actual best scene and line ever i just

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AWESOME analysis! I can clarify that last line’s nuance–you’re absolutely right that it’s actually a very pro-Vikturi line in Japanese. The “I wish you’d never retire” translation Crunchyroll chose to go with would get close to the right meaning/nuance if we imagine it spoken in a somewhat cutely/childishly teasing way.

The best way I can think to explain the nuance is, it’s the same kind of nuance you’d get from the line, “Then/Maybe you just shouldn’t ever retire, Yuri.” Once again, said in that sort of teasing, languid tone that’s slightly deflecting– BECAUSE Viktor’s aware of what a major step forward in their relationship/commitment this pronouncement signifies. In short, he’s saying he wants to spend his life with Yuri.

The fact that he mentions “marriage proposal” in his line just before this one is interesting. We saw a similar pattern in episode 7, where Viktor first “teasingly” suggests that he kiss Yuri during Yuri’s meltdown in the parking garage, almost like he’s testing the waters before he goes and actually does it later in the episode. Perhaps we can see a similar behavior pattern here, where what he’s really thinking (“marriage proposal/we should spend our lives together”) he first says in a joking way, and then says it again in this indirect but solid “then maybe you should just never retire” line.

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I can’t believe I am just seeing this response now!!! I knew there was something off about the word choice that didn’t fit the tone of Viktor’s voice at all!!!! AHHHH!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! I really wish I spoke Japanese, this is so frustrating!!! 

I REPEAT: THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, just as important as the mistranslated line from Yuri about taking care of him vs staying his coach. Why has this not gotten more attention?? Why are the subs translations so bad at nuance??!! Nuance is important, people!! The sub watchers are getting short shifted with this shit! I hope they fix this for the official DVD/Blu-Ray release or I might just have to go and actually learn a whole damn language just to watch this shit without losing any of the damn original meanings.

BUT ANYWAYS: Shit, now I’m really convinced those are tears of relief at the end. 100% sold.


Swap Soriel is the best, ya’ll. The BEST. 

These are a collab between me ( @solaris-starr ) and @poisondilu. I sketched it and pois aka: grandma did the line art and colored it. I just had a mighty need to draw post-pacifist swap soriel, and grandma loved it when I showed it to her and she felt the mighty need to line and color it. Now here we are~

 We have a whole idea for a scene around these pictures too. Maybe it’ll become a comic one day, after we get some pre-barrier falling stuff out here. Or if it doesnt become one I can just tell you guys what the idea was.  



Is there anyone on Earth that hasn’t seen this movie? One of my absolute favorites. Packed with stars and multiple story lines that move along as quickly as Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Worth the price of admission just to see Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson doing their best to overcome a crisis in their marriage. Colin Firth, handsome and charming as ever. And let’s not forget Martin Freeman as a soft porn actor. I could go on and on. Every story and actor shine. Andrew Davies at his best since he produced Pride & Prejudice. The man is a marvel.

There are so many great scenes that the gifs will likely spill over.