actual best summer reading book ever

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Do you know of any actiony or thriller YA books (wlw would be nice but i'm not too picky )

Yessssss OKAY THIS IS IMPORTANT - Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer is m/f and you don’t know the MC is bi yet, but read it anyway because Trust Me, I’m Trouble comes next and it is SO GOOD and has the freaking best f/f ship ever. 

Another one I love is A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith - also a bi MC and not exactly romance-filled but definitely recommend.

Oh, wait, duh, actually I have a post of Bi YA Thrillers: OK yes read those; they all have wlw bi protags.

I also have to throw in Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig - it’s mlm but it’s so freaking good. If you like action-y and thriller-y in genre YA, also check out Tim Floreen’s books (which are sci-fi mlm)! 

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Same anon from earlier asking about campfire stories, sort of like the ones in the "Scary stories to tell in the dark" children's books if you have ever read them. I'm a camp counselor this summer and need some new stories to tell.

I don’t think many creepypastas here work well around a campfire actually! Most of the good ones are really long and need a certain amount of emotional investment in order to work. Your best bet would be the shorter stories ( Not sure which ones will work but you can take your pick from the link ^ 

What I suggest is creating your own stories around urban legends or popular characters like the wendigo, but tailored specifically towards your campfire audience. If you need inspiration: 

Wendigo and other creatures -

Dialogue style stories might work well as well -

Glitch in the Matrix stories are also good for more relatable, everyday horror -

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what's jer's favorite book? how about author?

          he was obsessed with ender’s game, warriors, the guardians of ga’hoole, and the eragon series…es… in elementary and middle school, but has since gotten distracted to the point where new books come out and he notes them in an amazon wishlist or something, but he’ll probably not be able to catch up anymore. jeremy’s interests shifted to stuff by neil gaiman, and he thinks graphic novels (like actual, solid graphic novel books by adrian tomine or works like this one summer and persepolis) are just the best things ever.  

          favorite authors are hard for him, because he likes… a good mix of stuff, but usually just one or two works from any given author. for example, he loves douglas adams’ the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy series, but dirk gently’s holistic detective agency never interested him enough to read past three chapters.  he likes fantasy, science fiction, and some hybrids like that; he loves stuff from alice hoffman usually, so maybe that counts for something, haha. 

30 Day Senior Challenge
  1. First thoughts on going to college

  2. First memory of high school

  3. Homecoming- what it meant to you and your memories of it

  4. The most trouble you’ve ever gotten into

  5. Your favorite teacher and how he/she has impacted you

  6. The best dance you ever attended (pick a specific day, not just ex. “sadies is my favorite dance”)

  7. A time you cried (or felt like crying) at school

  8. Favorite book you actually read for English class

  9. Most fun class

  10. Something you never expected you’d do and ended up loving

  11. How you spent your most memorable lunch hangout

  12. Hardest you ever legitimately studied

  13. Favorite group project

  14. The teacher you hated the most

  15. Four favorite pictures/pictures that represents each of your four years the best and why/how

  16. Most surprising friend

  17. Oldest friend who you’ve kept

  18. A memorable job, summer camp, or internship

  19. Biggest regret

  20. Favorite place to be on campus

  21. A song that brings back nostalgia, and why

  22. Your thoughts on your romantic life in high school

  23. Upperclassmen who affected you

  24. Underclassmen who you’ll miss

  25. What you’ll miss the least

  26. A memorable, spontaneous hang out

  27. A word of advice to your younger self/underclassmen

  28. Your parents

  29. What you’ll miss the most

  30. Final words: Thank yous, good byes, and final reflection