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What I would like to see a Mass Effect movie about:

  • Grissom’s exploration of the Charon Relay with an ending that foreshadows the First Contact War.
  • The First Contact War with a focus on Grissom and Anderson (w/ the ”yo mama” jokes scene.)
  • The events leading to the creation of Cerberus (w/ a Saren cameo?)
  • The first three options together in one.
  • The Rachni Wars and the Genophage that followed.
  • A collection of origin stories about some of the crew. Kaidan, Ashley, Jacob, and Vega in the Alliance. Wrex’s merc days. Mordin on Tuchanka for his last mission with the STG. Liara researching the Protheans (hints to the events of ME?) Hell - Jack, Kasumi, Samara, Zaeed, and Thane have enough adventures to make a full movie for each of them.
  • An origin movie about almost anyone other than Shepard.
  • Seriously, just vague hints and background chatter about Shep’s service history events without actually tacking Shep’s name onto anything is fine.
  • Aria.

What I would not like to see a Mass Effect movie about:

  • Shepard.

Nicky never in his 12 years of schooling was lost or confused by his history classes.
Conversely, the history he was taught by the exhibits, the actual events, is not the history he’s taught in school, so he’s always contradicting the teachers.


made in dagenham is a new british musical, based on the film of the same name, which tells (a dramatised version of) the story of the ford machinists strike of 1968*, when women working at the ford factory in dagenham, essex went on strike to protest their jobs being classed as unskilled and to demand equal pay with the men working at the same factory. i was lucky enough to see it before its tragically short west end run ended and I actually can’t remember the last time I cried so much at - or was so inspired by - a show. this is the last song of the first act, at the point when the women decide to go on strike.

(article about the actual event:

Game of Thrones in history: Wars of the Roses

Longtime fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones are probably aware that the series is heavily influenced by real historical events. For example, the infamous Red Wedding is actually a composite of two separate events in Scottish history, and the great ice Wall was inspired by Hadrian’s Wall in England. TED Ed now has a video detailing the parallels between the series and one of its primary inspirations, the century-long conflicts known as the Wars of the Roses.

The family names are the obvious point of similarity: Yorks = Starks, Lancasters = Lannisters. But the video also finds some surprises, like a real-world counterpart for exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen. (The inspirations seem mostly to lend towards character motives, though, so it’s unlikely you’ll find any significant hints about the series’ future in this video.) And if you thought Robb Stark’s decision to marry Talisa despite already being promised to a Frey daughter was a poor one, take heart: someone committed the same violation in real life, too.

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from Winter is Coming


By Chloe Grant-Jones: History Columnist


‘History is written by the Victors’. Our account of the past is determined by stories of those actually involved in the events, factual evidence and memory. The objectiveness of history writing lies in its capability of relating the truth of the past to those in the present. However can memory be objective? As human beings we face emotional drives that…

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False History  ~

True history is a record of actual events that have taken place.  This includes all things, including good things and bad things, regardless of perspective.  It is true that the Unseen makes a record of all true history, and all things are recorded for a remembrance.

It is also true that mankind makes record of many false histories.  Many things that are recorded as actual events, most often are skewed to fit a certain perspective, a certain outlook, that is held by those making the record.  This has occurred throughout time, and it continues to this day.

It is important to remember that false histories are generally recorded by those in power to serve their purposes.  False histories of war belongs to the victors, and there are many incorrect things taught and remembered that are presented as truth.

It is good to remember this, because the lies of history are often used to shape the beliefs and perspectives of those who are taught these false things.  To put your faith in government, is to put your faith in false history, and prepares you for further manipulation of the state, or those in power. 

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