actual 5 years old playing around


God of mimicking fans. Asked for an opinion from fans on what they should talk about, ends up not understanding and teasing all of them in return. TWICE. Really hyperactive and energetic; jumping around and across the stage. One second cute, the next second a beast. Flawless skin. Voice is like warm tea on a cold day.

Super fluffy and hops around stage. Did his segments mostly in English (salutes). Says REAL cheesy things to fans; and in return we become speechless. Gives fans tons of fan-service, throws hearts everywhere and poses for their cameras. A really soothing and lovely voice. Squishy cheeks. Looks like a greek god in real life. Puts Adonis to shame.

VERY mischievous, you can see it in his gaze. Ad-libs like craaaazy all over the place but somehow still manages to sound amazing. Is an actual 5 year old – plays with gifts thrown onto the stage during the encore segment, but also a sweetheart because it’s not allowed but appreciates fans’ thoughtfulness. High chance of being a good dad in the future; gently dissuaded fans from throwing things onto the stage. Solid power-packed vocals. Plays with bubbles.

An actual sweetheart; searches for fans in ever nook and cranny of the hall and makes sure that he waves to them. Vocals A+, never misses a note. Shouted “make some noise” and managed to drag it into a high note at the end. Incredible dancing – chensing machine living up to his name. Why isn’t ‘Towel x Jongdae’ a thing? Literally glows. Has a smile heals everything.

Cool one second and breaks out into laughter the next. Talented as hell; works the guitar and the DJ set like it’s child’s play. A real rap God. Saw a Yoda face costume mask and put it on; no difference. Really lovely singing voice. Amazing body proportions. An actual giant.

Super squishy and adorable but has a manly personality. Charismatic speaking voice. Had a few flat notes but all was well the moment he smiled. Singing voice is like melted honey. Shows appreciation for fans in his own weird way. Luminous elastic spring balls are his favourite toy – confirmed. Swings them like crazy and almost killed someone.

A dance God. Dancing that brings goosebumps; graceful yet sharp. Super beautiful skin tone. Literally glowing on stage. Throws smirks at every chance he has. Singing voice is highly underrated. Saw a fanboard that apologised for what happened at the airport, told the fan that “it’s okay”. An actual angel we do not deserve. 

Underrated rapping and singing; huge vocal improvement. Another dance God; one second fluid the next second sharp. Crazy visuals. Crazy body proportions. Jawline that could cut someone. Soft and tender heart; was asked what he would like for his birthday and he said “snacks for vivi”. Teared up when fans sang him his birthday song twice.

*makes a post complaining about how everyone writes Natsu OOC*

“But, Alisha! You don’t write him entirely in character either!”

You’re right! But there’s a difference, you see!

There are four (4) five (5) types of Natsu(s?) popular in fanfiction!

1) (My personal least favorite) Fuckboi player!Natsu. Probably plays football. Is an asshole. Might bully Lucy because I guess that’s attractive in a man. Is failing math class and/or English and Lucy may or may not tutor him for whatever reason. Dates a different girl every week. Lucy magically changes his ways.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lisanna being a jealous bitch because???
  • Sting and/or Rogue’s characterization being butchered and them attacking/assaulting Lucy, thus making Natsu realize how much he cares about Lucy.
  • Lucy being uncomfortable going to sport’s games but her friends (namely Erza and Levy) dragging her to one anyway. Bonus points if something terrible happens at the game and Lucy immediately forgives her friends.

2) The Natsu that’s not smart enough to spell “cabbage.” Doesn’t know what sex is, thus introducing a weird subplot where someone (typically Lucy or Gray) must explain it to him. This is more uncomfortable to the reader than it is for the characters. Usually over-exaggerates the dragon slayers’ dragoness. Lucy is repeatedly emotionally hurt in these fics because the reader has made Natsu too stupid to understand what feelings are.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Weird dragonesque Natsu smut. Probably kinky. May be a dragon mating season fic.
  • Lisanna is evil and somehow Lucy ends up leaving the guild (may or may not become a dragon slayer). 
  • If written in canonverse, there will be a mission that Natsu botches. Lucy will probably be injured in some way, and Natsu will realize he loves her, then abandon her because he’s ashamed of hurting her. Bonus points for every chapter this is drawn out.

3) The Natsu that is weirdly snarky and mean spirited. I think the writers are trying to make things sound teasing, but he comes off as an utter dick. Probably a high school!AU. Can be meshed with Natsu #1 to create the biggest douche you will ever see. Is probably sexist and speaks really badly about women, but this is excused because his mother abandoned him as a child.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Says something insensitive to Lucy. She cries and is deeply hurt. He never apologizes for this because ??? Potatoes, I guess.
  • If in canonverse, Happy is also probably super mean to Lucy, despite Happy being the most upset about F!Lucy’s death (though, he was roughly on par with how upset Natsu was.).

4) (the Natsu I try to write) This is the Natsu that would exist in canon if Mashima actually gave him character development. Likely pretty close to how he is in canon, though a little more suave and mature. Smarter than the average bear fic Natsu. Still playful and adventurous. Probably still takes Lucy on some kind of adventure. May be a bit rough around the edges.

5) (a la @snogfairy) Dream Boy Natsu. A fantasy man that is perfect in every imaginable way. Is nothing like the actual Natsu. Romantic™. Sophisticated™. An intellectual Man™. Probably reads minds. A fourteen year old girl’s wet dream. Might be a nice guy™.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy is a mega blushing virgin. When asked what’s in a guys pants she answers “carrots.” Has no friends.
  • Natsu probably has some hidden piano playing skill. Or, like, the harp or something else that’s sophisticated.
  • Says shit like “cumbersome.”

Thank you @snogfairy.

thatgirljazz  asked:

I ship Karolsen but also support Supercorp. I'm a Karolsen bro!

yes anyway 

  • married karolsen would share a car and james restocks caprisun and puts it in the trunk during lunch break and after work kara would climb into the car and halfway through she’d remember the caprisun and freeze breath it bc warm caprisun is gross and also she does crazy bends to reach the back seat and grab the caprisun
  • tv cuddling watching b99 and eating takeout and kara full on ugly laughing into james neck and chest and shoulder and when james says something kara says “cool cool cool cool cool” sometimes and she starts giggling to herself and james laughs too bc kara is a nerd
  • they have a puppy and james gets the pup a dog bed at the base of their bed and leads the pup over when its time to sleep (bc the pup loves the warm cuddly couch where kara spends most of her time on) but when he wakes up the puppy is sprawled over the both of them
  • kara makes the house all flowery hipster kind of shit and they have ceiling to floor windows
  • she frames every single one of james’ photos and when they run out of wall space they spend an entire afternoon scrapbooking pictures he took and articles she wrote and by the end of a year they have an entire bookshelf of lil trinkets and framed family pictures and picture albums and scrapbooks
  • grocery store shopping, james and kara have a shopping list and they cut it in half and they have a race to see who wins and people are just seeing this man shoving shelves of chocolate into a cart and a small blonde lady deadlifting three big bags of dog food
  • people ship supergirl and the guardian, fact
  • every time theres an emergency they try to beat each other out, first one to yell “honey where’s my super suit” gets to be the first on the scene
  • they make out at work but its the breathy teenager kind and cat fuckin calls them out on it but also does her smile thing when everyone turns around bc her fav employees are happy
  • karolsen at the beach
  • winn bans them from being paired together for game night but yall kno its not for real and besides they alternate bc alex and kara are truly Unstoppable and they both rlly like to beat their friends loser asses at board games
  • and then they have a beautiful kiddo with the best fuckin smile in the entire world who grows up with cool aunt alex, im-gonna-teach-you-how-to-hack-club-penguin winn (in this au club penguin still exists bc thats important), and cry baby ceo lena the godmom who teaches the 2 year old how to play chess while on a conference call with 5 other people around the world
  • karolsen & kid game night, they go from letting the kid win to actually having their asses handed to them in the span of 10 years

So when I was a kid (like 6 or 7 years old) my parents were really into getting me edutainment games, which was anything from a Scholastic catalog as far as they were concerned, including the Petz series, of which I played Catz 5 an absurd amount

(also good LORD look at this box art holy shit)

The game actually looked nothing like that, thank god:

It was your pretty basic virtual pet simulator thing, adopt as many pets as you want, put two of them in a scene, dress em up, give them toys and food, pet them, but mostly they just ran around and did whatever tf they felt like. Which is, honestly, pretty realistic now that I think about it. There were also minigames and you could try to teach them tricks, but I didn’t usually wind up with much luck with those.

 Also, you could have kittens (or puppies if you had Dogz), and kid-me was like “fuck yeah I wanna make my cats have kittens, I love kittens”

So the very first thing I did when I got the game was adopt a Tabby cat (I’m sure it had a name but that was easily 13 or 14 years ago) and eventually a Mane Coon, and stick em in a room together, and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And I eventually unlocked an item that would Theoretically help improve the chances of kittens, which was a perfume bottle you would spray on your cats. And I think there were other items too I just don’t totally remember them, but I used them all on these two cats and just kept on waiting.

I waited for like a goddamn week (since this was “real time” so each day you opened the game the cats would age another day) before eventually asking my mom why it wasn’t working, because parents know everything. After a few minutes of messing with it, she figured it out: both of the cats were female.

I’m not sure what the conversation after that was like, I just vaguely remembered feeling embarrassed that I hadn’t figured out what the cats genders were (to be fair, they used the ♂ and ♀ symbols and I had 0 idea of what those meant) and then angry that two lady cats couldn’t have kittens. Because I was totally convinced these two cats were absolutely in love with each other.

Anyways I’m gay now, video games made me gay, and I’m still terribly allergic to real cats but love them anyways

Riker Drabble “Don’t You Dare Throw That Snowba-”

You were extremely nervous about this trip. You were used to most of his family, but this time it meant you were meeting everybody. EVERYBODY. Dating Riker for so long you had grown comfortable with his mom, and all of his siblings they were like family to you. This year though, Riker had asked you to come home for Christmas with him. You were delighted to the fact that you came to the part in your relationship where Riker wanted you to meet his family, but the actual face-to-face meeting of the family part gave you shivers. You weren’t very outgoing so meeting people wasn’t your strong suit. There were going to be aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents…to say the least he had a large family.
You were sitting in the passenger seat of the van, with Riker driving. Everybody decided they wanted to make it a road trip. He turned his vision away from the road to you for a second, and saw the dismay on your face. He turned back to view the busy highway.
“Something wrong babe?” He asked. You bit, your lip softly, and shook your head no. You looked down to your lap. “Come on, I know when there’s something bothering you.” You shrugged, and looked up.
“What if they don’t like me?” The words came out of your mouth shaky, and soft. You were kind of afraid to ask the question.
“What? What do you mean; why wouldn’t like you?” Riker replied. The question to him seemed completely invalid.
“It’s just…I don’t know, I’m meeting your whole family. There’s a lot of people in your family, and it’s kind of overwhelming.” Riker took one hand off the wheel, and placed it on your lap.
“Hannah listen, I love you so there is no reason everybody else wouldn’t.” He smiled. You loved his smile. You blushed, and nodded at the sentiment he just gave you.
“Thank you.” You reached over, kissed him on the cheek. There was a road sign just up ahead where you could see; it said: Littleton 20. You were just a short distance away from the place he called home. You took a deep breath. “Here we go, I guess.”
You followed Riker into the kitchen where most of the relatives were gathered, some were still migrating to the table. You sat down by him, and one of his cute little blonde cousins sat down next to you.  You had arrived just before dinner started. Seeing all the people gathered immediately made you more nervous. As the diner was served people started chatting about old times, and new times. Riker’s grandma brought up old stories about past Christmases. Their house was so beautiful, and homey it seemed to comfort you. Riker introduced you as his girlfriend, and it was surprisingly not as scary as you thought it was going to be. How they carried on with their fond memories of older times was so sentimental. The conversation at the table shifted many times to many subjects.
After dinner had finished, and the table was cleared most of the family moved to the living room where they proceeded to play a game. You were sitting on the couch next to the same little boy you were sitting next to during diner, when he spoke up.
“You’re my favorite.” He mumbled softly. You looked down at him confused to what the 5 or 6 year old meant. “Most of them are kind of mean especially the last one. The others are usually just pretty but you’re actually nice…” The little boy smiled like it was nothing, of course at that age you have no filter. You let out a small chuckle when you realized what the boy was talking about, people around the fireplace chuckled slightly too.
“The uhh…others?” You uttered looking up at Riker suspiciously, who was now the one who was turning red.
“Yea. Riker brings all of his girlfriends to stuff.” Riker gritted his teeth, and looked over at the talkative little boy.
“Okay, that’s enough Bauer.” Riker asserted. You smirked.  
“No honey please tell me more about these others.” You asked the little cousin named Bauer.
“It’s kind of gross when they would kiss all the time. I’m glad you don’t do that.” This kid was probably the most adorable thing in the world. Seeing how nervous Riker got from talking about previous girlfriends was even more adorable.
“Hannah you want to go for a walk!?” Riker jumped up, probably hoping to get away from the subject. You giggled, and stood up.
“Sure.” You slipped on your winter gear at the door. Just the basics: Coat, hat, gloves, boots. Once outside you stood next to Riker lacing his awkward gloved fingers through yours for extra warmth.
“So, tell me about all these ‘others’.” You mocked.
“Oh come on, you know the kinds of things kids say.”
“I don’t know I mean, Bauer is a pretty smart kid. He knows what’s up.”
“Well for the record I don’t just date girls because they’re pretty. That’s only a plus.” Riker tried to defend.
“I don’t know Riker, You made out with all of the others in front of your little cousins? Who does that?” You continued to tease, only because you could see how upset it was making him.
“I DIDN’T MAKE OUT WITH THEM OH MY-” A pile of snow mushed Riker’s face. Hysterical laughter poured out of you as the drippings came running down Riker’s face. He spit out part of the snowball that landed in his mouth, and opened his eyes wiping away the slush.
“I thought you needed to chill.” You uttered, laughing.
“That is the cheesiest pun I have ever heard.” Riker said sternly. He was probably a little miffed about the whole snowball in the face ordeal. He turned around, and walked straight forward.
“Come on babe, don’t be mad. I was just kidding around.” Riker bent over, and you soon realized what he was doing.
“Oh I’m not getting mad, I’m getting even.” Riker pushed the snow together in a little ball.
“I’m sorry I’m sorry.” You pleaded. “Riker don’t you dare throw that snow-” and with that the snow landed on your face. “Dang it!” you muttered wiping snow off your face, and part of your neck.
“Well if that’s how it’s going to be.” You quickly ran over to Riker, but you slid on the ice and crashed directly into him tumbling you both into a large snowbank. As you laid there on him, you both broke out in laughter.
“The only reason I don’t talk about my exes are because they don’t matter anymore. You are mine now and that’s how it’s going to stay.” Rikers breath blew onto your face from the cold air, but laying on him, you felt nothing but heat.
“You know I don’t care about that stuff, I just love making you squirm. I think this is going to be the best Christmas ever.”
“I know it’s going to be.” Riker brought his lips up to yours lighting a spark that could’ve melted all the snow in Colorado.
“EWWW.” The door slammed followed by little boy steps in the snow. “I thought you were going to be cool, but you’re just going to be another one of the kissers aren’t you?” Bauer crossed his arms.  You rolled off Riker, and sat up in the snow.
“I’m sorry we won’t do it anymore.” You apologized. It was hard to stop giggling, Bauer was even cuter when he was mad.
“That’s what they all say I’m going inside.” The little boy opened the door, and slammed it once he was inside again. Riker raised an eyebrow.
“You weren’t serious were you?” He smirked. You shook your head at him, and bit you lip. Your face grew very close to his again.
“Of course not.” Riker leaned in but before his lips touched yours again, you threw more snow in his face. Riker wrinkled up his face. “It is so on!” He was already gathering snow for his revenge. You stood up, and backed away.
“You’ll just have to catch me!” You replied flirtatiously. This definitely was going to be the best Christmas ever.

childhood viktuuri prompts

-yuuri becoming an amazing braider because viktor always liked to style his long hair and yuuri loved to play with his hair so it all worked out

-them going to the movies with yuuri liking movies with an extra deep plot with amazing fight scenes and strategizing and viktor just crying over sad romance movies and sad dog movies

-them shamelessly sharing everything from clothes to food to beds

-when 5 year old yuuri starts off skating 9 year old viktor would hold his hands and skate around the rink for him and do tricks for him

-them actually never having large fights?? but viktor would sometimes accidentally hurt yuuri emotionally but they would always solve the issue

-17 year old viktor getting the idea from cheesy romance films where friends sleep in the same bed and somehow end up cuddling to sleep in the same bed as yuuri and and slowly waiting for him to fall asleep and then pulling him to his chest and just not letting go until he wakes up

-viktor would steal yuuri’s glasses and try them on and yuuri would always get flustered because he looks absolutely stunning with the blue glasses and his gorgeous silvery hair

more under the cut! :)

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Vernon Surprising You

Anon said: Heyooo could you maybe do a Vernon scenario where he flies in to your hometown and surprises you, so you end up just showing him around and spending time together with your family~~

Pairing: Vernon x reader Genre: fluff, maybe a little angst Word count: 1,099

You were having just a normal weekend, doing pretty much nothing except for listening to music in your room. At times, you’d missed your boyfriend, Vernon, who’s in Korea since he’s a a member of a Kpop group. He would sometimes visit you but at the moment, his last visit was pretty long ago. Some days it would be hard to deal with the fact that he’s far away and you can’t see him but other days, it would be fine.

Today wasn’t a good day since you really missed him. Luckily he called at the right time. You lowered the music playing in your room to hear Vernon on the phone.

“Hello?” You answered, testing if you could hear him.

“Hey babe, I miss you.” He says softly and your heart melted. You loved hearing his voice and seeing him on TV or whatever but it would be so much better if he was actually there with you at times. You still supported from a far.

You smiled at the sound of his voice. “I missed you too. Are you taking a break right now?” You asked, sitting down on your bed.

“No but you’ll find out what I’m doing in a few minutes.”

You furrow your brows in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

He laughed and you could imagine his goofy smile right now. “Vernon, can you just tell me what your up to?” You weren’t in for playing games.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rings.

“Y/N! Get the door!” Your mom yells from downstairs. You weren’t sure why she was asking you to do it when clearly she was closer of the door.

You went downstairs anyways to open the door.

“One second, someone’s at my door-” You said into the phone to Vernon but immediately stopped talking when you saw that it was him at your door, standing right in front of you with open arms. You even almost dropped your phone right there but luckily you didn’t.

“Vernon!!” You yelled so loudly when you wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him and he laughs. His laugh is the cutest thing in the world.

He wrapped his arms around you tightly. “I missed you so much Y/N.” He whispers into the crook of your neck as you both swayed, still in each other’s embrace.

“I love you. I’m so happy that you’re here.” You said tearing up. You didn’t realize that you missed him that much until finally having him with you once again.

“I love you too. Please don’t cry.” He said, letting go of the hug to wipe away your tears. You sniffled, trying to stop the tears.

Vernon gave you such a warm smile that it lighten you up. He kissed the top of your nose just to make you feel better. “Why are you here? How? I thought you were promoting and stuff.” You started to question him.

He smiled wider when he saw how cute you were, asking a bunch of questions.

“My manager let me come since we have the weekend off. It was a lot for me to ask from the team but I’ve been missing you so much lately, I just needed a day with my girl.” You smiled at his words and hugged him again.

After you two finally got over the fact that your together once again, you calmed down and had a real conversation.

You let him in and he greeted your parents very nicely and your parents were happy to see Vernon once again. First you showed Vernon around your house before doing anything else.

“Kids, come have lunch. I just made it. Vernon, you must be very hungry after that flight.” Your mom said. Vernon helped set up the table before your family and Vernon sat down to eat. He complimented the food and thanked your parents for providing lunch for him. He was acting very polite and sweet which made you happy.

Your parents kept asking Vernon a bunch of questions about his life in Korea and his job which made you embarrassed. This happened all the time when he’d visit and you should’ve gotten use to it by now but apparently now. It didn’t seem to bother Vernon since he smiled happily at them and you while he ate and answered the questions asked.

After eating, you two talked.

“I want to see your hometown. Show me around.” He asked nicely. You were a bit surprised because you would’ve never thought he would want to see your place but you were more than happy to be able to give him a tour.

You told your parents and they let you go with Vernon. “Your parents are always so nice when I come over. I love them.” He chuckled and you smiled as you two left the house.

You guys walked around while the wind blew a little. You showed him the school you used to go to when you were younger. It had a play ground which, being the 5 years old he is, decided to play on the playground and actually had fun.

You laughed at how cute he was acting and he laughed along realizing how stupid he must look at the moment. After that you guys went around to a few of the shops close by and just enjoyed the nice view of your place.

“There isn’t much but it’s a nice place.” You told Vernon after visiting a few places of your hometown. You guys are now just walking around the neighbourhood, having a good talk.

He nodded. “I like it. It’s very calming. I wish I could be here more often so that I can be by your side all the time.” He said softly as he held your hand.

You gave him a sweet smile as he did the same. “Yeah, I know. I wish we could.” You sighed at the sad thought that he would leave soon…again.

He stopped walking and so did you. Vernon held your head in place and kissed your temple. “I’m always with you. Don’t forget that. Even if I’m far away just remember that I’m in your heart and one day, I’ll come back again and be in your arms.” Vernon back hugged you right after and you felt in place and safe..perfect in his arms.

You remembered his words for a long time. You remembered that good day with him for a very long time. You knew you’d keep it in memory until he’s come back for you once again.

Hope you liked it! I might add a gif later.

anonymous asked:

I bet you've already gotten this before but-what does your URL mean? t3f3r?

T3f3r is ‘Teafer’ but spelled with ‘3′ in replacement of ‘E’ (and one A lol).

So I was called ‘Tea’ cause when I was little I would drink a TON of sweet tea and I would literally suck on tea bags too… When I was 5, I went by ‘Teafer’ cause I thought it sounded cute (and cause my aunt wanted to call me ‘Jeafer’ and I thought it was stupid so I was like ‘NO! I’m Teafer!’) and like… Im so proud of 5 year old me. xDD

When I first got into playing online games/websites around 7th 8th grade (like Gaia/Neopets/RuneScape), I actually got with a group of people online who taught me about ‘l33t sp34k’ or ‘leet speak’ and so being the little nerd I was… I decided to call myself ‘t34f3r’. 

Of course I shortened it cause like… T3f3r looks alot better than t34f3r. 

So that’s where the history of T3f3r comes from! You get an A+ for sitting through this lesson.


OSU fall semester 2017 predicitons: 

  • one of the members of the #boycottwendys movement dresses up in a pippi longstocking costume, dips their hands in fake blood, and runs around the union patio screeching at passerby students. Somebody posts a video of it to twitter and banksy retweets it, commenting “wow. this is profound.”
  • A 5 year old social media post of student council president Andrew Jackson wearing a hat with a serif M on it surfaces, resulting in an actual unironic impeachment movement that ultimately fails, but gains significant traction, mostly from the two demographics of sportsbois whose loveland-based parents play for their rent, and girls named Reagan who talk about dogs and urban meyer in their tinder bios.
  • Construction crews on south campus actually finish construction on mirror lake. this profoundly upsets President Michael Drake, and he calls in a favor from John Kasich. As a result, Ohio National Guard black ops agents emerge from their stasis pods in the military bunker-turned-mall on high and woodruff, and blow up mirror lake with half a metric ton of dynamite.
  • Buckeyes beat Wolverines 35-27
wonwoo; love you /poly relationship series/ ft. mingyu

Mingyu was laying behind you, his arms around your small frame. You were facing Wonwoo who was playing with his sweater paws, biting his bottom lip gently. He looked like a 5 years old boy, his bangs falling over his forehead.

When he opened his eyes he locked his gaze with yours, not daring to look away.

You couldn’t say what he was thinking of as he watched you being in Mingyu’s embrace.

No he wasn’t jealous. Actually, he was happy. Knowing he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings, he was happy to see the other boy giving you the attention he couldn’t give to you.

Mingyu is the one to comfort you when you have nightmares, he is the one to make you breakfast, he is the one to hug you when you’re scared.

But of course Wonwoo too does take care of you. He likes to hold your hand when you’re crossing the road, he likes to take warm baths with you, washing your hair with his favourite shampoo; feeling your hot skin under his touch when he moves his hands slowly all over your body.

He was expressing his feelings through his actions.

He moved closer to you, eyes never leaving yours. Pressing his forehead to yours, his breath tickling your face. His arms were close to his chest, not touching you, as if he was afraid he could break you.

You both fell asleep like that, you in Mingyu’s comfortable embrace, and Wonwoo, his nose gently touching yours.

And you knew he loved you even if he never said it out loud. Because in the morning, he was still there hugging you and the other boy tightly, craving for love.

Voltron Band AU

Where Keith is the singer, Lance is on guitar, pidge on bass and Shiro is their manager

I was actually supposed to post this a week ago but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Lance is on guitar because his uncle got him one and taught him to play when he was around 5 or 6 years old  
  • Hes been playing for his whole life  
  • Hunk plays the drums because he first learned how to play the pahu (a Hawaiian drum) and he liked it so his love for drums branched out to different types  
  • Pidge plays the bass because they've  always really liked it and the sound of it since they were a kid  
  • It stood out to them in music they listened to and it inspired Pidge to learn the instrument
  • Its hunks idea because he makes a joke one day about how they all play instruments and lance and pidge take it too seriously   
  • “Hey imagine if we started a band. Like we went on tours and had our own fan base like wouldn’t that be crazy ha”
  • “nonono you guys I was kIDDING i was jOKING”
  • hunk digs his own grave and eventually gives in  
  • They go to open mics to find singers and SURPRISE SURPRISE Keith is one Of the singers and when they hear him they agree that he has a GREAT voice AND WHEN LANCE HEARS HIM HE DOES THE STAR EYE THING FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE cause hey his looks are almost as good as his singing ahaha
  • When they talk to Keith after his performance try find out that Keith dropped out of school to pursue his career and they ask to join the band and he accepts
  • They also find out that Keith also writes songs and plays the piano  
  • They name the band Voltron ofc   
  • Pidge knows a manager named shiro through their older brother Matt  
  • Shiro agrees to manage them
  • He hangs out with them all the time and is basically part of the band  
  • He earns the title of being the Band Dad™  
  • One time they book a gig and the owners of a record label  called ALTEA are there looking for new talent
  • Allura and Coran run it
  • The label was passed down to Allura from her dad  
  • ALTEA likes their sound and decides to sign them and Voltron becomes a huge success
  • When Voltron becomes big the band gets invited to be interviewed on a couple of channels  
  • When being interviewed keith and lance try to one up each other jokingly and this is where klance is born  
  • They eventually kiss ahaha  
  • Pidge and hunk are nosy and are spying on them through the studio door  
  • Keith and lance are interrupted by a loud damn it from the hall  
  • Thats followed by a sigh of defeat when Pidge hands hunk 20$
  • “See I told you they would be together by the end of the week”
So yeah this is all I have rn please enjoy this au that I came up with about 2 months ago and didn’t post until now

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In which maki still receives presents every year from Santa even after she's of age (coughnicocough) and she tells nico about how kind and loving Santa must be

Out of all people, it had to be her girlfriend, the one who never showed much interest, knowingly mocked her, and hid her feelings (although not always well), to still believe in a childish thing like Santa and, to make it even worse, talk about him as if she actually knew the guy even now at the age of 22. No, of course it couldn’t be anyone else but Nico’s girlfriend.

But she wasn’t one to break Maki’s innocence because she secretly thought it was endearing. So every year, she had to struggle with doing this just for the sake of the one she loved.

“You’re missing your hat,” Eli commented as she watched Nico struggle with her shoe.

“Are you serious?” Nico spun around a few times in an effort to find it. “Where did I put it?”

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Over the rainbow || Open

Jack is new in town, but he’s already bored with his video store job. He spends more time there than he’d prefer, and if you asked, he’d say it’s slowly killing him. The only light in his life is his daughter, Samantha Morgan, or Sam, as she usually prefers. She’s smart for a 5 year old, and Jack loves hanging out with her. Which is why he cleared up his schedule to take her to the park. He was actually rather enjoying himself and having a pleasant day, being tugged around by his daughter. When she went to play on the playground, he decided to take a break. He plopped himself down on a park bench and just let himself relax.

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smh. you just like maroon 5 bc adam is hot and theyre popular. you probably dont even know 5 other songs besides sugar and animals. smh at u trying so hard.

YIKES DOT COM slash YOU anon. Lets take a little trip, shall we?

  • Maroon 5 became a band 15 years ago. I’ve been listening to them for as long as I can remember. My mom listened to them when they became a band, so I was around 1 years old. I just asked her, and she showed me them when I began listening to music, so around age 5.
  • Their first music production, Kara’s Flowers, also known as The Fourth World, was their first project as friends. Songs About Jane was released in 2002, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long was in 2006, Hands All Over in 2008, the band hiatus and Overexposed in 2012, and V in 2014. 
  • Adam Levine – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar.
    Jesse Carmichael – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
    Mickey Madden – bass guitar.
    James Valentine – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
    Matt Flynn – drums, percussion.
    PJ Morton – keyboards, backing vocals (filled-in for Jesse Carmichael from 2012 to 2014)
  • Their tours: Songs About Jane Tour (2002–04). 5th Annual Honda Civic Tour (2005). It Won’t Be Soon Before Long Tour (2007-2008). Back to School Tour (2009). Palm Trees and Power Lines Tour (2010). Hands All Over Tour (2010-2012). Overexposed Tour (2012-2014). 12th Annual Honda Civic Tour[124] (2013). Maroon 5 World Tour 2015 (2015)
  • My favorite songs (from album order) would have to be…. She Will Be Loved, Figure It Out or Nothing Lasts Forever, Just A Feeling or How, Sad, Leaving California or Lost Stars.
  • FUN FACT: Lost Stars is actually a song from the movie “Begin Again” which Adam played a lead role and sang in. It was added to V as a bonus track.
  • Don’t forget about the unreleased album, either, The B-Side Collection, which is 7 songs that are not featured on It Wont Be Soon Before Long.
  • The first time I ever said “fuck” was when I was 6 years old and didn’t know what it meant in Harder To Breathe.
  • My mom would drive us around blasting Maroon 5 when I was little.

Yes, Adam Levine is EXTREMELY attractive, not only is he one of my favorite humans ever, but that is NOT why I love Maroon 5. I love Maroon 5 because of their lyrics, because their songs are amazing, the band members are good influences, and they are perfect.

SO YES, in conclusion, we have found that I only know two of their songs and think that Adam is attractive, and I wanna be cute and relateable so I listen to them SOLELY for that purpose. 

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top 5 Regina headcanons? top 5 Emma headcanons?? top 5 Swan Queen headcanons??? (sorry if that's too many omg)

oh gosh i’ll have to like dig into my memory banks but let’s go

regina mills:

1. regina the pop culture connoisseur. regina spending twenty eight years consuming outside media and paying attention to the changing nuances.
2. regina’s secret but not secret at all regina i found your stash in the desk and mom i know you hide cookies behind my cheerios love of junk food
3. regina likes to wear comfy sweaters and yoga pants and robes after a long day and only those she’s close to see her in this state of existence.
4. regina can play the piano well and playing loud, dramatic beethoven is incredibly cathartic when needed. but also something soft and slow when she just needs to be calm and still. her preferred music of choice to listen to while cleaning or mixing potions or whatnot is either said dramatic, loud beethoven or older rock. she’s a particular fan of joan jett and led zepplin.
5. regina loves books, dating back to her early childhood. they were the perfect escape from a lonely, stressful life of expectations and harshness. in an attempt to make something like amends with belle, she occasionally and offhandedly will recommend a title from this world. 

emma swan:

1. the last name swan is in fact from her first adoptive family. she’s contemplated changing it several times, but to what? they were the closest she ever came to having a family before storybrooke. one last tie to something so she doesn’t have to focus on the dug up roots. (she looked them up years later on a whim, they have a son, blond hair just like hers and a degree in astrophysics, good for fucking them.) 
2. she despises lawyers. her public defender did basically shit to help her when she was up for burglary, and the prosecutor did his fucking best to make sure she’d get a year. all talk and little action and all her experiences consist of twisting words and the games they play, and she can’t deal with it.
3. she’s really, really, really good at math. when she did her homework in school, she always got top scores. a few teachers took an interest in her, but she didn’t really want their help, after all it wasn’t like she’s going to college. ha, yeah, she could get a loan, but then she’d be in debt for a metric fuck ton of years and what was the point? she wanted to be independent already. (years later, she finds henry’s algebra or calc textbook and tries to do some problems, and she’s strangely pleased to see she remembers some stuff still.)
4. she can play a few chords on the guitar, but she hasn’t owned one in years.
5. she actually likes wearing dresses, they just aren’t really practical to keep around, (except for the few she needs for her old job in boston from time to time), and jeans are a lot more comfortable.

swan queen:

1. regina is usually the big spoon, as emma actually loves being cuddled. she never voices it, but regina sometimes wakes up and emma has burrowed her into her side with her head on her chest, or is holding regina’s arms around her waist. sometimes though, regina does want to be held, gently and so safely in emma’s arms. as with a lot things, emma knows when without saying. (she always asks first, though.) 
2. emma kind of broke the coffee machine once after a fight. regina’s really good one. with the help of david, she managed to get it working again and (hopes) regina never found out. (regina knows, but also knows which battles to pick.) it still makes a weird whirring noise, but somehow the hot chocolate is richer. 
3. mary margaret caught them kissing on the couch once. it was a pretty innocent kiss, all things considering (emma’s hand was cupping regina’s cheek while regina was lightly grasping her waist and then emma’s hand moved back to stroke the ends of her hair while regina moved to pull her in and-), and it was a couple of weeks after the entire drama of telling emma’s parents. mary margaret had just blinked, thrown up her hands like emma and regina were rebellious teenagers (seriously snow? i remember your crush on the duke’s son when you were thirteen. remember, the one who stepped on your toes when you two danced?), requested that they don’t mess up the couch, and left the room to a scowling regina and pink-faced emma.
4. regina sings to emma sometimes. soft, not quite lullabies, but to still the tension in emma’s limbs, the rich low tones like a balm. sometimes it’s in bed, and sometimes it’s when emma’s head is in regina’s lap and regina’s hand is twined in the blond mess of curls and regina’s just humming and reading. 
5. one time emma was exhausted and needed to hide away, so regina let her nap on the super comfy holy shit regina these are pillows of heaven couches in her office while she works. a couple of hours later, emma half woke up and looked at regina with bleary eyes and said your boobs are my religion. she has absolutely no recollection of this, but it’s definitely regina’s favorite story to tell.