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Title: un Cahier et un Café

Summary: Vera Keller doesn’t like the rain. What she does like, though, is the french language, hot coffee, and women who enjoy both.

Pairing: Vera Keller/Renée Lemaire

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: none

Notes: This is in part inspired by an edit that @mjolll​ made for Vera/Renée. Although this is more focused on Vera, I thought it might be nice to post it for Renée Lemaire appreciation month. I love my hbo war girls!

It was raining the day they met.

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  • my DVR: "I recorded something with Colin Morgan!"
  • me: *incoherent screaming*
  • my DVR: "Enjoy!"
  • me: *presses play*
  • me: "WHYYYYYYYY?"

usagi323  asked:

I am willing to pay you in five potatoes and my eternal gratitude for some quick hcs for twin AU? Can be about either twin and/or their relationship with other characters, or both, or just general ideas for the AU setup, whatever you want!! Nor picky lol just would love to hear more!! :D

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

1) Yuuri considered Yuki as his only bestfriend back when they were little kids since he’s not particularly great at making one ((And Yuki frequently encourages him to despite Yuuri’s protests))

2) Yuki actually has a band named Genesis! Composed of a laid back guitarist, a pianist (which is him of course) , a shy female drummer and a boisterous bassist. They’d usually come over at the Katsuki household to make music together ((and they totally did not go there for Mama Katsuki’s home made tasty Katsudon as well))

3) After Yuuri’s encounter with Victor at Sochi and before he came back to Hasetsu, Victor immediately asks Yuki through video chat if he has a brother with him. And when he says yes, he actually told him about the events from the banquet and how Yuuri asks him to be his coach. ((And sent him some pictures and vids about it and Yuki is freakin mortified and amused from all of it and OH viktor totallt loves to het to know more about Yuuri and frequently asks Yuki for some info))

4) It was Yuki who encourages the girls to upload their video of Yuri skating to Stay Close to Me.. And the one who shared the video to Viktor

Yuki: “Hey Viktor, you’re not gonna believe this but my big bro just did a thing~”
*immediately packs his things* 
Yuki: Haha….what??!!!
Victor: I need to see this man for myself!!!
Yuki: “LMAO That’s pretty quick of you to decide to come visit us but OKAY? O7O”

5) Yuki: Big broothherrrrr
Yuuri: …w-what?
Yuki: Your idol is just a few meters away from you… Aren’t you going to talk to him yet??
Yuuri: I.. I don;t know if I’m ready to since..I mean.. back at the Sochi airport I-
Yuuri: Y-YUKI-!!!


6) Yuuri and Phichit wouldn’t have been friends if it wasn’t for Yuki. Dude, this guy’s had so many connections with the rest of the figure skaters and he has to do whatever it takes to get Yuuri to befriend them all q7q.

Though.. he’s not particularly at good terms with Yurio at first ever since Yuuri casually told him that a young Russian Punk told him that he should retire.


8.In case if you hadn’t known, aside from Victor and Yuuri, he definitely loves watching other skaters like Georgi and Phichit. Fanboying all the way~

9. Yuki secretly practicing the basics of ice skating whenever Yuuri is not around.

10. a) Yuki revised Yuuri’s FS music “YURI on ice” when Yuuri’s unable to contact the person who made the music for him. ((hence that concentrated look he had while he was playing the piano on my doodle cuz he’s really trying to get the music to fit with Yuuri’s career as a figure skater and as a loving son and brother to his family))

b) Yuki made the instrumental for Stay Close to Me and asked a friend of his online to sing the piece for him.

((I’m willing to make more soon, so watch out ;D))


4x06 “Yellow Fever”
The Colour Yellow or: “The Eye of the Tiger”

This is one of those “I can’t believe it took me this long to realize this”-posts, because while skipping through this episode looking for pretty moments to edit. I happened to re-watch this moment in its entirety, because frankly it is one of the best scenes of the show imo: This small moment where for just a few seconds Sam’s eyes flash yellow. It is of course connected to and a sort of flashback to Dean’s experiences and hallucinations prior in the episode where he saw Sam with yellow eyes taunting him that he’d have to go back to Hell.

Without taking anything else into account, I always found this moment extremely powerful as it shows so clearly how scared Dean isn’t just for Sam, but actually of Sam. What I never had connected before when watching this episode however is how the title and Dean jamming out to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” (and the band name actually speaks volumes in relation to Dean being fresh out of Hell) relate to this scene in particular.

I am of course aware that some people may think that I am totally reading too much into this, but well: Can’t unsee what I can’t unsee.

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Here’s to the past

Wordcount: 5.494

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Rockstar/Punker!Taehyung, Angst, Smut, (Fluff? maybe?)

Summary: Your life was shattered when you were seperated from your child hood best friend aka your first love, but when you finally forgot about him, Kim Taehyung decided to come back.

I wanted it to be a oneshot, but it probably would have been 15k+ and no one has time for that (I’m so bad at summaries, rip)

I actually used a ‘band name generator’ for this lmao, except for Eye Candy because it’s from one of my fave Korean dramas! :3

Pt.1  | Pt.2  | Pt.3

The loud sound of the guitars echoed through the whole location, the walls vibrating, and you already knew that you’d go temporarily deaf after this. And this was only the rehearsal. Another far too familiar song played through the speakers as you enjoyed the heavy music of your friends, watching them practice in pure amazement.

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@ynfernalis  tagged me to spell my url with songs and I suffered because I my url is incredibly long and I still love too many songs. Also I can’t remember actual composers/band names to save my goddamn life.

Nevertheless - hard mode! Each song must have different band/composer.

P | Pain (Three Days Grace)

A | Academia (Sia)

N | Never Split the Party (Emerald Rose)

G | Garasu no Hanazono (Kata Aki, Kawasaki Satomi, and Masuka Takeshi)

U | Undertale (Toby Fox)

R | Retrograde (James Blake)

B | Bad Apple (ZUN)

A | Astral Coal Town (Alec Holowka)

N | Nostalgic Song (Yoko Shimamura)

T | Theme of King JJ (Tarou Umebayashi and Linus Norda)

H | Health to the Company (Brobdignagian Bards)

E | Eurydice (The Cruxshadows)

W | Wait For It (Lin Manuel Miranda)

H | Hamidashimono Sanka (Hiraoki Hirata)

I | Into the Open Air (Julie Fowlis)

T | Tsumuji Kaze De Fly Away (YuYu Hakusho ~Makai Densetsu~)

E | Everywhere (Michelle Branch)

I tag @feltelures, @nyx-bait, @milkymoth, @that1nkyone, @cactuartamer , and whoever else wants to do it!

Anon asked: Hello love, could I have a Andy Biersack imagine where you meet him in a foster home when you and him were 15 and you two grew close then you got adopted and then 5 years later you two find each other again and then you two have a really fluffy date and please it would mean the world to me

Now lemme say this was way longer than I expected but the prompt for this is fantastic. I hope you like it anon. sorry it took so long!

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littlesansas  asked:

hey if you want to share, what are your headcanons about whiskey? (or what fandom hc's do you disagree with?)

hahah well its 10pm so im gonna grab a glass of vodka and start this. this post is just gonna be whiskey headcanons ok

okay so first off - whiskey headcanons! 

so i’ve made like individual posts about this before but here’s a giant mishmash of all the whiskey headcanons that my heart enjoys:


  • this boy is a biromantic asexual and it was a very confusing journey for him to discover this. so one time ransom and holster were talking loudly in the kitchen with some other guys on the team about wheeling chicks (and dudes, in holster and bitty’s case), and whiskey was feeling kinda uncomfortable because all the things these guys were talking about kinda? didn’t apply to him? he didnt really feel any of this stuff yanno? so lardo totally notices because she is Perceptive As Fuck and after the boys have all dispersed she grabs whiskey and asks if he’s okay and he’s kinda like “um???” and lardo is like “hmmm?” and whiskey is like “UMMM” and so long story short him and lardo talk it out over a period of a couple weeks and lardo does some research to help him out and whiskey does some research too and when lardo and him find out that these things are, well, things hes just so relieved because it makes sense to him and it makes him feel better because there’s a label for the way he feels about things and him and lardo bond a whole bunch and become best friends and whiskey stays with her the summer after she graduates and they’re just great friends
  • whiskey has a GIANT FUCKING CRUSH on kent parson and when kent and jack finally get back on good terms and kent comes to a kegster to see people whiskey literally almost has a panic attack and almost faints and lardo is just sitting next to him patting his leg like “down boy” 
  • kent walks over to him and kinda gives whiskey a once-over and then says “your eyebrows are on point”. rip in fucking pieces whiskey u no that boy Ded

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