actual background wtf

The “how Hanzo got the bullet” thing, that is. Since it’s only 5 pages, I’m just going to finish it then post it all at once. I could level 100 criticisms at it BUT I am having fun with expressions. =v=

Also WTF ACTUAL BACKGROUNDS? Let the world implode, for I actually drew a background. Aaaaanyway, here’s my favorite frame of it so far to act as an update. No idea when I’ll be done with everything but I am a fourth into page 4, so, you know, getting there.

Dex realises when they get home that he’d forgotten he was even wearing the badge. He looks down at it in surprise, hardly able to believe he could be comfortable enough to just breathe and let go.

He unpins it and sets it on his desk, thinking he won’t say no if Lardo offers him another one next time.

I recently wrote Dex at his first pride-related event and I’m SUPER EMOTIONAL about it so I had to draw Dex at his idk tenth?? thousandth?? pride event and make it as GAY AS POSSIBLE 

Dex is a gay trans boy you can rip this headcanon from my cold dead hands