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PLEDIS GIRLZ is a 10 member predebut girl group from Pledis Entertainment set to debut sometime in the first half of 2017! The group consists of Nayoung, Minkyeong, Kyungwon, Eunwoo, Yebin, Pinky/Kyulkyung, Yewon, Shannon/Sungyeon, Siyeon and Kyla.

This is a LONG POST! Everything is under the cut!

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when your fave is problematic:

• scott hoying
— he can sing these crazy riffs
— his jawline omfg
— he’s actually a 6'3 ft five year old child
— an actual, real life noodle

• kirstie maldonado
— she literally looks good in every single hair color/style
— she’s an angel
— she’s the sweetest and cutest human being to ever grace planet earth
— an actual, real life disney princess

• mitch grassi
— he is a pure diva
— his high-notes and just his singing voice in general omfg
— his spunky, sassy attitude
— an actual, real life queen/boy princess

• avi kaplan
— his mesmerizing green eyes
— his deep, low voice (the type that makes the girls want to bear his child and turn all the boys gay)
— he is genuine and sensitive
— an actual, real life dork and bbq-loving dragon

• kevin olusola
— he’s the most intelligent human being ever (speaks fluent mandarin, went to yale, and he can beatbox like it’s nobody’s business)
— his contagious laughs
— he’s swole
— an actual, real life perfect human being


Omg. Ben is actually the cutest human being to ever live. 😍

anarchoprincess  asked:

rachel i fuckening love u and ik we're already talking via messages but u are actually the cutest fucking human being alive and u already KNOW i have a folder of pictures of u bc looking at u fills me with LIFE


but thank you ❤️

I give you another drabble from TAOGU, because I answered and ask on Luhan’s blog earlier and thought it would make a great drabble.. so, enjoy!

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Art class, the only hour of the day Luhan actually enjoys. The paint, the clay, the freedom to actually make whatever he feels like. It’s such a chill class and he definitely doesn’t enjoy it so much because he’s recently been sat with the actual cutest human being he’s ever laid eyes on. No, it’s definitely not the tiny, round faced, orange haired, adorable little sophomore that sits across from him, with the most adorable little giggle and smile. No, Luhan is here for the art.

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b-124a-p-224 replied to your post “Song tag game”

Omg you’re the actual cutest human being??? I feel Blessed just to have you as a mutual and omg I have never seen a hedgehog irl and now this is a new life goal for me??? Anywaysss hi lol :D


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it was having a great time digging through the dirt for worms and we sat down and watched it for a while without it noticing us (they have very poor eyesight), but after a few minutes it realised we were there and curled up into a small scared hedgehog-ball so we left it alone but oml it was so cute

although i don’t get my mutuals calling me cute like i know i am a Youngjae Stan™ but i am also a viscous fighter who will call y’all out for this disresoect