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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.


7 Days of Robron
↳ Day 6: Favourite funny Robron scene → ‘‘No, Aaron, I forgot the gun. I was too busy sharpening my machete.’’ (17.10.16)


S10 Countdown: 46 days - or
The one scene that cuts me into tiny pieces with pain and beauty - SN 01X12


Lørdag 29.10.16 kl 15.15 - Kan ikke jeg bare bli her inne med deg for alltid? Kan jeg? Du kan det.

ya okay.. deffo a conversation to be had about shiro’s possible favouritism and all but can people stop using the BOM episode as proof for that? he didn’t pick keith because he wanted to, he picked keith because he literally said that the red lion was the only one who could withstand the heat from the star so… sneeze

he didn’t pick keith bc he’s his ‘favourite’ or whatever. he literally says why he picks keith right here. idk why this gets ignored sm????


Endless list of favourite Alec Lightwood scenes
“You wanted us to save you, restore the Lightwood name.” - Rise Up (1x09)


215 acres outside of Rutland. Rutland? Vermont. Okay? Ample space for the library, close to my house. You can run the foundation from Bennington. It’s nearby. You want me to move to Bennington? I want you to run my foundation. From Vermont. I’ve decided that’s where I’m going after the election. Take Teddy. It’s close to Karen. I’ve never been fly-fishing. I hear it’s the most challenging, the most peaceful. Vermont has some of the best fly-fishing in the country. You’re not saying anything. I can actually learn to make jam. No. No? No! I have been busting my ass building up your foundation. I am killing myself to further your legacy, to accomplish something, to change the world, without Congress or or he courts as an obstacle. And you want to make jam?!

anonymous asked: an edit of your favourite episode: Endeavour 1x02 | Fugue.
Pevensie Affection
The Chronicles of Narnia Cast
Pevensie Affection

↳ prince caspian cast commentary ⇾ pevensie affection.
Georgie: Will and Anna, I think that’s the first time in both of the films when the Pevensie children have actually shown some kind of affection towards each other.
(sound of grumbling and disagreement from the others.)
Anna: We all hug Skandar in the first one.
Georgie: Apart from the hugging of Skandar… it’s just Skandar who gets all of the hugs.
Anna: I hug you at the Stone Table.
Skandar: Yeah, there are lots of hugs.
Georgie: Okay, actually, I’m going to take back what I said. In this film, that’s the only sign of affection that the Pevensie children show to each other.
Anna: You hug Will in the bear scene.
Georgie: Good point.
Will: Yeah, and in the Aslan scene.
Georgie: I’m just gonna shut up.
Skandar: It’s the only time in this five minutes where they show any affection!

#yeah the pevensies never show any affection #who would think that?


banna appreciation week
Day 5: Hugs



Who’s Bubba?