actual baby panda


Seunghyuns rapping Fantastic Baby.

The Hourglass: Is for his place and his achievements in EXO.

Wushu: Is for his skill for the sport, his talent and his determination to succeed.

Gucci: Is not for silly jokes, but rather for his expensive taste and great style.

The Panda: Is for his resembles of the animal, as well for his soft and loving side.

Water: Is for his hometown, Qingdao, and his love for the sea.

Happy Birthday, Huang Zitao <3

Other memebers: Baekhyun [x] Suho [x]

Exo Explained


Best Dancer. Secretly a pretty boy dork, tho.


Leader and super rich old man. 


Satan with a baby-face.


Also known as Bacon. He’d like you to believe he’s a Sass Master, but he’s actually the biggest fucking dork ever.


Overly happy dork. I think he’s just the epitome of emotions.


A sassy fuck. Also the baby of the group. Has a super serious face all the time.


Wants you to think he’s manly, but he’s actually the Master of WTF facial expressions.


The most gorgeous man in the world. I’m pretty sure he’s a prince. Can also be sassy.


Is a puppy–Don’t question me, it’s true. He doesn’t look like he could harm a fly, but he’s prolly like D.O. and is secretly Satan or something.


Kind of just there, but you gotta love him because he’s just so harmless and adorable. 


Looks like a badass but is actually the cuddliest panda baby. 

Kris (unactive)

Diva to the max. Seriously. I’m not kidding. You don’t know whether to punch this guy or laugh hysterically at his diva-ness. Diva. DIVA.