acts 2:15

I mean I can get how someone seeking attention could be annoying especially if they go about it in manipulative ways or otherwise do it in ways that cross a boundary.

But people need to understand when I say I need attention and validation to live… I’m not exaggerating. I have bpd and honestly I’m still pretty seriously questioning npd traits and those are both disorders where lack of attention can literally plunge a person into suicidal ideation. I know it’s not an excuse to cross boundaries but as long as my attention seeking is harmless it’s not a bad thing and I’m not a bad person for needing that attention to survive.

Everyone needs attention and validation to a certain degree and trust me I don’t want to need it this badly but I can’t exactly just like return my bpd. Need for attention is one of my symptoms and it’s probably not going anywhere.

the world was wide enough

has anyone noticed that, in the part of this song where ham catches a glimpse of the other side, it’s not his son or his mother he sees first, both of which are relatives by blood. it’s not washington, the person who gave him a place in the revolutionary war and a place in history.


it’s Laurens.

there’s something about even’s little nod in this scene 

because even knows. he’s not oblivious, he notices the way isak reacts to his presence, to him. he’s been noticing him for weeks, weeks before they first met. he saw the way isak was when he came over to his place the previous week, he saw the look in his eyes, the light in his eyes, he saw the way he smiled and laughed, he noticed the changes in his voice. he probably memorized his facial expressions and the things he said last friday. kept replaying them in his mind every single day, in class, before going to bed, when he was with other people 

earlier in that episode, when he came to give isak his snapback, in a matter of seconds, he understood that isak hadn’t told his friends he had gone to his place, he understood that he didn’t want them to know. because he sees and understands. he remembered the cardamom on the cheese toasties five weeks later, how they were sitting on the floor of his room as they ate them, he remembered isak saying he had a drop of water in his throat, he remembered isak talking about parallel universes. because he pays such close attention to isak and the way he looks and moves and speaks and all the things he says

do you think that even, who saw this boy on the first day of school, who was probably looking forward to seeing him even when it was just at school, in public, in rooms and hallways with other students, would not notice how isak was acting? notice the way he’s been looking at him the moment he showed up at his place for the pregame? the way he starred at him when he kissed sonja and looked at him straight in the eyes? how tensed he was as he told him about sonja and how they’d been together for years? the intonation of his voice as he said his okay’s (been together since we were 15. okay. can’t dump her. okay). do you think that even who’s been desperately trying to spend time alone with this boy he was falling for would not notice the smile that spread all over isak’s face when he realized that even was messing with him, the smile he was trying to stop it, in vain? do you think he would not sense his attraction to him? the vulnerability?

of course even notices. and since he came to see isak in his kitchen, he’s only been kidding, pretending not to be serious. but with that little nod, he grows more serious. with that little nod, it’s like he’s saying i see you, i see it, i’ve seen you for a while. it’s reassuring. it’s okay. it’s understanding. i know, isak. i know. me too


David Tennant and that GRIN!!
…or perhaps it’s an impish smirk


Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)