s chauffeur and got his license suspended  

• They are known for their long song titles
• Their name was suggested to them by a fan at their first gig
• “Sugar We’re Going Down” was on Billboard’s Top 100 for 20 weeks
• The band’s official fan club is called the “Overcast Kids”

time to play my favourite game: “how many times will I restart this song before I actually pay attention to it”