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  • someone that isn't my fp: i care about you and i love you so much. i don't ever want to see you hurting yourself, you are so loved and cared for.
  • me: lol ok thanks
  • fp: hey bighead
  • me: GOOD SHIT 😩💯💯💯👏🏼🔥🔥👏🏼👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😩😩💦💦🔥💯💯👏🏼

favorite  episode of season 3 ❊  2:10 du er over 18, sant?

control your hoes, is all i’m saying.


I will not be that person.

Eleanor Guthrie Memorial Week | day two: favorite quote

Hawkeye (2012) #11


Do the roles you choose reveal who you are?

The kind of work that you choose to do is much more important as an actor than what I say, as Andrew, myself, and so I get-do become very gratified when people respond to the work and I do give an awful lot of myself to the work that I do.  I give as much as I can, reveal as much of myself as I can, through my work and that allows me I think to not have to speak too much about my private life.  But as I say there’s a difference between privacy and secrecy so I like to be private, but not secret.

What I really enjoy about your characters is that they contain both male and female qualities.

We all contain female qualities and male qualities.  Some people feel that as a man to contain female qualities is shameful, and some females think having male qualities is shameful, but neither of them are shameful, they just are what they are and we all can have different male and female qualities in us and our happiness depends on our acceptance of how it is and I don’t think it’s even important to measure how much you have of each, you know you can’t put it in percentages it’s fluid…or how much of us is a boy feels like we’re a boy when you’re a man, and it’s to accept the child in you and the female in you or the whatever there is in you and what’s important in choosing work is that you let your imagination go so that if you are playing someone that’s very masculine, or feels very masculine that you go to-I go to that part of me that feels very masculine and vice versa.

Do you think a character’s gender or sexuality are important to describe him or her?

I’m asked a lot of questions about do I think there could be a new female Doctor Who, or do I think there could be a gay James Bond, which are very valid questions and representation is incredibly important but what we have to look at in characters are not where somebody is – to look at the attributes of what way you want the character to be, so being female or being gay is not a characteristic, they’re just parts of who you are as an identity and those things are distinct.

Should gay characters be privileged?

Being gay is not a virtue. It’s not a flaw, but it’s not a virtue. Attributes that you may develop out of being gay like being empathetic or courageous or kind…or selfish, may result from being gay but the thing itself is not a talent or a virtue, it’s not something that you can actually cultivate so therefore it actually has not really any more value than being straight does, so we have to look at who we are as people and how we can support everybody.

Is the world ready for a gay villain?

I hate the idea of sanitizing gay people, that they’re sort of the funny best friend or that they’re this or that they’re interested in shopping oh we’ve seen it all before, and all that stuff is…I think that sort of emerged and there’s a story to be told, you know?  And when we are just looking at …it’s just original ideas because people surprise us all the time. What was interesting when we were making Pride was that there was a whole – when fifteen of the leading characters are all gay, you’re not saying ‘nobody’s playing the gay one,’ you’re playing in the same way in any group of friends…you don’t go ‘the gay one, the straight one,’ so if everybody is gay then you start to look at their different attributes because you get that gay person’s completely different to that gay person, who is completely different to that gay person in the same way you do with straight people.


my two most favorite people in the world


Monica’s 25th Birthday

Lost Files Pt3: Issa Mess After the club




the calendar // panic! at the disco

When one of your special interests is so weird that you’re pretty sure you’re the only one to have it and to get excited about it :

[gif of a young white girl with a ponytail. She’s saying with a proud smile : “Nobody around here really appreciates my taste in weird stuff.”]

@nerdfishgirl sent me over as the Resident Star Trek Production Expert to inform you that Beltran was in fact Like That to fans and on set-but that is not the best of the Voyager Crew Shenanigans by FAR. You might already know this but it’s still my favorite story about Star Trek’s impact on society.

So, in 1999, Rick Berman (the sleeze that he is) decides that Voyager needs a “hot chick” and they hire Jeri Ryan to play Seven. Jeri Ryan at this time is still married to Jack Ryan, a politician in Illinois who was running for senate. Jeri Ryan does a little bit of Star Trek, and here enters the Space Lizard King (also referred to as “a Ferengi with sideburns”), Brannon Braga. He begins to have an affair with Jeri Ryan, which really freaks out Jack Ryan. (I can’t imagine why…)

Ryan decides to steal his wife back and instead of saying “Hey, why are you having an affair with your weird boss,” he takes her to a bunch of ultrakinky sex clubs in Europe. (What a romantic!) It’s Jeri’s turn to freak out, and she goes back to Brannon and files for divorce. They both decided to keep the proceedings closed for the sake of their careers, and Jack Ryan continues on with his life, rather bitterly, I would assume. Now, in 2004, Jack Ryan is back up for reelection (coincidentally, this is when Braga and Ryan stopped being an item.) He’s actually the favorite and people are whispering about a presidential campaign, but then the divorce records open up. Somebody leaks them to the press. This becomes a full blown scandal. Jack Ryan’s popularity PLUNGES. The next Republican nominee is a bit of an ignorant weirdo and gets crushed by the Democrat nominee.

After winning the senate, Barack Obama’s bid for the presidency is secured. 

And that’s the best story I know about the Voyager shenanigans.

Okay so I’m going to a con tomorrow and Bryce Papenbrook (English voice actor for Chat and many other anime characters) is going to be there and I’m kind of freaking out???????

amystrozzi: Fun facts about #YvonneStrahovski: 1- She is obsessed with #RoseHipOil for her skincare and doesn’t use much else 2- I think this is the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on her since we’re laughing 98% of the time and 3- after our glam session yesterday she gave @clarissanya and I sage that she picked and bundled herself from the mountainside. 🌿❤️ Now go catch up on #TheHandmaidsTale on #Hulu! #PraiseBe [x]

Stop using “psycho” and “psychotic” as insults to a character.