actual favourite film


“Michael Mann’s Heat. And the reason I say that is because… I probably watch it once or twice a year and everytime I watch it I find something new in it. It’s the most precise thriller really of our modern era.”

I have quite a love for French animation, so here are some of my recommendations (tho a lot are actually favourite films of my friend and her sis) feel free to add any,I have a terrible memory tbh

The book of kells

Jack et la mécanique du coeur ( Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart)

Nocturna (is Spanish-French apparently) 

Long way North

Un monstre a Paris 

Le magasin the Suicide 

Mr Hublot (it’s a shirt. You can just watch it like this) 

Star Trek Beyond Spoilers

I absolutely fuckin adored this movie so i’m gonna list under a cut all my favourite parts I can remember (there are A LOT)

 (please don’t read if you don’t want spoilers)
(They wont necessarily be in order in which they happened in the movie)

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One reason I’m so happy about Zootopia (it’s called Zootropolis in the UK, where I am) is that the protagonist gets called out on her problematic actions because I am so tired of protagonists getting away with shit just because they happen to be on the ‘right’ side within the film.

Because then I also think we come to understand that in real life that just because you claim you’re a ‘good’ person doesn’t mean you don’t say or do problematic shit.