actual assignment!

me, with a week left to do a project: i have plenty of time

me, with two days left: eh i’ll do it the night before no biggie

me, the night before: i’ll wake up early and do it

me, waking up after 1 hour of sleep at 4 am: *calculating what my grade would be if i just got a zero this one time*

I want an AU where Dean is a popular YouTuber who is married to Cas, but no one knows it. Cas is a high school teacher who is kind of awkward, but every once in a while he’ll mention a meme and all of his students are confused wonder how he knows that.

Then one day when he’s teaching he hears a group of girls giggling in the back of the class, so he walks back there and sees them watching one of Dean’s videos. It’s his “never have I ever” video, and right he’s talking about getting a speeding ticket. Right before the girls see Cas he hears one of them say “I wonder what kind of car he drives” so Cas responds, “Do not ever get Dean Winchester started on his car. He will never shut up.” as he takes the phone and walks away, leaving the girls dumbfounded.

10 Types of Students During Finals Week:

(As explained by Supernatural.) 

1.  The Responsible One:  

Though few and far between on most college campuses, this strange and unusual creature is one of the rare few who actually does his assignments when he’s supposed to.  He keeps up with required reading, has a clearly defined study schedule, and writes five-page essays earlier than the night before.

Is aggressively despised by his procrastinating peers, unless they have an assignment they need to copy. 

2.  The Grind: 

This person is the Responsible One on steroids.  The two are easily differentiated based on the fact that the Grind is even more difficult to come by, and unlike his predecessor, you may legitimately be concerned for his health. 

Spends finals week camped out in the library in a makeshift tent, and prioritizes good grades above health and personal hygiene. 

3.  The Procrastinator (Model A): 

This person avoids living in constant panic by systematically ignoring his problems.  Presentation in the morning?  Paper due in an hour?  Dormitory literally on fire?  There is no pressing issue that this model can’t stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. 

Is most frequently seen binge watching Friends, going to parties, or off hunting supernatural creatures with his father – anything to avoid actually dealing with the far more pressing issues at hand.   

4.  The Procrastinator (Model B):

Not to be confused with Model A, although he may have at one point been one.  This is a person who has come to terms with his impending demise and is surprisingly unbothered by it.  Is usually either a senior, clinically depressed, or both.  

5.  The Clueless One: 

In spite of his best efforts, this person never seems to know what’s going on.  Whether he can’t quite get his head around advanced calculus, shows up to class an hour early, or wrote down all his French exam answers in Spanish, the Clueless One will always be just a little out of sync with his peers.  

Not to be confused with the Procrastinators, the Clueless One is almost always trying his hardest in any given situation, whether or not he actually succeeds at it. 

6.  The (Super)Natural:

Not to be confused with the Responsible One or the Grind, the Natural is a person who is acing all her classes with seemingly zero effort.  Costs seamlessly through classes that are destroying nearly all of her peers, and how much they despise her for it varies depending on how much of a jerk she is about it. 

7.  The Cheater:  

This is another person remarkably nonplussed by the oncoming finals, albeit for a very different reason than his predecessor:  this man rigged the system.  He knows every trick in the book, from simple notes up his sleeve to a cheat sheet under the coca cola label.  May or may not be willing to share his services, for the right price.  

8.  The Sore Loser:  

This person persistently mopes about poor grades.  Expects sympathy from others, despite the fact that you know he put virtually zero effort into achieving a better outcome.  

Whether he cheated and got caught, kicked all the angels out of heaven and stole his brother’s grace, or simply didn’t study, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Sore Loser deserved what he got (except maybe his own.) 

9.  The Cheerleader:  

Despite having an abundance of her own problems to contend with, this person devotes her life to basically adopting fellow students.  She coaxes her friends through everything, from late night study sessions to emotional breakdowns, and though she’s not always appreciated for her efforts, the world is a better place for having her in it.   

10.  The Ball of Anxiety:  

Prone to late night rants at himself in the library bathroom, stress eating, and is convinced a poor grade will mark the end of his academic career.  

Usually a Procrastinator whose poor habits have caught up with him.  


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

Ep 3’s Eros and Agape Assignments, Yuuri/Yurio Parallels, and how they feed into the GPF Short Programs

So I’m sure that you’ve probably seen a million metas about this topic by now but I’d like to talk about something pertaining to this that I don’t feel like many people have realized (or at least I haven’t seen anyone talking about these particular angles/interpretations myself).

We know as of episode 10 that when Victor was assigning Eros to Yuuri that he wasn’t actually assigning something to go against his inner nature but actually to bring out what was there all along. But then I started to think. What about Yurio? Would the same apply to him or does he just get the short end of the stick? And then all the similarities started to hit me.

There are actually quite a few parallels with Yuuri and Yurio’s journeys. If we use Yuuri as a base, specifically his experience where he actually touched on his inner Eros before he even knew what it was and then promptly forgot about the entire thing (and delayed a relationship with an individual that would have allowed him to grasp that realization a lot sooner), we can actually see that Yurio goes through something very similar.

It always hits me whenever I re-watch episode 10 that Yurio goes through almost the exact same thing. He had an experience, in his case meeting Otabek (who could have been a friend) that would have allowed him to get in touch with his inner Agape sooner, and then forgot the entire encounter.

So if we look at it that way, both Yuuri and Yurio go through the journey of trying to get in touch with their inner selves. Not some false self that they’re trying to grow just to put on a show for a crowd (as it may have initially seemed), which actually is what it might have been had they not had any of those feelings within them to start out, but their real, hidden selves.

Both of them even get reminded of their previous encounters within the same 24 hour period, the night before the GPF SPs. But both of them handle these revelations completely differently and this is where the parallels diverge.

Yurio, with the reminder that he had actually experienced Agape before (both from himself towards others and from others towards himself), masters his SP. He uses his previous encounter and newfound knowledge to power himself and push himself to greater heights. On the other hand, Yuuri crashes, and he crashes hard.

Now why would they react so differently? I have a couple theories on this and the second actually feeds in from the first.

The first is more obvious. Yurio had yet to master his Agape before the GPF and the opposite was true of Yuuri. Yurio himself had not yet achieved Agape in his personal life until he was able to become friends with Otabek the night before the GPF SPs (that isn’t to say that he didn’t have Agape-like relationships with others, but it wasn’t enough to allow him to understand and master the emotion in relation to himself yet). Yuuri had mastered his Eros by the Rostelecom Cup and that was spurred on by the evolution in his relationship with Victor. He understood and achieved Eros in his personal life and it carried over to his skating.

But the question remains, if Yuuri already mastered his Eros, then why would he bomb his Short Program so hard? Even with the added 4F that ended in touching one hand down, his score would not have dropped as low as it did without him missing something else. He bombed in his performance score, not his technical (which is what the 4F falls under, TES). And this is where my second theory comes in.

I feel that when Yuuri was reminded of the experience he forgot, it actually broke his Eros. The reason why both skaters reacted so differently comes down to a fundamental difference in Yurio and Yuuri’s characters. Yurio has self-confidence. He knows he’s a good skater and he pushes himself to be better because of an internal motivation. Yuuri, on the other hand, does not have much self-confidence that comes from within himself and he skates almost exclusively for others – most notably Victor.

I remember reading something along these lines after episode 10 aired, about how someone was glad that Yuuri wasn’t being affected by the realization he got regarding the banquet in a very negative way, and then I never saw anyone mention it with this particular light again. On the other hand, I think that he actually was negatively affected, and the idea is this: Yuuri now feels that he has to compare his current Eros – the Eros that he has mastered through months of hard work, his own introspection, and his blossomed relationship with Victor – to the Eros he had exuded back at the night of the banquet. The banquet where he seduced Victor (and others) over the course of a few hours; and the worst part is that even with the reminder, he still can’t remember.

Yuuri now feels that he needs to one-up his previous self – a self that Victor was attracted to, that mastered Eros in the space of hours instead of months, and that he can’t even remember – along with upping the program difficulty to compete with the other GPF contenders. He’s fighting against a ghost of himself along with the competitive spirits of the other GPF members. In that light, it’s really no surprise that he bombed the way he did. I’m actually more surprised that he didn’t crash harder but that just goes to show how excellent of a skater he really is.

This doubt, however, also feeds into his anxious downward spiral of thoughts that we see clearly displayed the next time he sees Victor after the kiss-and-cry, when Victor is taking in Yurio’s performance with that final mourning look, and leaves Yuuri to come to the self-deprecating conclusion that he does.

On the other hand, Yurio actually quite often uses his doubts to fuel his skating. We saw it at the Rostelecom Cup with his free program and how he used his doubts about beating JJ/Yuuri to really improve. The same can be said about his episode 12 free program, how his doubts about Yuuri retiring fed into the stunning performance that he ended up giving. But Yuuri is the opposite. We see time and again how doubts in himself, his skating, and his relationships all have massive negative impacts on his programs; especially when we put the technicals aside and look at his performances themselves. But that’s for another analysis.

So, at the end of the day, Victor’s choice in assigning Eros to Yuuri and Agape to Yurio could actually not be any more perfect. Even if Victor didn’t realize how applicable Agape really was to Yurio at the moment of assignment (unlike Eros to Yuuri which, well, I don’t even need to explain), it actually ended up helping him grow as a person and discover an inner motivation that was really there all along. Good going Victor!

the signs as things ive done this semester
  • Aries: actually did an assignment a week ahead of time. forgot to turn in said assignment once the due date rolled around
  • Taurus: traveled five floors to get oreos out of the vending machine at four in the morning
  • Gemini: pretended i was a psych major just to get free food at one of the department meetings
  • Cancer: spent an hour crying over the mom's song in dumbo on a thursday night
  • Leo: had a duet with my roommate at the top of our lungs while walking through campus at one in the morning
  • Virgo: turned in an assignment with the words "pls it's four am let me die" as one of the answers bc i forgot to go back and change it
  • Libra: passed an exam even though i have not been to the class since syllabus week
  • Scorpio: made out with at least three but no more than five (?) people at a party while wasted
  • Sagittarius: got off on the wrong bus stop on my way to class. skipped class and got mcdonalds instead
  • Capricorn: did an entire weeks of work in two hours and submited it three minutes before it was due
  • Aquarius: chugged rougly seven servings of coffee at three in the morning. spent the next hour shaking.
  • Pisces: ran through a parking lot because i was late to class and nearly got run over by my processor who was also running late

Finrod Tarot card. A very belated gift to the lovely @nisiedrawsstuff, my first friend in the Silm fandom. If I were to actually assign a major arcana to Finrod, he would be World. In my native language the world ‘Mir’, which is the name of this card, stands for World, Peace and Society as in secular society opposed to clergy. I totally think this fits Finrod a lot. 

stats 101 | jikook edition

I really didn’t want to do my actual math assignments (as always), but then I stumbled across a little problem while watching Kookmin World’s newest video. So like I believe every aspiring mathematician/statistician should, I decided use the power of numbers to solve some interesting questions in my spare time (well…my profs do great things like figuring out who’s cheating on their midterms simply by calculating probability but…I’m not there yet LOL). Thus, I decided to calculate the probability of Jimin and Jungkook’s fans appearing next to each three times in a row, just by chance. 

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t done counting problems in awhile so there may be a mistake. I tried to recheck with my notes but I could still be wrong with some of my intuition because I did this purely off the top of my head. If there is please let me know and I shall fix it promptly, but this is merely my way of trying to show how cool math is… Also, I’m not reeeaaallly doing this as a shipper, cause really it doesn’t mean anything that their fans are next to each other (except perhaps maybe there was some instinctive sense as to why they should be together), I just wanted to know the numbers, and perhaps you would too :)

also, please take a look at this it cooler than you think and may help you out with your homework in the future ;)

So. Hurr we go. 

SCENARIO 1: Fans are placed in a circle

So here, we want to know what the probability is that Jimin’s fan is next to Jungkook within this circle, completely by chance.  

Since this is a circle, and circles are pains in the asses to calculate permutation for, there are many different approaches. What I personally did was I defined a fixed point in the rearrangement:

where each circle represents a fan and the blue dot is a fan whose position never changes (because if it did I’d have to divide by two or something fancy and that’s too complicated).

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Alright so here’s that tiny assignment.