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Lysander Headcanons

…Should I just become a headcanon blog or-//shot

  • Probably tried to dye his hair black for Rosalya but failed. He liked the end result though-
  • Likes playing with Candy’s hair
  • Likes to doodle some pictures of Candy in his notepad
  • Sleep with multiple pillows and just the fluffiest blanket
  • CAN’T STAND gossip, he just CAN'T 
  • Washes his hands often, he just likes keeping them clean
  • Doesn’t understand memes? but he makes an effort to
  • Is very good at making come backs at the right moment.
  • Is very honest, he will straight up admit he’s jealous.
  • Just wants peace
  • Doesn’t like the concept of fighting? He thinks it’s violent and doesn’t want any part of it
  • Takes a long time getting dressed for school tbh
  • Got one. Single. Stain. On his coat and he was very close to making an actual angry face
  • Doesn’t like the nickname ‘Lys-baby’ doesn’t like ‘babe’ either.
  • Doesn’t like texting, he’d rather hear Candy’s voice
  • Has probably space out multiple times thinking about Candy
  • Is very good with animals
  • Hates animal abuse (or any kind, but especially) and NEVER talks about it
  • Loves fluffy animals.
  • Likes holding Candy in his arms
  • Likes cherry suckers
  • Smells heavenly
  • Can’t utter a single word of a dirty joke, he jusT CAN’T
  • He can’t choose one favorite thing about Candy, but if he had to - her smile.

Happy Birthday Leigh Whannell! (1/17/1977)

I’m a bit of a wimp. Real life scares me. Bills scare me. I hate when you forget to pay a bill, and then they send you one with the scary red lettering, saying “final notice” or whatever. I hate roller coasters. I’m very easily scared, and I think that’s why I’m so interested in writing horror films, because I can easily tap into my own fears.

hello yes can we get a danny lawrence spinoff series where her character is happy and actually treated well pls and thank you