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Steve may be a fugitive but a NYC school isn't going to throw away a perfectly good 5 year old video (that they show on their old small Sony TV) unless he was a fugitive for something truly unsavory. Breaking the Accords. Pfft.

LOL, maybe someone will comment about how their school is so cheap, they won’t get rid of a video just b/c the guy is on the run now.  Damn cutbacks!  I mean, there are actual ways of addressing it.  Will be interesting to see what they do.  

The school also has Bruce’s picture up, right?  And people know he’s Hulk and broke Harlem, right?  It has been so long since I watched that movie, I can’t remember if his identity is out, though I guess post-CA:TWS, that would be known?  Hard to keep up.  Anyway, maybe it takes a bit more than destroying Harlem or saving your innocent bestie from a kill squad to get that school to buy new materials.

somehow white ppl can understand why the muggle born registry and the ministry taking people’s wands away was wrong but they are too dim witted to apply those same concepts to reality so a muslim registry and detaining (and handcuffing) legal visa holder’s and children as young as 5 years old doesn’t seem so outrageous to them bc it’s being done in the name of “national security” 

like I really don’t understand how yall literally sat and made memes about the parallels between the candidates during the election and harry potter characters but when it comes down to showing compassion for actual humans you have some kind of disconnect?? like u guys cried so much about the government in the hunger games while u enabled our government to literally embody those same ideals and practices??? 

your favorite works of YA fiction have always alluded to history and if you can scrape up empathy for those characters I fail to understand why you are unable to translate that same rationale to reality….that level of compartmentalization is the ultimate manifestation of white american privilege.  

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Can you give links proving that fat shaming is wrong and harmful?

And our #fatphobia tag for more insights and resources.

- mod BP

tfw a three year old article about an antisemitic incident is making the rounds on tumblr again. Which means that most of the people reblogging it A. didn’t pay attention when it happened 3 years ago despite the best efforts of Jews and Roma, and B. didn’t actually click on the link to read the article and therefore see its date. 

(Also: when that article made the rounds last year, a lot of Jewish tumblr users panicked because they thought it had happened again.)

Good intentions do mean something, but c’mon, ppl. This sort of thing makes it seem like your concern about antisemitism is more performative than anything else.


This whole Pokemon Go drama of people bashing younger generations on social media has made me think a lot. All the comments revolved around the same: “why don’t you go and adopt an actual animal?” “Or why are you so immature?”

The answer to most of these people is very simple: this is all we got. I’m going to be 25 years old in one month and I just secured my first ever permanent job. At my age my mum had a 6 year old and had a permanent job for 5 years. My dad had his own business. They had two cars, a house and a mortgage. Do you know what I have? Student loan debt, high rent for a tiny flat (that doesn’t allow pets btw!), four plants and a bus pass.

Baby boomers accuse my generation of being lazy and immature and this and that when they literally fucked everything over for us. “How do you want to buy a house do you? Well get ready to fork out a quarter of a million pounds and a kidney while you are at it!”

Travelling, fandoms and nostalgia filled games are all we got. Don’t you think I would like to have children? Don’t you think I go to sleep every night thinking I’m getting older and I haven’t reached even a quarter of the goals I set up for myself? Don’t you think that I’m scared I will never be able to afford a family? 

I grew up hearing that I could be everything I wanted. That if I worked really hard I would be rewarded for it. Well guess what? You lied. You, baby boomer, sitting comfortably in your 4-bed house with your mortgage and your white fence. You lied to all of us. So the least you can do is shut the fuck up and let me catch some Pokemon.

The Four Elements | Chapter 2

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Genre: Fluff, Angst, Humor (Avatar: The Last Airbender! au)

Members: Jeon Jungkook, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung

Words: 5.9k+

Synopsis:  You lived in a world where people were divided in two groups: the ‘common’ people and the so-called element benders, the last group divided in four clans: The water clan, earth clan, fire clan and air clan. Growing up in a family that was part of the common people, you never thought of yourself as an element bender. And you were actually glad that you weren’t, because the element benders were always in a conflict with eachother, which you’d rather avoid. However, as you turned twenty years old, your life was turned upside down immediately after you heard that you have been a firebender for your whole life, and the people that you have always considered as your family, suddenly became strangers in one second. Unknown to what the firebender-life would bring you, you made an effort to blend into the element bending life, only to come across other obstacles which you did not expect at all.

A/N: another early update again! :D i read all your comments and i’m so thankful that this fic is being loved by many people :) your positive comments give me so much motivation and i can’t love you guys enough for that hdfkjshskfssjkg. enjoy the reading, and comments are always appreciated ofcourse ;) :3

Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3

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Okay forreal though. 23 years old, 5′4″, Los Angeles, INTP, Melancholic, Ravenclaw, Scorpio, and I’m too cool for pronouns. I like sweets, TMNT, the color chartreuse and Rizzle Kicks. I dislike hot weather, tinny sounds, the kind of people who play devil’s advocate just to piss you off, and ants. I’m going to graduate college this summer, I drew this on my new iPad as a warmup before homework, I once won a doughnut-eating context by putting away eleven in five minutes, and my skin isn’t actually chartreuse, but it might as well be. Nice to meet you.

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Why are you abusing the brown boy(Lance of course) with lotor

Love me a fresh glass of call out culture 

I’ve seen this go around a lot. 

You’re assuming I’m portraying the Lotor from the uncensored Japanese version of Voltron?  Because you’re mistaken. 

I was actually already aware he was portrayed as a r*pist in the old, extremely graphic, version of the 80′s voltron. As shitty as that sounds, how I at least attempt to portray Lotor in any LanceLot drawings I do as more of an OC character since we haven’t gotten his characterization from Legendary Defender yet. Noting Legendary Defender is made for an audience of 5-7 year olds they’re probably not going to make him a r*pist. 

I’m sorry my art came across to you that way! I actually don’t like how most people portray the ship (people get hella abusive with the concept), I like to use it more as a gateway to klance (Lotor flirts, Keith gets jealous, Keith gets Lance in the end) or only certain situations that don’t involve abuse. Sadly there isn’t many of those so I just jump to the gateway thing.

again, sorry ~ 

i dont get it when people say blake was ‘privileged’ so she shouldve stayed in a comfortable lifestyle instead of running off to join a terrorist organisation

i mean, ????????????????

ghira belladonna was the leader of the white fang, a faunus rights group. and naturally as his daughter, blake is a member. when ghira stepped down to lead menagerie instead, blake chose to keep being part of that activist group which THEN became a terrorist organization. which blake then quit, after 5 years.

are y'all even paying attention to the show????

Best Friend Chenle
  • im shookt that Chenle actually gets requests ??
  • like he’s not getting that much love i’m-
  • thanks to the anon for requesting this ,
  • ngl but chenle is such a best friend material i honestly want him to be my best friend
  • but he’s my son so-
  • okay let’s start

  • so you knew him ever since y'all were small kids

  • like around 5/6 years old ?
  • and you never once thought that he’d be your friend because he was always more to the popular side ,
  • while you were quiet and people didn’t notice you that much
  • until this sunshine came up to you one day when you were 8 and was like ,
  • “ Y/N !! let’s go play together hehe ”
  • then he pulls you towards the playground
  • and you couldn’t reject him because he was already jumping excitedly waiting for his turn to slide
  • so cute ahh
  • and after that he started talking to you and hanging out with you during break time
  • and almost every week he’d bring you a packet of juice ,
  • “ for my cute best friend Y/N !! ”
  • fast forward to years later ,
  • y'all are closer than before and your families are like best friends too
  • so lots of sleepovers and parties together !!
  • the first time you brought chenle over for dinner at your house , your parents were suspicious and were like
  • “ is he your boyfriend ? you’re only 12 it’s too young ”
  • “ no dad he’s my BEST friend ”
  • “ why is he holding your hand though ”
  • “ we’re always like that dad it’s normal ”
  • “ don’t get too close to him ”
  • then chenle and your dad becomes best friends too as time goes by
  • one day you caught both of them playing video games together
  • and your dad came up to you and was like ,
  • “ you know .. actually i won’t mind if he was your boyfriend ”
  • “ dad we’re only bestfriends ”
  • “ yeah sure sure ”
  • okay back to chenle
  • he’s really cheerful and positive so you hardly ever feel sad
  • because he’s always telling you jokes and making you laugh without fail
  • but if you get really sad though ,
  • his protective and caring nature would take over , and he’d stay by your side 24/7
  • he sings and dances for you
  • he has thousands of selfies of both of you in his phone
  • and in each one y'all have a unique pose and facial expression
  • he saves your contact name as “ #1 💯 ”
  • because he always tells you that you’re the bestest friend he could ever ask for ,
  • where you saved his as “ superstar bff ❗” because he’s always surrounded by other girls
  • “ don’t worry , i won’t leave you for any of them ”
  • “ no chenle i’m not your girlfriend , you have every right to date anyone ”
  • “ but i want to protect you forever until you find someone else ”
  • chenle why are you like this you’re a smol kid yourself
  • and coincidentally , you met renjun and almost immediately , you fell for him
  • and of course chenle would find out first because he caught you staring lovingly at renjun during breaktime one day
  • and he had this big smile on his face ,
  • “ aw Y/N’s in love ”
  • and the next day you received a text from an unknown number
  • “ hello , is this Y/N ? ”
  • “ yes , who are you ? ”
  • “ ahh .. i’m renjun ”
  • and you sat there staring at your phone in awe for like a few minutes
  • before chenle snatched your phone away to reply for you
  • and he had a proud and happy expression on his face ,
  • “ thank me later , hyung seems to be interested in you too ”
  • okay but chenle’s really open about skinship
  • like he gives you big and warm hugs all the time
  • and he doesn’t mind holding your hand or having his arms around your shoulders even in public
  • he treats you like a boyfriend but also like an older brother ,
  • like he’d nag at you to finish up your school work ,
  • to cooking for you and treating to meals
  • he’s a really fun best friend too ,
  • like he always have plans ready for the both of you ,
  • be it ice cream dates or trips to the carnival ,
  • to exploring different places together
  • he’s up for any kind of adventurous trips with you too
  • he always has your back , and he supports your decisions fully
  • he tries to act all mature with you when in fact he just turns into a small kid in the end
  • like you could just be watching a comedy show ,
  • then you’d see him trying to contain his laugh
  • but he bursts out laughing in the end even if the joke isn’t funny
  • and he falls on the floor laughing too
  • when he’s feeling really good he would randomly pinch your cheek ,
  • “ you’re so cute ”
  • “ wow that’s so random chenle ”
  • “ hehe i know ”
  • he teaches you chinese too when he has the time to
  • and one time he teached you a phrase to say to renjun ,
  • “ 仁俊你很帅 ” ( Renjun you’re goodlooking/handsome ) and lied to you that it meant “ renjun you’re nice ” instead
  • and you believed him and when you said the phrase to renjun the next day ,
  • you were left blushing like mad and renjun couldn’t stop giggling
  • so you almost choked chenle to death
  • but chenle just laughed and apologised so you didn’t do anything else
  • he’s too cute you know
  • tbh he’s just such a fun person to be with
  • like you’re left with no choice but to feel happy and be positive when you’re around him ??
  • i love chenle everyone
  • stop sleeping on him !!
Calum Hood Imagine: Everything Is Grey.

 *Calum POV*

“Hi, erm. Can I sit here taken?” I ask a girl sitting next to the only other available seat on the bus. She nods her head without looking up from her phone and I awkwardly sit beside her. I stare out of the window at the miserable grey looking street going by. Some people laughing with friends or partners and others alone looking depressed. From what I can see the sun looks like it is shining but I can never really tell. I havent met my soulmate yet so everything I see is in a constant grey scale, like an instagram filter but all of the time, which is actually not as good as you would think. From the when your born to about 5 years old you can see in basic, dim colours because well you don’t know really know what love is at that age but after your fifth birthday all color is drained from your world until you find your soulmate. I am going to meet my friends and band mates Ash, Luke and Michael, these have all met their soulmate so they can see everything in colour. Michael was the first to meet his soulmate and he described as when Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz steps out of her house into munchkin land and everything is so much prettier. He then apologised to us for making us feel bad and then because Luke had been distracted by his story he ended up walking into his soulmate and falling over, on top of her. He helped her up and they looked into each others eyes and at the same time said “What the fuck is happening.” It only works if you look into each others eyes so you could walk past your soulmate everyday and not realise. 

“Do you mind staring at me?” I heard a voice pull me out of my thoughts. 

“Huh?” I asked turning in the direction of the voice.

“Staring at me. Please stop.” The girl beside me said, still looking at her phone. 

“Sorry.” I said shyly. 

“It’s okay.” The girl said looking up at me laughing. 

I looked back at her laughing awkwardly and I couldn’t help but think she had the most beautiful Y/e/c eyes. Wait, what. how can I see the colour of her eyes. I looked around me and i could se colors everywhere. The off blue of the bus seats, the yellow sun shining outside, the red of the persons coat sitting infant of me. I can vaguely remember what these colours are from when I was younger and it is the greatest thing in the world. However I am very confused as to why I can see in color all of a sudden, I haven’t met my soulmate yet, have I? Maybe I accidentally made eye contact with somebody on the bus, I mean it is really busy. I look beside me out of the window but glance at the girl who is sat beside me, she looks just as confused as I feel. 

“Are you okay?” I ask in an uncertain voice. 

“Erm. No, I don’t think so. I can suddenly see in colour and I don’t know how because I haven’t looked at anyone except… well you. Ah, I see. Erm hello.” She said smiling shyly. 

“Hi.” I said looking down. 

“Well it looks like we are soulmates. When do you want to get married? I can do next Tuesday.” She said seriously. 

“Wh-at?” I stuttered. 

“I’m joking. It was meant to make you laugh. Sorry. I am not that weird I promise. Let’s start again. Erm, what’s your name?” She replied sounding a bit panicked. 

“Oh, yeah I knew you were joking. I was just a bit shocked. My name is Calum, what’s yours?” 

“My name is Y/n. Nice to meet you.” She said shaking my hand. 

We chatted for a bit as the bus journey took longer than expected due to traffic. We talked about what our jobs were, what we liked to do in our spare time. Anything really. We exchanged numbers and talked for a bit more. I can see everything in colour and it feels amazing. I can’t wait to tell Ash, michael and Luke about this. They are going to be so happy. I have finally met my soulmate and I have never been more happy in my entire life. 

“So, do you maybe want to go on a date sometime.” I asked nervously. 

“Yeah sure. When?” 



I woke up in a hospital bed a day later with Luke, Michael and Ash sat around my bed. As I woke up I got attacked by 3 large giants all crying and saying how much they thought I was going to die and how much they were going to miss me. Apparently the bus driver had got annoyed with the amount of traffic and as soon as the light had turned green he had drove without checking and a lorry had gone into the side of the bus. They told me I had been one of the lucky ones and only got a few cuts and bruises, some cracked and broken ribs and a mild concussion, however some people had not been so lucky but only a few had died. That’s when I realised that I could no longer see in colour anymore and that the world around me had turned back to black and white. 

Saw Moana in... flemish...

So after seeing Moana in English (twice), I took my 5 year old nephew to see it yesterday, and since he only speaks Dutch, we went to see the Flemish version. (In the northern half of Belgium we also speak Dutch, but with a few little changes in pronunciation. Compare it to American and British English. Dutch people understand Flemish people and the other way around, but sometimes there might be a word that baffles the other.)

Anyways, Moana in Flemish. I was afraid I was going to hate it and be very bothered by it, but I actually enjoyed it a lot! The translations aren’t 100 percent correct, but that gives more inspiration in a way. Here are some things I noticed:

  • Tamatoa and Maui fans will be happy to know that in the scene where Moana dresses up as bait, she literally says “I bet you two were best friends” “Yup, until I ripped his leg off.”
  • During “How Far I’ll Go”, it was like I could lip read the English version still. I remember never noticing a movie had been animated for English when it was still 2D, but these lips move so naturally here. I actually wonder if deaf people would be able to lip read from these characters now? Animation is just so good.
  • In the scene where Moana meets Maui and Maui goes “Maui is a hero to all, not a guy girl thing”, the translation bothered me most, I suppose. They made it “Maui is a hero to all mankind. And to animals too. To all!” 
  • When Moana says “I am self-taught”, it was translated to “I am an autodidact”, which makes me bet not a kid has understood what she said. (or Maui, for that matter.)
  • All the songs were subtitled as well. I had never seen that before in the cinema, that they subtitle (in Dutch), the songs that were already Dutch. The rest of the movie wasn’t subtitled.
  • I’m a bit of a Hooked Wayfinder shipper, and there is one line that gave me chills because it’s just… shippery while the English version isn’t. In “How Far I’ll Go”, the line “And it seems like it’s calling out to me: so come find me” is literally: “En het lijkt wel of iemand naar me roept, kom ontdek me.” - which translates to “And it seems like someone’s calling out to me: come and find me” - which gave me shipper feels <3 [Link to the Flemish song]
  • In “we know the way”, they literally sing “We are the wayfinders, we look for islands here across the sea, (owe owe), we never unlearned (ontwennen = basically means that you remain used to something, there is no literal translation for it in English) our home (so they say they always remained use to their home no matter how long they left it), the road to home is well known, the right way. We sail to a new horizon and continue to pass the stories of our ancestors.” - which I really loved as a translation.  
  • “You’re Welcome” literally translates to “Graag gedaan”, which is what he initially says the first time, but singing “Graag gedaan” would be weird, with the G being in it three times. Wouldn’t sound nice. So they made it “Geen Dankje” - which means “No thanks!” (You don’t need to thank me.)
  • In Flemish, Maui’s voice is done by Sean Dhondt - who is a musician from the band Nailpin and has quite a few tattoos himself. {link to song}
  • In Dutch, Maui’s voice is done by Rene van Kooten - who played Gaston in the Dutch Beauty and the Musical (Back when I saw it in 2006). (Which is SOOOO appropriate. To have a cocky-Gaston-like voice doing Maui.) {Link to song}
  • Moana’s voice in Flemish is done by Laura Tesoro, She represented Belgium at the Eurovision festival last year with a kick ass song (and came in 5th or something) - What’s the Pressure - {give it a listen!}

Micro-reaction: This is just a fucking masterpiece.

The rest: I suffered for this one, you guys. The only time I could fit it into the schedule was at 7pm on discount night the week that it opened, which meant I saw it in a theater packed with morons, which is what I always try to avoid at all costs. 

It was worth it.

It’s more gory cowboy movie than slick superhero movie and I loved every second. It assumes it’s audience can keep up so it doesn’t explain things to them like they’re morons, which seems pretty rare these days. There are actual consequences when people behave badly, there’s honest family drama, there’s way more emotion than I was prepared for. There’s also the most vicious little 10 year old badass you’re ever going to meet. She’s the best.

The final take: I wanna go see it again, maybe this time not sitting between a person whose phone rang 5 times and a pair of guys explaining it to each other.

I lost 66 pounds and even though I’m happy with my actual weight, I still wanna get skinnier. I’m 5'3 and 18 years old. Right now, I weight 127 pounds. I hope this can be a motivation to some people. If you’re wondering how I lost weight, it was not only by eating less, of course, but by working out too. I never felt that going to the gym ever worked for me and I still think the same (lol) but I know that it’s good for my health so if I’m not at the gym, you will find me running somewhere. 😂 Nowadays I eat really well. I looove fruits and vegetables which I didn’t like before and more than that, I realized that giving my body what it truly needs makes it happy and makes me happy too. 💞 contact:


the adventures of kid!hae, a series: part 1 of ???? (inspiration)

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i was tagged by @dazedpxls thank you cutie 

a / age: 16 but soon to be 17! (in 5 days actually wow im getting old) 

b / biggest fear: ignorance

c / current time: 10:56 am

d / drink you had last: tea and i’m drinking it right now

e / everyday starts with: my pupper biting my nose and trying to wake me up because shes bored 

f / favorite song: right now, of last few years

g / ghosts are real? hell yeah

h / hometown: moscow 

i / in love with: art, cartoons, indie games

j / jealous of people: with a good pc lol 

k / killed someone: looking forward to 

l / last time you cried: yesterday im a crybaby 

n / number of siblings: 0

o / one wish: live in a dumpy apartment in the heart of a city with the one i love

p / person you last called/texted: yesterday i was on skype with my friends playing hearthstone 

q / question you always asked: when was the last time you went outside? 

s / song you last sang: this one because i watched a lot of memes with it 

u / underwear color: black yeah im basic 

v / vacation destination: amsterdam or london (in my dreams) 

w / worst habit: procrastinate 

x / xrays you have had: 0

y / your favourite food: pizza, sushi and mushroom soup 

z / zodiac sign: pisces

tagging @plumbobgoddess @vixrotre @cherrysimblrlove @pillowcreek @madeyesims @raeganishere @annaisntcreative and everyone who saw this and felt like doing it! 

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biggest pet peeve as of late......... raphael calling magnus papa/daddy every few words and talking like a 5 years old. he's a grown damn vampire. magnus is a father figure to him. not his papa or daddy. not the same thing!! so sorry for the rant. i needed to let it out my chest lol

omg do people actually do that? i’m?????

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when people write Magnus as the woman in the relationship. Like… No. Alec is gay. He doesn’t want a woman, he wants a man. And Magnus is one. A man who just happens to like makeup and clothes, which doesn’t make him any less of a man. And that’s not mentioning the sexist image of what role the woman holds in an actual relationship it gives, like staying at home, doing the cooking, crying all the time over little things, being submissive and/or frankly stupid and all that bullshit… Like ugh. Stahp. 

ELI5: Why is today's announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves important, and what are the ramifications?

Since I actually tried to explain this to a pair of 5-year-olds today, I figure why not share :)

You know how when you throw a rock in a pool, there are ripples? And how if we throw bigger rocks in, they make bigger ripples?

Well, a long time ago, a really smart guy named Einstein said that stars and planets and stuff should make ripples in space, and he used some really cool math to explain why he thought that. Lots of people checked the math and agree that he was right.

But we’ve never been able to see those ripples before. Now some people built a really sensitive measuring thing that uses lasers to see them, and they just proved that their device works by seeing ripples from a really big splash. So now we know how to see them and we can get better at it, which will help us learn more about space. /cr

If Einstein is right (hint: HE IS), gravitational waves would travel outward from (for instance) two black holes circling each other just like the ripples in a pond. When they come to Earth and pass through the detectors, a signal can tell us not only that the gravitational wave has been found, but it can also tell us lots of information about the gravitational wave!

As you track what the gravitational waves look like over a (very) short amount of time, you can tell what kind of event caused them, like if it was two black holes colliding or a violent supernova… along with other details, like what the mass of these stars/black holes would have been!

This discovery has ushered in an awesome new era of astronomy. BEFORE we started detecting gravitational waves, looking out at the universe was like watching an orchestra without any sound! As our detectors start making regular observations of this stuff, it will be like turning on our ears to the symphony of the cosmos! /cr

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

A post on my dash made me think about my own old writing. My fandom writing isn’t actually that old, the oldest bits of it are maybe 1,5 years old.

The language’s clunkier. I may be a fluent English speaking, but back then made do with a bare minimum of prosaic English. Interestingly enough, today I worry about my English and the beauty of my written language more than I did then. Yeah, it looks awkward, but back then I just wrote. Now I think before I write, and that’s when things go to hell.

My characters feel so.. young. And raw. Consider that Spiridon himself is a little bit more than 1,5 years old by now. He’s a lot more substantial than he was back in Sept 2015. And Lea himself has undergone a metamorphosis. I can’t believe that I once imagined him as straight-laced, mostly paragon type that struggled maybe a little, but usually dealt with every problem he had as if he’d been doing this for 50 years. What a change there. Maybe it was just because I never really paid attention to the reality of his situation. He’s retained his insane will and his do or die mindset, but he’s become far less competent in some areas, and insecure about it. He doesn’t have a gorgeous and great first romance - his romance is just as bad as most people’s first long-term relationship is, especially when you’re a person whose upbringing has been both sheltered and abusive. And I try my best to not sugarcoat the fact that he can be weak, can miscalculate and deal with fear and failure in very unhealthy ways that have severe consequences. But I refuse to paint him all black. At least he tries. And slowly, very slowly, he’s learning.

Spiridon Lavellan started out as a self-insert and he’s retained a lot of me, but I’ve always made sure that while I may base a skeleton of a character off myself, they grow and I can’t really control their growth. Today, Spiridon Lavellan is a lot like me, and he’s nothing like me. He’s very much his own person to a point where I have difficulty writing him. And Lea? Lea is just a frustrating madness. And I like them that way and I can safely say that writing for the fandom, and drawing, and just fucking around with ‘uuuugh fanfiction’ has kept me from falling off the edge of the abyss. 

I needn’t compare my characters to anyone’s. And I needn’t take it to heart when someone thinks my characters are shit. Maybe they are. Who cares. I don’t, as long as writing them makes me feel happy and productive.