actual boyband

That ABC show, Boy Band, comes on Thursdays. I hate competition shows as much as the next person but…it has a lot of potential. A lot of these guys are POC and I think it would be great if a boy band with a lot of people of color could exist again. Please, let it happen. So, if you could, give the show a try…? It’s ratings aren’t the best at the moment and I would kind of hate it to get cancelled.

Also, regardless of who actually gets put in the group, you’re giving them a platform. So…please just watch it. You might like it or find yourself a fan of someone’s talents and be the difference that helps than launch a career.

Brain: Hey, you know what’d be great?

Me: *groaning* No, stop. 

Brain: Voltron Boyband Au.

Me: *slamming head against desk* I. Didn’t. Ask. For. This. 

Listen up.

Danielle now has two dogs named MAX and CLIFFORD.

Let us look up MAX CLIFFORD, shall we? 

OH IT GETS BETTER. (or worse, depending on where you are standing.)

“….after creating the infamous ‘FREDDIE starr ate my hamster’ headline for THE SUN….”

“Clifford represented Simon Cowell for over a decade and was credited with shaping his public image.”


and don’t even get me started on the sex offender and rapist accusations, being a convict, and just being an all-round-not-a-pet-name person.

What are you doing, Ms. Campbell? Of all the dog names in the world. Seriously what? LOUIS IS THAT YOU ON DANIELLE’S IG?

  1. The term “‘00s” actually refers to the ten years beginning with the conception of Jesus Christ, from 0000-0009 AD. 
  2. The fragrance in the scented gel pens you had at school was derived from the musk of the civet cat, and therefore unsuitable for vegans. 
  3. Will & Grace were briefly married in real life. 
  4. Neopoints, the currency of virtual pet site Neopets, were the first cryptocurrency to be traded on the foreign exchange market. 
  5. Liam Gallagher’s only fronted Oasis in the 21st century. In the 90s he was originally a member of Blur…
  6. …and the vocals for Oasis were actually provided by Myleene Klass.
  7. The Nokia 3310 is responsible for over 70,000 cases of radium poisoning. 
  8. The name of Claire’s Accessories is actually a cover for ‘Cathar’s’. Since its foundation in 1961, a significant amount of its annual profits has gone towards the restoration of the Gnostic church surpressed by the Catholics in the 14th Century. 
  9. iCarly was originally going to be called I, Carly.
  10. The vaporwave aesthetic has led to a massive resurgence in KidPix’s profits. At the current rate, KidPix will be able to completely buy out Adobe by 2020. 
  11. Paige, played by Rose McGowan, was written into Charmed at Marylin Manson’s request, as he wanted to marry a witch. 
  12. The * in *NSYNC is there to encompass all other boyband identities, including the Backstreet Boys and Take That, but came under fire as an umbrella used by those unwilling to actually engage with boybands, with N’Sync becoming the more accepted spelling. 
  13. Reality show Big Brother was based on 1984, a little-known dystopian novel by George Orwell. 
  14. Spongebob Squarepants was filmed entirely in live-action, with the highest special effects budget of any Nickelodeon show. 
  15. Epidemiologists blame Sex and the City for the current prevalence of chlamydia amongst young people. 
  16. The Office was filmed in a real office. 
  17. The ‘they’re gonna taste great’ kid from the Frosties advert plays Nick from the final generation of Skins. Nobody noticed because nobody watched those series. 
  18. Ginger Spice is the only one of the Spice Girls whose title refers to a real spice (ginger), although some have argued that Posh Spice can be interpreted as a reference to saffron.
  19. The three members of the Fast Food Rockers have gone on to become the CEOs of McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut.
  20. Pharell Williams was originally considered for Will Smith’s role in I, Robot, but casting directors realised he looked too much like a robot for a human role considering the title’s potential for confusion. 
  21. Ice cream-flavoured Chewits are worth more than their weight in gold.
  22. All of the main cast of Kerching! now have roles in Game of Thrones.
  23. You can sing the words to Year 3000 by Busted to the Futurama theme tune. 
  24. Although she arguably qualifies as a 00’s girl, Maggie Simpson would in fact not be shocked by any of the facts on this list.
  25. Jacqueline Wilson is the first woman to have won two Booker Prizes, for the first and second installments in the Tracy Beaker series. 
  26. Members of Blazin Squad can be purchased with shocking ease on the Deep Web, with prices averaging around a single bitcoin.
  27. The comics printed on the wax paper from Fruit Winders are actually incredibly specific fetish material, never intended for viewing by children. 
  28. While it’s the last TV show you remember your parents not allowing you to watch with them, you are now grown-up enough to watch The Wire.
  29. Margaret Thatcher was the last person alive to think of Uptown Girl as a Billy Joel song rather than a Westlife one.
  30. Also related: “Why did Westlife die? Because they were flying without wings!” was judged to be the funniest playground joke of all time by a committee of experts in 2008.
  31. The TV series Friends is actually more a part of 1990s culture than 00’s - you may have been misled by Channel 4’s insistent repeats schedule.
  32. Pop hit Mambo No. 5 was written by the late Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground.
  33. Genovia, the country from the Princess Diaries, is not a country in real life. 
  34. Jamie Oliver’s reforms to UK school dinners did not only result in the demise of the Turkey Twizzler, but also a ban on the sale of poppers in school tuck shops. 
  35. The student teacher who gave your Year 6 class recorder lessons is gay and was one of the first couples to take advantage of the equal marriage law coming into effect. 
  36. Crazy Bones are now illegal across the entire European Union due to their ability to incite hatred and riots, and are believed to be a significant contributing factor in the Arab Spring. 
  37. Stronger by Kanye West samples a song called Get Lucky by Daft Punk.
  38. Gorillaz’ debut album came out 2004 years ago. It is the oldest surviving example of recorded music. 
  39. The iguana that lived in a tank in your school’s science lab is no longer with us. 
  40. Most employers now value Blue Peter badges more highly in potential employees than a degree. 
  41. Every member of your generation owned either the first or the second Harry Potter game, but never both.
  42. The Shia LaBeouf you learned to love in Even Stevens has been proven to be the same Shia LaBeouf we have today. 
  43. Under scrutiny, it has been found that many pieces of children’s animation including The Powerpuff Girls and Mulan did in fact give some fucks. 
  44. Ryan Gosling was better in Drive than in the Notebook, and also more attractive. 
  45. That purple monkey thing you downloaded on your parents’ computer was malware and you people will literally get nostalgic over anything.
  46. The OMG in “47 OMG facts” stands for Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Gark, and… 
  47. The S in S Club Seven stands for Steps. They are in fact the same group. 

you can be excited about harry’s solo endeavors without bashing/erasing one direction/his time with one direction