actual cutest thing


this is the actual cutest thing I’ve seen in all my life

Some of my fav pics of Haechan

Author’s Note: This pic set includes:

Cute Haechan, Candid Haechan, Rude Haechan, Boyfriend Haechan and Pre-debut Haechan! (plus, captions expressed by yours truly)

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Yurio getting fucked on bek's guitar is a YES, and i like to imagine that he grinds on the guitar when beka isnt around - ciel.

wait for it

let me tell you abOUT THESE fuCkiNG ASKS

So I’m on tumblr last night checking my inbox. My partner asks to take a peek, so I pass the phone to her and go to the bathroom across the hall. As I close the door, I hear her burst into laughter. I call out “What?”

She just laughs more.

I finish up. Wash my hands. Come back into my bedroom to find her lying on the bed, still laughing - so much that no sound is coming out. I reach for the phone and read what’s so funny. I read this.

I fall on the fuCking floor. I can’t take it. I’m losing my breath and I’m laughing so hard my throat hurts - I don’t know whY, but maybe it was the fact that you said ‘guitar’ not once, but tWice

And then your adorable panicked message straight after kiLLed me and I just

When we went to bed a few hours later, as I was falling asleep, I started laughing again and she just joined in, asking me “Guitars?”

and i’m sO SORRY if this is embarrassing but oh my god, I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh so much and filling me with so much joY, your messages are so cute fheuhvgurtgtr gi’m so sorry you’re so lovely thank yiuf eghyrgtr

besides that all: yes, yuri would absolutely grind on otabek’s motorbike when he’s not around……………. and please consider otabek playing guitar, please and thank you


[Haru Hana Magazine Interview] Seungkwan’s comment on Wonwoo: (cr.)
“If we don’t laugh at his jokes, he’ll feel intimidated. What a cute hyung.”

[Love & Letter Repackage Album] Seungkwan’s note to Wonwoo: (cr.)
“The Wonwoo-hyung I love, I love you even more as compared to the other members kekekeke. I’m sorry for always rejecting you for when you ask me to eat supper with you because I’m trying to lose weight!! Changwon Palryong Middle School dancing machine, auditory hallucination man Jeon Wonwoo, I love you ♥”


endless list of people I love (in no particular order) - [1/∞]
↳ Thomas Sanders - @thatsthat24

“If I am the main character of my own story… you’re going to have some chapters that are rough weather. And that’s great because it makes for a great story. You just have to know that you’re going to come out better on the other side of that storm - whatever it may be. And you’re gonna come out of it wiser than when you started.”

Imagine after high school, before the road trip:

  • The boys lying in Noctis’s bed
  • (and let’s face it, Prompto more or less lives there at this point, much to Ignis’s delight dismay)
  • It’s 4 AM, and Noctis can’t find sleep for the life of him
  • But the moonlight peeks through a crack in the curtains and illuminates Prompto’s back in such a way that it offers Noctis a view that he hasn’t ever been able to take advantage of before.
  • Prompto is covered in freckles and Noctis thinks it might actually be the cutest thing ever next to his smileeyeslaugheverythingaboutPromptoisfuckingprecioushelphim.
  • He’s never noticed before because Prompto is only now starting to become confident enough in his body to sleep without a shirt on
  • (despite having been fully nude with him on countless occasions over the last four years but Noctis isn’t one to drag up painful details)
  • So he really looks at him, watches him as his body rises and falls in time with the softest of snores, and slides up closer behind him.
  • Before he knows it he’s tracing his name in the freckles.
  • Though maybe subconsciously he knows he’s putting his mark on him.
  • And he smiles, maybe even blushes a little.
  • Perfectly content.
  • Prompto is everything to him.
  • He doesn’t ever want there to be a day when he can’t wake up next to him, can’t kiss the back of his neck tenderly and stir him to kiss those sleepy eyes and pouty lips.
  • Noctis thinks maybe he’s been in love with him all this time, but in this moment he knows.
  • And by the way Prompto wordlessly smiles up at him and kisses him back, maybe he knows, too.

(As a note, and I really shouldn’t have to say this, but please ask my permission if you want to use these little bits for your own stories. I’d be more than happy to discuss it further with you if you want. I promise I’m actually very accommodating. Thank you.)


Hyper Projection Performance Haikyuu :
↪ Seiyuu - Characters - Live Actor on stage - off stage

Karasuno || Aobajōsai High || Adults

Dating Enoch O’Connor would include #3

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- I don’t know if i mentioned this before but he’d be s o s o s o s o nervous about you two because he really likes you and he doesn’t wanna fuck up

- Him literally saying he loves you 5,000 times a day ?? like literally.

- “Hey Jacob wanted to-” “Absolutely not sorry.”

- Him picking out which dress you should wear on the off occasion you actually wear one

- I feel like the way he’d hold your hand is really odd ? Like not the normal kinda side hand but the full on lacing your fingers together? Kinda like this ??:

- Also the way you’d cuddle would actually be the cutest thing ever. Like you’d face each other, you two would probably giggle and talk about random things. Like even though he’s usually really cruel to everyone, he’s really sweet when it comes to you, especially when you two cuddle:

- He’d randomly sneak up behind you and hug you at different times during the day:

- You two would read together a lot. Like it seems really stupid but it’s not a huge activity but it still somehow makes you feel closer together.

- You once suggested how you thought he’d look cute in a bow tie so he got Olive and Claire and or Miss Peregrine (those cute lil baby fashion designers, bless them) to make one for him to wear to impress you.

- “If you look at my girlfriend I’ll kill you.”

“If you think about my girlfriend in a provocative way I’ll kill you.”

“If you d a r e lay a finger on my girlfriend I’ll kill you, bring you to life again and kill you again.”

- I feel like his nickname for you would be either princess or sweetheart (baby girl ??)

- He’d hate arguing so much like that shit tears him apart man


“There’s like christmas pudding and… sticky toffee pudding and banana pudding and bread and butter pudding is a good one but pudding in general is just, like…”


If you’re still wondering how to pronounce Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul