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Art Stream is OVER for today!

Thanks to everyone who joined me, some regulars, some friends irl, and everyone in between! 

We had fun. 

Like, shenanigans. 

Say hello to Nyaaster Zenyatta and his puppy Genji. 

in other news the outfit swap is well on its way

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people are mad that grant gustin, a professional tv actor who just happens to be a real human being that most of us haven’t even met, with free will and hopes and dreams and the ability to have real human feelings that are different than the fake ones he’s contractually obligated to pretend to feel on tv, is getting married to someone who isn’t the professional tv actress he’s contractually obligated to act like he’s in love with on the fictional television program that he is being paid to be an actor in

…okay sure.


Swan Queen(Hogwarts AU)

  • Me: *Going to buy Diatomaceous Earth to stop bugs from coming inside my new place*
  • Me: *Realizes I have to make a circle around the entire house*
  • Me: "I'm making a freaking salt circle around my house...TO BANISH BUGS! DEMONS BEGONE!"
If My Heart Was A House (cover)
If My Heart Was A House (cover)


I’ve been practicing my singing and audio editing for a while, and finally worked up the courage to post one of my Owl City covers! Be warned, it was done with a really shitty mike and the sound quality is Not Great. Lyrics under the cut :) 

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gryffindor [the reckless and the brave]: daring, bravery, chivalry
hufflepuff [we are stronger than you think]: loyalty, patience, dedication
ravenclaw [smart in more ways than one]: creativity, knowledge, intelligence
slytherin [the proud, the outspoken, and the growing]: ambition, cunning, ingenuity 

inspired by


“Snow White should be played by the person with the biggest chest!”

screencap redraw of my fave, makoto kino aka sailor jupiter! and hooray for my first drawing post of 2016!


Hogwart Houses Aesthetic!~ ✧ // Gryffindor , Ravenclaw , Hufflepuff , Slytherin //

anonymous asked:

Which Hogwarts House would you be in? For both mod and muse.

Mod Kelina pointed me to this quiz and I came up as a Hufflepuff.

I’m a Slytherin. When I was first sorted into Slytherin, I was upset because of course who wants to be in a House that they don’t like? As time passed, I realized that Slytherin is actually the best House for me, and that just because I was sorted into Slytherin didn’t automatically make me bad. After all, Peter Pettigrew was a Death Eater and he was a Gryffindor! - Mod Kelina

When the series was somewhat new, my friend was a huge fan of it, and decided to get a Gryffindor tattoo on his back. He was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore later and felt like a big idiot, because he then felt like Hufflepuff was actually the best house for him. He ended up just getting all the House crests on his back, but he wished he would’ve taken some time to think of his true house before getting it.