actual 5 years old playing around

childhood viktuuri prompts

-yuuri becoming an amazing braider because viktor always liked to style his long hair and yuuri loved to play with his hair so it all worked out

-them going to the movies with yuuri liking movies with an extra deep plot with amazing fight scenes and strategizing and viktor just crying over sad romance movies and sad dog movies

-them shamelessly sharing everything from clothes to food to beds

-when 5 year old yuuri starts off skating 9 year old viktor would hold his hands and skate around the rink for him and do tricks for him

-them actually never having large fights?? but viktor would sometimes accidentally hurt yuuri emotionally but they would always solve the issue

-17 year old viktor getting the idea from cheesy romance films where friends sleep in the same bed and somehow end up cuddling to sleep in the same bed as yuuri and and slowly waiting for him to fall asleep and then pulling him to his chest and just not letting go until he wakes up

-viktor would steal yuuri’s glasses and try them on and yuuri would always get flustered because he looks absolutely stunning with the blue glasses and his gorgeous silvery hair

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wonwoo; love you /poly relationship series/ ft. mingyu

Mingyu was laying behind you, his arms around your small frame. You were facing Wonwoo who was playing with his sweater paws, biting his bottom lip gently. He looked like a 5 years old boy, his bangs falling over his forehead.

When he opened his eyes he locked his gaze with yours, not daring to look away.

You couldn’t say what he was thinking of as he watched you being in Mingyu’s embrace.

No he wasn’t jealous. Actually, he was happy. Knowing he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings, he was happy to see the other boy giving you the attention he couldn’t give to you.

Mingyu is the one to comfort you when you have nightmares, he is the one to make you breakfast, he is the one to hug you when you’re scared.

But of course Wonwoo too does take care of you. He likes to hold your hand when you’re crossing the road, he likes to take warm baths with you, washing your hair with his favourite shampoo; feeling your hot skin under his touch when he moves his hands slowly all over your body.

He was expressing his feelings through his actions.

He moved closer to you, eyes never leaving yours. Pressing his forehead to yours, his breath tickling your face. His arms were close to his chest, not touching you, as if he was afraid he could break you.

You both fell asleep like that, you in Mingyu’s comfortable embrace, and Wonwoo, his nose gently touching yours.

And you knew he loved you even if he never said it out loud. Because in the morning, he was still there hugging you and the other boy tightly, craving for love.

Over the rainbow || Open

Jack is new in town, but he’s already bored with his video store job. He spends more time there than he’d prefer, and if you asked, he’d say it’s slowly killing him. The only light in his life is his daughter, Samantha Morgan, or Sam, as she usually prefers. She’s smart for a 5 year old, and Jack loves hanging out with her. Which is why he cleared up his schedule to take her to the park. He was actually rather enjoying himself and having a pleasant day, being tugged around by his daughter. When she went to play on the playground, he decided to take a break. He plopped himself down on a park bench and just let himself relax.