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The Consequences of a Sleepy Dan

Words: 1,711

Type: Fluff, sleepy, friends to lovers, reality, kissing, to break my writer’s block.

Summary: Dan fell asleep too late, rather too early, and now he faces the consequences in the morning. Though they aren’t all bad.

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The light outside the dark clothed windows in Dan’s room woke him up far too early for his liking. He’d been up late the night before, his brain frayed from sleeping so much nowadays and he ended up diving into the world of human anatomy to learn about how the brain works. Interestingly he learned that the two hemispheres of the brain could be disconnected from one another and the person could still go on about their daily lives as if nothing had changed. Dan had found this fact so fascinating he ended up on his computer until the early hours of the morning when he finally called it quits for the night.

Dan stretched out his limbs, his back muscles stiff from his odd sleeping position. Slowly, Dan got out of bed and made his way towards the lounge as he yawned. He was still unbelievably tired, it must be only a few hours after he had went to sleep, he thought.

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BTS: being shipped with their idol crush (you)

Jin:  makes a fool of himself while trying to impress you. He knows the fans are going crazy over the smallest interactions between the both of you, and he’s more than glad to a king of fan service. He’d make little hints about you during interviews, making people wonder if you’re actually dating, making you face palm and finally approach him about it since he’s too cute to handle.

Suga:  is actually really embarrassed…he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea that he’s the one who started the rumors of you dating him. He might make a public statement and ask politely if people could stop making it seem like you’re together, since he barely knows you (though everyone knows he’s been crushing for so long, claiming you were his ideal type more than one time), but eventually he’d confront you about it.

J-Hope:  he’s a good friend of yours, you just never thought hanging out together would escalate like this and make everyone think you’re a couple. He’d try avoiding you out of embarrassment, since he’s pretty sure that by now you’re aware of his crush. When asked about during interviews, he’d laugh it off and accidentally slip out that he’s been wanting to be more than friends.

Rap Monster:  now he’s an even bigger flirt, winking at camera whenever he’s asked about you, yet he still keeps everything vague and makes everyone wonder. He’s hella shook when you respond back in an interview, and call him handsome and saying that you’d love to get to know him better.

Jimin:  bruh he can’t even get through one day without having everyone teasing him about this, since they genuinely think that you’re together. He’s barely met you during award shows and such, yet he couldn’t help develop feelings over those small interactions. When you complimented his voice one time, he felt like he had to respond somehow and get in contact with you, since he was sure you had a little crush on him as well.

V:  keeps everyone in anticipation as he talks about how great you are/how much of a fan he is of your group. Won’t even be scared to come out and say that you’re his ideal type, but he just doesn’t know you that well. He’s really silly and sometimes puts on your songs while they’re doing a v live, and dances perfectly to your parts while singing along and smirking, knowing that you’re gonna watch this.

Jungkook:  he had no idea that he’d fall for you immediately after meeting through a mutual friend, or that the whole world is shipping you two as a power couple. He’s flattered and somewhat shy around you now, but he’s thinking that you’re probably too busy to be into someone like him so he’d ignore every question concerning you until you finally respond with something to end his doubts.

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dtk15  asked:

58 please H2OVanoss please!💛🖤💛

58. “This is by far the most stupid plan you’ve ever created. Of course I’m in.” 

(This is such a cute prompt-also I may or may not have been watching Ghost Adventures before writing this >.>) 

Jon is a smart man, (despite what his friends might think-more specifically Luke, who tends to treat him like the exasperated older brother) so obviously all of his ideas are equally just as genius, obviously.

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Backseat Serenade (M) | Hoseok

Genre : Smut/Angst/Fluff || Hoseok x Reader 

A/N : Here is a fic dedicated to my beautiful bias’ birthday. The title and inspiration for this come from the song Backseat Serenade by All Time Low (x.

Word Count : 5,016

Description : You and Hoseok had left things pretty badly six months ago, when you had to leave, and go back to America, but now you’re back for a while. The problem is you’re drunk, and you can’t help yourself from calling him up, will he forgive you?

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I knew the moment I scrolled through my contacts list, and pressed down on his name, that it was a mistake; but honestly I was too drunk to care. 

I was too lonely to care. 

I pressed the phone to my ear, and hummed in boredom as I waited for an answer. It was on its third ring, and I could feel my heart sinking lower with each passing second. I almost hung up early in frustration, but then a click comes from the other line, and there’s a small pause filled with silence. 

“Y/N?” A strange feeling spreads throughout my chest, at hearing his voice for the first time in six months. 

“Hey Hobi…what’s up?” It was at this moment that I realized I hadn’t actually thought of anything to say to him. It was just a drunken impulse, and I don’t know what to do now. What do we talk about? Do I ask how he’s been, what he’s been up to?

Tell him I’m sorry for what I did to him.

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Some Descendants Headcannons

Jay has a small lamp key chain that he fidgets with when he’s nervous, stressed, or thinking. He rubs his thumb over the surface of it almost subconsciously as he goes about his life, and he always has the trinket on him. It was a gift from Evie for his birthday and he silently dubs it as the best gift he’s ever gotten, although he’ll never tell Evie that. (She knows).

Mal becomes a bit of a fashion icon, much to her confusion. She finds pictures of herself in magazines, both with and without Ben, with descriptions of her outfit and where to buy certain pieces for cheaper, or how to find a hair dye with similar hues to her own. She soon has to walk the streets with sunglasses and hats to avoid being mobbed by ‘fans’. Mal has absolutely no idea how this happened, and whenever the paparazzi asks her for a statement she continually insists that she’s not a celebrity or an it girl or a fashion icon. The next day when The Mirror comes out with a new issue with the words, ‘Mal is not only beautiful but humble!’ with Mal’s full quote and picture beneath it, she actually face palms in exasperation.

Ben misses a lot of school due on his new found duties as King, and he actually misses quite a few key concepts. But instead of enlisting one of the kingdoms many royal tutors, Ben asks Evie to help him with his classes, both in an attempt to get closer to her as a friend and because he knows how intelligent he is. Ben actually thrives under Evie’s teaching style, and he actually ends up getting better grades than he did when he was actually going to school.

Evie becomes a Candy Striper, both for the cute outfit and for the learning opportunity. She actually really likes medicine and medical magic, and she’s always carefully studying the doctor’s equipment and clipboards when they’re not looking. She becomes quite enamored with coma recovery and medical procedures, and it’s then that she realizes that she wants to help these people. While the Evil Queen was the one to put people to sleep, Evie is the one determined to pull them out of it.

Carlos actually can’t sing very well. He’s horrible and he knows it, but he likes to do it anyways. Jay cannot even count the amount of ties he’s come home to Carlos blasting music and performing to Dude with intricate dance moves and off-key singing. He’ll usually let Carlos finish a couple of songs before he lets himself be known, and he actually has a couple embarrassing videos of some of Carlos’ more enthusiastic performances saved on his phone, something that he occasionally teasingly holds over Carlos’ head.

When Chanyeol is your Body Guard

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  • ok so you REALLY hated the idea of a body guard because the thought of someone following you around 24/7 is just a huge turn off
  • being the only child of the prime minister is hard enough and the last thing you want is even less privacy
  • but since you were almost kidnapped (again), your parents literally would not shut up about it and decided to hire one anyways (without you actually knowing)
  • so one day you woke up and the first thing you see is this TALL man in a suit standing in your room like WTF
  • of course your first reaction is to throw the nearest object at him, which happens to be a mug on your night stand
  • of course he catches it, and he has this amused expression starts chuckling
  • you were like WHO THE FRICK FRACK ARE YOU and threatened to call security
  • but then he holds up both hands and calmly introduced himself like “My name is Park Chanyeol, and I am your new body guard.”
  • and then he smiles and it’s like WHOA bright af
  • but you were still too much in shock to realize how good looking this guy actually is and instead face palmed at how necessary things have become
  • and chanyeol starts explaining how you’re under his protection from now on and he’ll be with you 24/7
  • you wanted to cry
  • and very quickly you realize he wasn’t exaggerating because not only did he drive you to school, he also followed you to your classroom and sat beside you
  • that’s when you realized…chanyeol enrolled himself in your class
  • he is now your desk partner
  • gossip naturally starts to happen and it didn’t help that chanyeol’s super hot and it really didn’t help that he’s only focused on you
  • looking for your pencil? he’s got five extra ones ready
  • forgot to bring lunch? he’s got a full course meal packed for you
  • you had to make up a shit ton of lies whenever people would ask you about him
  • “he’s my mentally handicapped cousin whom I must take care”
  • chanyeol didn’t mind, as long as you’re safely besides him
  • plus he smiles ALOT and tries to make dumb jokes to make you laugh
  • you sometimes question how tf is this airhead your body guard??
  • but one thing you really came to appreciate is how he always helps you with your studies
  • you are passing your tests with much more ease
  • and you soon realize how he’s so patient yet bubbly at the same time
  • and his smile is too charming
  • ok now you’re starting to get a little flustered when he gets close 
  • but you didn’t mind that he’s always around you anymore
  • one day, he got you this necklace because he says it will look good on you
  • you were surprised, flustered, happy and confused all at the same time, but you thanked him and wore it
  • and slowly you start to know more things about him and found out his birthday
  • you ask him what he would like for his birthday
  • he says he’s not sure, but he’ll let you know when he makes up his mind
  • and then on the night before his birthday, you snuck out in order to buy him a cake
  • all was going well until some men started following you
  • which totally sucks because you can already guess what’s coming, and you try to run and escape
  • but that didn’t work when more men showed up and blocked you off
  • yup, you’re kidnapped again, and you’re dragged to an abandoned building and locked in a room
  • you’re held hostage for a ransom, and this is something you’re already used to, but this time you are super agitated because THE CAKE
  • you didn’t have the patience and start yelling at the kidnappers because all you could think about at this moment is chanyeol
  • and just when one of the kidnappers was about to punch you to shut you up, the door suddenly busts open
  • and holy crap it’s chanyeol
  • he didn’t waste a second and incapacitates everybody and wow this is the first time you’ve seen him this aggressive
  • and when you finally got a good look at his face he was all out of breath and really angry
  • his face sorta softens when he got to you, but you could still tell he’s really upset
  • you felt bad, but asked him how he found you
  • “the necklace I gave you has a GPS on it”
  • you were speechless af
  • the trip home was super awkward. you tried to apologize, but he just sighs in response
  • and when you guys got home, he follows you to your room
  • and then he starts taking off his jackets and stuff
  • you were like whoa what are you doing?
  • “I’m sleeping here tonight.”
  • “WHAT?!”
  • “It’s not safe. I’m staying with you tonight.”
  • you really, really didn’t know what to say. you were flustered to the max but still had this look of protest on your face
  • but chanyeol simply points to his watch. “It’s midnight, so it’s my birthday. I’ve make up my mind about what I want.”
  • “…What is it?”
  • “To stay with you.”
Mystic Messenger: Cheer Up V!

Hey guys! I’m back to writing! So, this was a fic @otomiya-tickles and I talked over. I told her I wanted to write one, and she gave me so many wonderful ideas to help get me started. So thank you my friend! Also, this fic was inspired by a joke my roommate told me as well. I really hope you guys like this! Please enjoy!


Seven knew that V was still down about the situation with Rika. The mint haired young man sighed out again, which caused the red head to bite his lip. He hated seeing the usually smiling and pleasant young man like this. After all V did for him, it hurt to witness this. Yoosung wasn’t helping at the moment because the young boy was still trying to sort out his feelings about if he still like V or if he hated him, and Seven knew that took a toll on the other since V carried the burden of knowing how Rika actually was. He knew the other had good intentions, but keeping everything inside like he was currently doing was good either. Hearing another sigh from across the room, Seven sent one last chat message to Zen, and logged out of the app. He needed to cheer up V, or else he would go insane. Getting up, Seven pushed his desk chair in, and began to stroll over to the thinking V, who was lying on his side on Seven’s bed. Sitting down, Seven patted the other’s thigh, which gained V’s attention. Sitting up, V glanced at Seven with his good eye.

“Cheer up V,” Seven sighed out, pressing their shoulders together. V looked at Seven with gratitude, but he still felt like everything was sliding and breaking around him. Seven could tell a lot of things were on the other’s mind, and he frowned. What could he do to make V smile at least a little again? All of a sudden, a thought reached Seven’s mind, and the red head grinned mischieviously as he decided to put his plan into action. “Hey V…wanna hear some jokes?”

V sighed out again. Seven’s jokes could be good, yet really corny. Thinking it over, V guessed it wouldn’t hurt to hear what Seven had to offer him, so with an eye roll, the mint haired young man turned complete around until he was able to see Seven properly. Seven smiled really big, and did the same, as he began to think. V looked at Seven’s ridiculous thinking face with a soft expression. He knew the other was trying to cheer him up, and even V wanted himself to find some of the jokes funny enough to laugh. He hasn’t done that in a long time, and maybe laughing would take some of the weight he was feeling off of his shoulders, and make his heart feel a lot lighter then it was at this moment in time. Seven finally put his hands down, and smiled at V.

“What do you call an old snowman?” Seven asked, and V thought for a minute. After a few seconds, nothing came to mind, and the other glanced at Seven with a confused look, and his eyebrows raised. Seven snickered, and crossed his arms. “Water.”

It took everything V had not to groan at the answer. Seven noticed the look V got, and sighed. Yeah…he knew that one wouldn’t work. It was too corny, and he was pretty sure the other just wanted to groan out loud, but didn’t since he didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Letting out a sigh, Seven nodded, and thought up another one. V waited, and when Seven got a determined look on his face, the mint haired young man hoped these weren’t as corny as his last one. 

“Why was the sand wet? The sea weed.”

Not even a smile rose on V’s face, and Seven huffed in irritation. This was going to be harder than he thought it would. Taking a deep breath, Seven decided to spout out all the jokes he had waiting. Just to see if one of them would get a expression out of V.

“Have you seen the movie Constipation? No? Well that’s because it hasn’t come out yet!”

All he got was an eye twitch, and a slightly disgusted smirk from V. It was something, but still not what the red head wanted.

“It’s so cold! Go stand in the corner, it’s ninety degrees!”

V snorted a little at Seven using some math terms for a joke, and the red head grinned at the snort. He finally got V’s poker face to break a little at least. Time to pump it up a little.

“What did one eye say to the other eye? Something smells between us!”

V slightly glared at Seven for the eye joke, which made him wince slightly. Giving V an apologetic smile, Seven shook his head, and decided to continue on with the jokes. He was going to leave out any jokes with eyes for a topic for now on.

“No more corny jokes please, you’re gonna make me puma pants!”

V snickered slightly at that, and Seven smiled deviously. He got to hear a little laugh. V knew he let that out, but the jokes were starting to get a little ridiculous now, and he literally had no idea how much more of them he could take from the red head. Deciding to hear at least two more, V waited for Seven to go on.

“Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the udder side!”

V actually faced palm, and let out a groan. That one was the worse he has ever heard. Seven grinned a little, and decided to try the last one he just thought of. It’s a little dirty, but maybe, just maybe, it would make V laugh, or at least show some other emotion.

“Seven, I understand what you’re trying to do, but I seriously don’t think I can take much more of your…jokes,” V sighed out, frowning a little at the red head. Seven nodded in understanding, those jokes were bad, but he wanted to tell his last one. V saw the determined look on the other’s face, and sighed. “Okay, one more, but this is the last one.”

“Thanks V! Now, get ready!” Seven told him, taking his glasses off to show how intense he was getting. V braced himself, because he had a feeling this joke was going to be the worse, and oh man, was he right. “What’s the difference between hungry and horny? Where you put the cucumber.”

V stared at Seven, feeling his right eye twitching. Seven stared back, and when a growl sounded from the mint haired man’s throat, the red head yelped as he was shoved back, and V sat right on his hips, with his wrists pinned under his knees snuggley. Seven tried to move them, but when they didn’t budge, he gulped down the lump in his throat. V became aware that the lights were brighter in Seven’s room, and when he felt his face, he found out his and Seven’s glasses were scattered somewhere on the floor. Oh well, he didn’t need to see to know where he was going to get his revenge.

“That was the worse thing you could’ve said Seven,” V hissed out, slowly letting his fingers trace under the twitching red head’s black tanktop. Seven let out a small squeak as a ticklish feeling rose on his stomach, as he tugged as his arms, and kicked his feet, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t get his body away from V’s. “You’re going to pay for it now, Luciel.”

“V!” the hacker cried out when the mint haired man’s nails gently scratched as his trembling tummy. V felt a smile rise softly on his face as he listened to Seven’s breathy laughs, and giggles whenever he would hit a soft spot. While his left hand was scratching the other’s tummy, his right hand was slowly sneaking down to squeeze at his thighs. Seven let out another high pitched squeal, and jerked hard as swears flew out of his hysteric mouth. “N-nohohohohoh V! P-plehehehehehehehease!”

V smirked a little, and slowly moved his left hand up into the red head’s ribs, and let out a little chuckle when a squeaky gasp was heard, and his hips jolted up. Seven’s laughter filled the room, and V listened to them. It has been a while since either of them had this much fun, and laughed. Even Seven has been a little off since Rika died, and V really wanted to change the future for them, but he didn’t know how. But since he gets to hear Seven’s contagious laughter once again, he couldn’t help but feel glad the red head tried to cheer him up. V’s right hand squeezed up Seven’s thigh, and moved to dig right into his hip, as his left hand moved up out of his shirt, and traced the other’s collar bones.

“AAAHHHH n-no!” Seven yelled, trying to pull his arms away, with little success. V grinned down at his trapped victim, and carefully scratched under the red head’s chin. Seven let out a small snorts and giggles, as his hips jerked, and he tried to get V’s fingers away from his neck. “N-nohahahaht my hips! P-pleahehehehehehease! Anywhere buhahahahat there!”

V decided to give him some mercy, so he moved his hand of Seven’s hips, and decided to tickle his cute tummy again. Seven giggled more, and let out breathy hiccups as his tummy and neck were softly tickled. The mint haired man noticed that Seven’s fighting for release decreased, and he almost started snuggling into the soft tickling. A memory of when Seven was a little boy flashed in V’s mind, and his smirk decreased into a soft smile. Letting go of those spots, V decided that Seven had enough, and got off of him. When he did so, the red head rolled over, and let out tired giggles as he tried to calm his breathing. V stared at his rising and falling back, and slowly reached out to rub gently and soothing circles all over it. Seven giggled again, but a small hum of contented feelings came out of his lips.

“Thanks Luciel…” V whispered, still rubbing his hand softly into the red head’s back. V watched as Seven’s breathing slowly decreased, and became soft even breaths. Blinking, the other glanced over the body, and noticed that the red head had fallen asleep. Smiling again, V slowly got up, and careful moved himself around, only able to see a few things at a time. When he found the pillow, V gently lifted Seven’s head, and placed it on top. Seven’s lips curled into a small smile, and V grinned a little at it. Pulling the cover over the other, V slowly sat down next to the sleeping adult, and let out a sigh of comfort. He never felt so at peace at the moment then he did now. Feeling Seven cuddled more into his body’s warmth, V decided to lay back as well, and pressed his head into the red head’s soft and warm back. “I had so much fun…thanks for helping me snap out of it a little.”

Seven let out a sleepy mutter, and V closed his eyes, letting his lips form another soft contented smile. Listening to Seven’s even breathing, and feeling the warmth of another body right near him, V didn’t even realize he was slowly drifting into sleep until it was too late, and the leader of the RFA passed out against the hacker’s back.

This is something you probably don’t notice without repeated and not-at-all overly-obsessive re-watches of TYO: if you look closely at Vyv on the bottom GIF, you’ll notice he’s actually face-palming at Rick’s words (although sadly the camera zooms in before you can see it completely). One anarchistic rant too far, I guess. XD God, I’m way too obsessed with these guys… :P

Merry Christmas, nixvicious!

I hope you like it and that you have a lovely holiday! <3


Written in foam

“Stiles, Stiles, Stilinski!”

Stiles Stilinski jerks hard as his name is yelled in his ear, in his momentary panic his elbow that had been resting on the counter of the coffee shop he works at connects with a sleeve of disposable cups causing them to drop to the floor with a dull thud.

“Smooth as always Stiles, really suave,” Erica Reyes coworker, friend and evil blonde bombshell drawls out, the ever present smirk firm on her lips. “Don’t you get enough staring at Professor Hot-Ass in your Lit class?”

“I wasn’t staring,” Stiles hisses hastily, casting a frantic look over to one of the corner tables. “And lower your voice before he hears you.”

“Hey, It’s not like I blame you,” Erica grins ever wider, looking over too with a hungry gleam in her eye.

There in the corner like every afternoon Professor Hale sat clicking away on his computer, a stack of paper next to him and a red pen. More than likely Stiles’ latest paper was in there.

“He is hot like fire, with the sweaters and tight jeans, you so need to tap that already.”

Stiles feels his face heat up even as he lets out a reluctant chuckle at Erica’s salivating tone. “He also sometimes wears hipster glasses.”

“Ohhh,” Erica mocks. “Tap that Stiles, tap it hard.”

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  • Arrow Worker: So Marc, the two plots for the new episode. Oliver rescuing Thea from the clutches of the main villain and his scheme, and Felicity, Felicity’s father, and the guy who worked for Felicity typing on computers to try and beat Felicity’s ex-boyfriend at typing on computers. Which should be the A plot and which should be the B plot?
  • Marc Guggenheim: Obviously the Hack Battle should be the A plot. This is what the fans want to see! Felicity and everyone remotely involved with her character typing on computers! I mean, Oliver rescuing his sister from the season Big Bad? BORING! No one wants to see the Green Arrow saving Speedy (even though Thea isn’t exactly Mia she is still this show's Speedy) on a show based on the Green Arrow comics which Speedy is a part of!
  • Actual Green Arrow Fans: *face palm so hard as they stare in shock and horror at this stupidity* Yeah, we'll just.......we'll be over here waiting for the GA Rebirth comics to come out.

Flash: Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Stiles was totally in love with Y/N. He may have figured that out when she made a Star Wars reference. Stiles was throwing a party in his head because here he was walking to the lunch table with the girl of his dreams. All of his thoughts stopped, Oh no! She’s about to meet my friends. My embarrassing friends that are literally going to interrogate her about the fucking supernatural world. I have to stop he- nope it’s too late. She’s already sitting down.

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I heard the door close. I listened to the taxi drive away. Then there was just silence. Unbearable, painful silence. And I was alone. Again.

2 months later

And you haven’t heard from him AT ALL?”, your friend, and colleague, asked you.

Nope. I talked to his mum a week after. She asked what happened, because he wouldn’t talk to her about it and he wasn’t the same. I told her we broke up, because I couldn’t handle his life and she understood, but said she was sorry. And that’s the last I heard. Everything else I know from the media, which is not necessarily the truth.”



Nothing. I just can’t believe he just went back to his job and everyday-life. I mean, your break-up was pretty messy, for both of you. I’d have thought he’d do more about it, that’s all.”

I think I was pretty clear there was no way back for us, and he probably just accepted that.”

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