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an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

this is available as a sticker on my redbubble c:


Not a popular ship but a beautiful ship nonetheless


I’m just taking a lot of time to process this boy’s face… HOW. He’s an angel one minute, and the next he’s pulling off the sexy serial killer look???

Suga’s been really giving me heartaches recently. Nevermind really hit me in the gut. Am I a Suga stan now? 
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so I drew these a while ago and thought I’d actually post them bc why not???

also I can’t draw faces to save my life but I guess it kind of works so hooray for westallen/slightly slenderman-y art am I right?!?!

A babe, who could crush me if she wanted to,,,,,,,,,, im so in love

I hc that her hands are all messed up bc various reasons n thats part of the reason why she always wears gloves

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it’s not the best but I wanted to draw something, so here you have it!

(May and Xiao Mei without so many roses in the background here)

Me: Hmm I wonder how much I’ve written for this AU. It’s probably only a couple hundred words.

*copies and pastes it into word doc* 1747 words

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When terroriser’s in the house that’s when you know you need to turn the fuck up

And is that fem h2ovanoss you see? Yes, yes it is.

(Uhh first real post I guess???)

“Stop”, Elena hissed breathless. Slowly she pushed herself up on her elbows, the stabbing pain in her broken leg still blinding her senses, but she had to endure it somehow.

Surprised, Ginea turned around “You can still move?” Elena’s mouth twiched - she wouldn’t waste any unnecessary words.

Elena spoke the magic formula and a wall of thick, solid ice rose in front of Ginea, blocking her way into the corridor.
“I’m not…done with you…just yet”

[inaudible shit talking]

anyway considering they’re literally the two POV characters I probably don’t pay enough attention to tris and noa

why is the mobile app making all my uploads look blurry?? it’s 100% fine on chrome?? I’m so not okay with this??