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it’s totally not too late for pride icons, right?

so uh heeeeeeere’s some falsettos pride icons, because i love these gays and would happily die for them. feel free to use with credit!

bonus alternate versions for whizzer and the lesbians from next door under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

i need some more percy jackson / hoo blogs to follow!!! can you recommend some? <3

yes ofc!! some of them are multifandom but post a good amount of pjo!!

@bananannabeth, @ghostlynico, @zoenightstars@alexfieri, @sallyjacson@annaveth, @charlesbeckendorf@ripercy, @connorstolll, @softpercy, @keeith, @percyjacson, @beckendorph@lightningmclean, @sevenheroesofolympus, @pipereyna, @jasongraces, @charmspeak, @doors-death, @herrmes, @greekjason, @greekonico, @drewtannaka, @ohgygia, @hellevesque, @istolethelightning, @mythvology, @willsollace, @thebooknymph

im probably missing a lot of blogs since there’s just so many great pjo blogs but…yeah hopefully this helps :’) 


Sorry I’ve been rather dead around here lately. Most of the content that I’ve been doing that I could post here have been comic related stuff which I’m trying to not post ‘cause, well, I wouldn’t really say is too spoilerish but I dont know. I rather just save it. 

I guess i could just post random panels now and then without context. I’ll see.

Anyways have some fish fan service